In 1912 most of our relatives still lived on farms or in rural communities, areas not always well-covered in standard city and village directories. Telephone service wasn't that widespread so they might not be found in old telephone books. Many farmers were members of local agricultural associations or Grange members (Patrons of Husbandry) and can be found listed in old membership records and minutes - if there are surviving records. Still, we hope that they're listed somewhere at some point in time! Often overlooked printed resources for finding yearly listings of rural residents include publications such as state agricultural yearbooks, large technical agricultural and horticultural reports, and national and state livestock breeders' registries and directories.

The names below were abstracted from an extensive specialized state-wide listing in:

Twentieth Annual Report of the Department of Agriculture For the Year Ending September 30, 1912, Part III. State of New York Department of Agriculture. Albany: J.B. Lyon Company, Printers, 1913.

This publication series would be available for this and other years at the State Library in Albany, the N.Y. State Agricultural College at Cornell University in Ithaca, and in the historical collections of other agricultural colleges in New York or other states. This book is not a directory per se, consisting of many technical articles relating to farming. However, publications such as this often have some sort of topical state-wide directory listing indicating county of residence.

From the census, we're aware that a relative was a "farmer" and aren't able to explore beyond that fact. The Herkimer and Montgomery Counties residents below were farmers who were specifically reported by breeders' associations to the State of New York as owning purebred livestock. Due to the importance of cheese-making in the region, there were most likely others not included here who had not registered their stock with breed-specific associations. The listing below gives us some idea of the individual farmer's personal agricultural interests, whether as a hobby or a full-time business. The numbers are the number of animals they owned, and where -- is indicated, the State was unaware how many animals they owned. All spellings are exactly as listed and won't be changed on the page.


Vandeveer Bros., Fultonville, Montgomery, 1

Burke, John, Ilion, Herkimer, 2
Dievendorf, A.H., Sprakers, Montgomery, 3
Sanford, S. & Son, Amsterdam, Montgomery, 1
Vandeveer Bros., Fultonville, Montgomery, 1

Sanford, S. & Sons, Amsterdam, Montgomery, 87
[for this year, they owned the largest number of registered thoroughbred horses in NY State]


Lansing, Wm. F., Little Falls, Herkimer, 1


Coso, Frank D., Fort Plain, Montgomery, 10
Gramps, Harvey, Fort Plain, Montgomery, 1
Helmer, Lester G., Herkimer, Herkimer, 15
Smith, Levi & Son, Herkimer, Herkimer, 11

Johnson, S.P. & Son, Frankfort, Herkimer, 4
Robertson, Wm. B.C., Mohawk, Herkimer, --
Vanderveer Bros., Fultonville, Montgomery, 5
Van Derveer, Geo., Amsterdam, Montgomery, 12
VanderVeer, G. Henry, Amsterdam, Montgomery, 3
Van Horne, C.S., Amsterdam, R.D., Montgomery, 9

Allen, M.H., Sprakers, R.D. 1, Montgomery, 5
Armstrong, Roy D., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 4
Bauder, Frank W., Fort Plain, Montgomery, 60
Bell, Charles, Herkimer, Herkimer, 18
Benklin, L., Little Falls, Herkimer, 25
Bouck, E.I., Frankfort, Herkimer, 3
Branthover, John, Minaville, Montgomery, 20
Bronner, Myron G., Little Falls, Herkimer, 2
Brookman, J.M., Fort Plain, Montgomery, 3
Brown, A.W., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 75
Brown, Earl D., Ilion, R.D. 2, Herkimer, 1
Bucklin, L.O., Little Falls, Herkimer, 20
Burke, John, Ilion, Herkimer, 50
Burrell, D.H. & Co., Little Falls, Herkimer, 115
Burrell, E.J., Little Falls, Herkimer, 115
Burrell, Mrs. L.L., Little Falls, Herkimer, 7
Burt, Z.H., Cold Brook, Herkimer, 1
Cavert Brothers, Hagaman, Montgomery, 11
Charles, John T., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 4
Christman, E.O., St. Johnsville, Montgomery, 5
Cole, Elgin J., Newport, Herkkmier, 1
Cole, J.W. & Son, Amsterdam, Montgomery, 3
Conkling, James, Ilion, Herkimer, 10
Davis, Chas. N., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 1
Davis, Geo. H., Frankfort, Herkimer, 17
Davy, Wm. H., Little Falls, Herkimer, 5
Dievendorf, A.H., Sprakers, Montgomery, 6
Dievendorf, Earll, Sprakers, Montgomery, 7
Dievendorf, W.B., Sprakers, Montgomery, 8
Eckler, Arthur W., Ilion, Herkimer, 3
Everson, Geo. W., Fort Plain, Montgomery, 18
Failing, Aaron, St. Johnsville, Montgomery, 12
Failing, David, St. Johnsville, Montgomery, 11
Farber, Wm. H., Poland, Herkimer, 10
Feeter, W.A., Little Falls, Herkimer, 1
Fitch, H. Harold, W. Winfield, Herkimer, 2
Ford, W.I., Little Falls, R.D. 1, Herkimer, 1
Fredericks, Julius V., Canajoharie, Montgomery, 15
Gramps, Elmer, Fort Plain, Montgomery, 1
Gramps, Harvey, Fort Plain, Montgomery, 25
Greene, Fay D., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 13
Gros, Charles L., Fonda, Montgomery, 8
Hadley, G.W., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 8
Hanmer, J. Marshall, Jordanville, Herkimer, 1
Harris, Morgan C., Newport, Herkimer, 1
Helmer, Fred A., Jordanville, Herkimer, 6
Hines, A.L., Newport, Herkimer, 5
Hoese, Conrad, Sprakers, Montgomery, 20
Illig, F.C., Ilion, Herkimer, 24
Ingersoll Bros., Fultonville, Montgomery, 9
Ives, E.C., Norway, Herkimer, 20
Jones, H.D., Chepachet, Herkimer, 8
Lansing, Wm. F., Little Falls, Herkimer, 25
Lasher, N.V., Fultonville, Montgomery, 11
McClumpha, George H., Estate, Amsterdam, Montgomery, 18
Marriott, F.A., Clayville, Herkimer, 4
Miller, Alton, Fort Plain, Montgomery, 40
Miller, Jacob F., Amsterdam, Montgomery, 25
Miller, Max, Herkimer, Herkimer, 44
Montayne, Jay, Sprakers, Montgomery, 2
Mortz, J.L., Mohawk, Herkimer, 1
Mosher, G.L., Little Falls, Herkimer, 25
Mosher, L.J., St. Johnsville, Montgomery, 26
Murray, Frank, W. Winfield, Herkimer, 58
Murray, J.B., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 2
Nelson, E.J., Little Falls, Herkimer, 15
Pepper, Lewis F., Amsterdam, Montgomery, 1
Read Bros., Poland, Herkimer, 28
Rice, Edward C., Fairfield, Herkimer, 4
Richards, Robert J., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 1
Richtmyer, Rufus, Fultonville, Montgomery, 5
Robens, W.D., Poland, Herkimer, 125
Robinson, Irving D., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 13
Rose, A.J. & E.P., Poland, W. Winfield, Herkimer, 16
Rose, O.D., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 2
Rothemyer, Wm., Amsterdam, Montgomery, 1
Russell, Ernest B., Poland, Herkimer, 1
Russell, John A., Poland, Herkimer, 30
Rutishauser, Jacob, Canajoharie, Montgomery, 3
St. John, H.M., Canajoharie, Montgomery, 1
Salisbury, Geo. F., Poland, Herkimer, 8
Schoonmaker, E.D., Canajoharie, Montgomery, 14
Schuyler, Chas. J., Amsterdam, Montgomery, 12
Schuyler, Wm. G., Amsterdam, Montgomery, 27
Short, Wm., Canajoharie, R.D. 1, Montgomery 2
Smith, A.G., Herkimer, Herkimer, 5
Smith, Stephen W., St. Johnsville, Montgomery, 35
Sornberger, Geo. R., Fultonville, Montgomery, 1
Springer, D.H., Mohawk, Herkimer, 10
Starkweather, R.G., Jordanville, Herkimer, 60
Stewart, J.T., Fonda, Montgomery, 1
Stroup, D.M., Ilion, Herkimer, 12
Swift, F.C., Mohawk, Herkimer, 2
Thomas, Chas. D., Herkimer, Herkimer, 20
Thompson, S.W., Salisbury, Herkimer, 4
Timmerman, M. & W.E., Fort Plain, Montgomery, 18
VanAlstine, R.G., Canajoharie, Montgomery, 11
Van Wie, Vernon J., Canajoharie, Montgomery, 1
Vedder, L.N. & Z., Fultonville, Montgomery, 6
Wakefield, Harvey H., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 7
Wheeler, Harry D., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 63
Whitney, F.C., Ilion, Herkimer, 80
Williams Bros., Canajoharie, Montgomeory, 5
Williams, A.J., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 2
Wood, Don J., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 45
Wood, Fred E., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 5
Woodin, Geo. T., Newport, Herkimer, 4
Young, Owen D., Van Hornesville, Herkimer 38
Zimmerman, Geo., St. Johnsville, Montgomery, 2

Avery, Frank, Ilion, Herkimer, 7
Holcomb, E.B., Ilion, Herkimer, 14
Nelson, E.J., Little Falls, Herkimer, 4
Robertson, Wm. B.C., Mohawk, Herkimer, --
Rose, O.D., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 2

Faulkner, Jay H., Amsterdam, Montgomery, --


Brown, Earl D., Ilion, R.D. 2, Herkimer, 30
Dunlap, W. Barlow, Amsterdam, Montgomery, 94
House, John H., Richfield Spa., Herkimer, 17

Dunlap, W. Barlow, Amsterdam, Montgomery, 146
Hansel, Frank L., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 54
House, John H., Richfield Spa., Herkimer, 16
Reed, Lyman T., W. Winfield, Herkimer, 14


Dunlap, W. Barlow, Amsterdam, Montgomery, 25
Stewart, J.T., Fonda, Montgomery, 33
Van Derveer, Geo., Amsterdam, Montgomery, 6

Van Horne, C.S., Amsterdam, Montgomery, 4

CHESTER-WHITE (Ohio Improved)
House, John H., Richfield Spa., Herkimer, 1

Faulkner, Jay H., Amsterdam, Montgomery, --
Gardinier, Chas. M., Fort Plain, Montgomery, 2
Hoese, Conrad, Sprakers, Montgomery, 9
Vanderveer Bros., Fultonville, Montgomery, 10
Walrath, Willard F., Ft. Plain, Montgomery, 50

Faulknor, Abram M., Amsterdam, Montgomery, 3

Stewart, J.T., Fonda, Montgomery, 1
Vander Veer, G. Henry, Amsterdam, Montgomery, 2

Burke, John, Ilion, Herkimer, 9
Elwood, P.H., Ft. Plain, Herkimer, 3
Lansing, Wm. F., Little Falls, Herkimer, 1

4/17/03  For lack of a suitable place to display it, I'm posting this list of names on our site as a public service. The following residents of New York State are listed as owning registered purebred Jersey Cattle. The only other information given was the names and registration numbers of the cattle. This book was temporarily available (for one afternoon) for the transcriber to abstract New York State names. For further information about the book, please ask your local librarian to obtain a copy of:

"Register of Merit of Jersey Cattle." New York: Published by the Club. December, 1911.

Breeders and Owners of Animals in Register of Merit.

AYLSWORTH, F.D., Oneonta, NY
AYLSWORTH, F.D., Estate of, Oneonta, NY
BABCOCK, C.H. Friendship, NY
BENTLEY, Eva E., Wellsville, NY
BIGELOW, Eugene U., Altay, NY
BRIGGS, G.D., Elma, NY
BROWN, John, Warsaw, NY
BROWN, W.L., Oneonta, NY
BUTTON, Herbert, Cazenovia, NY
CLARK, Myron H., Elma, NY
CLARK, M.H. & M.A., Elma, NY
CLARK & EMERY, Belvidere, NY
COGSWELL, Pierce J ., Brighton, NY
COWDEN, L.D., Fredonia, NY
DAVID & CARLL, Deer Park, NY
DELANO, F.S., Mapleton, NY
DUSENBURY, E.G., Portville, NY
FERRIS, George L., Atwater, NY
GAIL, Harry S., East Aurora, NY
GARDNER, H.J., Estate of, Batavia NY
GIFFORD, W.H., Syracuse, NY
GUNDRY, Robert, North Chili, NY
GUTHRIE, William D., Locust Valley, NY
HOLDRIDGE, F.S., Fairport, NY
BOSFORD, J. Spencer, Kinderhook, NY
HUDSON, C.I., East Norwich, NY
KEENEY, F.B., Warsaw, NY
LAUTZ, Charles, Buffalo, NY
LEE, A.D., Moravia, NY
LETCHWORTH, Josiah, Buffalo, NY
McLAURY BROS., Portlandville, NY
MALONEY, John, Macedon, NY
MORGAN, George S., Fleming, NY
MOSHER, E.W., Aurora, NY
NICHOLS, George E., Afton, NY
OLIN, M.H., Perry, NY
PERRY, F.D., Moravia, NY
RANDALL, E.C., Buffalo, NY
REDFIELD, Henry S., New York, NY
ROCKEFELLER, Wm., Tarrytown, NY
ROWE, Elmer E., Warsaw, NY
SISSON, George W., Jr., Potsdam, NY
SWEET, C.A., East Aurora, NY
SWEET, C.A., Estate of, East Aurora, NY
SWEET, George H., East Aurora, NY
TOZIER, L.L., Batavia, NY
WESTLAKE, H.G., Hillsdale, NY
WHITE, John F., Mount Morris, NY
WICKHAM, Wessell S., Flushing NY

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