UTICA, N.Y., 1854 - 1886

The marriages of local residents below were abstracted from the published records of the old Corn Hill Methodist Church of Utica, Oneida County, N.Y. As Utica is only a few miles over the Herkimer County border, a significant number of our own counties' marriages could be expected to take place at Utica churches. What a find this was! It was noted in the original D.A.R. transcription (1942) that the church was "now South Street M.E. Church". All spellings and question marks are exactly as in the typescript. The transcriber, Mrs. Alice Payne Garden, stated that some of the pages were difficult to read.

Laura Perkins found this reference in Utica for a Century and A Half, by T. Wood Clarke, Utica, N. Y.: The Widtman Press, 1952:

South Street Methodist Church -
This church was organized in 1852, with eighty-two members, under the leadership of Thomas J. Francis, and the following year built a small church on South Street. The first pastor was John Inskip. The church continued to thrive until 1920, when it then became affiliated with the Central M.E. Church.

January 9 Benjamin Perce(?) of Brookfield & Elizabeth Large(?) of North Winfield

October 9 John Adams of Utica & Laura M. Mack of Frankfort

October 16 George F. Cossleman of Frankfort & Ann E. Winneur of Utica
October 24 Harrison Chase & Ann Elizabeth Lacky, both of Winfield

May 17 Lewis H. Gray of Frankfort & Charlotte M. Gilbert of Utica
November 18 Joseph L. Babcock of Winfield & Caroline M. Delano of Utica
December 29 Harvey A. Tibbets of Little Falls & Mary Cerkwell of Utica

Jeremiah Reese & Elizabeth Best, both of Little Falls; witnesses, Abby Martin and Others

January 5 James Edic of Frankfort & Catherine Warner of Mohawk
April 13 Benjamin G. Johnson & Phebe Hubbell, both of Frankfort; witness, Mary Davis
April 13 Christopher Dun of Newport & Mary Elizabeth Palmer of West Schuyler

Original transcriber's note: "The foregoing entries are from Book I. Following are the marriages from a book dated Apr. 1, 1862. The first marriage recorded is for 1863."

January 5 Cornelius Vanosdale of Rushville & Helen E. Hicks of Jordanville

March 20 Horace H. Gillet of Schuyler & Mary A. Near, Utica
July 10 Joshua Capron of Utica & Louesia Dygert of Cold Brook

February 1_(?) William H. Shorter of Utica & Gettie Johnson of Little Falls
April 8 H.W. Bouck & Louisa D. Stewart, both of Frankfort Hill
June 3 Melvill D. Merry of Frankfort & Catherine E. Edwards of Deerfield
June 4 Urial V. Cossleman & Elizabeth Godfrey, both of Frankfort
July 26 Edward Parantaw(?) & Jennie Dygert, both of Ilion

June 9 Otis Olds of Newport & Helen Coffen of Schuyler
November 10 William A. Francis of Little Falls & Julia B. Morgan of Utica

July 20 John H. Esling & Martha J.(?) Garlock, both of Frankfort
December 31 Rufus Nichols of Herkimer & Mrs. Anna E. Welsh of Oriskany Falls

February 18 William H. Hayden & Hattie L. Little, both of Ilion
August ___ Wesley Irwin of Trenton & Sarah A. Russell of Russia

October 30 Frantz Murray of Brockett's Bridge & Maggie Leek of Oppenheim

November 19 Irwin P. Paddock of North Litchfield & Elizabeth T.(?) Johnson of Frankfort Hill

July 22 Freeman H. Howard & Mary A.F. Young, both of Mohawk
July 28 Arthur C. Joy & Orilla E. Getman, both of Ilion
October 28 William H. Rushmore & Viola Pryne, both of Frankfort Hill
October 30 Charles L. Robinson & Carrie Dodge, both of Frankfort

January 23 William Flynn & Sarah E. Tallman, both of Utica
June 9 Albert H. Day & Alice C. Casler, both of Mohawk
June 9 Williard F. Day & Sarah A. Brewer, both of Mohawk
September 23 Deria(?) A. Gray of Brookfield & Celinda Hay of Jordanville
October 5 Eugene Frick of Denton's Corners & Orney(?) M. Hissert(?) of German Flatts
October 10 Charles E. Greene(?) of Ilion & Caroline R. Griffiths of Utica
October 20 J. Arthur Petrie & Emma M. Chesboro, both of Mohawk
November 25 Myron Inman of Frankfort Hill & Jennie E. Edwards of Deerfield
December 8 Boyd A. Hammond & Jennie H. Corbet, both of Ilion

August 7 John Groom & Mrs. Viola Hadcock, both of Herkimer
October 3 Campbell W. Adams of Utica & Ida Mae Goodier of Cedar Lake
November 8 John H. Barket & Ella C. Thomas, both of West Schuyler
November 21 Marklan(?) S. Randall & Helen E. Davis, both of Cassville
December 2 Edward D. Girvan of Little Falls & Emaline Brown of East Creek
December 13 George E. Davis of Frankfort Township & Sarah Williams of Deerfield

December 20 William Smith of Utica & Nellie Thornton of Middleville

December 18 William T. Jones of Madison & Frankie I.(?) James of Frankfort Hill

August 18 Warren Jones, 21, of German Flatts, & Flora A. Enslow, 20, of Ilion
September 21 Deville J. Mather, 23, of Utica, & Delia L. Fortune, 19, of Newport

April 27 J.W. Hazard & Mary J. Mack, both of Frankfort Hill
June 21 Levi Lee, 21, & Lizzie Bellinger, 25, both of Little Falls
November 2 Ananias Richardson, 25, & Adella Baker, 26, both of Schuyler

November 29 James A. Outwater, 27, Ilion, & Ella J. Hazard, 26, of Frankfort Hill, born at Marcy

April 18 George C. Reed, 30, of Gray, born Russia, N.Y., & Luanna Heney(?), 28, of Gloversvile, b. Ohio, N.Y.
October 17 Owen B. Tufts, 40, of Ilion, born Andover Vt, & Emma S. Schwartz, 34, of Utica, born Greig, N.Y.
October 29 Horatio F. Yule, 23, born at Warren, & Mamie L. Harrington, 18, born Cedarville, both of Utica
December 19 George G. Yule, 20, of Utica, born at Warren, & Carrie B. Freeman, 19, of Richfield Springs

February 22 C.A. Smith, 28, of Syracuse, b. Fort Plain, & Bell Hammond, 18, of Norwich
March 16 Wm. T. Norton, 35, of North Litchfield, & Alice H. Tanner, 28, of Cedar Lake
March 29 George H. Godfrey of Frankfort Hill & Lulu Reynolds, 18, of Madison

Jay E. Wordmouth, 29, of Ilion, & Agnes Harrison, 25, of Utica, born in Ireland

The above records were "transcribed through the courtesy of Rev. Roger F. Williams of the Northern New York Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church." Copied by Alice Payne Garden (Mrs. Henry) of Utica for the General Winfield Scott branch NSDAR, West Winfield, 1942. A full transcription of all of the Corn Hill M.E. Church marriage records surviving from 1854 - 1886 is in Volume 167 of the New York State D.A.R. records (available for your personal viewing in three locations - the New York City Public Library, the New York State Library in Albany, N.Y., and at the main D.A.R. research library in Washington, D.C.) Please contact these facilities for further inquiries about these records.

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