These lists of men who served from the Town of Schuyler, Herkimer County, were contributed to us by Laura Perkins and digitally transcribed by Bob Petrie. The research below was done in the early 1930s by well-known Klock family researcher Edgar Jackson Klock, who was a resident of Frankfort, NY. His sources are unknown but we assume he made use of the resources of local libraries, historical societies and cemeteries, as well as the records and memories of friends and family.


"Probably some of these names are duplicated on account of different spellings of the same name."

Bercki, Jacob
Berckie, Peter
Becker, Henrich
Breidenbucher, Balthass
Breidenbuc, Baldes
Brethac, Jacob
Brethak, Bartholomay
Chubbock, John
Chubbock, Philip
Cline, William
Colsch, John Sr.
Colsch, John Jr.
Finster, John
Hockstrasser, Christian
Hoffstader, Christian
Kelsch, John Sr.
Kelsch, John Jr.
Lentz, Jacob
Lentz, John
Lentz, John Jr.
Lentz, Peter

Manderback, John
Miller, Valentine
Remah, George
Riema, George
Riema, John
Riema, John Sr.
Rima, Johannes Sr.
Rima, Johannes Jr.
Staring, Adam
Staring, Adam Jr.
Staring, Nicholas Sr.
Schief, Georg
Staring, Nicholas N.
Staring, Henrich
Steinwax, Arnold
Widrig, Jacob
Widrig, Michael
Witrig, Conrat
Witerig, Georg
Wolff, Johannes
Wrinkle or Rinkle, Laurence
Eigher or Oyer, Frederick

SCHUYLER IN THE WAR OF 1812 (Incomplete)

Barber, Samuel
Baum, Henry P.
Christian, Capt. Charles
Clemens, Richard
Edget, Henry
Ellis, Joseph
Finster, Jacob
Finster, Peter
Finster, Philip

Hough, Milton
Hughs, John
Lints, John 2nd
Mower, Conrad
Oakley, Elijah S.
Oyer, Peter F.
Richardson, Dyer
Richardson, Warren
Wood, Benjamin


Compiled from Historical, Family & Cemetery Records. Probably incomplete, by Edgar Jackson Klock. Copied January 16, 1934

44th Elsworth Regiment:

William Haver
Lewis M. Baldwin

Artillery 1st., Battery A:

David B. Owens

121st., Co. D.:

2nd Lieut. Charles E. Staring
Corp. Aaron D. Miller


A. L. Miller
George A. Parkhurst
Wallace Tanner
William Tanner
Jared Wood
A. Edget
O. A. Gustin
J.W. Hughes
O. K. Hoxie
Langford Burton
Stephen Edget

Edwin Oyer
Charles Thurston
Milo B. Tanner
John Souder
Levi Souder
George H. Gilbert
Malcolm Graham
William Gillet
Perry Gillet
Homer Dana
High Runly

121st., Co. H.:

William F. Minott

152nd., Co. E.:

Corp. Charles Brown
Wagoner Peter W. Tallman


William Bradbury
James Bradbury
Daniel M. Cooley
Patrick Curtin
Charles J. Friz
James Fox Jr.
John Hallam

James W. Maxfield
George Richer
Merritt Richer
Charles William (Bill) Souder
Frank Stack
James H. Tallman
John C. Evans

152nd., Co. K.:

2nd Corp. Edward Haver
8th Corp. Seth B. Holdridge
Wagoner George Sterling
Private Peter W. Tallman

2nd N.Y. Heavy Artillery, Co. L.:

Wilbur V. Minott - Enlisted Nov. 1863; discharged Aug. 1865

97th N.Y. Infantry:

Samuel M. Jackson - Enlisted March 1862; discharged June 1862

Additional Names:

Lyman Parkhurst
Burrel Rice
___ Burdick
Andrew Gater
John P. Clark
George H. Stormes
___ Stockins
Otis Eaton, Co. I., N.Y.V. 74th
Gaylord Eaton, Co. D., 121st
John J. Parks, Co. K., 2nd N.Y.A.
Andrew Gillett, Battery L., 2nd N.Y. Heavy Artillery
Benjamin Evans
Robert Bradbury
Charles Sherman
Osco Eaton

These lists were typed by Bob Petrie, who was instrumental in getting our Town of Schuyler section going and will be typing other articles this winter. Bob looks forward to corresponding with others researching the surnames Petrie, Dodge, Countryman, Knapp, Ellison, Robbins, Devendorf, Berner, Hartman, Kane, Burton, Barber and Mosher, as well as the history of the Town of Schuyler.

Laura Perkins, contributer of these lists and other upcoming Schuyler items, is proud of her extended family's participation in local Civil War regiments. Her gg-grandfather served in the 146th NY Vol. Infantry. Laura is researching the family names of SNYDER and BAKER. Her ggg-grandparents were Richard K. and Elizabeth Snyder Baker. Richard was born in Schuyler. Elizabeth, the daughter of John and Catherine Snyder, was born in Frankfort. Laura believes that Richard and Eliz. lived most of their lives in Utica, NY. Any information on them would be most helpful.

Note: Neither Bob, Laura or other Herkimer/Montgomery GenWeb volunteers have further information about the men listed above. The records of Civil War men whose regiments and companies are indicated may be ordered from the National Archives. Do you have information about any of the Schuyler men listed above? Please send it to the Coordinator for posting on this page.

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