REV. SAMUEL CALL, 1888 - 1889

The marriages of local residents below were abstracted from an unpublished typescript bound in Volume 44, pages 262-268 (1930-31) of the Miscellaneous Compiled Records submitted to the New York City Public Libary by the NYS DAR. They were copied in 1930 by Minnie L.C. Coleman, Chairman of the Genealogical Research Committee of the Gen. Asa Danforth Chapter, D.A.R., Syracuse, N.Y. from the original handwritten records owned by Mary Frances Call of Syracuse, N.Y. There were no explanatory notes as to what church Rev. Call served. The whereabouts of Rev. Call's records, if they survived, are untraceable by the site coordinator. The handful of marriages that appeared after these entries indicate that he moved up to St. Lawrence County.

Jan 4, 1888 at Frankfort, Herkimer County, N.Y.
Carlos INMAN, of Frankfort, N.Y. aged 22 born Frankfort. Parents Henry S. and Hannah PHETAPLACE Inman.
Lavine J. TRUESDELL, born Frankfort, aged 19 next birthday. Parents Clark Truesdell and Mary VILLIER.
Witnesses: Amasa E. Inman and Lovisa Truesdell

June 20th, 1888 at Little Falls, Herkimer County, N.Y.
Patrick SCANNELL of Little Falls, 27 next birthday. Born Ireland. Parents Thomas Scannell and Nora HANAFIN.
Emma Ann HICKS of Little Falls, N.Y. 28 next birthday. Born Salisbury, N.Y. Parents Robert and Mary Ann CASSIDY Hicks.
Witnesses: none signed

June 20th, 1888 at Little Falls
WRIGHT, Isaac Nelson. Druggist and Physician at Little Falls, N.Y. Born Dutchess County, N.Y. Son of William H. Wright and ___.
Estelle Rosemond OWENS of Little Falls, N.Y. age 27 at next birthday. Born Little Falls, N.Y. Daughter of John A. Owens and Jane SHAW.
No witness signed.

July 2, 1888, at Little Falls
HILLIARD, Abram of Little Falls, age next birthday 31 yrs. Son of William Hilliard and Catherine HOOVER. Born Little Falls.
Estella Lillian LYNCH, age next birthday 22 yrs. Born Allegany City, Pa. Daughter of William Lynch and Mary WHISPEL.
Witnesses: Edward Lynch and Martha EVANS.

September 11th, 1888 at Little Falls
STINSON, Edward I. of Little Falls, N.Y., 27 next birthday. Son of James Stinson and Ann Jane POTTER. Born St. Catherines, Ont.
Martha T. SHEARD, 21 yrs. old next birthday. Born Little Falls. Daughter of Titus Sheard and Helen M. WAITE.
Witness: Chas. Sheard.

December 11, 1888 at Little Falls
GOTTSCHALK, August of Dolgeville, N.Y., age 22 next birthday. Born Germany. Son of Michael Gottschalk and Mina SWARTZ.
Married to
Cora Eliza VEDDER of Oppenheim, N.Y. age 18 next birthday. Born Verona, N.Y. Daughter of John Vedder and Harriet WARD.
Witness: Peter LERNLE

December 20th, 1888 at Little Falls
HATTON, Henry F. of Minneapolis, Minn., 30 next birthday. Born Erie Co., Pa. Son of Frederick Hatton and Philena TERRILL.
Kittie RICE of Little Falls, 23 next birthday, daughter of William Rice and Josephine BRIDENBECKER.
Witness: Mary CALL

December 26th, 1888 at Little Falls
WARD, Edward E. of Little Falls, 29 next birthday. Born Boonville, N.Y. son of Heman Ward and Elizabeth J. AVERY.
Married to
Frances Edna SMITH, of Little Falls, 25 yrs. next birthday. Born Stratford, N.Y. Daugher of Edward J. Smith and Lovisa BULLOCK.
Witness: H.P. Smith. Groom signs Edward Everett Ward.

January 3, 1889 at Little Falls
HORR, Isaac A. of Manheim, 24 yrs. next birthday. Born Manheim. Son of Francis Horr and Sarah WILSEY.
Married to
Phebe H. FLYNN of Salisbury Center, 25 yrs. next birthday. Born Salisbury, N.Y. Daughter of Michael Flynn and Mary BARNES.

January 5, 1889 at Little Falls
BEASLEY, Albert of Mohawk, N.Y., 26 at next birthday. Born Mohawk, N.Y. Son of Thomas Beasley and Sarah J. WILSON.
Married to
Minnie NEATLEY of Little Falls, 19 next birthday. Born Little Falls. Daughter of William Neatley and Anna GIGGLER.
Witness: Alex x Brown, his mark.

February 12, 1889 at Little Falls
GROSS, Adam of Little Falls. 28 next birthday. Born Little Falls, N.Y. Son of Samuel A. Gross and Christina CRETSER.
Lottie E. PECK, widow (Lottie E. WRIGHT maiden name). Age 31 her next birthday. Residence, Little Falls. Born Herkimer, N.Y.
Daughter of George Wright and Susan J. PITCHER. 2nd marr. for both groom and bride.

No Date.
GOURLEY, John D., Amsterdam, N.Y., 20 yrs. next birthday. Born Glens Falls, N.Y. Son of Dudley Gourley and Mary FARMER.
Married to
Jennie F. DELONG of Amsterdam. 21 yrs. next birthday. Born Cherry Valley, N.Y. Daughter of Henry N. DELONG and Rose WALKER.

February 26, 1889 at Little Falls
TUCKER, Alvin L. of Little Falls. 20 next birthday. Born Little Falls, N.Y. Son of Aubin Tucker and Malissa YOUNGS.
Married to
Mary CHRISTIE of Little Falls, 18 yrs. next birthday. Born Danube, N.Y. Daughter of George Christie and Mary GIBAULT.

April 3, 1889 at Little Falls
DENT, Mathew F. of Utica, N.Y., 35 yrs. next birthday. Born Utica, N.Y. Son of William Dent and Jane A. MARSHALL.
Married second to
Kate A. SELCER of Little Falls, 35 yrs. next birthday. Born Little Falls, N.Y. Daughter of John Selcer and Agnes LOWERY.
Witnesses: J.A. Dent and Maria Dent.

For all questions and information about individuals listed, we refer you in advance to the local historical societies and libraries. The volume the entries appear in may be viewed by you personally in the genealogy room of the main Research Library, New York City Public Library, located at 42nd St. and 5th Avenue.

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