Source: Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Herkimer for the Year Nineteen Hundred and Eleven. Little Falls: Press of The Journal & Courier Co. 1911.

I.H. Comstock's appointment as Superintendent of the Poor resulted in permanent and better record-keeping at the County Home. The following individuals were reported by the County Home hospital nurse as having been treated as in-patients at the Home's hospital between Nov. 1, 1910 and Oct. 31, 1911.

Some of the patients were residents of the County Home. Others treated in the hospital had no other place to turn to for short or long-term health care than the county, and were discharged after their stay.

Name of Patient Diagnosis No. Days in Hospital Remarks
Tony MOSS Abdominal Ascites 29 Discharged, improved
Nellie BLIGH Confinement 12 Discharged, well
Dorothy C. BLIGH Infant 9 Discharged, well
Eugene MOYNEHAN Sprained ankle 18 Discharged, well
John McBETH Fractured hip 70 Discharged, well
Charles DENMAN Pneumonia 118 Discharged, well
William TUTTLE Locomotor Ataxia 241 Died [Note: not on list of County Home burials]
John KILTZ Varicose Ulcer 33 Died [Note: not on list of County Home burials]
Delia CARICE Confinement 27 Discharged, well
Clifford CARICE Infant 26 Discharged, well
Michael CAHILL Paralysis 64 Died [Note: not on list of County Home burials]
Bertha WALDMEN Pleuritis 114 Discharged, well
John BRIGGS Fibroid 17 Discharged, improved
Martin PETERSON Rheumatism 12 Discharged, improved
Fred PARKS Foot amputation 90 Discharged, well
William PERKINS Paralysis 16 Died [Note: not on list of County Home burials]
James HASP Frozen Feet 23 Discharged, improved
Luke HALDRIDGE Senile Debility 46 Died [Note: listed on County Home burial list]
Laura LEA Confinement 51 Discharged, well
Laura LEA Infant 40 Discharged, well
Joseph WILSON Eczema 48 Discharged, improved
George CAMPBELL Abscess 27 Discharged, improved
Chas. SCHWARTZ Septic Poisoning 10 Discharged, improved
A.E. BROCKWAY Rheumatism 8 Discharged, improved
Anne COLEMAN Grippe 2 Discharged, well
Rose URCH Confinement 54 Discharged, well
Paul B. URCH Infant 20 Discharged, well
Michael CUMINGS Paralysis 115 Died [Note: not on list of County Home burials]
Andrew GETMAN Heart Disease 2 Died [Note: not on list of County Home burials]
Minerva CAREY Abscess 13 Discharged, improved
Mrs. Martin WELCH Senile Debility 15 Discharged, improved
George SCHELL Senile Debility 12 Discharged, improved
Helen HOLMES Confinement 28 Discharged, well
Ward SCHMIDT HOLMES Infant 27 Discharged, well
Catherine VAN COURT Senile Debility 22 Discharged, improved
John GUISAPPI Fractured Tibia 37 Discharged, well
Francis VAN ALSTYNE Rheumatism 66 Discharged, well
Nettie GLOVER Confinement 94 Discharged, well
James J. GLOVER Infant 24 Discharged, well
Emanuel PALMGREN Sun Stroke 2 Died [Note: listed on County Home burial list]
Frank SARDO Carcenioma (sp) 6 Discharged, improved
Sylvia PIERCE Confinement 19 Discharged, well
Bernice PIERCE Infant 19 Discharged, well
Joseph VAN COURT Senile Debility 102 On hand
Joseph WILKINSON Rheumatism 24 Discharged, improved
William SMITH Locomotor Ataxia 76 On hand
Anna REIDER Grippe 5 Discharged, well
Joseph VAN ZOLLER Heart Disease 3 Died [Note: not on list of County Home burials]
Fred HIBERT Carbuncle 4 Discharged, well
Peter FARLEY Contused Wounds 48Discharged, well
Margaret WILLIAMS Grippe 5 Discharged, well
Hattie HODGE Constipation 3 Discharged, well
Thomas WELSH Eczema 8 Discharged, improved
Mrs. MUNLEY Fractured Rib 15 On hand
Fred McCOMBS Paresis 5On hand
It's unrealistic to expect that medical charts and records of the detailed type taken in hospitals today would have been taken at the County Home 92 years. Nurse Lawton was responsible for taking care of patients herself. Doctors placed bids to perform contract services at the Home and were "on call" if she needed them. However, some of the brief information given above could be useful to genealogists trying to trace family ailments back in time.

All spellings are exactly as given in Superintendent of the Poor I.H. Comstock's original report. As the site coordinators have no information about persons listed, we thank you in advance for directing all questions and inquiries about your relatives listed to local county historians and the Historical Society.

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