The Kocherthal Records

The 26 "Schoharie" Baptisms of January 1716

Baptisms of Reverend Joshua Kocherthal

Recently I had the good fortune to acquire several original issues of the scarce genealogical journal Olde Ulster. The August 1907 issue contained the installation of their own serialized translation (by the Rev. J. Christian Krahmer) of Rev. Joshua Kocherthal's extensive baptismal records that listed the "Schoharie" run of 26 Mohawk Valley Palatine children baptized in January 1716. Information about itinerant Pastor Kocherthal and a translation of the full Kocherthal baptismal records is available elsewhere on line and can be readily found by using a search engine.

Source: Olde Ulster: An Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Kingston, N.Y.: Published by the Editor, Benjamin Myer Brink. Vol. III, No. 8, August 1907. Pp. 250-252.


The following 26 children were baptized in "Schochori" (Schoharie).

Jan. 21

289.   Christina Elisabetha, born Nov. 1, 1715, child of Henrich and Christina Sixt; sp. Andreas Finck, Christina Fuxin, and Elisabetha Sixtin.

290.   Johann Henrich, born Sept. 26, child of Jacob and Anna Barbara Schneider; sp. Henrich Sixt, Johann Christmann, and Dorothea Schumacherin.

291.   Susanna, born the 1, child of Peter and Anna Magdalena Glopp; sp. Susanna Schützin.

292.   Johann Henrich, born Dec. 4, child of Jerg and Anna Thomas; sp. Henrich Frey and his wife.

293.   Anna Maria Clara, born Sept. 2, child of Adam and Anna Catharina Klein; sp. Johann Peter Thomas, Jer Lerchemer, and Anna Maria Bänderin.

Jan. 22

294.   Johann Jacob, born Dec. 2, child of Jerg and Maria Catharina Mattheus; sp. Jacob Weber, Peter Bellinger, and Anna Maria Iflandin.

295.   Niclaus, born the 7, child of Henrich and Maria Kunigunda Fehling; sp. Niclaus Ruhl and his wife.

296.   Johann Georg, born Oct. 15, child of Hartmann and Barbara Elisabeth Windecker; sp. Joh. Georg Bänder and his wife.

297.   Johann Henrich, born Oct. 30, child of Henrich and Anna Kunigunda Meyer; sp. Henrich Frey and his wife.

298.   Anna Dorothea, born Nov. 13, child of Johann Georg and Anna Last; sp. Christian Bauch and his wife.

299.   Anna Maria, born Dec. 29, child of Hendrich and Anna Maria Zeller; sp. Johann Schäfer and his wife.

300.   Anna Gerdraut, born Dec. 14, child of Johann Just and Cordula Petri; sp. Anna Gerdraut Petri.

301.   Anna Catharina, born the 1, child of Veltin and Anna Catharina Gun; sp. the daughter of Niclaus Feller.

302.   Anna Catharina, born Nov. 21, child of Johann and Anna Margretha Kestler; sp. Johann Just Schnell, and Anna Catharina Gresterin.

303.   Anna Margretha, born Dec. 18, child of Johann Peter and Anna Maria Feeg; sp. Johann Georg Last and his wife and Anna Maria Feegin.

304.   Johann Georg, born the 20, child of Johann and Elisabeth Moor; sp. Johann Georg Rüd, and Anna Margretha Schästerin.

305.   Johann Niclaus, born the 19, child of Henrich and Anna Catharina Spohn; sp. Johann Niclaus Wolleben, and Anna Margretha Landin.

Jan. 24

306.   Johann Adam, born Dec. 28, child of Johann Dietrich and Maria Catharina Laux; sp. Adam Starring and his wife.

307.   Johann Gottfrid, born Dec. 27, child of Leonhard and Elisbetha Helmer; sp. Gottfrid Rühl and his wife.

308.   Johann Michael, born Sept. 27, child of Johann Ludwig and Agnes Barbara Wanner; sp. Johann Michael Ittich, Maria Christina Mendes.

309.   Anna Elisabeth, born the 16, child of Martin and Catharina Stupp; sp. Johann Jacob Merckel, and Elisabetha Schultheisin.

310 and 311.   Jan. 24, Johann Henrich and Anna Margreth (Twins), born on the same day, children of Henrich and Anna Margretha Jung; sp. Conrad Schütz and Ottilia Weberin; Jacob Weber and Anna Margretha Zimmermänin.

312.   Jan. 24, Maria Catharina, born Sept. 28, child of Johann Adam and Anna Maria Starring; sp. Dietrich Laux and his wife.

313.   Jerg Adam, born Dec. 14, child of Johann Martin and Anna Maria Seibert; sp. Jerg Adam Öhmich, Jerg Landgrast and his daughter Anna Elisabetha.

314.   Anna Maria, born Dec. 30, child of Johann Peter and Elisabeth Barbara Kniestkerz; sp. Anna Maria Bänderin.

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