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Town of Warren
Herkimer County, NY

Source of Excerpts: Booklet, "The Cherry Valley Turnpike," dated 1930, by Will C. Waldron, printed by Osborn Mayer of Waterville, New York. This booklet was put out by the Cherry Valley Turnpike Association. This turnpike was part of the old U.S. Route 20.

Little Lakes at Warren

Little Lakes at Warren


"Between the Little Lakes"

Warren, or better known as Little Lakes, the old and original name, is one of the oldest villages along the Pike. Dating its origin back to the time when the road now known as the Turnpike did not exist. They then used the road now known as the Back Street of Warren. Later the main road was made straight and is now a portion of the Great Cherry Valley Turnpike and the main street of Warren.

Warren boasts of two beautiful little lakes, which are noted for their beauty and excellent fishing. Here the tourist may stop for an hour, a day or a week and still find he has not seen all the beauty spots or caught the biggest fish yet. There are tourists' camps on the shores of Young's Lake within a stones throw of the Pike, making them very convenient for the tourist.

But the greatest asset Warren has is its hospitality which has come to be recognized and honored by everyone who has ever stopped in Warren.

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