Miller/Hewitt Family Bible

Herkimer County, NY

Contributed by Jessica M. Sheeran.

"First, let me say that I've gotten a lot of great information from your site... so Thank You! Second, I have an old family bible with records pertaining to ancestors from Herkimer County and I would like to contribute a transcript for you to post on your site. The records pertain mostly to the family names of Miller and Hewitt/Hewitz.

Although there are few mentions of locations in the Bible register, through my research I've found that most of the Millers listed lived in Herkimer County. My research on these Millers has centered around the villages of Columbia, German Flatts, Oppenheim, and Paines Hollow. I haven't been able to connect most of the Hewitts, so I'm not sure where they were located.

I hope that other researchers will find this information helpful."


Jessica M. Sheeran


"This Bible was published in the 1820s or 1830s, and includes a second set of family record pages which appear to have been removed from another bible and tucked inside this one. The second set of pages contain mostly the surname of HEWITT (with spelling variations), and was harder to decipher.

I have tried to transcribe these entries exactly as they were written. Entries for people who might still be living have been omitted.

* Entries enclosed in curly braces { } indicate entries which appear to have been written after the original entry, in different handwriting.

(?) Indicates that handwriting was not clear and I have made my best guess."



Anson MILLER was born July 27 1797
Prudence {Noble}* MILLER - September 16, 1802
Joseph MILLER - December 16, 1827
Caleb {P}(?) MILLER - April 10, 1829
Mary {Cristman}(?) MILLER - Sept 18, 1828
Clark A. MILLER - October 27, 1856
Emily W. MILLER - January 31, 1841
Caleb MILLER - August 18, 1859
Fannie VAN SLYKE - April 24, 1857
Ira Randall - May 24, 1783
A. Perry MILLER - June 30, 1882
May MILLER - December 8, 1886
Ray Hewitt MILLER - July 24, 1894
Mary CRISTMAN - Paines Hollow - September 18, 1828


C. P. MILLER was married July 3, 1849

"At the residence of the bride's mother September 8, 1880 by Rev. Dr. M. E. Dunham of Whitestown, Clark A. MILLER of Columbia, and Fannie VAN SLYKE of German Flatts." --Ex. Utica Herald

Perry A. MILLER and Ruth J. HAKES, September 5, 1925


Sylvester Randall died August 7, 1808, aged 72
Prudence MILLER died August 29, 1870, aged 67 [next to this entry appears to be written: "Text(?) 37 Psalm 37 verse"]
Anson MILLER died July 25, 1880
Mary Cristman MILLER died December 13, 1919
Caleb Perry MILLER died May 25, 1909
Clark A. MILLER died September 12, 1913
Desire {Hewitt Van Slyke} Brown died November 8, 1913
Fannie Van Slyke Miller died February 28, 1943 - 86

[NOTE: The entries below appear to have been taken from a different Bible and placed inside of the other.]


"Margaret(?), daughter of Robert and Jane McCredy was born February 15, 1771 {on the high sea}
Richard HEWITT and Celestia C. BROWN were married October 7, 1841
Desire HEWITZ - married May 18, 1853
Celestia HEWITZ married 1854
Delevan(?) HEWITT(?) married Feb(?) 18, 1874
Maria A. HEWITT married Jan(?) 15, 1881


Michael(?) HEWIT born February 1, 1819
Horace(?) HEWIT b. February 20(?), 1821
Desire HEWIT b. May 3, 1823
Milford Leeds(?) HEWIT b. Oct(?) 1, 1831
Celestia HEWIT b. Nov(?) 13, 1833
Hellen (or Helline?) HEWIT b. March 12, 1836(?)
Mariah HEWIT b. November 8, 1838
Dellivan(?) HEWIT b. April 9, 1841


Father died Jan 10, 1881
Mother died Jan 4, 1886
Milford died Oct 7, 1885
Hellen died March(?) 23, 1889
Delavan HEWITT died Jan 10, 1907


Joseph HEWIT b. June 16, 1797
Nancy HEWIT b. Jan(?) 6, 1799
Charlotte HEWIT b. June 6, 1843

updated 9/3/05   contributed June 12, 2005 from Jessica:

I made a discovery on the Hewitts in my family Bible which may be of interest to you.

From the "The Diary of Miss Alvina Helmer: Written at Kast Bridge, March 1915: My Recollections of Eatonville as it Was in 1850" I had previously learned that Desire Hewitt was born in Oppenheim. I was searching the 1850 Census and found a family in Oppenheim in Fulton County which matches many of the Hewitts in my Bible which I had not yet connected to one another. If you have access to Census records, it is the 1850 Census for Oppenheim, Fulton, NY; roll M432_506, page 208 -- look for Joseph Hewit as the head of household.

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