Miscellaneous Herkimer County Birth Notices

From Newspapers over 100 Years Old

Herkimer County, NY

Do you have old birth announcements from newspapers over 100 years old? Please send us your Herkimer County-only related finds. A brief mention may be the solution to someone's brick wall. It might document a child born after the 1880 census who didn't survive until the State's 1892 or U.S. 1900 censuses, document a first-name variant, or let other researchers know that an infant with no first name on a cemetery list was a boy or girl. Please include the name of the newspaper, if you have it. If you don't have the exact date of publication of the announcement, to ensure privacy of the living, be confident from your knowledge of that family's history that the announcement is at least 100 years old and the person is probably no longer living. Be sure to put "HERKIMER COUNTY BIRTH NOTICE" in the subject heading of your email so that it's not overlooked or deleted as spam.

From the Herkimer Citizen, Tuesday, June 13, 1905, page 2


June 8- Born, Friday, June 2nd, to Mr. and Mrs. Burt Slaughter, a son, who has been named Arleigh Burton.

From the Ilion Citizen, Thursday, January 6, 1916

Born in Arizona

John E. Maynard has received the pleasing news from his son Arthur B. Maynard of Portal, Arizona of the arrival at his home on Dec. 3 of a bright eyed little girl which received a royal welcome. John E. is now a real grandfather but it will not make him look or appear any older.

From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, March 23, 1904

SHERMAN- To Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sherman, Ilion, March 21,1904, a daughter.

From the Ilion Citizen, Friday, November 22, 1889, front page

Jordanville, Nov. 20
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hyde are rejoicing over the advent of a daughter. Congratulations.

Wilmurt, Nov. 21
Bert Conklin and wife are the possessors of a beautiful bouncing boy baby. Weight eleven and one-half pounds.

From the Ilion Citizen, Friday, September 13, 1889, page 8

Born to Chas. M. Devendorf and wife Sunday Sept. 8, a daughter. Chas. face wears a very broad smile, and to see him at his desk one would suppose the business of the knitting mill was very pleasing, for even there he cannot keep from smiling, and he has commenced at once to manufacture the small sizes of knit goods that the young lady may be prepared for the winter season. If you want a good cigar just congratulate Charles, and you will be sure of a smoke.

Wilmurt, Sept. 11
A bran (sic) new arrival at Wm. Conkling's, Sept. 6. Its a girl and weighs nine and one-half pounds.

From the Journal and Courier, Tuesday, Dec. 6, 1898, Little Falls NY

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Trevor are the happy parents of a son, which arrived in town last Monday.

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