1869 -1870

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties for 1869. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there. In transcribing this material we have kept the original spelling and punctuation.

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Herkimer County, N.Y. 1869-70
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1869

( post office addresses in parentheses )

Andrews, Charles, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer leases of Wm. J. Thomas, 200
Bailey, Josiah, (Frankfort) dairyman and farmer 325
Baker, George, (West Schuyler) farmer 183
Baker, Hiram N., Jr., (West Schuyler) farmer 43 and leases of Hiram Baker, 142
Baker, Hiram, Sen., (West Schuyler) farmer 142
Baker, Warren, (West Schuyler) farmer 362
Baldwin, Daniel, (East Schuyler) post master
Barber, Daniel H., (West Schuyler ) (with Samuel)
Barber, Ira, (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 100
Barber, Samuel, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 311
BAUM, PETER, (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 221
BIDDLECOM, EDWIN R., (Deerfield, Oneida Co.) dairyman and farmer 101
Brabury, James, (West Schuyler) collier
Bradbury, Thomas, (West Schuyler) farmer 50 and leases 2
Bray, James, (Deerfield, Oneida Co.) (with Joseph,) dairyman and farmer 105
Bray, Joseph, (Deerfield, Oneida Co.) (with James) dairyman and farmer 105
Bridenbecker, Amos, (East Schuyler) farmer 150
Bridenbecker, Daniel, (East Schuyler) farmer 140
BRIDENBECKER, FRANCIS, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 187
Bridenbecker, William J., (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 114
Budlong, Benoni, (West Schuyler) cattle dealer and farmer 266
BUDLONG, DANIEL, (West Schuyler) stock dealer, dairyman and farmer 120
BUDLONG, IRA P., (West Schuyler) stock dealer, dairyman and farmer 500
Budlong, John N., (East Schuyler) farmer 130
Budlong, Samuel, (West Schuyler) farmer leases of R. Root, 150
Budlong, William, (West Schuyler) cheese factory and farmer 90
BUDLONG, WILLIAM V., (West Schuyler,) dairyman and farmer 120
BURCH, FREDERICK, (West Schuyler) (with Lovel)
Burch, George, (West Schuyler) farmer 120. Burch, Lovel, (West Schuyler) farmer 140
Caldwell, James M., (Herkimer) dairyman and farmer 227
Carder, Horace G., (East Schuyler) farmer 147
Carey, Daniel, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer, 233
Carey, Patrick, (Newport) dairyman and farmer 200
Clark, Francis, (Newport) dairyman and farmer 114
Clark, John, (Newport) dairyman and farmer 325
Clemens, Michael Jr., (East Schuyler) farmer 43
Coffen, Alexander L., (Newport) dairyman and farmer 320
Conner, Hiram, (East Schuyler) farmer 7 7/8
Cooley, Merrit, (Newport) farmer 50
Cooper, L. Judson Rev., (East Schuyler) pastor of Methodist Church
CRAMER, MORGAN, (East Schuyler) dairyman, farmer 72 and leases of Harriet Pruyn, 110
Cristman, Morgan G., (East Schuyler,) farmer 30
DAVIES, JOHN S., (West Schuyler) farmer leases 365
DAVIS, CHAS. C., (West Schuyler) mechanic
Davison, John W., (Frankfort) farmer 260
DAY, ERASMUS W., (West Schuyler) member of Assembly and farmer 161
DEMPSEY, EDWARD, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 89
Dempsey, Richard, (Newport) dairyman and farmer 320
DOWN, JOHN, (West Schuyler) farmer 75
Down, John R., (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer leases of Ira P. Budlong, 300
Durst, Norman H., (East Schuyler) carpenter and farmer leases of Duane Jackson, 160
Eaton, George, (West Schuyler) farmer 51
Eaton, John, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 66
Ebensprager, Granville, (Frankfort) baggage master, N.Y.C.R.R.
EBENSPRAGER, JOHN F., (Frankfort) freight and ticket agent, N.Y.C.R.R.
Edgett, Stephen, (West Schuyler) farmer leases of Joseph Willis, 130
Eevens, John, (West Schuyler) farmer 123
Ellis, David, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 254
Farrell, Valentine, (Newport) farmer 114
FINIGAN, PETER, (Newport) farm laborer
FINSTER, ABRAM B., (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 260
Finster, George, (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 133
FINSTER, HIRAM, (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 128
FINSTER, HORACE, (East Schuyler) (with Ira) dairyman and farmer 185
FINSTER, IRA, (East Schuyler) (with Horace) dairyman and farmer 135
Finster, Philip, (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 125
FINSTER, SIMON P., (East Schuyler) farmer leases of Philip Finster, 125
Fitzgerald, William, (West Schuyler) farmer 3
FRANCISCO, CORNELIUS D., (Herkimer) farmer 15 and leases of W. B. Minott, 112
Gator, Andrew, (West Schuyler) farmer 70
Genthen, John, (West Schuyler) shoemaker
Getman, Sanford, (Frankfort) dairyman and farmer 107 1/2
Gillitt, Perry, (West Schuyler) carpenter and joiner
GOLDEN, IRA S., (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer leases of George H. Johnson, 370
Goold, Allen, (West Schuyler) farmer 13 1/2
Gorden, Ira, (West Schuyler) porp. of hotel, merchant and farmer 5
Gordon, Morris, (West Schuyler) wagon maker
Graham, John, (West Schuyler) farmer 142
Griffith, Nathan, (West Schuyler) farmer 127
Harter, Isaac, (Herkimer) farmerleases of Jacob Ellison, 460
Harvey, Belinda A. Mrs., (East Schuyler) farmer 30
Harver, Henry, (East Schuyler,) shoemaker and farmer 1 1/2
Hawthorn, James, (West Schuyler) (with Wilson) dairyman and farmer 160
Hawthorn, Wilson, (West Schuyler) (with James,) dairyman and farmer 160
Hazleton, Henry, (Herkimer) farmer 290
Heringon, Christopher, (West Schuyler) farmer 3 1/2
Holdridge, Luke, (West Schuyler) carpenter
Holdridge, Sanford, (West Schuyler) carpenter and joiner and farmer 60
HOLMES, JAMES B., (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer leases of Peter Clock 126
Huyke, J. Mrs., (East Schuyler) farmer 215
Ingham, Charles B., (East Schuyler) farmer 85
Jackson, Duane E., (East Schuyler) dairyman, farmer 192 and leases 60
Jackson, Manchester, (East Schuyler) farmer leases 90
Jackson, Samuel M., (East Schuyler) assessor and farmer 160
Jenkins, Daniel, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer leases of Joseph Tanner, 100
JOHNSON, ALEXIS L., (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 197
Johnson, Charles C., (Frankfort) (with William H., Harva J. and George R.) dairyman and farmer 252
JOHNSON, GEORGE H., (East Schuyler) justice of the peace, dairyman, hop grower and farmer 396
Johnson, George R., (Frankfort) (with William H., Harva J. and Charles C.) dairyman and farmer 252
Johnson, Harva J., (Frankfort) (with William H., Charles C. and George R.) dairyman and farmer 252
Johnson, Hiram L., (East Schuyler) saw mill and farmer 1 1/2
Johnson, Horace M., (West Schuyler) dairyman, farmer 1 and leases of A. L. Johnson, 197
Johnson, Jesse W., (East Schuyler) farmer 25
JOHNSON, WILLIAM H., (Frankfort) (with Harva J., Charles C. & George R.) dairyman & farmer 252
Jones, Richard (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 140
JONES, THOMAS, (West Schuyler) (with Richard)
Jones, William E., (West Schuyler) (with Richard)
KANE, LELAND L., (West Schuyler) supervisor and farmer 72.
Kane, Peter, (West Schuyler) blacksmith
Klock, Augustus, (East Schuyler) farmer 71
KLOCK, PETER H., (East Schuyler) dairyman, farmer 305 and leases of Mary E. Klock, 74
Knapp, Horace H., (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 90
Knapp, Richardson, (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 94
KNAPP, WILLIAM K., (West Schuyler) (with R. Knapp)
Kout, Nicholas, (West Schuyler) farmer leases of George Burch, 80
Ladd, Emour O., (West Schuyler) farmer 39
Ladd, James B., (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 150
LADD, SAMUEL P., (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 156
Lamphere, Merrit A., (Frankfort) farmer leases of J. W. Davison, 260
LANGDON, DAVID, (West Schuyler) farm laborer
Lewis, Davis, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 90
LEWIS, HARRIS, (Frankfort) vinegar manuf., dairyman and farmer 140
Lewis, John P., (Frankfort) (with H. Lewis)
Lintch, Mary, (East Schuyler) farmer 30
Lints, Jacob, (East Schuyler) retired farmer 140
Lints, John, (East Schuyler) farmer 60
Lints, Peter J., (East Schuyler) (with Simeon) farmer 140
Lints, Simeon, (East Schuyler) (with Peter J.) farmer 140
Lints, Simon P., (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 80
LINTS, WILLIAM H., (East Schuyler) (with Peter)
LOWER, JOSEPH, (East Schuyler) farmer 10
Marshall, Henry D., (West Schuyler) blacksmith
Mather, Elba, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 215
Mather, Riley, (West Schuyler) farmer 3 1/2
Maxfield, Geo. W., (East Schuyler) farmer leases 160
McCade, Peter, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 165
McGRAW, HIRAM, (West Schuyler) stock dealer and farmer 268 1/4
McGraw, John, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer leases of H. McGraw, 233
McGraw, Robert, (Middleville) dairyman and farmer 213
McManus, John, (East Schuyler) farmer 50
McMANUS, PATRICK, (Deerfield, Oneida County) dairyman and farmer 120
Miller, Adam, (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 60
MILLER, LUCIUS D., (East Schuyler) farm laborer
Miller, Michael, (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 107
Mower, Lawrence, (East Schuyler) farmer 47
MOWER, PHILIP, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 476
Myers, Charles, (East Schuyler) retired farmer
Myers, M. F. Mrs., (East Schuyler) farmer 15
Near, John, (East Schuyler) mechanic
Olds, Cortis, (Newport) dairyman and farmer 244
OLDS, LOREN, (Newport) (with Cortis Olds)
Owens, Robert H., (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer leases of Hiram B. Tanner, 250
Oyer, Daniel, (East Schuyler) farmer 83
Parkhurst, Henry, (East Schuyler) agent for Davis Sewing Machine
PIERCE, FRANCIS K., (Herkimer) dairyman and farmer 200
Pruyn, Livingston F., (East Schuyler) farmer 85
Pugh, David, (East Schuyler) farmer leases 175
REES, REES D., (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 164 1/2
Rice, Byron, (West Schuyler) farmer 33
Richardson, D. Mrs., (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 133
Richardson, Dyer, (East Schuyler) farmer 35 1/2
Richardson, George W., (East Schuyler) farmer leases of A. Bridenbecker, 150
Richardson, Warren, (West Schuyler) retired farmer
Richardson, Warren W., (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 175
Riley, James Jr., (Newport) farmer 43
Robbins, Ervin, (West Schuyler) (with Hiram F.) farmer 50
Robbins Hiram F., (West Schuyler) (with Ervin) farmer 50
ROBBINS, SANFORD B., (West Schuyler) prop. of cheese box factory, saw mill and farmer 40
Robbins, Webster, (West Schuyler) general merchant
Robins, Baker, (West Schuyler) farmer 61
Robins, Giles, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 325
Rodgers, John, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 137
Root, George, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 125
Rose, Horace, (East Schuyler) (with Stephen)
Rose, Seth, (East Schuyler) farmer 70
Rose, Stephen, (East Schuyler) farmer 55
Rose, Vining, (West Schuyler) farmer 41 1/2
Ryan, Thomas, (Newport) farmer 66
Sheaf, Joel, (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 230
Sheaf, John, (East Schuyler) saw mill and farmer 90
Sherman, Hiram, (West Schuyler) farmer 42
Smith, Hiram, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 110
SMITH, NATHAN J., (Herkimer) dairyman and farmer 200
Smith, Patrick M., (East Schuyler) farmer 70
SMITH, WESTLE E., (West Schuyler) (with Hiram) farmer
SPAIN, CHARLES, (West Schuyler) post master, dairyman and farmer 180 1/2
SPAIN, JAMES, (Newport) dairyman and farmer 206
STARING, ADAM, (East Schuyler) farmer 67
STERLING, JAMES H., (East Schuyler) (with Nicholas J.) farmer 350
Sterling, Joseph, (East Schuyler) farmer 80
Sterling, Luther, (East Schuyler) farmer 17
STERLING, NICHOLAS J., (East Schuyler) farmer 91
Sterling, Nicholas J., (East Schuyler) (with James H.) farmer 350
Sterling, Sarah M. Mrs., (East Schuyler) farmer 72
Sweet, Philo, (West Schuyler) grist and saw mill and farmer 52
Sweet, Vaughn, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer leases of James Van Vleck 275
Szone, Charles, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 115
TALLMAN, GILES, (West Schuyler) farmer 40
Tallman William A., (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 96
Tanner, D. C., (Newport) farmer 25
Tanner, Duane, (West Schuyler) (with Jeremiah Sen.)
Tanner, Hiram B., (West Schuyler) farmer 250
TANNER, HORACE, (West Schuyler) farmer 25
Tanner, Jeremiah Jr., (West Schuyler) (with Jeremiah Sen.)
Tanner, Jeremiah Sen., (West Schuyler,) dairyman and farmer 395
Tanner, William H., (West Schuyler) (with Jeremiah Sen.)
THOMAS, BENJAMIN G., (West Schuyler) carpenter and farmer 15
Thomas, Lewis, (West Schuyler) carpenter and joiner and farmer 18
Thomas, Thomas, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 89
Thomas, William, (West Schuyler) farmer leases of William Budlong, 285
TIMMIN, JOHN, (Newport) dairyman and farmer 80
Valentine, Daniel T., (East Schuyler) farmer 40
Valentine, Douglas P., (East Schuyler) farmer 16 and leases 55
VALENTINE, WILLiAM, (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 60
Vanvleck, Harvey, (East Schuyler) farmer 76
Vanvleck, James, (West Schuyler, farmer 275
Ward, James, (Newport) (with Philip)
Ward, Philip, (Newport) dairyman and farmer 200
Warner, Anthony, (Newport) carpenter
Watkins, James H. J., (East Schuyler) farmer leases of Mrs. D. Richardson, 133
WATSON, DAVID, (Deerfield, Oneida Co.) farmer 78
WAY, WILLIAM H., (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 250
WELDIN, John J., (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 112
Werdu, Benjamin, (West Schuyler) farmer 10
Widrick, George, (East Schuyler) farmer 90
Widrick, Jeremiah, (East Schuyler) dairyman and farmer leases of George Widrick, 90
Wiegand, Adam, (West Schuyler) dairyman and farmer 284
Williams, Gilbert, (Frankfort) butcher and farmer 78
Williams, Richard, (East Schuyler) farmer leases of D. Jackson, 200
Willis, Joseph, (West Schuyler) farmer 77
Wood, Alonzo B., (West Schuyler) farmer 59
WOOD, HARVEY, (West Schuyler) mason and farmer 70
Wood, Jerred, (West Schuyler,) farmer leases 10
Wood, John, (West Schuyler) farmer 65
Wood, L. Mrs., (West Schuyler) farmer 50
Wood, Warren, (West Schuyler) farmer 90
Young, Laura Mrs., (East Schuyler) farmer 6
ZEITER, JACOB, (Deerfield, Oneida Co.) farmer 110
ZEITER, JACOB Jr., (Deerfield Oneida Co.) (with Jacob)
ZEITER, PHILIP, (Deerfield, Oneida Co.) dairyman and farmer 93

The 1869 directory of Schuyler was prepared by Jo Dee Frasco. Jo Dee is researching Eatons, Tallmans and other area families.

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