UTICA, N.Y. 1870-1892

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Source: Book, "ALS IKH KAN, OLD GIRLS OF MRS. PIATTS SCHOOL, 1870 - 1892,
Child's & Son Print, Utica, N.Y."

This was a private school, called "The Utica Female Academy", chartered in April 1837, and located in Utica, N.Y. The school was widely known as a highly creditable, educational institution, long known as the "Balliol School," a boarding and day school for young ladies, and later known as "Miss Piatt's School." The students came from all over New York, as well as other states.

Mrs. Piatt's School - Norwich, Conn. - Utica, N.Y.

Nellie A. Dunn, Ft. Plain, N.Y.
In school 1875-76
Present Address, Ft. Plain, N.Y.

Matie Gridley, Canadaigua, N.Y.
In school 1875-76
Married, Oct 4, 1882, John Gilbert Blue
Present Address, 1425 Newbury Ave., Marinette, Wis.
Helen Gridley Blue, b. April 7, '86; d. April '86
Adopted, in '89, Mary Adams Blue

Mary E. Quackenbush, Herkimer, N.Y.
In school 1875-'76
Room 42
Married, Oct. '77, A. S. Brush
Henry Raymond Brush, b. Nov 17, '79
Louise M. Brush, b. March 7, '84, d. Jan 9, '89
Donald Brush, b. Nov. 10, '90

Bertha Remington, Ilion, N.Y.
In school 1876-'77
Married, June 18, '85, Thomas Elliott Patterson
Present Address, 4032 Green Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Elliott Remington Patterson, b. Aug. 7, '86
Sidney Ashman Patterson, b. Sept. 13, '91

Helen Burrell, Salisbury, N.Y.
In school 1878-'81
Rooms 26 and 46
Married, July 14, '87, Atkinson Sayles
Present Address, 369 West Avenue, Rochester, N.Y.
Leon Atkinson Sayles, b. July 15, '90

May Crandall, West Winfield, N.Y.
In school 1878-'80
Rooms 19 and 48
Present Address, Winfield, Herkimer County, N.Y.

Maud de Lancey, Unadilla Forks, N.Y.
In school 1878-'81
Married, Nov. 5, '84, Charles H. Hutchins, Ilion, N.Y.
Present address, Ilion, N.Y.
Helen de Lancey Hutchins, b. Aug. 5, '91

Grace K. Stevens, Ilion, N.Y.
In school 1881-'83
Room 52
Married, June 4, '88, Robert Ogden Rogers
Present Address, Scarboro, N.Y.
Dorothy Howard Rogers, b. Sept. '90

Hortense Spraker, Canajoharie, N.Y.
In school 1882-'84
Married, Nov. 28, '89, John H. Shaper
Addenda: Child: Harriet Frances Spraker Shaper, b. Aug. 30, 1890

Emma Bradley, Little Falls, N.Y.
In school 1883-'84
Room 29
Married, Jan. 5, '88, James Stewart
Present Address, 50 Williams Street, Johnstown, N.Y.

Margaret D. Reed, Little Falls, N.Y.
In school 1883-'85
Rooms 25, 27, 29
Present address, 22 North Ann Street, Little Falls, N.Y.

Meribah Small, Herkimer, N.Y.
In school 1884
Room 27
Present Address, Herkimer, N.Y.

Jeanie Stewart Earl, Herkimer, N.Y.
In school 1885-'87
Rooms 52 and 18
Present Address, Herkimer, N.Y.

Belle L. Burch, West Schuyler, N.Y.
In school 1887-'89
Present Address, West Schuyler, N.Y.

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