Herkimer County Directory
Town of Schuyler

Transcribed and Donated by Bob Lorick

The Herkimer County 1888-9 Directory is a great source for filling in the missing census records of 1890. Individuals in this directory would have likely been in the federal census of 1890. As Jo Dee Frasco said in her transcription of the 1869-1870 directory, “In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there.” All original spellings and punctuations were retained from the original records and have been proofread by a third party to ensure a proper transcription.

From Herkimer County 1888-9 Directory, published by Lant & Silvernail, Valatie Columbia County, N.Y.
( Note: Numbers refer to post office addresses)

Bailey Josiah, 50, West Schuyler.
Baker H. N., 129, West Schuyler.
Bradbery Thomas, 50, Utica, Oneida Co.
Brice Mrs. Almira, 211, East Schuyler.
Bridenbecker Amos, 128, East Schuyler.
Bridenbecker Daniel, 140, East Schuyler.
Bridenbecker Harriet, 187, West Schuyler.
Bridenbecker William, (est.,) 94, East Schuyler.
Budlong Adeline, 112, West Schuyler.
Budlong Clayton, 156, West Schuyler.
Budlong Daniel & Hall, 241, West Schuyler.
Budlong Ira, 150, West Schuyler.
Budlong Ira P., 479, West Schuyler.
Budlong John M., 306, West Schuyler.
Budlong Mrs. Mary, 118, Utica, Oneida Co.
Budlong Mary J., 38, West Schuyler.
Budlong Morris, 91, Deerfield, Oneida Co.
Budlong Wm. & Vioyan Wallace, 171, West Schuyler
Burch Frederick, 138, West Schuyler.
Burch George and Robert, 131, West Schuyler.
Burlingame H. G. 244, Newport.
Burton William, Sr., 147, Deerfield, Oneida Co.
Burton William, Jr., 124, West Schuyler.
Byrn Thomas, 274, West Schuyler.

Carder H. & H. G., 162, East Schuyler.
Carey Michael, blacksmith, West Schuyler.
Carey Patrick, 206, Newport.
Carney Peter, 225, West Schuyler.
Clark Owen, 125, Newport.
Clark Thomas J., 150, Newport.
Clemens Michael, 66, East Schuyler.
Craig W. H., physician, West Schuyler.
Coldwell James M., 308, East Schuyler.
Connor Hiram, 8, East Schuyler.
Cramer Henry, 126, East Schuyler.
Cramer John, 1, East Schuylcr.
Cramer Morgan, 109, East Schuyler.
Crick John, 2, East Schuyler.
Christian, (est.,) 55, West Schuyler.
Christman Morgan, 112, East Schuyler.

Davidson J. W., 246, East Schuyler.
Davin John, 206, West Schuyler.
Davis John S., 424, West Schulyer.
Davis Seward, 245, West Schuyler.
Day E. W., 81, West Schuyler.
Dempsey Edward, 89, West Schuyler.
Dempsey Richard, 333, Newport.
Denard Milton, 78, West Schuyler.
Dodge Herbert, 329, West Schuyler.
Dodge Wilson, 2, West Schuyler.
Donn Annah, 75, West Schuyler.
Donn Mary J., 25, West Schuyler.

Eaton David, 110, East Schuyler.
Eaton John, 74, West Schuyler.
Eaton Otis, 18, West Schuyler.
Eaton Rosell, 39, West Schuyler.
Eaton Samuel, 26, West Schuyler.
Ellis John, 172, Utica, Oneida Co.
Ellis Joseph, 76, West Schuyler.
Ellison Duane, 450, Utica, Oneida Co.
Evans John, 23, West Schuyler.
Evans John, 22, Norway.

Farrel Valentine, 166, Newport.
Farrington Elmer J., 156, East Schuyler.
Finster A. B., 5, Deerfield, Oneida Co.
Finster George, 134, East Schuyler.
Finster Hiram, 178, East Schuyler.
Finster Horace, 70, West Schuyler.
Finster Simon, 3125, East Schuyler.

Gallagher James, 25, Newport.
Getman Sanford, 105, East Schuyler.
Gilbert Andrew, 4, West Schuyler.
Griffith Nathan & William, 136, West Schuyler.
Goodwin L. D., gen. merchandise, West Schuyler
Gordon Charles, 80, West Schuyler.
Gould Mrs. Allen, 13 West Schuyler.

Hagan John, 1, East Schuyler.
Harrington Lucy, 2, West Schuyler.
Harrington William, 86, West Schuyler.
Haver Edward, shoemaker, West Schuyler.
Haver Mrs. Henry, 1, East Schuyler.
Hawthorne Wilson, 162. West Schuyler.
Hennings Joseph, 10, West Schuyler.
Holdridge Sanford, 36, West Schuyler.
Hulser John, 106, Newport.
Hulser Martin, 10 East Schuyler.

Ingham Horace, 78, East Schuyler.

Jackson Duane, 4'19, East Schuyler.
Johnson A. L., 307, East Schuyler.
Johnson Brothers, 112, West Schuyler.
Johnson J. W., 25, East Schuyler.
Johnson & Peterson, 256, East Schuyler.
Johnson Ruth, 20, East Schuyler.
Jones William E., 225, West Schuyler.

Kane Homer L., grocer, WestSchuyler.
Kane L. L., 104, West Schuyler.
Kane Orinda, 1, West Schuyler.
Kane Peter, blacksmith, West Schuyler.
Keith John, 17, East Schuyler.
Kiser Edward, 50, West Schuyler.
Kleeper Mary, 25, Newport.
Klock August, 70, East Schuyler.
Klock Eugene, 1, East Schuyler.
Klock Peter, 346, East Schuyler.
Knapp Francis, 58, West Schuyler.
Knapp William K. 122 West Schuyler.

Ladd Mrs. E. O., 38, West Schuyler.
Ladd James B., 150, West Schuyler.
Letson Charles, 1, West Schuyler.
Lewis Benjamin, 71, West Schuyler.
Lewis David, 103, West Schuyler.
Lewis John G., 144, Frankfort.
Lindsey Paul, 122, West Schuyler.
Lints Mrs. Mary, (est.,) East Schuyler.
Lints Simon, 70, East Schuyler.
Lints S. P., 52, East Schuyler.
Lints Willert, 70, East Schuyler.
Lints William, 138, East Schuyler.
Long John, 67, West Schuyler.

Marshall H. D., wagon mfg., West Schuyler.
Masters Sarah, 24, East Schuyler.
Mather Alfred, 125, West Schuyler.
Mather Arnold, 22, West Schuyler.
Mather Elby, 96, West Schuyler.
Maxfield George, 144, East Schuyler.
McGraw Hiram, 60, West Schuyler.
McGraw Robert, 106, Middleville.
McNelly John, 25, Newport.
Miller Adam, 60, East Schuyler.
Miller Michael, 105, East Schuyler.
Miller Nenel, 8, East Schuyler.
Minott Wilbor V., 111, East Schuyler.
Mower Elizabeth, 2, West Schuyler.
Mower Lawrence, 45, West Schuyler.
Mower Philip, 170, West Schuyler.

Northrop Joseph, 2, East Schuyler.
Nunn Joseph, 110, East Schuyler.

Olds Loren, 1, Newport.
Olds Myron, 12, West Schuyler.
Olds Otis, 380, Newport.
O'Rourke Dennis, 233, West Schuyler.
Oyer Daniel, (est.,) 150, East Schuyler.

Parkhurst Henry, 91, East Schuyler.
Phillips William, 30, East Schuyler.
Pierce F. K., 174, East Schuyler.
Poeisee Lewis, 75, West Schuyler.
Prichard Evan, 104, West Schuyler.
Prichard John J., 126, West Schuyler.
Pugh David, 90, East Schuyler.
Pugh David, No.2, 130, West Schuyler.
Pugh Reese, 1, East Schuyler.

Raynor & Eaton, 212, East Schuyler.
Reese Edwin, 363, West Schuyler.
Reese Reese D., 104, West Schuyler.
Rice Byron, 33, West Schuyler.
Richards Lafayette, 28, East Schuyler.
Richards S. D., 19, East Schuyler.
Richards Warren, 97, Newport.
Richardson Annias, 72, West Schuyler.
Richardson Duane, cheese mfg., West Schuyler.
Richardson Emiline, 130, East Schuyler.
Richardson George, 35, East Schuyler.
Richardson W. W., 174, West Schuyler.
Riley James, 87, West Schuyler.
Robbins Mrs. Harriet, 144, West Schuyler.
Robbins Hiram, 57, West Schuyler.
Robbins Sanford, West Schuyler.
Robbinson Mrs. L. H., 57, East Schuyler.
Rogers John, (est.,) 75, West Schuyler.
Root Eli, 125, West Schuyler.
Rose Rosell, 55, East Schuyler.
Rose Mrs. Seth, 70, East Schuyler.
Rose Vinnig B., 68, West Schuyler.

Schnub John, 71, West Schuyler.
Shaver Henry, East Schuyler.
Sheaf George M., East Schuyler.
Sheaf Joel, 231, Herkimer.
Sheaf John, Frankfort.
Sherman Hiram, 88, Whitesborough
Skiff P. A., 64, Frankfort.
Slauterback Jacob, 19, East Schuyler.
Smith Catherine, 74, West Schuyler.
Smith Daniel, 1, East Schuyler.
Smith Howard, 1, East Schuyler.
Smith Mrs. N. J. & Foltz, 200, East Schuyler
Smith Rufus H., 74, East Schuyler.
Spain William, 180 West Schuyler.
Stach Jacob, 1, East Schuyler.
Staring Harriet, 1, West Schuyler.
Sterling Adam, 68, East Schuyler.
Sterling Horner, 75, East Schuyler.
Sterling Joseph 1, East Schuyler.
Sterling L. P., 18, East Schuyler.
Sterling Mrs. Maria, 50, East Schuyler.
Sterling N. J., and James, 361, West Schuyler.
Sweet Vaughn, 26, West Schuyler.

Tallman Aikens, 95, West Schuyler.
Tallrnan Sarah, (est.,) 19, West Schuyler.
Tanner Ellsworth, 74, West Schuyler
Tanner D. C., 25, West Schuyler.
Tanner Horace, 74, West Schuyler.
Tanner Merit, 294, West Schuyler.
Thomas Lewis, 41, West Schuyler.
Thomas Owen D., 200, West Schuyler.
Thomas Sarah, 89, West Schuyler.
Thomas William 279, West Schuyler.
Timmons John, 80, West Schuyler.
Torney James, 50, West Schuyler.

Ubber Conradt, 180, West Schuyler.

Valentine Douglass, 35, East Schuyler.
Valentine Tompkins, 44, East Schuyler.

Watkins, J. H. J., East Schuyler.
Way William H., 41, West Schuyler
Way Wm. H. & Maxwell, 226, West Schuyler.
Weigard Jacob, 285, West Schuyler.
Weigand Julius, 289, West Schuyler.
Weldon George, 1, West Schuyler.
Welden John, 134, west Schuyler.
Williams Richard, (est.,) 60, West Schuyler.
Willis Joseph, 105, West Schuyer.
Wood Alonzo B., 53, West Schuyler.
Wood Harvey, 60, West Schuyler.
Wood Jane, 1, West Schuyler
Wood Warren, 138, West Schuyler.
Wordon Mary A., 4, West Schuyler.
Word John, 72, West Schuyler..

Youngs Lainey, 6, East Schuyler.
Youngs Willard, East Schuyler.

Ziter Jacob, 160, West Schuyler.
Zone Charles, 190 West Schuyler
Zone William, 60, West Schuyler.

The 1888-89 Herkimer County Directory for the Town of Schuyler was prepared by Bob Lorick. Bob Lorick is an occasional contributing editor to the Herkimer County web site.

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