Source: Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Herkimer, 1903. Little Falls: Stebbins & Burney, Printers. 1903.

To the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Herkimer County:

Your Committee to whom was referred the duty of preparing the list of Grand Jurors to serve as such for the ensuing year, would report that we have selected from the qualified inhabitants of said county the whole number, 300, a list of whose names is hereto annexed, to act as Grand Jurors therein, apportioned to the several towns as follows:



Name, P.O. Address

Curtis Zoller, South Columbia
Richard Hopkinson, South Columbia
Edwin House, Columbia
Marshall Getman, Columbia
Philip Spohn, Columbia
Bert Oxner, Columbia
Jacob Salman, Mohawk, R.F.D.
A.E. DeGarmo, Mohawk, R.F.D.
Chas. D. Getman, Mohawk, R.F.D.
Aaron Chamberlin, Millers Mills
Orin Getman, Millers Mills
Wm. Finger, Millers Mills


Name, P.O. Address

Daniel Van Allen, Little Falls, R.F.D. No. 5
Wm. A. Owens, Little Falls, R.F.D. No. 5
Willis L. Greene, Little Falls, R.F.D. No. 5
Wm. H. Davy, Little Falls, R.F.D. No. 4
George Spoor, Little Falls, R.F.D. No. 4
Sanford Johnson, Fort Plain, R.F.D.
Edwin P. Smith, Fort Plain, R.F.D.
George Walrath, Little Falls, R.F.D. No. 4
Lewis G. Smith, Little Falls, R.F.D. No. 4
Marvin Walrath, Little Falls, R.F.D. No. 4


Name, P.O. Address

James N. Greene, Merchant, Fairfield
Oscar Deyo, Farmer, Little Falls
Frank Windecker, Farmer, Little Falls
I.C. Rice, Farmer, Fairfield
Charles Ford, Farmer, Fairfield
C.C. Davis, Farmer, Little Falls
Robt. Simpson, Jr., Farmer, Middleville
John Murray, Farmer, Fairfield
John Carney, Farmer, Middleville
Willard Keller, Farmer, Little Falls
Albert Neeley, Farmer, Fairfield


Name, P.O. Address

James Miller, Frankfort, R.F.D.
Frank Austin, Frankfort, R.F.D.
John Yack, Jr., Frankfort, R.F.D.
Michael Frazier, Frankfort, R.F.D.
Charles Bargey, Frankfort, R.F.D.
John Loftis, Frankfort, R.F.D.
George Brockway, Frankfort, R.F.D.
John P. Jones, Sauquoit
C.W. Wetmore, Frankfort, R.F.D.
M.F. Joslin, Frankfort, R.F.D.
George H. Davis, Frankfort, R.F.D.
Thomas Loftis, Frankfort, R.F.D.
E.I. Bouck, Frankfort, R.F.D.
George Sass, Frankfort, R.F.D.
Thomas Davis, Ilion
N.G. Serling, Frankfort
John T. Kerivan, Frankfort
Charles Vance, Frankfort, R.F.D.
John Blatt, Frankfort, R.F.D.
S.S. Yule, Frankfort
William Tobin, Frankfort


Name, P.O. Address

Henry Chismore, Ilion
Joshua Bennett, Ilion
Dewitt Culver, Ilion
A.H. Eysaman, Mohawk
Henry Spohn, Ilion
H.V. Underwood, Ilion
Theodore Harter, Ilion
Philo Ackler, Ilion
Ira Ball, Ilion
James A. Whitfield, Ilion
John V. Schmidt, Ilion
Arnold Palmer, Ilion
E.G. Ingalls, Mohawk
John Shoemaker, Mohawk
George H. Van Slyke, Mohawk
L.E. Hollister, Ilion
Joseph Vrooman, Mohawk
John Schropple, Mohawk
Patrick Flahaven, Ilion
Fred Miller, Mohawk
Henry G. Whitney, Ilion
Martin Ostrander, Ilion
Charles Young, Mohawk
Wellington Tillinghast, Ilion
E.L. Doty, Ilion
A.J. Swift, Mohawk
William A. Moyer, Mohawk
Edson Edick, Mohawk
D.C. Chapman, Mohawk
Cornelius Hayes, Ilion
Charles M. Gray, Ilion
J.D. DeLong, Ilion
Albert A. Wollaber, Mohawk
James M. Brown, Mohawk
James H. Bellinger, Mohawk
James Duggan, Mohawk
James Golden, Mohawk
Charles Brown, Mohawk
Arnold Palmer, Ilion
Joseph Ackler, Ilion
J.W. Harder, Fort Herkimer
Smith Ostrander, Mohawk


Name, Occupation, P.O. Address

Norman Folts, Farmer, Herkimer
Frank G. Hildreth, Farmer, Herkimer
Clarence Smith, Farmer, Herkimer
Henry Edick, Farmer, Herkimer
P.S. Eysaman, Farmer, Herkimer
Clarence C. Hicks, Farmer, Herkimer
Spencer Edwards, Carpenter, Herkimer
William W. Gay, Carpenter, Herkimer
C.C. Pierce, Carpenter, Herkimer
A.B. Klock, Mechanic, Herkimer
J.M. Ausman, Merchant, Herkimer
C.C. Spinner, Carpenter, Herkimer
A.B. Davis, Retired, Herkimer
Thomas C. Murray, Real Estate, Herkimer
C.B. Morris, Merchant, Herkimer
Casper Haller, Merchant, Herkimer
George Mack, Carriagemaker, Herkimer
O.B. Petrie, Farmer, Herkimer
Willard Stoddard, Mechanic, Herkimer
Henry Benchley, Carpenter, Herkimer
R.C. Porter, Editor, Herkimer
J.A. McKennan, Merchant, Herkimer
Wm. B. Howell, Merchant, Herkimer
C.P. Avery, Merchant, Herkimer
Will E. Kay, Retired, Herkimer


Name, P.O. Address

Charles Fuller, Ilion, R.F.D.
George Barnes, Sauquoit, R.F.D.
Fred Fish, Frankfort, R.F.D.
Thomas Butcher, Frankfort, R.F.D.
William Jones, Cedarville
Frank Marriott, West Winfield
L.R. Prior, West Winfield
F.W. Wheelock, Ilion, R.F.D.
John Salsbery, Sauquoit, R.F.D.
I.K. Fish, Ilion, R.F.D.
E. Irons, Ilion, R.F.D.


Name, P.O. Address

Barney Abeel, Little Falls
Justus S. House, Little Falls
Jacob E. Sharp, Little Falls
John B. Smith, Little Falls
A.X. Willard, Little Falls
James H. Bellinger, Little Falls


Name, P.O. Address

Julian Benoit, Little Falls
Jacob Bross, Little Falls
Timothy Canty, Little Falls
David Clingen, Little Falls
Wm. Mahar, Little Falls
John Pearl, Little Falls
John Cotter, Little Falls
Frank Stafford, Little Falls
Philo Van Allen, Little Falls
George Wolcott, Little Falls
Alfred Casler, Little Falls
David Carson, Little Falls
Michael Collins, Little Falls
Thomas O'Hara, Little Falls
Peter Thelen, Little Falls
Jacob Kirkwood, Little Falls


Name, Occupation, P.O. Address

L.A. LaRue, Retired, Little Falls
T.A. Burnham, Mason, Little Falls
Thomas F. Briggs, Laborer, Little Falls
D.B. Chase, Retired, Little Falls
L. Claus, Retired, Little Falls
Ambrose Kretzer, Retired, Little Falls
E.D. Evans, Retired, Little Falls
David Herlehy, Clerk, Little Falls
A.A. Hynds, Agent, Little Falls
N.C. Loucks, Retired, Little Falls
P. Lally, Retired, Little Falls
J.R. Taylor, Merchant, Little Falls
George Warcup, Retired, Little Falls
Fred Rahm, Laborer, Little Falls
Albert Clark, (occupation not given), Little Falls
Adam Pross, Retired, Little Falls
Theodore Boyer, Retired, Little Falls
John Curtin, Retired, Little Falls
A.E. Eaton, Retired, Little Falls


Name, Occupation, P.O. Address

N.A. Snell, Manufacturer, Dolgeville
Calvin Brockett, Farmer, Dolgeville
Levi Helmer, Farmer, Dolgeville
N.S. Brockett, Farmer, Dolgeville
Frank Faville, Gentleman, Dolgeville
James N. Murphy, Farmer, Little Falls
Roscoe Weatherwax, Farmer, Little Falls
Alexander Loucks, Farmer, Little Falls
Truman Walrath, Farmer, Little Falls
J.D. Sadler, Manufacturer, Little Falls
Charles Cook, Farmer, East Creek
Guy Beardslee, Manufacturer, East Creek
Geo. H. McCammon, Farmer, Little Falls
Geo. F. Davis, Farmer, Little Falls
William Rice, Farmer, Little Falls


Name, Occupation, P.O. Address

William H. Dickens, Merchant, Middleville
Calvin G. Babcock, Manufacturer, Newport
Thomas Irwin, Retired, Poland
Varnum H. Harris, Farmer, Newport
Warren Howe, Gentleman, Newport
Fred Howe, Miller, Newport
George Stoddard, Farmer, Middleville
Charles E. Whitney, Carpenter, Newport
Henry Raynor, Carpenter, Newport
Abram E. Dickens, Gentleman, Middleville
Otis H. Olds, Farmer, Newport
Ralph H. Rathbun, Farmer, Newport
Charles Crain, Mason, Newport
Henry Kempton, Farmer, Newport


Name, Occupation, P.O. Address

Charles Bath, Farmer, Norway
Nicholas Hesler, Farmer, Norway
Geo. B. Van Vechten, Farmer, Norway
Charles Moody, Farmer, Norway
John Kelhi, Farmer, Norway
Zina Burt, Farmer, Gray
D.W. Bly, Farmer, Gray


Name, Occupation, P.O. Address

Augustus Christman, Farmer, Cold Brook, R.F.D. No. 1
Cornelius Flansburg, Farmer, Ohio
Henry Schleicher, Farmer, Cold Brook, R.F.D. No. 1
John E. Conkling, Farmer, Ohio
Jerome Comstock, Farmer, Gray
Philip Bronstrater, Farmer, Gray
Thad. Tompkins, Mail Carrier, Gray


Name, Occupation, P.O. Address

William Rhodes, Manufacturer, Cold Brook
William Strobel, Farmer, Cold Brook
Charles Sweet, Mechanic, Cold Brook
Rozell Rhodes, Manufacturer, Cold Brook
Miles Moore, Farmer, Russia
Lewis Santmyer, Farmer, Russia
William Boynton, Farmer, Russia
John H. Countryman, Mechanic, Poland
Charles Seavey, Merchant, Poland
D. Countryman, Carpenter, Poland
George Jenks, Mechanic, Gravesville
Byron Fenner, Merchant, Grant
Ross Popple, Farmer, Grant
John Harvey, Hotel Keeper, Grant
John Bostfield, Farmer, Northwood


Name, P.O. Address

W.F. Hale, Stratford
Wesley Bingham, Stratford
Isaac Shaver, Stratford
George Bullock, Stratford
Fred Lamphere, Stratford
Burrell Rice, Salisbury Center
E. Hoffman, Salisbury
G.A. Marsh, Salisbury Center
Isaac Comstock, Salisbury
Frank Buck, Salisbury
H.A. Dodge, Salisbury Center
George Noyes, Salisbury Center
Charles House, Salisbury
M.V.B. Austin, Salisbury


Name, Occupation, P.O. Address

S.R. Day, Farmer, Deerfield
J.H. Ladd, Farmer, Deerfield
E.J. Ladd, Farmer, Frankfort
Joseph R. Ellis, Farmer, Deerfield
Dennis O'Rourke, Farmer, Deerfield
E. Farrington, Farmer, Frankfort
R.H. Smith, Farmer, Frankfort
Oscar Huyck, Farmer, Frankfort
Homer Sterling, Farmer, Frankfort
Delos Finster, Farmer, Frankfort
Hiram Johnson, Farmer, Frankfort


Name, P.O. Address

John Johnson, Deck
Harvey Deck, Deck
Frank Shaut, Deck
Warren Hawn, Starkville
James Suits, Starkville
Henry Gross, Starkville
John S. Elwood, Starkville
Nelson Fikes, Van Hornesville
A.H. Eckler, Van Hornesville
Moses C. Smith, Van Hornesville
William Fikes, Van Hornesville


Name, Occupation, P.O. Address

Byron Paine, Mechanic, Jordanville
Willard Yule, Farmer, Jordanville
Jerry Fort, Farmer, Warren
E.L. Walrath, Farmer, Jordanville
Orville Shoemaker, Farmer, Jordanville
L.D. Young, Farmer, Warren
H. Wainman, Mechanic, Jordanville
J.W. Brandow, Mechanic, Jordanville
H.J. Helmer, Farmer, Jordanville
Wellington Zoller, Hotel Keeper, Warren
Allen W. Dennison, Farmer, Cullen
Charles Garline, Cheesemaker, Cullen


Name, P.O. Address

Alex McIntyre, Fulton Chain
John H. Wakely, Fulton Chain
F.B. Peck, Old Forge


Name, P.O. Address

Fred Hubert, Ohio
S.J. Shufelt, Wilmurt
Jerry Flansburg, Wilmurt


Name, Occupation, P.O. Address

John B. Croak, Mason, West Winfield
Thomas Smith, Miller, West Winfield
Oliver Wilcox, Merchant, West Winfield
M.T. Morgan, Farmer, West Winfield
A.M. Rice, Farmer, Winfield
Richard Burke, Farmer, Winfield
James R. Hanson, North Winfield
S.C. Wheelock, Cheesemaker, North Winfield
Stephen Williams, Miller, Cedarville
Wm. J. Green, Farmer, Chepachet
O.B. Holmes, Farmer, Chepachet
M.A. Spicer, Farmer, West Winfield


On motion of Mr. Weaver, the list as read was adopted as the list of Grand Jurors for the ensuing year, and the Clerk instructed to file a copy with the County Clerk.

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