Herkimer County, NY

Contributed by Lisa Slaski & H. Geywits

Many counties of NY state had county histories published between the years of 1860 and 1900. Within many of these works are "family sketches". The list below are sketches of families for the town of Stark. This list also contains references for those people living elsewhere who were born or lived for a time in the Town of Stark. If they reside in other townships of Herkimer County, look under the respective town for further information. Sketches marked with an "*" were contributed in 2008 by H. Geywits.

Lisa Slaski
February 1999


1) "History of Herkimer County", published by F.W. Beers and Co., New York: 1879.

2) "History of Herkimer County, New York", edited by George A. Hardin, published by D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY, 1893.

Family Sketches:

ARNDT, John, was born in Montgomery county, N.Y., August 11th, 1792. He came to Stark in 1810 and purchased a farm of one hundred and twenty acres, upon which he now lives. In 1819 he married miss Elizabeth SMITH, who died December 6th, 1873. Mr. ARNDT was in the war of 1812, and stationed at Sackett's Harbor for three months. He has been justice of the peace for four years. Mr. ARNDT is the father of three children. His son John was married in 1838 to Miss Ann WINEGAR, and died March 9th 1871; his widow still lives on the old homestead. [ref #1, pg 281]

ARNDT, Catharine, is a native of Stark, N.Y., and was born January 20th, 1810. In 1836 she was married to Abram J. ARNDT, who was born in Stark in 1810 and died in 1841. Mr. ARNDT was a physician of high standing in the town. They had one son, who died in March, 1865. [ref #1, pg 281]

BACKUS, Daniel, was born in Stark, N.Y., in February, 1828, and was married in 1852 to Catharine NICHOLSON, who was born March 5th, 1824, in Otsego county, N.Y. they have two sons. Mr. BACKUS was overseer of the poor in 1865 and in 1867 elected town assessor. His father, William BACKUS, was born in this county in 1790, and served in the war of 1812. He died in February, 1862. His wife was Miss Arenia GUYWITS, who was born in November, 1794. [ref #1, pgs 281-2]

BEACH, William H., was born in Seneca county, N.Y., January 23rd, 1849, and came with his parents to this county when he was three years old. He was married October 23d, 1867, to Miss Rosina FORT, who was born in Stark, October 23d, 1851. Mr. BEACH is a farmer; he has three sons. [ref #1, pg 282]

BRONNER, Walter I., Stark, was born where he now resides, September 29, 1864, a son of Isaac D. and Mary C. Harwick Bronner. The grandfather, Daniel, was born in Stark and settled on the farm where Walter I now resides in 1832 and there he resided until his death, June 4, 1858, aged sixty-three years. He served in the war of 1812 and his father, Christian, served in the Revolutionary War and his father Christian Bronner, was a native of Germany. Daniel's wife was Catharine Wager, who died December 28, 1865 ag4ed fifty-nine years. They had eight children: Oliver, Barnard, Isaac D., Daniel, Anna M., Dorothy, E. J., Lucy J. and Clarissa. Isaac D. Bronner was born where Walter I. now resides in 1832 and lives with his son, Walter I. He had seven children: Catha L., Elmer E., Walter I., Carrie M., M. Enola, Hartwick D., F. Fayette, all of which are still living. Mrs. Mary C. Bronner, their mother, died January 19, 1819. Five of the children have been school teachers. Mr. Bronner is a member of the Masonic fraternity. Walter I. Received his education at the common schools and at Richfield Springs, also at Herkimer and at eighteen he began teaching and has taught during the winter ever since. At sixteen he began life for himself. He has followed cheese-making for two years at Van Hornesville. Mr. Bronner is a Granger and a Good Templar and is active in the temperance cause. In October 1889, he bought the old homestead, which consists of 107 acres of land. He is a breeder of Jersey cattle. The original stock was the first Jerseys ever owned in the county, brought here by his father in 1867 from New Jersey. Mr. Bronner is also the only breeder of Dorset horned sheep in this county. [ref #2, *]

CHAMPION, Elisha, was born in Massachusetts in January, 1798, and came with his father to this State in May of the same year. When Mr. CHAMPION was twenty-one years of age, he was married to Miss Lana SMITH, who died in 1850. He was afterward married to Lydia APPLEGATE. He is the father of ten children; the oldest son died October 4th, 1849. Mr. C., built the Eagle Hotel in Starkville, and kept it for twelve years; built the Baptist church at that place in 1830, and built the second tannery in this town, and operated it for thirty years. After he was in his seventy-sixth year he cleared six acres of land and sowed it to wheat, and has lately built in the village one hundred and fifty yeards of plank walk at his own expense. [ref #1, pg 282]

CHAMPION, A. B., was born in Stark, N.Y., on the farm where he now resides. He was married December 29th, 1870, to Miss Elizabeth TUTTLE. Mr. C. is a farmer and dairyman, and one of the enterprising men of the town. [ref #1, pg 282]

COLMAN, William, is a native of Stark, N.Y., and was born February 23d, 1835. He was married June 28th, 1868, to Mary L. DAVIS. Mr. COLMAN is a farmer, and has three children. His father was born in this town, and died in 1868. His mother's maiden name was Kittie M. SLATER; she was born in 1810. [ref #1, pg 282]

ECKER, Benjamin, was born in Stark, N.Y., in 1821. His father and grandfather were both born in this town, and the latter cleared up the farm upon which Mr. ECKER now resides. Benjamin ECKER's father married Margaret FETLEY, who was born in 1800. They had two sons and two daughters. Mr. ECKER was a sergeant in the State militia for seven years. [ref #1, pg 282]

ECKER, David F., was born in Stark, N. Y., October 1st, 1836, and was married, in 1860, to Martha COUNTRYMAN, who was born July 7th, 1841. They have two daughters. His father, Daniel, was born in Stark, N.Y., in 1806, and died in 1846. His grandfather, William, was born in this county in 1798, and was the father of three sons and three daughters. [ref #1, pg 282]

ELLSWORTH, Clark, a native of Stark, was born February 10th, 1851, and was married October 1st, 1873, to Miss Viola HALL, of Starkville, who was born August 20th, 1847. Mr. ELLSWORTH served as deputy sheriff of this county in 1876 and 1877. [ref #1, pg 282]

ELLSWORTH, S. H., was born in Chilicothe, Ohio, October 17th, 1822, and came with his parents to this town in 1825. His father died the same year in Saratoga, N.Y. His mother purchased a small farm in the west part of Stark, and he lived with her until thirteen years of age. He then worked out until twenty years old, when he and his mother bought another farm of sixty acres. His mother died in October, 1863, and in November, 1868, Mr. ELLSWORTH purchased the farm of two hundred and fifty acres upon which he now lives. He was married February 1st, 1847, to Betsey Maria NELLIS. They have five children. Mr. E. is the owner of four hundred and fifty acres of land, and has been supervisor of his town for three terms, 1863, 1877, and 1878. [ref #1, pg 282]

ELWOOD, David B., is a native of Stark, N.Y., and was born May 3d, 1831. He was married in 1858 to Miss Martha SPRINGER, of Warren, N.Y., who was born in 1836. They have two sons and three daughters. For interesting matter in regard to the ELWOOD family the reader is referred to page 118. [ref #1, pg 281]

ELWOOD, David B. (deceased) was born May 3, 1831, a mile south of Starkville, son of David and Nancy (BAUM) ELWOOD. He received a district school education, and was twice married, first September 22, 1852, to Sarah daughter of John and Eliza (HALL) SMITH, who died October 1, 1855. November 11, 1857, he married second, Martha SPRINGER, of Stark, born March 4, 1836, a daughter of Jacob L. and Mary (DATER) SPRINGER. The grandfather was Loadwick SPRINGER. Jacob L. was born in Stark. In early days he was a colonel of militia, and an active Whig and Republican. He died in 1843. They had eight children: Louis H., Philip, Catharine, Hannah, Elizabeth, Martha, Caroline. Mrs. SPRINGER was born in Brunswick, a daughter of Henry and Christina (FAKE) DATER. She died in 1884 in her eighty-sixth year. Subject's second wife bore him seven children: Edwin, who died, aged four; Sarah (Mrs. Hale... [ref #2, pg 191, the rest of this sketch from the next page is to be copied at a later date]

ELWOOD, Philip H., one of the most extensive apiarists of the country, was born in Stark, April 4th, 1847. He has been president of the Northeastern Bee-keepers Association, and is a writer and good authority on matters pertaining to the apiary. [ref #1, pg 282]

FIKES, Adam, was born in Stark, N.Y., April 30th, 1833, and was married in 1858 to Miss Amanda SHIMEL. They have three children. [ref #1, pg 282]

FIKES, Jacob A., is a native of Howard, Steuben county, N.Y., and was born January 1st, 1839. he was married December 24th, 1862, to Miss Mary PHILLIPS, of Warren, N.Y., who was born March 18th, 1839. They have one son. Mr. FIKES's father was born in Stark, N.Y., and married Elizabeth COUNTRYMAN. Mr. FIKES has served his town two terms as supervisor, and was elected justice of the peace in 1877. He is a farmer. [ref #1, pg 282]

FIKES, Jacob A., Stark, was born in Steuben county January 1, 1838 son of Adam and Catherine Conderman Fikes. The grandfather, Jacob, was born in Stark, and his father was born in Germany and settled in Stark before the Revolutionary War. Jacob was in the War of 1812 and was born in Stark. He was over seventy years old when he died. His wife was Elizabeth Miller and they raised eleven children; Michael, Peter, Adam, John, Jacob, James, Abram, who died young, Katie, Betsey, Clarinda, Mary A. and Margaret. Adam was raised in Stark where he lived all his life-except three years in Steuben county. He died in Stark in 1866, aged fifty-three years. He served in various town offices and was a Republican. He had three children and raised two; Jacob A. and Franklin. His wife still lives, aged eight-two. He was born in Warren a daughter of Adam and Catherine Conderman Brooner. Subject has always resided in Stark. After his marriage he began for himself and after his father's death he bought the homestead farm of 150 acres, to which he has since added fifty acres. He owns another of 135 acres and one of 120 acres. He was elected in 1871 supervisor and served two terms, was elected justice of the peace in 1880, in 1885 commissioner of highways and is now justice of the peace. He married, December 25, 1862, Mary L., daughter of Nelson and Maria Frost Phillips of Stark. Mr. and Mrs. Fikes have one child, Nelson A., who married Lillie M., daughter of David Ecker. They are Universalists. [ref #2, *]

FIKES, Willard, Stark, is a son of Adam H. and Amanda Shimel Fikes. His grandfather, Henry was a son of Adam Fikes who came to Stark and bought the farm where subject resides. His wife was a Miss Walts and they had four children; Christina, Adam H., Menzo and Harvey. Menzo died young. Adam Fikes was born in 1883 and resided here all his life, except three years when he lived in Fort Plain. He died January 1, 1881 leaving a wife and three children, Luella, deceased, Willard and Arthur. The wife of Adam was born in Stark, a daughter of Jacob and Katie Fort Shimel. The former was born in Jefferson county and died at Richfield in June 1800, aged ninety-two and his wife died aged seventy. They had ten children, nine survived; Lena, Ephraim, Louisa, Eli, Levi who died young, Almira, Amanda, Sylvester, Lucy and Amelia C. Willard Fikes was born where he now resides May 28, 1861. He was educated at district schools and after his father's death took charge of the farm, the fourth generation in possession of same. Arthur Fikes was born November 30, 1862, and married Carrie, daughter of William and Jennie Fikes Armstrong. They have one child, Howard J.[ref #2, *]

FREEMAN, David, Stark, was born in German Flats, near Fox Hollow, June 18, 1836 son of Samuel and Elizabeth Osterhout Freeman. The grandfather, David, was born and died in Connecticut and raised six children: Samuel, David, Henry, Seth, Mary and phoebe, all of whom came to Herkimer County. Samuel came in 1820 to German Flats, where he died January 2, 1880 and his wife died November 20, 1885. They had nine children and raised seven: Henry, Louisa, Caroline, David, Anson, Joseph and Rosell. Subject's mother was born in Columbia, daughter of Jacob and Ann Osterhout of Holland Dutch descent. David was raised in German Flats, received a district school education and at nine left home and began earning his own living. He lived with Dan Wilson until he was twenty-one, but the latter died and at sixteen he worked by the month wherever he could. At twenty he began the carpenter's trade at which he worked for seven years, then he worked by the month on a farm until the war broke out. August 29, 1864, he enlisted on the gun-boat Dragone, and saw service in Chesapeake bay. He was discharged March 29, 1865 at Washington navy yard and returned to his home, where he engaged in cheese making at Wick's Corners, in Stark. He spent one year in Springfield, but has resided most of his life in Stark. He owns six acres and has served as inspector, excise commissioner, collector, justice and is now deputy sheriff. In politics he is a Democrat. July 3, 1856, he married Lucinda, daughter of Christian F. Bronner, a farmer of Stark. Mr. and Mrs. Freeman had three children: Rozeltha E., wife of Lewis H. Backus; Cynthia A., wife of Franklin House and Floyd V. Subject and wife are active members of long standing in Freewill Baptist church. [ref #2, *]

GUYWITS, Adam, is a native of Stark, N.Y., and a cabinet-maker by trade. he was married December 30th, 1869, to Angeline COYINNE, of Springfield, Otsego county, N.Y., who was born in 1848. They have three children, Cora W., George and Elisha. [ref #1, pg 282]

HALL, John, was born in Stark, N.Y., June 5th, 1838, and in August 1861, he was married to Marth SPRINGER. They have three children. Mr. HALL has lived in the village of Starkville since 1839. [ref #1, pg 282]

HALL, John R., was born in Hallsville, Montgomery county, N.Y., June 29th, 1810, where he lived for twenty-one years. He was married January 25th, 1832, to Elizabeth MOYER, moved to this town the following spring and engaged in the milling business for three years. He then went into the general mercantile business, which he has since followed. In 1864 his son, R. C. HALL, became a member of the firm of J. R. HALL & Son. Mr. HALL was postmaster for fourteen and a half years from 1833 and was justice of the peace from 1848 to 1855 and from 1871 to 1875. [ref #1, pg 282]

HANKS, Albert E., is a native of Mansfield, Conn., and was born November 9th, 1847. He came to this town in 1872, and married Mary E. HARVEY. He went to California in 1866, and was engaged in the mining business while there. He is now in the mercantile trade in this town, and has two children, Harvey N. and Albertha HANKS. [ref #1, pg 282]

HARWICK, William W., was born August 12th, 1826, in Warren, N.Y., and was married in 1853 to Miss Harriet H. HALL, a native of Stark, N.Y. They have two children, Libbie and Cora. [ref #1, pg 282]

HAWN, Daniel, was born in Minden, now Stark, N.Y., April 4th, 1808, and has lived in the town all his life, except two years at Fort Plain and three years spent at Herkimer as sheriff of the county, to which office he was elected in 1849. His father, Adam, was born in Montgomery county, N.Y., and was in the war of 1812 and honorably discharged. His grandfather was killed in the battle of Oriskany, leaving his son Adam an orphan five years of age. [ref #1, pg 282]

KELLER, Ezekiel, is a native of Stark, N.Y., and was born April 23d, 1844. He is a farmer by occupation. His father, John KELLER, was born in Danube, N.Y., in 1819, and his mother was born in Stark, N.Y., in 1822. Mr. K. has one brother and one sister. [ref #1, pg 282]

KERSHAW, Benjamin, was born in Lancashire, England, in 1814, came to America in 1831, and to this town in 1834, from Onondaga county, N.Y. He married the same year Elizabeth A. CONKLIN. Mr. KERSHAW is a farmer. They have three sons and one daughter. [ref #1, pg 282]

MAXFIELD, Stephen, was born in Stark, N.Y., September 10th, 1811, and was married May 12th, 1837, to Miss Lany WALTER, of Minden, N.Y. They have two sons. Mr. MAXFIELD was a lieutenant in the old militia of this State, and is now a retired farmer. [ref #1, pg 282]

MORRELL, John M., is a native of Stark, N.Y., and was born in 1851. He was married in 1870 to Miss Teresa C. FILKINS, of Stark. They have one daughter. His father, Sylvester, was born in Otsego county, N.Y., in 1825, and was married in 1850 to Miss Betsey Ann SMITH, who died in 1875; he died in 1878. [ref #1, pg 282]

MOWER, John J. was born in Minden, Montgomery county, N.Y., January 10th, 1845, and was married to Miss Philena JORDAN, who was born December 21st, 1849. They have one son. Mr. MOWER's father, Frederick, was born in Germany, and came to this country in 1832. He died in Starkville in 1875. He married Miss Susanna SCHUNK in 1842. She was also born in Germany, and now resides in Starkville. They had three children. Mr. MOWER is a farmer. [ref #1, pg 282]

MOYER, Peter, was born in Danube, N.Y., September 4th, 1816, and has held the office of supervisor of Stark two terms, 1872 and 1873. Jacob MOYER was born in Montgomery county, N.Y., and died in July, 1871. Elizabeth MOYER died in June 1861. [ref #1, pg 282]

MOYER, Peter, Stark, was born where he now resides in Stark, September 4, 1816 a son of Jacob S. and Elizabeth (Moyer) Moyer. The grandfather, Solomon Moyer settled in Minden, Montgomery county, prior to the Revolution, where he died during that war. He had four children: Andrew, Solomon S., Jacob S. and Nancy all of whom raised families and lived to old age. Jacob S. was born December 18, 1781 in Minden and served in the War of 1812. He was also at Sackett's Harbor. He served in various town offices as a Democrat. He was a leading Mason. He married in 1805 and immediately afterwards settled on 170 acres in the town of Stark. He died June 30, 1871, aged eighty-eight years; and his wife, born December 23, 1782, died June 30, 1861, aged seventy-seven. They had ten children, raising eight; Nancy, Katie, David I., Solomon W. (a twin) Betsy, Peter, Ann Eliza and Lucinda. Peter Moyer received a common school education and at the age of twenty-eight leased the homestead which he worked until his father's death. He bought the homestead and paid off the heirs. He has since bought three other farms, two in Stark and one in Little Falls, comprising 568 acres. He has served two terms as supervisor on the Democratic ticket, is a Granger, and a member of the Universalist church. [ref #2, *]

PINCKNEY, Dexter, was born in Stark, N.Y., March 15th, 1817, and was married March 1st, 1838, to Miss Mary WALDTS, who was born in Stark, N.Y., in 1815. They have had three children, two of whom are still living. His father, Ezekiel W., was born in Dutchess county, N.Y., in 1790, and was married to Eleanor WILSEY in 1815. They had three sons and three daughters. [ref #1, pg 282]

PITCHER, John A., was born in Middlefield, Otsego county, N.Y., April 1st, 1814, went to Cooperstown in 1830, and was admitted to practice law, at the Utica bar, in 1852, since which time he has practiced law at Vanhornsville in this town; he is a notary public. He was married in 1842 to Mary Ann TOWNSEND, of Otsego county. They have two children, one son and one daughter. [ref #1, pg 282]

SCHALL, Hon. Daniel, who is a native of Danube, N.Y., was born April 16th, 1814, and lived there until, at the age of seventeen, he commenced learning the tailor's trade, working at Indian Castle, Little Falls, and other places. In October, 1834, he with his brother Jonas, commenced the tailoring business at Starkville, and Daniel has continued the business until the present time. he was a member of the State Legislature in 1850 and supervisor of his town in 1861, and was postmaster at Starkville from April, 1861, to July 9th, 1877. [ref #1, pg 283]

SCHALL, Daniel, Starkville, was born in Danube, April 16, 1814, a son of Wilhelmas and Eve (KNEASKARN) SCHALL. The grandfather of Daniel came from Germany prior to the Revolution, and settled at what is now Mindonville, Montgomery county. He was killed in the Revolutionary War, and left one son and three daughters. Subject's father was born in Manheim, June 18, 1769, and died September 29, 1826. He was a farmer and tailor by trade.  His first wife was born in Minden, June 18, 1775.  Her father was killed in the Revolution. She had fifteen children, thirteen of whom survived: Leah, Nancy, Catharine, John, Peter, William, Jacob, David, Henry, Eve, Daniel, Jonas, and Mariah. Daniel had a common school education, and has earned his own living since his father's death. At fifteen he began tailor's trade. In 1834 he, with his brother, established business at Starkville. About 1882 he retired from business.  In 1851 was elected to the legislature as a Free Soil Democrat.  He was one of the original Republicans and served as supervisor; also held the office of postmaster from May 5, 1862, to July 17, 1877; during the war was one of the active workers in seeing that his town furnished her quota of men for the army. He was twice married first to Cornelia, daughter of William and Polly (DAVIS) GIBSON. His wife died June 11, 1883. His second wife was Cora W., daughter of Richard and Lucinda (SMITH) WILSON. They had one child, Dan. W, born May 31, 1887, died January 9, 1889. Mr. SCHALL is a Universalist and his wife a Methodist. She was born at Herkimer. [ref #2, pg 30, *]

SHAUL, Samuel, was born March 1st, 1828, in this town. He married Lucinda YULE, a native of Warren, N.Y. They have had seven children. The four living are John E., Charles F., Ellen J. and Maria H. [ref #1, pg 283]

SHAUT, Moses, was born in Stark, N.Y., August 1st, 1825. He was married in 1855 to Louisa WALTZ, who died in 1868. He was married in 1869 to Martha WADNER, who was born in Danube, N.Y., in 1836. Mr. S. is the father of four children, three of whom are living. His father, Jacob, was born in Springfield, N.Y., and married Mary FORT, who died in 1870. Eleven of their children are living. Mr. SHAUT is a carpenter by trade. [ref #1, pg 283]

SHAUT, Moses, Stark, was born in Stark, August 1, 1825, a son of Jacob and Mary Fort Shaut. His grandfather came form Germany and settled in Springfield, Otsego county, where his father was born. They moved to Stark and thence to Steuben county where his father was born. They moved to Stark, and thence to Steuben county where he died about 1850 aged about eighty-eight. Jacob had fourteen children and raised twelve: Jacob, Isaac, Joseph, Peter, Catharine, Betsey, Mary, Laney, Peggy, Nancy, Abram and Moses. Subject was raised on a farm and has always lived in Stark. At seventeen he learned the carpenter's trade and followed it seventeen years. He then bought ninety acres and engaged in farming making hops a specialty. In 1862 he located where he now lives on 160 acres about four miles northwest of Starkville. He is an active Republican. He has been married twice, first in January 1853, to Louisa, daughter of William and Catharine Waltz by whom he had four children: Ada, who died aged two; William, Minnie, wife of Charles Weeks, and Frank. He married second, Martha, daughter of Abram and Catharine Wagner. [ref #2, *]

SHAVER, Abram, was born in Stark, N.Y., July 30th, 1820, and was married in 1838 to Miss Margaret FIKES, of this town. His father, Nicholas, was also a native of this town. Mr. SHAVER has held the office of constable for fifteen years, and was a musician in the old State militia for fifteen years. [ref #1, pg 283]

SHAVER, David, was born in Stark, N.Y., July 5th, 1828, and was married in 1856, to Mary Ann FIKES, who was born October 1st, 1830. Mr. SHAVER is a farmer by occupation. [ref #1, pg 283]

SHIMEL, John, was born in Stark, N.Y., in 1823, and was married in July, 1846, to Maria WAGNER. They have had four children, two of whom are now living, Rosa and Minnie. Mr. SHIMEL's father, Christian, was born in this town in 1791, and married Catharine SHALL. He owned a portion of the farm now owned by his son. Mr. SHIMEL is a farmer, and dealer in live stock. [ref #1, pg 283]

SHUMWAY, Joseph H., was born August 27th, 1820, at New Lebanon, N.Y., and was married September 6th, 1854, to Cornelia Van HORN, of Stark, N.Y. He located at Van Hornsville in 1840, and engaged in the manufacture of cotton goods, and in the mercantile business. He has been school superintendent and postmaster, and was supervisor of this town in 1876. He has one son and two daughters. His father was of German descent, born in Columbia county, N.Y., and died in 1849. [ref #1, pg 283]

SMITH, Abram H., is the oldest son of Peter and Elizabeth SMITH. He enlisted and was mustered into Company B, 44th regiment N.Y. infantry, September 4th, 1861, and was discharged October 12th, 1864. He was in several battles, was wounded in the left hand at the battle of Cold Harbor, Va., and sent to Mount Pleasant Hospital, Washington, D.C., and from there to Fort Schuyler, N.Y., where his hand was amputated by Dr. Morgan SPRAGUE, January 26th, 1864. He was sent from there to Park Hostpital, N.Y., where he remained until discharged. He was commissioned as captain soon after he was wounded. He was married April 4th, 1871, to Jennie G. SHEAR. They have three children. [ref #1, pg 283]

SMITH, Alexander, was born May 22nd, 1823, on the farm where he now lives, and where three generations of his ancestors lived. Jonas was the first owner. He came from the Helderbergs, in Albany county. Andrew, of the next generation, was born July 2nd, 1762. June 22nd, 1798, he bought out the heirs, ten in number, including the widow Margaret SMITH; he died in October, 1848. Martha SMITH, of the third generation, only son of Andrew SMITH was born March 8th, 1791, and married June 20th, 1816 to Elizabeth NICHOLSON; he died September 28th, 1859. His wife was born February 2d, 1798, and died August 11th, 1864. Mr. Alexander SMITH was married January 1st, 1850, to Miss Martha HALL. Mr. SMITH was supervisor of this town three terms, 1864, 1865, and 1868, and has held other town offices. In 1870 he was elected sheriff of Herkimer county, and July 9th, 1877, was appointed postmaster at Starkville. [ref #1, pg 282-3]

SMITH, Alexander, Stark, one of the representative citizens of Stark, was born May 22, 1823, where he now resides, son of Martin and Elizabeth (NICHOLSON) SMITH. The grandfather, Andrew, was a son of Johanah SMITH, who was a native of Germany and came to this country during the French and Indian wars as a soldier.  After the war he settled in Albany county prior to the Revolution, and came to this county about 1788, where he built the first farm house in Starkville (where subject now resides). He married Margaret BASINGER, by whom he had these children: Elizabeth, Catharine, Dolly, Mariah, Frederich, Susan, Christina, Abram, John and Andrew. Johanah SMITH and wife were Lutherans. Andrew SMITH, the grandfather, was born July 2, 1762, in Heldeberg, Albany county, and in 1798 bought out the other heirs and held the homestead, where he died in October, 1848. His wife was Magdalina BETSINGER. She had a sister who was captured by the Indians in 1781 and carried to Canada, where she married an Indian chief, and afterwards when asked to return home preferred to remain with her adopted people.  Andrew and wife had four children: Della, Lana, Margaret and Martin. The latter was born March 8, 1791, where his son now resides, and died here September 28, 1859. His wife was born February 2, 1798, and died August 11, 1864, and they had eight children:  Lucinda, Julia A., Alexander, Almeda, Adaline, Almira, Martha and Rozeltha.  Alexander received a district school education and owns the old homestead, where he has always resided. He served as supervisor three terms, besides other town offices. In 1870 he was elected sheriff on the Republican ticket. In 1844 he voted for Polk; in 1848 he became a Free soiler, and in 1856 was a Republican. July 9, 1877, he was appointed postmaster at Starkville, where he remained in the same position many years. He is a leader in town affairs.  January 1, 1850, he married Martha, daughter of Alexander and Jane (MOUNT) HALL. He has been a leading Mason since 1857 and belongs to Utica Commandery No. 3. He was one of the organizers of Starkville cheese factory. [ref #2, pg 31, *]

SMITH, Gersham, Stark, son of Peter G. and Catherine Kinter Smith, came from New Jersey as a blacksmith and settled on 260 acres in Stark. He married Margaret Reese by whom he had these children: Samuel, John, Dan, William, Peter, Ann, Rachael and Margaret. Subject's father was born in Stark and died at Richfield Springs about 1880. He was twice married his first wife bore him five children: Elija, Margaret, Viola, John and Gersham. The latter was born where he now lives, June 20, 1854 and married in February 1875, Ella Shaul, a daughter of Richard and Mary Fetterly Shaul and they have three children: Arthur G., Olin R., and Mabel E. Mr. Smith served as supervisor two terms, is a Republican and a Mason. [ref #2, *]

SMITH, Henry G., was born in Stark, N.Y., May 14th, 1844, and was married in 1865 to Miss Ann BEACH, who was born in Seneca county, N.Y., in 1849. They have two children, one son and one daughter. Mr. SMITH enlisted in 1861 in the 1st N.Y. artillery, and was discharged after a service of eight months on account of a broken limb. He has been assessor one term. his father was born in this county in 1811. [ref #1, pg 283]

SMITH, Levi N., was born in Stark in 1824, and was married to Miss Maria GORDON. They have one son and five daughters. His father Nicholas, was a native of New York. He married Elizabeth ECKER, and they were the parents of four sons and four daughters. [ref #1, pg 283]

SMITH, Peter, is a farmer and a dairyman and was born on the farm where he now lives May 24th, 1814. He was married January 23d, 1838, to Elizabeth COOK, of Minden, Montgomery county, N.Y. Their children are Abram H. and Moses C., twins born May 14th, 1843, and Rhoda Ann, born August 2nd, 1845. Mr. SMITH is the seventh child of Frederick SMITH, who was born November 26th, 1779, married November 6th, 1801, to Miss B. THAYER, settled at Starkville and died June 27th, 1865. Mr. SMITH's grandfather was born in Germany, came to this country with Burgoyne's army, was one of the men surrendered by that general and remained in this country. [ref #1, pg 283]

SNIDER, John R., Stark, was born June12, 1854, in Stark, a son of Moses and Anna Maria (KINTER) SNIDER. He was raised on a farm, received a district school education and academic, and at twenty-one began life for himself on the farm, working by the month. In the spring of 1879 he bought and located on 160 acres where he now lives. He also owns a store and residence. He is a Democrat in politics, and has lived in Stark all his life.  He married, February 12, 1878, Rosa E. SHAUL, born in Columbia, a daughter of David and Amanda (BRONNER) SHAUL of Stark. They have one child, Maud. [ref #2, pg 227]

SNYDER, Moses, is a native of this town and was born January 26th, 1826. He was married January 1st, 1850, to Miss M. KINTER, and has two sons and one daughter. His father was born in Montgomery county, N.Y., and married Miss Catharine BACKUS. Mr. SNYDER is a farmer and carpenter and joiner. [ref #1, pg 283]

SNYDER, Moses, Stark, was born in Stark January 26, 1825, a son of Daniel and Catharine (BACKUS) SNYDER. The grandfather, John, was a pioneer of Minden, Montgomery county, served in the War of the Revolution and was in the battle of Oriskany. He died in Minden. His wife was Catharine COUNTRYMAN, by whom he had five sons; Abram, Benjamin, Jacob, Daniel and John and several daughters. Daniel SNYDER was born in Minden and located near Starkville on 600 acres, which he cleared. He died in Stark before the war, aged eighty-three. He served in minor town offices as a Democrat. He had thirteen children: William, Daniel, Moses, Joseph, Catharine, Lana, margaret, Susan, Lucinda, Elizabeth and Mary A.; two sons, John and Solomon died in childhood. Moses received a common school education, and at twenty-five years of age began for himself, working a farm on shares. He bought 100 acres of land, which he has improved with substantial buildings, and owns another farm of 120 acres. He is a Democrat and has served as assessor. He married January 1, 1850, Anna M., daughter of John and Anna M. (WARREN) KINTER, of Stark. Her father served in the war of 1812, and her grandfather, Richard KINTER, was a pioneer of Stark, and served in the Revolution. He married first, Elizabeth BARRINGER, who bore him three children, and second, to Rachael COOPER, who bore him nine children. Mr. and Mrs. SNYDER have had four children: Ellen E., died, aged four; John R., -----, wife of George W. FIKES, and Eugene. [ref #2, pg 228]

SPOOR, James H., Stark, son of Gilbert and Nancy Link Spoor, natives of Danube was born September 9, 1844 in Danube. He received a district school education. At twenty he left home and began life on his own account Lived ten years in Little Falls; and for the past seven years has lived on 218 acres of land in Stark, which he works on shares. He is a Republican and married July 8, 1864, Elda Jones, born in Stark, daughter of Jacob and Betsey Snell Jones, natives of Danube and Stark; who are member of the M. E. church. They are the parents of three sons and two daughters and of English origin. Jacob Jones was a son of William, a pioneer of Danube. James H. has seven children: Frank, who died at nineteen; Nettie, Fred, Ada M., Nellie, Ross and Callie who died at seven months. They are Universalists. [ref #2, *]

SPOOR, Stephen M., is a native of Danube, N.Y., and was born April 1st, 1838. In 1865 he was married to Catharine COLMAN, of Stark, and has one daughter. His father, John, was born in Danube in 1825, and married to Miss Catharine ROBACK. They have seven children now living. Mr. SPOOR is a farmer. [ref #1, pg 283]

SPRINGER, David H., is a native of this town. He was born in 1818, and was married in 1843 to Miss Sarah ECKER, of Stark, who was born in 1826. They have four children. Mr. SPRINGER's father was born in Rensselaer county, and was a captain in the war of 1812; he died in 1854. His wife, who was Miss Mary E. COON, died in 1820. [ref #1, pg 283]

SPRINGER, Loadwick, Stark, was born in Stark September 17, 1842, a son of David H. and Sally W. (ECKLER) SPRINGER. The grandfather, Loadwick, was born in Rensselaer county, and of Holland parents. His father, Jacob, was taken prisoner by the Indians during the Revolution and was a prisoner seven years. Loadwick died in June, 1857, aged over eighty, a captain of militia and a Republican. His wife died in 1820. They had a large family: Betsey, Polly, Jacob, George, David, Martin, Nicholas, Philip and Daniel. David H. was born in Stark where he always lived. His wife survives him, and is of the Lutheran faith. They had four children: Loadwick, Franklin, George and Daniel, all living. Loadwick was raised on a farm, received a district school education, and lived with his father until after the war. He enlisted in August, 1864, in the navy and served on the Texas Coast. He was discharged at Brooklyn in June, 1865. He lived with his father for a couple of years, where he and his brother Frank bought 104 acres in Warren. Later he came to Stark and bought eighty acres. He finally located where he now resides, on 187 acres, also owning another farm of 205 acres in Stark. He has made his own way through life, has served in town offices and is a Republican. He married January 1, 1867, Diantha, daughter of Richard and Mary A. (FETTERLY) SHAUL of Stark, who had six children: Rose, Eltha, Ella, Amelia, Sallie and George, who died at twenty. Subject and wife have three children: Ella, wife of Frank HARRIS; Carrie and Myrtia. They are of the Universalist faith. [ref #2, pg 226]

SPRINGER, Philip, a native of Warren, N.Y., was born January 8th, 1828, and was married in 1860, to Miss Ellen Van ALLEN, who was born in Danube, N.Y., in 1843. They have three children. Mr. SPRINGER has served his town three years as assessor. [ref #1, pg 283]

SPRINGER, O. H., was born in Stark, N.Y., September 16th, 1840. He has always lived in this town, and is a farmer by occupation. He was married October 22nd, 1861, to Miss Libbie HALL. Mr. SPRINGER was supervisor of this town two terms, 1874 and 1875. His father, George SPRINGER, was born in this town in 1805, and is now a retired farmer. Lodewick SPRINGER was born in Rensselaer county, N.Y., and came to Stark in 1801, where he subsequently died. [ref #1, pg 283]

STARING, Gilbert, Stark, was born in Danube April 10, 1848, son of John A. and Elizabeth (CRIISTMAN) STARING. The grandfather, John, was a pioneer of Manheim, served in the War of 1812, and died aged eighty-eight. He was twice married and had children by both wives. John A. was born in Manheim and lived there until about fifteen, when he came to Stark, and then married and moved to Danube. In 1855 he returned to Deck, where he died November 16, 1887. He served in Company A, 152d N.Y. Volunteers three years, participating in twenty-six battles. He was wounded in left arm in the battle of the Wilderness, and had a sixty days' furlough, which was the only time he was off duty. He and his wife had eleven children: Lucinda VEDDER of Nebraska; Menzo, who enlisted in Company F, 121st N.Y. Infantry, and was killed in the battle of the Wilderness; Gilbert, Mary CHRISTMAN of Herkimer; Amanda CASLER of Frankfort; Minerva BROWN of Mohawk; Dan, of Huntington, Quebec; Henry, died aged four; John, died aged two; Ellen WELLS of Leipsic, and Ervin E. Gilbert was raised on a farm and received a district school education, and at fourteen began for himself, working on a farm at $4.00 per month. At Twenty-one he began cheese manufacture in Stark, and was for thirteen years in Richfield. In 1890 he located on 150 acres of land where he now lives. He is a Democrat. September 15, 1875, he married Hattie, daughter of John and Margaret (MOWERS) FRANCE, and they have one child: Lela. [ref #2, pg 227]

TILYON, Abram, Stark, was born November 25, 1838, two miles east of Van Hornesville, a son of Joseph and Rebecca Kinter Tilyon. The grandfather, Joseph was a Frenchman and a pioneer of Van Hornesville. He died in Stark, aged over ninety. His wife was Elizabeth Druse who died a year earlier. They had these children: Elizabeth, Charlotte, Joseph, Stephen, Carlisle, Mary, Charles, Catharine and Alexander. Joseph was born in Stark September 19, 1807. He learned the cooper's trade but was a farmer owning 180 acres. He died March 25, 1882 and his wife in March 1868. She was born April 13, 1807 and had eight children: Johnas, Catharine L., Abram, Edwin, Rensselaer, Leander, Daniel S. and Ellen C., Joseph married second Phebe Herkimer. Subject was raised on a farm and at twenty-one began for himself buying and shipping stock. In the spring of 1864 he bought his first farm of 176 acres. In 1876 he bought the homestead of his maternal grandfather of 180 acres. He also owned another 112 acres which he sold. He was elected justice at twenty-three, but refused to serve. He is an active Mason at Springfield Center. February 19, 1868 he married Hannah M. Turner, born in Warren, daughter of Appolas and Mary Yule Turner, natives of Grandvilla, Vt. and Warren, N.Y. When a young man he came to Warren and engaged in farming until his death, January 27, 1892, aged eight-six. He was a Democrat. His wife survives him aged eighty-one. They had three children: Sylvester of Minnesota; Nicholas of Branch, Mich., and Hannah M. Subject and wife have had two children: William J. of New Jersey and Zula who died aged six years. Mr. and Mrs. Tilyon are Universalists. [ref #2, *]

TILYOU, Joseph, was born in Stark, N.Y., in 1807, and married in March, 1832, to Rebecca KENTER, who died in March, 1868. They had eight children and six are now living. Mr. TILYOU's father, Joseph, was born in Dutchess county, N.Y., and died in 1865. His mother, Elizabeth, was born in Connecticut. Mr. TILYOU is a farmer. [ref #1, pg 283]

TUNNICLIFF, Joseph, was born in England in 1818, and came to America June 19th, 1819; to Warren, N.Y., in 1820, and in 1827 located at Vanhornsville. He commenced blacksmithing in 1843, and continued in the business for twenty-five years, and is now proprietor of the Vanhornsville foundry. He was married in 1835 to Miss Mary KIDE, who was born May 25th, 1812. They have nine children, four of whom, two sons and two daughters, are living. Mr. T. has been assessor, constable and collector. [ref #1, pg 283]

TUNNICLIFF, Orange, was born August 26th, 1838, and was married in 1857, to Maryette COOK, who is a native of Springfield, N.Y. They have two children, Minnie and Lester. Mr. TUNNICLIFF followed blacksmithing from 1865 to 1875, when he purchased the Tunnicliff Hotel, of which he is now proprietor. [ref #1, pg 283]

WAGNER, Almond, was born in Stark, N.Y., and was married in 1878 to Miss Carrie MOAK. He was a member of Captain J. GREY's Company E., of the National Guard, for one year. [ref #1, pg 283]

Van AUKEN, Henry, was born in Springfield, Otsego county, N.Y., in 1812. He was married in 1837 to Miss Armenia WILSEY, and has one son. His father, Tunis Van AUKEN, was born in 1786, and died in this county in 1869. He married Catharine SPARWICK who was born in Albany county and died in 1862. They had six children. Mr. Van AUKEN has been assessor for three years, and is now a farmer. [ref #1, pg 283]

VEDDER, was born in Stark, N.Y., in July, 1829. He was married in 1867 to Elizabeth Van VALKENBURGH (who was born in German Flats, January 23d, 1818) and has two children. His father, J. VEDDER, was married to Miss Anna PHILLIPS. They both died in 1865. Mr. V. has held the office of auditor; was in the U.S. service four months, and is now a farmer. [ref #1, pg 283]

WALTS, Menzo, a native of Stark, N.Y., was born February 25th, 1837, and was married in 1859, to Miss Cynthia DOLLER. She subsequently died and he was married in 1870 to Cynthia WICKS. His father, William WALTS, was born in this town in 1808, married Margaret HOUSE in 1833, and died in 1876. Mr. WALTS has been commissioner of highways for two years, and is a farmer. He has one son living, by his first wife. [ref #1, pg 284]

WALRATH, Levi, Stark, was born where he resides, September 19, 1827, a son of Adophus H. and Sophia (MOYER) WALRATH. The grandfather was a pioneer of Minden, Montgomery county, and raised two sons: Adolphus and Peter. Subject's father was born in Minden, and finally settled in Stark, where he owned 400 acres before his death. He died in November, 1863, aged eighty years. His wife died February 20, 1864, aged seventy-seven years; they had ten children: John A., Jerry, Charity, Mary, Nancy, Sally, Joanna, Moses, Levi and Betsey, three now living. Levi WALRATH owns 840 acres of land. He cared for his parents until their death. He runs a large dairy and has served in various town offices, being an active Republican. He married March 16, 1862, Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob and Pamelia (HANN) ZOLLER, and she died September 16, 1862. He married second, March 25, 1865, Anna, a sister of his first wife, by whom he had two children: John A. and Levi. Mr. and Mrs. WALRATH are members of the Lutheran church. [ref #2, pg 146]

WARD, Benjamin A., was born in Springfield, N.Y., August 22nd, 1822. His wife, to whom he was married June 4th, 1861, was Rosella MOUNT, of Stark. She was born April 19th, 1836. They have three children. Mr. WARD's father was born in Guilderland, Albany county, N.Y., March 11th, 1793, and was drafted in the war of 1812. In 1814 he married Jane CHISIAM who was born March 5th, 1796. [ref #1, pg 284]

WARD, Hiram, Stark, was born on the farm where he now resides, March 30, 1826, a son of John A. and Catherine Shaffer Ward; his grandfather was a pioneer of Stark, who was born March 20, 1744 and served in the Revolutionary War as a private. He raised four sons and three daughters and died on the farm in 1822. John A. Ward was born October 17, 192, served in the War of 1812; he was a Whig and a Republican. He died in 1857, aged sixty-five, his wife died in 1869 aged seventy-five years. They had seven children: Maria (deceased), Levi (deceased), Liza Ann (deceased), David, Hiram, Ephraim and Daniel are now living. Hiram lived with his parents and took charge of the farm which he now owns, buying out the other heirs. In politics he is a Republican. He married December 31, 1857 Marinda Bronner, daughter of Frederick and Eliza Shaul Bronner. Her father served as a supervisor, was a Republican. They had eleven children. Her grandfather, Frederick Bronner, was a pioneer of Stark. Mrs. And Mrs. Hiram Ward have had two children: Charles H. and Libbie M. [ref #2, *]

WEEKS, Hiram, was born in Amsterdam, N.Y., in 1826, and was married to Margaret LEPARD in 1850. She was born November 9th, 1826. They have three sons and one daughter. [ref #1, pg 284]

WEEKS, Hiram, Stark, was born in Amsterdam, May 23, 1825, a son of Levi and Jane (HOLLENBECK) WEEKS. The grandfather, Levi WEEKS, was born on Long Island, and died at Stark. He married Anna ARNOLD, a sister of Benedict ARNOLD. Subject's father was born in Montgomery county, and in early life was a carpenter. In 1833 he came to Stark, and bought 140 acres, later added 140 acres more. Served as supervisor and justice. Had fourteen children and raised thirteen: David, Louisa, Hiram, John, Jane, Ann, Solomon, Mariam, Benedict, Laura, Willard, Mariah and Albert. He died in February, 1890, aged over ninety-one. His wife died February, 1884, aged eighty-four. Subject's mother was born in Stark, daughter of Isaac HOLLENBECK, who had four sons and five daughters. Hiram was raised on a farm, received a district school education, and at twenty began for himself as a carpenter, which he followed more or less all his life. He has kept hotel at Starkville, and located, where he now lives, about 1867, on five acres. He owned adjoining about 100 acres, his property now comprising three farms of about 400 acres. he served as commissioner on the Republican ticket. He married July 4, 1850, Margaret LEPPER, who was born in Amsterdam, a daughter of Jacob and Martha (PADOCK) LEPPER, natives of Warren and Amsterdam respectively. Her father was a soldier of 1812, and she was one of nine children: William, John, Mary A., Effa, Hannah, Deborah, Elisabeth, Martha A., and Margaret. Jacob, son of Frederick LEPPER, was of Holland Dutch descent. His mother was taken prisoner, with two children, by Indians during the Revolution. Mr. and Mrs. WEEKS have four children: Harlan, Jennie, died aged twenty-five, Charles and Edwin. They are attendants of M. E. church. [ref #2, pg 233]

WEEKS, Levi - Stark - was born at Ford's Bush, Montgomery county, September 9, 1799. In 1820 he was married to Jane Hollenbeck. When twenty-one years old he began farming in Amsterdam. In 1833 he located where his son Willard now lives. He died February 3, 1890 and his wife about five year earlier, aged eighty-five years. He served as supervisor several terms and as justice several terms. He was a Democrat. In 1856 he became a Republican. He raised thirteen children: David H., Dr. Benedict A., Hiram, John, Solomon, Willard and Albert, who served in the First N. Y. Light Artillery and died, aged nineteen, about three weeks after being mustered out of service; Louisa, Jane, Anna, Marion, Laura and Maria, the three latter living. Willard Weeks was born where he now lives, December 11, 1842. He received a common school education and owns his father's homestead of 120 acres, also another farm adjoining of 110 acres. He served as supervisor two terms and justice one term. He is a Republican. He married, August 29, 1882, Samantha Whited, who was born in West Troy, daughter of George W. and Eleanor Lyon Whited. They have two children living: George L. and Clara A. They are members of the M. E. church. [ref #2, *]

WELDEN, Moses, was born in Stark, N.Y., may 9th, 1822, and married December 29th, 1853, to Miss Lydia RUFE. His father, Moses WELDEN was born November 15th, 1796, and died February 19th, 1878. He was in the war of 1812, as a substitute, and served three months. [ref #1, pg 283]

WELDON, Thomas, Stark, was born in Ireland and was a pioneer of Stark. James D., son of Thomas, was born in Stark November 15, 1796 and lived in Stark all his life. He was in the war of 1812 going as a substitute for David Elwood. of Stark. He married Margaret, daughter of John and Christina Cramer., (subject's mother died April 25, 1860 aged seventy) and reared three children, Moses, Maria and Peggy. He died February 19, 1878. Moses Welden, the oldest, was born May 9, 1822 in Stark where he has resided since, except one year. He furnished a substitute in the late war in the person of Ephraim Birch. He taught school in District No. 4 of the town of Stark six consecutive winter terms at eleven and twelve dollars per month fo twenty-two days and boarded himself. His average daily attendance was from thirty-three to thirty-eight scholars. December 29, 1853 he married Caty, daughter of Abram and Christina Cramer Roof.. They have four children: Fayette, the eldest, a farmer in the town of Lysander, Onondaga county; Charles, a justice of Stark; Frances, wife of Herman Bauder. of Stark. They have two children, Dora and Oscar Bauder; and Christina, wife of John L. Cramer., of Lysander, Onondaga county and thgey have two children, Welden and Arthur Cramer. The subjects of this sketch have 240 acres of land in the home farm in Stark, 200 acres lying on Oak Flat in Stark, 145 acres lying in Danube, eighty-five acres in Minden, Montgomery county, a house and lot at Brookman's Corners in the latter county, 180 acres in Caraga, Fulton county, forthy acres in Constantia, Oswego county and 158 acres in Lysander, Onondaga county. They also have two lots in Utica, Oneida county. [ref #2, *]

WHIPPLE, Benjamin A., Stark, is a son of Addison and Janette McDonald Whipple. His grandfather, James, came from Connecticut a pioneer of Springfield, Otsego county and was twice married. His first wife bore him six sons and five daughters. Addison was born in Springfield and was a farmer and manufacturer. He died in 1867 aged sixty-three and his wife in January, 1891 aged eighty-four. They raised five children; John J., Anna W., Joseph S., Eugene M. and Benjamin A. The latter was born in Springfield, February 7, 1847. At nineteen he began life for himself by farming on the homestead. At twenty-one he began the manufacture of cheese at Springfield, and a year later came to Van Hornesville, and ran a cheese factory two years. He then spend three years at Van Hornesville, and in the winter of 1876 came to this village and has had charge ever since. The factory was established in 1868. He was also engaged in mercantile business five years. In February 1892, he was elected tow clerk. He married October 14, 1868, Frances A. Drew, daughter of Chauncey P. and Elizabeth Corbin Drew of Springfield, and they have one child, Jessie B. He is a Democrat in politics. [ref #2, *]

WICK, John, who is a native of Stark, N.Y., was born March 17th, 1825, and married in 1847, to Caroline SCHALL. She was born in Stark, N.Y., November 25th, 1824. They have two children, Andrew and Cora. Mr. WICK was engaged in farming for twenty-five years. He died May 30th, 1878, and was buried in the Van Hornsville cemetery. [ref #1, pg 283-4]

WRIGHT, Isaac, was born in Stark, N.Y., March 20th, 1815, and was married in 1837 to Katy M. DICK. She was born in Stark in 1818. They have had seven children, four of whom are still living. Jacob, father of I. W. WRIGHT, was born in Minden, N.Y., and died in 1851. He was married to Christiana MOYER, of the same town, who died in March, 1876. I. W. WRIGHT has held all the offices in town except supervisor, and has been justice of the peace twenty years. [ref #1, pg 284]

WRIGHT, Isaac, Stark. For six generations the Wright family have lived and tilled the soil in this town. Isaac Wright's father was in the war of 1812 and his grandfather was in the War of the Revolution. One brother and three nephews participated in the War of the Rebellion, one of the latter died in Andersonville, and his brother received a wound which ultimately resulted in his death. Squire Wright was born in 1815 on the homestead farm. He married Catie M. Deck, by whom he has had seven children, four of whom survive. He owns a dairy farm of 100 acres and keeps twenty-five head of stock. Mr. Wright was elected justice of the peace, which position he held sixteen years. He has also served as inspector of elections, commissioner of highways, etc.; inspector of schools in 1838, assessor and notary public. [ref #2, *]

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