By Elder P. Wright of Newport, New York


The "Record of Marriages of Elder P. Wright of Newport, New York" was found in Volume 465 of the Unpublished Miscellaneous Compiled Records of the NYS D.A.R., pages 73-77 (1976-77). None of Rev. Wright's marriages took place in Newport. Perhaps he resided there but served a church in a neighboring town. However, as he traveled so far and wide and had a small town "beat", he appears to have been a circuit minister.

Transcriber's notes in parentheses were made by preparer Steven Knight or myself, and spellings are exactly as given in the original transcription. Neither Steven nor I have further info about individuals named in these records and refer you in advance to the appropriate county historical society. For your convenience, I put together an explanatory list of locations, which follows the marriage records.

A note says "These records are in the possession of Holland Patent member Mrs. Lawrence Alger of Barneveld, New York. Contributed by Holland Patent Chapter. Copied by Mrs. William M. Forbes." This volume is available for viewing at the main New York City Public Library on 5th Avenue, the NY State Library in Albany, and at the National D.A.R. Library in Washington, DC.

$5.00 - Sept. 28, 1857. Dwight H. Smith to Miss Elizabeth Smith of Frankfort.
Witnesses - Mr. And Mrs. Fred Sheaf.

$3.00 - At Marcy, Oct. 21, 1857. Mr. C. Richardson to Miss Mary D. Andrews.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Johnson.

$10.00 - At Schuyler, Feb. 10, 1858. Mr. Albert E. Brayton to Miss Luretta C. Brayton.
Witness - Julia R. Wright.

$5.00 - At Schuyler, Feb. 25, 1858. Mr. George W. Wells to Miss Mary A. Thomas.
Witnesses - Julia R. Wright and Elizabeth Ellis.

$2.00 - At the residence of A. Cleaver of Marcy, March 26, 1858. Mr. Mullegen to Miss _____.
Witnesses - Mr. And Mrs. Cleaver.

$1.00 - At High Market, July 1, 1858. Asa J. Mumford to Miss Francis B. Green.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. David Green.

$2.00 - At High Market, Oct. 21, 1858. Mr. Herrcomb P. Mumford to Miss Mary A. Marmaz.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Mumford.

$3.00 - At Collonsville, Oct. 31, 1858. Rev. L. B. Ford to Miss Cordelia Davis.
Witnesses - The Church full.

$2.00 - At Constableville, Dec. 30, 1858. Mr. Edward M. Plumb to Miss Eunice E. Hathaway.
Witnesses - Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Western.

$3.00 - At Constableville, June 16, 1859. Mr. Harrison H. Wescott to Miss Cordelia C. Sixby.
Witnesses - Sarah Eamwa and Julia R. Wright.

$5.00 - At West Turin, Sept. 27, 1859. Mr. Richmond Toppons to Miss Theresa Scoville.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Scoville.

$3.00 - At Constableville, Apr. 20, 1859. Mr. Hull to Miss E. Ryal.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Ryal.

$3.00 - At West Turin, Nov. 10, 1859. Mr. Homer J. Aldrich to Miss Sarah Clark.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Clark.

$5.00 - At West Turin, Feb. 7, 1860. Mr. Sanford T. Parkhurst to Miss Laura M. Littage.
Witnesses - Charles and Dolly Ann Littage.

$2.00 - At Constableville, Feb. 21, 1860. Mr. Charles Clark to Miss Elen Kidder.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Abram Clover.

$3.00 - At Russia, Aug. 18, 1860. Mr. William H. Bennet to Miss Elizabeth E. Murray.
Witnesses - William H. Murray and Sarah E. McAra.

$3.50 - At Russia, Nov. 29, 1860. Mr. Jerome L. Seavy to Miss Sarah L. Millington.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Millington.

$3.00 - At Russia, Dec. 31, 1860. Mr. Joseph L. Snell of Ohio to Miss Violette Pooler of Russia.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Pooler.

$3.00 - At Russia, Jan. 2, 1861. Mr. Peter A. Dorn to Miss Wealthy T. Darow, both of Russia.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Darow.

$3.00 - At Russia, Jan. 8, 1861. Mr. Milton Phelps of Mecca, Ohio to Miss Shepard of Ohio, NY.
Witnesses - Dr. Terry and Mrs. Marion Terry.

$2.00 - At Trenton Falls, Sept. 11, 1861. Benjamin H. Park of Marcy to Anny Hario Wescott of Trenton Falls.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Wescott.

$5.00 - At Trenton Falls, Oct. 8, 1861. Mr. Horace Holden of Utica to Miss Frances Tyler of Trenton Falls.
Witnesses - Hermon Tyler and Julia Boweon.

$___ - At Gravesville, Oct. 26, 1861. Mr. Edgar A. Jones of Russia to Miss Maria Cory of Gravesville.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Solon Hubbard.

$5.00 - At Trenton Falls, Nov. 7, 1861. Mr. Carroll C. Potter of Marcy to Miss Sarah S. Getman of Trenton Falls.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Solon Hubbard.

$2.00 - At Gravesville, Dec. 25, 1861. Mr. Nelson Kane to Miss Mary E. Dewey both of Newport.
Witnesses - Wm. H. Comstock and Mary Comstock.

$2.00 - At Brocketts Bridge, June 7, 1862. Mr. Jerome Delamater of Emmonsburgh to Miss Mary E. Little of Emmonsburgh.
Witness - Julia R. Wright.

$1.00 - At Salisbury, Nov. 9, 1862. Mr. Jay J. Kibbe to Miss Rhoda M. Codney both of Salisbury, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. Hale and daughter.

$3.00 - At Salisbury, Dec. 30, 1862. Mr. Elias Webster of Owego to Miss Mary Lamberson of Salisbury, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. E. Hepson.

$5.00 - In Stratford, Jan. 1, 1863. Mr. John S. Hyatt to Miss Lucinda Jennings both of Stratford, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. E Hibbe.

$3.00 - In Salisbury, Jan. 25, 1863. Mr. Joseph W. Smith of Richmondville, NY to Miss Lury J. Muson of Salisbury, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Whitford.

$3.00 - In Stratford, Jan. 28, 1863. Mr. Robert Hicks of Norway, NY to Miss Harriet Bennet of Stratford.
Witnesses - Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Hick's children.

$2.00 - At Brocketts Bridge, Aug. 9, 1868. Mr. John Swackhamer to Miss Jane Beekman both of Oppenheim, NY.
Witnesses - Wm. Beekman of Oppenheim and Mary Wiley of Johnsville, NY.
(transcriber's note: the date may actually be 1863 since the marriages appear to be listed in chronological order with this one exception; Johnsville may be St. Johnsville)

$5.00 - At Brocketts Bridge, Aug. 23, 1863. Mr. Benjamin J. Lowcks of Little Falls, NY to Miss Elizabeth Simmons of Fairfield, NY.
Witnesses - David Lowks and Mary Lowks of B. B.

$2.00 - At Brocketts Bridge, Aug. 27, 1863. Mr. William Harper of Salisbury to Miss Amelia Coon of Oppenheim.
Witnesses - J. R. Wright.

$2.00 - At Brocketts Bridge, Dec. 28, 1863. Mr. Nathan Maxwell of Havana, Schuyler Co. NY to Miss Betsey A. Youker of Stratford Tutton, NY.
Witnesses - David Youker and J. R. Wright

$5.00 - At Salisbury Center, Jan. 13, 1864. Mr. Wm. S. Perkins to Miss C. A. Lowks both of Salisbury Center, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Lowk.

$3.00 - At Brocketts Bridge, Jan. 18, 1864. Mr. Thomas H. Furber of Manheim, NY to Miss Ann Wedgwood of Ohio, NY.
Witnesses - J. R. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Reury.

$2.00 - At Brocketts Bridge, Feb. 18, 1864. Mr. David Youker of Stratford, NY to Miss Margaret A. Cramer of Oppenheim, NY.
Witnesses - J. R. Wright and Elizabeth Cochran.

$2.00 - At Fairfield, July 15, 1864. Mr. David O. Wendover to Miss Mary E. Baker of Ohio, NY.
Witnesses - J. R. Wright.

$5.00 - At Fairfield, Feb. 7, 1865. Mr. Henry Dempater of Frankfort Centre to Miss Maggie Young of Fairfield.
Witnesses - Mrs. J. R. Wright and Mr. Young.
(Coordinator's note: Dempater might be Dempster.)

$5.00 - At Fairfield, Dec. 18, 1865. Mr. Watson A. Lamberson to Miss Marietts Northrup both of Fairfield, NY.
Witness - Julia R. Wright.
(Coordinator's note: Marietts is probably Mariette or Marietta.)

$5.00 - At Gravesville, Jan. 30, 1866. Mr. Almon B. Smith to Miss Wealtha E. Bills, both of Gravesville, NY.
Witnesses - Frank Lankton and Louise Carpenter.
(transcriber's note: Miss Bills' first name is probably Wealthy)

$4.00 - At Fairfield, Jan. 31, 1866. Mr. Leanda Swarthout of Cape Vincient, NY to Miss. Sarah C. Northrup of Fairfield, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. George Northrup.

$3.00 - At Trenton, on Aug. 9, 1866. Mr. Eli Lintz of Vienna to Miss Mary Parks of Trenton.
Witnesses - W. W. Reeve and Martha Reeve.

$5.00 - At Middleville, Dec. 4, 1866. Mr. James H. Fenner of Fairfield to Miss Malissa Headcock of Middleville.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Headcock.

$10.00 - At Fairfield, Dec. 31, 1866. Mr. William H. Henderson to Miss Jennie Young both of Fairfield.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Henderson.

$4.00 - At Fairfield, Feb. 14, 1867. Mr. William H. Wood to Miss Matilda Legg both of Fairfield.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. William H. Henderson.

$1.00 - At Floyd, July 3, 1867. Mr. George B. Cornish of Lee Center to Miss Fannie E. Ward of Taberg.
Witnesses - David Moulton and Frank Stone.

$5.00 - At Floyd, Nov. 4, 1867. Mr. D. Bardle Keeler of Herkimer to Miss Sara A. Brayton of Floyd.
Witnesses - A. A. Greer and J. R. Wright.

$4.00 - At Floyd, Nov. 4, 1867. Mr. Albert Clark to Miss Emma M. Morgan both of Trenton, NY.
Witness - J. R. Wright.

$3.00 - At Floyd, Dec. 25, 1867. Mr. James R. Mayne of Lisbon, NY to Miss Fanny Allen of Floyd.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Allen.

$2.00 At Floyd, March 11, 1868. Mr. Rowland Roberts to Miss Caroline L. Kent, both of Stittville, NY.
Witness - Julia R. Wright.

$7.00 - At Floyd, May 21, 1868. Mr. Mile Loomis of Trenton, NY to Miss Mary A. Barker of Floyd, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Allen.

$5.00 - At Stittville, Oct. 14, 1868. Mr. William G. Spence to Miss Laura E. Baker both of Stittville, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker.

$2.00 At Floyd, Jan. 14, 1869. Mr. William E. Leaveh of Shirley, NY to Miss Mary P. Morris of Floyd, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Asa Clark.

$5.00 - At Floyd, Jan. 28, 1869. Mr. Martin Browning of Marcy to Miss Sarah M. Cobb of Floyd, NY.
Witnesses - James Hannahs and Molly Hannahs.

$$.00 - At Stittville, Feb. 1, 1869. Mr Daniel Whitten of Marcy, NY to Mrs. Clarissa Rivers of Amsterdam, NY.
Witnesses - John Treat and Caroline Treat.

$5.00 - At Floyd, Aug. 4, 1869. Mr. Henry S. Bears to Miss Jennie Clark both of Oriskany, NY.
Witnesses - Mrs. Rosette and Emma Miller.

$5.00 - At Marcy, Aug 31, 1869. Mr. Charles Damon of West Eaton, NY to Miss O. C. May Barettetle of Marcy, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Truman Pease.

$5.00 - At Marcy, Dec. 22, 1869. Mr. Henry S. Chase of Marcy, NY to Miss Sarah J. Stevison of Vienna, NY.
Witnesses - John Powell and Isadore Stevison.

$5.00 - At Floyd, Dec. 25, 1869. Mr. Nathan A. Tyler of Westmoreland, NY to Miss Mary E. Morris of Floyd, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. John Morris.

$5.00 - At Floyd, Jan. 5, 1870. Mr. Robert W. Jones to Miss Jennie M. Jones both of Floyd, NY.
Witness - Julia R. Wright.

$10.00 - At Stittville, Frb. 10, 1870. Mr. Ingham F. Townsend of Floyd to Miss Sarah Cutter of Stittville, NY.
Witnesses - Charles Barrett and Ann Tompson.

$5.00 - At Stuben, Feb. 16, 1870. Mr. Walter W. Roberts of Floyd, NY to Miss Mary J. Jones of Stuben, NY.
Witnesses - Mrs. Doll Baker and Mr. R. Jones. (transcriber's note: probably Steuben, NY)

$5.00 - At Floyd, March 3, 1870. Mr. Arthur D. Shaler to Miss Sarah E. Mason both of Floyd, NY.
Witnesses - Richard Cushman and Fannie M. Toy.

$3.00 - At Trenton, Aug. 7, 1870. Mr. Clinton L. Baxter of Liverpool, NY to Miss Addie Kingsbury of Boonville, NY.
Witness - Julia R. Wright.

$2.50 - At Trenton, Aug. 25, 1870. Mr. James N. Vanderhoff to Miss Hattie E. Strong both of Floyd, NY.
Witnesses - Julia R. Wright and Addie Egert.

$10.00 - At Russia, Sept. 6, 1870. Mr. Dwight C. Western of Norway to Miss Josie M. Ward of Gravesville, NY.
Witnesses - Carrie Ward and Hattie Downer.

$5.00 - At Trenton, June 7, 1871. Mr. L. D. Martin to Miss Ann E. Bronson both of Floyd, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Horace Miller.

$5.00 - At Trenton, Sept. 5, 1871. Mr. Byron P. Moon of Mallory, Oswego Co., NY to Miss Augusta Burhyte of Trenton, NY.
Witnesses - Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Simpson.

For the convenience of researchers unfamiliar with the small villages and counties:

Amsterdam - town and city in Montgomery County
B.B. - probably abbreviation for Brocketts Bridge
Boonville - town and village in Oneida County
Brocketts Bridge - village now called Dolgeville (in town of Manheim, Herkimer County, partially in Fulton)
Cape Vincent - town in Jefferson County
Collinsville - Lewis County (in town of West Turin)
Constableville - Lewis County (in town of West Turin)
Emmonsburgh - Fulton County (in town of Stratford)
Fairfield - town in Herkimer County
Floyd - town in Oneida County
Frankfort - town and village in Herkimer County
Gravesville - village in Herkimer County (in town of Russia)
Havana - village now called Montour Falls (in town of Montour, Schuyler County, NY)
High Market - town in Lewis County
Lee Center - village in Oneida County (in town of Lee)
Lisbon - village and town in St. Lawrence County
Little Falls - village and town in Herkimer County
Liverpool - village in Onondaga County (in town of Salina)
Mallory - village in Oswego County (in town of West Monroe)
Marcy - town in Oneida County
Middleville - village in Herkimer County (in town of Fairfield)
Newport - village and town in Herkimer County
Norway - village and town in Herkimer County
Ohio - town in Herkimer County
Oppenhiem - town in Fulton County
Oriskany - village in Oneida County (in town of Whitestown)
Owego - town and village in Tioga County, NY (in town of Owego)
Richmondville - village and town in Schoharie County
Russia - town in Herkimer County
Salisbury - town in Herkimer County
St. Johnsville - town and village in Montgomery County
Schuyler - town in Herkimer County
Shirley - possibly the village in town of North Collins, Erie County, or the village on Long Island's South Shore?
Stittville - Stittsville, Oneida County (in town of Marcy)
Stratford - town in Fulton County
Stratford Tutton - ?
Stuben - Steuben, town in Oneida County
Taberg - village in Oneida County (in town of Annsville)
Trenton Falls - village in Oneida County (in town of Trenton)
Utica - city in Oneida County (in town of New Hartford)
Vienna - town in Oneida County
West Eaton - village in Madison County (town of Eaton)
Westmoreland - town in Oneida County

Elder Wright's records were typed by volunteer Steven Knight, who made the recent reading of the Fink's Basin Cemetery. Steven's researching his great-grandfather, Andreas Nabinger (ca. 1820 - ca. 1878), who emigrated from Baden/ Wurtemburg, Germany. Andreas came to the Town of Salisbury about 1850 with his wife Elizabeth Hoppanacher (sp?) (ca. 1818 - aft. 1880). They had 9 children that survived to adulthood. He's also seeking any info about his maternal grandparents William J. Warner (1830-1906) and wife Emily Jane Fineout (1835-abt. 1928), who are buried at Indian Castle Cemetery in Danube. If you have info to share, Steven looks forward to hearing from you.

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