The men on this early muster list were primarily recruited from the eastern Oneida County township of Paris and the bordering Town of Litchfield, Herkimer County. The source is "History of the Town of Paris and the Valley of the Sauquoit" by Henry C. Rogers, printed in Utica, NY in 1881 by White & Floyd, Printers. All spelling is as appeared in the book.

Commissioned Officers

Non-commissioned Officers



Mustered by Ransom Rathbun, Brigade Major

(A large number of the company were recruited from Litchfield.) Captain Z.P. Townsend was commissioned May 23, 1812, by Daniel D. Tompkins, Governor State of New York.


SIR: You are hereby requested to be and appear, and the Company under your command, at the house of Stutely Palmers in Gr. Flats, on the 13th day of this instant, at 8 o'clock A.M. for general review and inspection; and likewise you, and your Company under your command, are to meet at house of Reuben Reynotts, in Columbia, on the 12th day of this instant, at 8 o'clock A.M., for the purpose of battalion training. By order of

                       Lieut.-Col. CHRIST. P. BELLINGER,
                       DANIEL C. FOX, Adjutant.

                       Ger. flats, Sept. 6th, 1815

To Capt. Zachariah Townsend.

Captain Townsend resided in Litchfield in 1812, but afterward removed to Paris, and settled on the farm adjoining Baxter Gage's on the south, where he ever after resided, a man highly respected, a charter member of the Sauquoit Masonic Lodge, an active and worthy member of the Methodist Church. He lived to a ripe old age, being born Aug. 15, 1782; the veteran soldier passing away Oct. 28, 1874, aged 92 years. His grandson, Z. Townsend Wilcox, resides at Omaha, Nebraska.

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