Herkimer County, NY

Contributed by Lisa Slaski & H. Geywits

Many counties of NY state had county histories published between the years of 1860 and 1900. Within many of these works are "family sketches". The list below are sketches of families for the township of Warren that were found within the references provided. Sketches marked with an "*" were contributed in 2008 by H. Geywits.


1) "History of Herkimer County New York", edited by George A. Hardin, assisted by Frank H. Willard, D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1893, Syracuse, NY, Family Sketches section. Note:  there are additional sketches in this book that have not been transcribed here.

2) "1879 History of Herkimer County", published by Beers

Family Sketches:

ACERS, Frank B., Warren, was born in Warren August 22, 1854, and is a son of William E. and Caroline (DUELL) ACERS. His grandfather, George ACERS, came from Vermont and settled north of Little Lakes. He raised a large family and died September 23, 1830. William E. ACERS was born in Vermont March 4, 1788, and came to Warren with his parents. He was married three times; first to Attie SCOTT, who bore him eight children, and died April 4, 1825; and he married second Margaret SCOTT, who bore him one child. His third wife was Caroline (DUELL) WALL, the mother of our subject. Frank B. ACERS began life for himself at the age of fourteen, working by the month. In 1876 he located where he now lives on 150 acres. He is a breeder of Ayrshire cattle, the only one thus engaged in this section; also of Cotswold sheep, of the Dan McDONALD flock, for which McDONALD received the first premium at the State Fair. He married June 25, 1875, Josephine, daughter of Lewis and Orpha (WALDRON) STARING. They have three children, Carrie L., Grace M. and Kenneth G. He is a Republican, and both he and his wife are active in the Methodist church. [ref #1, pg 3]

ACKLER, John A., Litchfield was born in Columbia July 29, 1853 and settled on the farm where he now lives in 1867. He married Belle, daughter of Elijah Manning of Columbia. John A. is a son of Jacob Ackler, a native of Columbia and he was a son of Jacob who came to Columbia from Danube with his father, Leonard Ackler, who was a soldier of the Revolution, entering the army at the age of sixteen. His parents were German and were among the first settlers of Danube. Jacob Ackler, Grandfather of John A. had seven children: Jacob Jr., David, Deborah, Dorathy, Mary, Phillip and Emily Ackler. All are living in this county. [ref #1, *]

BALL, Alpha A., Warren, was born February 28, 1852 in Litchfield a son of Horatio and Roxey Manning Ball. The grandfather, Eleas Ball was also born in Litchfield where his father was a pioneer. He was twice married first to Fannie Holding by whom he had three children: Horatio, Varnum, Fidelia and Celia. By his second wife, Mary A. Wilkerson, he had five children: Ira, Alfred, Jared, Daniel and Sarah. Horatio was born in Litchfield but has lived thirty-three years in Warren. His children were Alpha A. and Alice C. The former received a district and select school education and came to Warren when seven years of age. When twenty-one he began for himself, working by the month for two years. He then rented 102 acres where he lived three years and worked his father's farm for two years. He also spent a year in Columbia. In the spring of 1889 he bought fifty-two acres where he now resides in Warren. March 26, 1875, he married Rose E., daughter of Solomon and Catharine Walters Hoke. They have three children, Carrie M., Florence C. and Walter M. [ref #1, *]

BELSHAW, Thomas - Warren - came from Ireland about 1755 with four children and settled in Connecticut. In 1793 he settled near Fort Herkimer and soon after he and others took 1,000 acres at Jordanville, where he died in 1827, in his ninety-second year. His wife, Elizabeth, bore him eight children: David, Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Betsey, Lydia, Sallie and Fannie and died in 1808. His son David was born in Connecticut near Hartford, June 26, 1777 and came to Herkimer county with his father. He died November 6, 1868. He was twice married, first in February 1801, to Lydia Isham, born in Connecticut, a daughter of Zebulum and Rose (Ellis) Isham, who were early settlers of Warren. His first wife raised seven children: Rose E., Erastus, William, Favilla, Lydia, Orilla and Sally. His wife died March 26, 1831. His second wife was Betsey Bennett. She died in 1872, aged eighty-one. William T. Belshaw was born October 19, 1804, where he now resides. He has filled minor town offices and has twice married, first to Mary Rhodes of Brookfield, Madison county, who bore him two children; M. W. of San Francisco, Cal., and Rosetta McLaughlin of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, who died in 1884 aged fifty-two. His wife died January 30, 1833 and he married second, Huldah Durfee, born at Hamilton, Madison county, a daughter of Wing Durfee. She bore him four children: John T. of Antioch, Cal.; Mary C. Dye who died in Minnesota in 1887 aged fifty; Lucy J., wife of Ira Starkwether, died October 2, 1892 aged fifty and Violetta H., wife of James Purchase. His second wife died April 17, 1887. She was a Baptist as were all the children. Mr. Belshaw has been an active Whig and Republican.[ref #1, *]

BELSHAW, William, was born in Warren, N.Y. In 1828 he was married to Mary RHODES, who was born in Brookfield, N.Y., in 1808 and died in 1833. He afterward married Huldah DURFEE, who was born in Madison, N.Y., in 1813. His father, David BELSHAW, was born in Madison, 1777, and came to this county in 1793. He cleared the farm now occupied by his son William. His grandfather was a native of Ireland, and died in 1827. His grandmother, Elizabeth BELSHAW, died in 1808. [ref #2, pg 284]

BLATCHLY, S., was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1808. In 1840 he married Ann WEBB, who was born in Warren in 1815. His father, James, was born in Half Moon, Saratoga county, N.Y., in 1787. His wife was Elizabeth HELLER, born in the same town in 1786. James W. BLATCHLY, son of Seley, was born in 1842. His wife was Ella WYNKOOP, born in Cherry Valley, N.Y., in 1844. She died in 1877. He has one daughter Ella, born in 1876. [ref #2, pg 284]

BOUCK, Paulina, was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1830. She was married to Silas, son of Jacob CRIM, in 1853. He was born in the same town in 1837, and died in 1862. They had one son, Jerome, who was born in 1856. [ref #2, pg 284]

BRANDON, John W., jr., was born in Springfield, N.Y., in 1810. He married Miss Massah Van HORN in 1867. His father was born in Greene county, N.Y., in 1811, and resides in Springfield, N.Y. [ref #2, pg 284]

BROWN, William, was born in Boston, Mass., November 2nd, 1759. Farther than this scarcely anything is known of his childhood, except that he was of English-Irish descent. He was at the great "Tea Party" held in Boston harbor December 16th, 1773. He was then a spectator, but two years later he enlisted in the service of his country as a drummer boy, and continued in the service throughout the war, a part of the time with Washington. At the close of the war he settled in Claverack, N.Y., where he married Mary OSTRANDER. He subsequently removed to Herkimer county and engaged in farming. He had nine children, of whom five are now living, Mrs. SHIMMEL, of Stark, James W. BROWN, of Mohawk, and Margaret, Maria and Leroy Brown, of Camden, N.Y. He enlisted and served in the war of 1812 as a drummer. He was never sick a day, never had a lawsuit, and was strictly temperate. He died in Springfield, N.Y., April 3rd, 1843, beloved and respected by all who knew him. [ref #2, pg 111-2]

BULLION, Clark L. - Warren - was born in Warren September 21, 1865, a son of James and Phoebe Cole Bullion. The grandfather, Andrew, was a son of William and married Isabella Marshall, both of Scotland, they had five children: James, Andrew, Alexander, Janette and Margaret. The last two named died in Scotland; the rest all came to the United States about 1800 and settled in Warren. Andrew Bullion located on 256 acres west of Cullen and died in Richfield Springs. His first wife was Geneth Puller and their children were: John, William, James, Isabel, Anna, Libbie and Mary. James Bullion was born west of Cullen, where he resided until his death in 1877, aged sixty-five. He was twice married, first to a Miss McCready, by whom he had three children; Monroe of Nebraska, Nettie and Laura Ames. His second wife bore him two children: Jennie, deceased, wife of Curt Palmer and Clark L. She died April 16, 1892 aged fifty-nine years. Clark L. received a district and seminary education and since fourteen years of age has made his own living. He served in town offices as a Republican and was collector. He owns 100 acres of homestead and has added twenty acres since. He married in November 1884, Ida Bellinger, born at Jacksonburgh, a daughter of Norman and Anna Baxter Bellinger. They have one child, Harry J. Subject and wife are Universalists. [ref #1, *]

CASLER, George H., was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1835. He is of German descent. In 1856 he was married to Betsey MAXFIELD, who was born in 1838. He has been collector, and overseer of the poor. His father was born in 1802, and died in 1863. His mother, whose maiden name was Barbara SNYDER, was born in 1803, and died in 1872. [ref #2, pg 284]

CASLER, George H., Warren, was born June 5, 1835, in the town of Warren, and is a son of Adam CASLER, whose father was also Adam, a pioneer of Minden, Montgomery county. Adam, jr., was born October 30, 1802, and after his marriage came to Warren, where he lived until a few years before his death. Then he went to Columbia where he died October 24, 1863. His wife was Barbara SNYDER, who was born October 26, 1803, and died April 22, 1872, at the home of her son, George H. She bore him ten children: Lucinda, born August 26, 1824; Catherine, born June 12, 1826; Almira, born June 30, 1828; Charity, born August 9, 1830; Betey M., born June 21, 1833 (died at the age of two years); George H., born June 5, 1835; Diana, born March 25, 1836; James M., born March 26, 1838; Julia, born February 16, 1840 (died in childhood); Mary J., born December 4, 1842 (died at the age of eight years). Geo. H. CASLER at the age of nine, was bound out to Geo. M. CLEELAND, until twenty-one, for $150 and schooling. He worked out by the month until married and then rented farms on shares until 1867, when he bought one hundred acres where he now lives. He now owns three hundred acres. He is a Republican and has held the office of collector for one year and poormaster for thirteen years, of which he is now serving. He married, November 2, 1856, Betsey, daughter of Isaac and Leah (BRONNER) MAXFIELD, and has had three children: Myron J., born November 8, 1858, and married first, Libbie SHAVER, who bore him two children, Willie and Georgie, and second, married Alice GUYER, who bore him one child, Edna BLANCHE. Charles E. was born December 31, 1860. He married Estella ECKER, who bore him two children, Ray and Lee, and Libbie Leah, born May 15, 1869. [ref #1, pg 25]

CASLER: Geo. H. Casler, Warren, was born June 5, 1835 in the town of Warren and is a son of Adam Casler whose father was also Adam, a pioneer of Minden, Montgomery county. Adam Jr. was born October 30, 1802 and after his marriage came to Warren, where he lived until a few years before his death. They he went to Columbia where he died October 24, 1863. His wife was Barbara Snyder, who was born October 26, 1803 and died April 22, 1872 at the home of her son, George H. She gave him ten children: Lucinda, born August 26, 1824; Catherine, born June 12, 1826; Almira, born June 20, 1828; Charity, born August 9, 1830; Betey M. born June 21, 1833 (died at the age of two years); George H., born June 5, 1835, Diana born March 25, 1836, James M. born March 26, 1838, Julia born February 16, 1840 (died in childhood), Mary J. born December 4, 1842 (died at the age of eight years). Geo. H. Casler at the age of nine was bound out of Geo. M. Cleeland until twenty-one for $150 and schooling. He worked out by the month until married and then rented farms on shares until 1867 when he bought one hundred acres where he now lives. He now owns three hundred acres. He is a Republican and has held the office of collector for one year and poormaster for thirteen years, of which he is now serving. He married, November 2, 1856, Betsey, daughter of Isaac and Leah (Bronner) Maxfield and has had three children; Myron J., born November 8, 1858 and married first, Libbie Shaver, who bore him two children, Willie and Georgie, and second, married Alice Guyer, who bore him one child, Edna Blanche. Charles E. was born December 31, 1860. He married Estella Ecker, who bore him two children, Ray and Lee and Libbie Leah, born Mary 15, 1869. [ref #1, *]

CONKLIN, Hicks, was born in Springfield, N.Y., in 1841. He married Hannah WICKS, who was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1844. They have one son, Silas, who was born in 1863. His father, Henry, was born in 1825, and married Miss ---- COOK, who was born in 1822. He died in 1853. [ref #2, pg 284]

CRAIN, William Cullen, was born in the town of Warren, August 31st, 1798. His father, Rufus CRAIN, was a physician, and had been judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Young Crain's education had been entrusted to Rev. John SPINNER, father of Hon. F. E. SPINNER, ex-treasurer of the United States. Mr. CRAIN continued his studies till he was prepared to enter the senior class at Yale, but changing his mind he entered his father's office as a student of medicine. In the year 1826 Colonel CRAIN was married to Miss Peres Narina TUNNICLIFF, daughter of William TUNNICLIFF and granddaughter of Count George Ernst August Von RAUZAN, an officer on the staff of the Baron Von RIEDESEL. He was always an ardent Jeffersonian Democrat. In 1842 and 1845 he was successively elected to the legislature, the last term filling the position of speaker. In 1860 he was the candidate for the lieutenant governorship. He also served several times as Democratic Presidential elector. He died at the end of a well-spent life on March 16th, 1865. The residence of Mr. CRAIN is located at Cullen, at the place where the Oquionis makes its appearance from the ground. It is a large, unpretentious building, a littled distance from the road. It is still owned by the family. [ref #2, pg 111]

CRIM, Adam J., Warren, was born where he now lives, March 5, 1821, and is a son of Jacob and Eve (STARING) CRIM. His grandfather was Jacob, also, who married Elizabeth FRANK. Jacob, Jr., was born where Adm now lives Oct. 14, 1787, and died June 14, 1874. He was a leading and influential man in his day. His wife died Dec. 16, 1878, leaving eight out of her nine children. Adam J. has always lived on the farm where he was born. With three others he started a cheese factory in 1871. He is a Republican, and has served as justice of the peace, and one term as associate justice. He is a Mason. He married May 3, 1874, Martha, daughter of Abram and Lana (THUMB) VEEDER, and they have two children: Alma F., and Ora B. F. His wife and daughters are members of the Reformed Church. [ref #1, pg 162]

CRIM, Chester, was born in 1826; has been collector of Warren, N.Y., and has been postmaster since 1857. He has been a farmer and mechanic, and is now a merchant at Little Lakes. He was married to Miss M. HULBURT in 1848. She died in 1853, and in 1863 he married Ann TUNNICLIFF. His father, Paul CRIM, was born in 1783. [ref #2, pg 284]

CRIM, David, was born in Warren in 1823. His wife was Jane L. WILBUR, born in the same town in 1829. They have two children, Mary L., born in 1865, and Charles W., born in 1866. Eric WILBUR, father of Mrs. CRIM, was born in Dutchess county in 1777, and married Betsey SCHOOLER in 1817. He died in 1870; she in 1875. [ref #2, pg 284]

CURTIS, Ezra D., was born in Massachusetts in 1826. In 1849 he married Marinda LYMAN, who was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1831. His father Leonard, was a native of Connecticut, and married Lydia MUNSELL. Her mother, whose maiden name was Eliza BELSHAW, was born in Warren in 1810, and died in 1867. [ref #2, pg 284]

DEVOE, Anthony, was born in Schaghticoke, Rensselaer county, N.Y., March 11th, 1762. He was of Franco-Dutch descent. His father, George DEVOE, was born in Holland, emigrated to this country when a boy, and settled in Rensselaer county. He had two sons, John and Anthony, who entered the Revolutionary war at the ages of fifteen and eighteen, respectively. The father of these two boys, George DEVOE, although in every battle in which his regiment was engaged, yet never received a wound. At the close of the war John and Anthony, in company with their father, returned to their home in Schaghticoke. John afterward married and settled in Kinderhook, N.Y. Anthony married Miss Helen VANDERBURG in 1783, at the close of the war. He removed to Andrustown in 1798, where he resided most of the time till his death, which occurred January 12th, 1844, when he was nearly eighty-two years old. He was a man of undoubted integrity, and whose character was without spot or blemish. He had four boys: George, Cornelius, John and Wynant, of whom John and Cornelius are now living in Warren; and four girls, who became Mrs. Maria OSTERHOUT, Mrs. Elizabeth JEWELL, Mrs. Hannah SPRINGER and Mrs. Sarah BROWN; all are living except Maria. The yougest, Mrs. Sarah BROWN , of Mohawk, has a looking-glass in her possession which her grandfather, George DEVOE, buried at the commencement of the war. At the close of the Revolution he dug it up, and requested that it should go down throughout future generations, to the youngest child of the family. It was brought from France, and is now one hundred and thirty-four years old and in a good state of preservation. [ref #2, pg 112]

ECKLER, Hendrick, Warren, with his family came from Holland and settled in Warren about 1765. He had a son Captain Henry, who was born in Holland, who received his father's homestead of 100 acres. He had four sons: Christian, John, Daniel and Henry. John ECKLER was born in the homestead and spent his life there. His wife was Sophia Van HORNE, who bore him five children: John, Thomas, Henry, Christina, Mary A., the latter the only one living. John ECKLER was born on the homestead in September, 1810, and died September 9, 1876. He was twice married, first to Hannah Van DENBERG, who bore him three children: Clarinda, Orange and Van Denberg (deceased.) His second wife was Hannah daughter of Cornelius and Eva CRONKHITE, who bore him four children: Foster (deceased), Mariette (deceased), Lester C. and Rose. His second wife died in 1872. Lester C. ECKER was born March 1, 1847, in Springfield where Hendrick ECKLER first settled. He added sixty acres to the original farm and lived there until March 1, 1886, when he bought the hotel in Warren and has since conducted it. He received an academic education, is a Mason and a Republican, and has been postmaster under Harrison. He married, December 14, 1870, Julia, daughter of David and Christina (HARDER) JOHNSON, and they have one child, Ralph J. [ref #1, pg 41-2]

ECKLER, Jeremiah, was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1844. He married Cordelia OSTERHOUT, who was born in 1846. His father, William Henry, was a native of Stark, N.Y. He died in 1864. He married Miss ----- CRONKHITE, who was born in 1803. [ref #2, pg 284]

ECKLER, Jeremiah, Warren, was born in Little Lakes, April 2, 1824, a son of Henry and Lydia (CONKLIN) ECKLER. The grandfather was Peter who came from Germany prior to the Revolution and settled on Otsquago Creek in Warren and served in the war as captain. He had many an interesting experience with the Indians, once having a wrestle with one of their chiefs. He also served in the war of 1812. He was twice married and had a large family. One son, Henry, was born in Warren and served in the war of 1812. He died, aged sixty-five, before the Rebellion. His wife did in 1889. She was born in August, 1803, and they had ten children, nine of whom survived: William, of Iowa; Hannah, deceased; Jerry, Henry, of Stark; Jacob, of Otsego county, Lydia, Nancy, deceased; Thomas, Mary, deceased; Mahlon. Jeremiah was reared on a farm and received a district school education. At the age of twelve he began for himself on a farm and at the same time assisted his family. In 1851 he located where he now resides, and rented 250 acres. In 1861 he bought the place, to which he has added many improvements and find buildings, and he now owns 280 acres. In 1872 he built a cheese factory, which burned in 1882, which he rebuilt, and now makes about 2,500 pounds per week. He is a Democrat in politics. His wife was Delia OSTERHOUT, born in Warren, a daughter of Jacob and Polly M. (DEVOE) OSTERHOUT, who were early pioneers. Mr. and Mrs. ECKLER have had six children, five of whom survive: Isaiah, of Mohawk; Delilah, wife of Horatio MAYER; Irvin, of Little Lakes; William, of Springfield; Esther, who died young, and Harvey. [ref #1, pg 174]

ECKLER, Philip, was born in Springfield, Otsego county, N.Y., in 1844. He was a clerk five years, and became a merchant in 1871. Henry D. ECKLER, his father, was a native of Otsego county. He married Margaret OSTRANDER, who was a native of Stark, N.Y. [ref #2, pg 284]

ELLIS, Thomas W., Warren, was born in Albany, August 16, 1841, and is a son of Thomas ELLIS and wife. The latter were born in Yorkshire, England, and settled in Albany in 1841, where he followed carriage making. In 1844 he came to Little Lakes and carried on a shop, employing from five to sixteen men. They had twelve children. Thomas W. ELLIS at the age of sixteen began his trade in his father's shop, and has followed it since. He is a Democrat, and has been town clerk. He married November 17, 1889, Pauline COLYER, daughter of James and Corintha ARMSTRONG. They have one child, Annetta. [ref #1, pg 251]

ELY, Lester, Warren, was born in Theresa, Feb. 15, 1834 a son of Alva and Harriet Davidson Ely. His grandfather was Samuel Ely who was a son of Simeon, whose father came from England and settled in Mass. Simeon Ely was born in Mass. and came to Warren; his wife was Ruth, who bore him five children. Samuel Ely was also born in Mass., and died in Warren in 1851, aged seventy-seven; his wife was Fannie Cooley, who bore him five children; she died in 1861, aged eighty-nine. Alva Ely was born in Warren, Dec. 2, 1802 and married Harriet Davison. He died in 1885 and his wife five years earlier. They had eleven children. Lester Ely was raised in Jefferson and came to Warren when nineteen. In 1862 he bought 126 acres of land where he now resides and now owns 187 acres. He is a Democrat and has been assessor. He married Jan. 1, 1861, Mary, daughter of John and Susan Ousterhout and has had five children; Alice, wife of Rufus Backus; Mary, wife of Rev. D. D. O'Dell, a Baptist minister; George, of Omaha; William of Omaha; Opal. [ref. #1, *]

ELY, Mattoon, was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1805. He is a retired farmer. He has held the office of assessor. His father, Oliver ELY, was born in Massachusetts in 1768. He married Martha DAY, who was born in the same State in 1770. She died in 1843; he in 1847. [ref #2, pg 284]

ELY, Samuel, Warren, was born where he now lives, near the south line of Warren, November 29, 1807, and is a son of Samuel and Fannie (COOLEY) ELY. His grandfather was Simeon ELY, of English descent, and born near West Springfield, Mass. In 1805 he settled on the farm where the subject now lives, and died there in 1815, aged eighty-five. The subject's father was born in Massachusetts in 1774, and came with his parents to the present homestead in 1805. He died in 1851 in his seventy-seventh year, and his wife died about 1862 in her ninetieth year. They had five children. Our subject has always lived on the homestead, has never been sued and has never sued, has not tasted liquor in fifty-three years, and has been a member of the M. E. Church fifty-four years. He married in 1831, Mary A., daughter of George and Betsy (COOKE) SNYDER, and they have had seven children: Lorana, wife of James POLLARD, dead, left one son; Ann, wife of Ira DUNCKEL; Helen, wife of Rosell WARREN; Wesley; Elizabeth, died unmarried; Fannie A., and Darwin, who served three years inthe 121st N.Y. Volunteers. Mrs. ELY died in 1880 in her seventy-second year. [ref #1, pg 43]

GOES, Martin, was born in Vermont in 1833. He married Miss Martha BIGELOW, who was born in 1837 and died in 1870. He then married Cornelia FERGUSON, who was born in 1849. He has one son, who was born in 1862. His father, David, was born in Kinderhook in 1799, and died in 1858. His mother's maiden name was Lydia HALE. She was born in Schohaire county in 1806. [ref #2, pg 284]

GOES, Martin, Warren, was born in Root, Montgomery county, February 20, 1833, and is a son of David and Lydia (HALE) GOES. his grandfather, Derrick, came from Holland and settled at Kinderhook. The subject's father was born at Kinderhook, February 22, 1798, and after his marriage came to Root and in 1833 to Springfield, where he bought forty acres on which he lived until his death, January 22, 1858. His wife died in Schoharie, aged seventy-six. They had five children: Elizabeth, Rebecca, Augusta, Martin and Lydia.  Martin Goes taught school seven years, and in 1858 bought 100 acres in Richfield. In 1864 he located where he now lives on 230, and is now the owner of 330 acres of land, devoted to hops and dairying. He is one of the founders and a director of the First National Bank of Richfield Springs, and was one of the original movers and a trustee of Richfield Springs Seminary. He is a Mason. He has been twice married: First, February 4, 1858, to Martha, daughter of Alonzo and Catherine (SPRINGER) BIGELOW, and had one son, Springer. Mrs. GOES died June 30, 1870, and he married Cornelia, daughter of James and Adelin (BOWKER) FERGUSON, who has borne him one child, Howard. They are both Presbyterians. [ref #1, pg 30]

HARTER, Henry H., was born in the town of Warren, N.Y., in 1803. In 1809 he married Julia GRAY, who came to this county when four years of age. His father, Henry, was born in Herkimer, N.Y., in 1774, and died in 1813. [ref #2, pg 284]

HARTER, Colonel Lawrence, was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1809. His wife was Eve C. CONDER, born in the same town in 1803. He was two years supervisor of Warren, seven years a justice of the peace, and two years colonel of a regiment of riflemen. His oldest son, Peter C., enlisted in 1862 in the 10th N.Y. artillery, and was blown up on board a steamer on the Ohio river in 1865 on his return home. Another son, George, is a graduate of New York City Homoepathic College, and is in practice. [ref #2, pg 284]

HELMER, Henry J., Warren, was born where he now resides July 9, 1838, a son of Henry A. and Fanny Rasbach Helmer. His grandfather was Adam F., a son of Frederick A., who was a son of Lendert, who came from Palatinate, Germany in 1710 and located first on the Hudson and later came to Canajoharie. In the winter and spring of 1723 he located in Herkimer County and received a deed of 100 acres in 1825 where he lived and died. Frederick A. Helmer was born in Herkimer August 16, 1725 and died March 5, 1804. His wife was Barbara Elizabeth Homan, born in Holland and came to America in 1754. They had three children, Conrad, Margaret and Adam F. Adam F. Helmer was born at Herkimer July 7, 1770 and located on 100 acres where our subject resides in Warren, which he cleared and improved. His wife was Anna Margaret Harter, born near Fort Herkimer January 28, 1773, a daughter of Captain Henry and Catharine Piper Harter, both born in Herkimer county. Captain Harter was born February 17, 1730 and served as captain in the French and Indian War. In 1757 he and his wife were taken prisoners to Canada for one year. Their first child was born while in captivity. Adam F. Helmer raised eight children: Hannah, Henry A., Barbara E., Laurence, Catharine, Frederick A., Peter H. and Anna M. Adam F. Helmer died December 30, 1854. His wife died December 1, 1859 where subject resides. Henry A. Helmer was born September 7, 1797 on the farm where subject resides in the town of Warren and where he died September 2, 1868. He owned 220 acres. He was a Democrat until 1856 when he and his brothers all became Republicans. They had eight children and raised seven; Adam H., Elizabeth, John E., James H. (died at six), Mary C., Anna M., Henry J., and Harriet P. all married except the oldest sister. Subject's mother was a daughter of John and Nancy Moak Rasbach, born February 19, 1800 in the town of Herkimer and died November 2, 1872 in Warren. Our subject received a district and seminary education and spent four winters in teaching. After his father's death he took charge of the homestead, served as justice and was an active Republican. He married September 29, 1868, Lucy, daughter of Otis and Mary Palmer Ames of Richfield, Otsego County. He was born October 15, 1843 in Richfield. Subject had two children, Fred A. and Ross D. Subject is a Mason and his wife is a member of the M. E. church. [ref. #1,*]

HELMER, William H., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1836. In 1868 he married Emily WHITNEY, who was born in German Flats, N.Y., in 1847. He volunteered in the 34th N.Y. in 1861, was promoted to a second lieutenancy, and resigned after eight months. He was drafted in 1863. His father, Henry HELMER, was born in Columbia, in 1800. He married Elizabeth LATHROP, who was born in 1802 and died in 1868. [ref #2, pg 284]

HOKE, John T., was born in Minden, in 1815. He married Catherine WALRATH, who was born in Danube in 1817. She died in 1862. He then married Louisa WALRATH, who was born in Danube in 1833. His father, John HOKE, was a native of Stark. Both his parents are dead. [ref #2, pg 284]

HOKE, Solomon, Warren was born in Minden July 1, 1827 and is a son of Peter and Margaret Countryman Hoke. Peter served in the war of 1812. He was a Lutheran and a Democrat and died in 1844. They had four sons and eight daughters. Solomon Hoke, the youngest son, at the age of seventeen began the carpenter's trade which he followed ten years, when he began farming in Jefferson county. In 1856 he sold out and settled in Danube and in 1869 moved to Warren where he now owns 124 acres of land. In 1854 he married Catherine Springer Walter and they had five children: Rose, wife of Alpha Bell; Walter, died at thirteen; Carrie, died at two; Orville J. and Emma, wife of David Mixter.[ref. #1,*]

HOPKINSON, William, Warren, was born February 22, 1817, in Kerby, Leistershire, England. He came with his parents to the United States, and at the age of fifteen began working for Judge CLELAND, in whose employ he continued for six years, his father receiving his wages. At twenty-one he bought 107 acres in Warren, where he remained until 1860, when his family becoming large, he sold out and moved on to a fram of 280 acres in Columbia, incurring a debt of $10,000, which he paid up in five years. He married October 14, 1840, Catherine, daughter of George and Catherine (HOYER) YULE. They have had eight children: Catharine, George, James, William, Mary, Rosa, Clinton and Charles. His wife died in 1887, when he married Mary, widow of Clark SWEET. Mr. HOPKINSON has given to each of his living children $3,500 and has plenty left to live upon. He is a connection of Samuel HOPKINSON, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. [ref #1, pg 55]

HULBURT, Calvin, was born in Saratoga county, N.Y., in 1800. He was ten years overseer of the poor, and two years supervisor in Warren, N.Y. He held other offices of honor during his life. In 1822 he was married to Laura BRONSON, who was born in Warren in 1800. He died in 1878. [ref #2, pg 284]

KENYON, Mrs. Rebecca, was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1852, and was married to Samuel T. KENYON in 1873. He enlisted in the 87th Ohio volunteers in 1861, and served four months. In 1863 he re-enlisted in the 24th N.Y. cavalry. He was first sergeant of Company B. He was wounded in the leg in front of Petersburg; was honorably discharged in 1865. Her father, Daniel MARSHALL, was born in Connecticut, in 1784, and died in 1862. He married Lucy GREEN in 1842. She was born in Warren, in 1812. [ref #2, pg 284]

LAKE, Isaac, was born in Washington county, N.Y., in 1801. He married Sarah W. TREADWAY, in 1842. He is a retired farmer. His wife was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1823. He came to this county when ten years of age. His father, Abram, was a native of Washington county, N.Y. His mother's maiden name was Sarah GORDNIER. [ref #2, pg 284]

LEWIS, George, was born in Rensselaer county, N.Y., in 1807. He came to Warren, N.Y., in 1862, in which year he was married to E. Maria CRIM of Warren, N.Y. [ref #2, pg 284]

MARSHALL, John, was born in Rhode Island August 30th, 1764. His father was drafted in the Revolutionary war in 1778, and the authorities accepted his son, John MARSHALL, in his place. The first year he was at Fort Stonington, in Connecticut, and helped build that fort. The next year he was under Washington at White Plains. From there he accompanied the army to Providence, R. I., where they received orders to march to Yorktown. MARSHALL drove a six-ox team from Providence to Yorktown, drawing a load of specie. The last barrel was emptied at Annapolis. Then he was put into the general transportation service, and was among the number detailed to draw the cannon on to the heights overlooking Yorktown. Word was passed along the line not to make a loud noise. The first intimation Cornwallis had of their approach was the burning of a brush fence, caused by one of the teamsters setting a brush heap on fire while lighting his pipe. When the British discovered it they opened fire upon them. They were ordered to retire a short distance under the brow of the hill and lie down. Toward morning the fire slackened and they got their guns into position, and fire was opened on the enemy. John MARSHALL witnessed the British army that had devestated our country march out and surrender themselves prisoners of war. He served till the close of the war and was honorably discharged. He moved to this town May 21st, 1808, and settled on a farm near Little Lakes, where he died March 20th, 1863, aged ninety-eight years, six months and twenty days. His remains rest in the family cemetery on the farm he cleared and resided on till his death.

MARSHALL, Clarence.  The farm of John MARSHALL has descended by will to his great-grandson, Clarence MARSHALL, its present owner, who resides on it. John MARSHALL was the father of thirteen children, seven sons and six daughters. He was appointed justice of the peace by Governor TOMPKINS, and served sixteen years. He was a man of remarkable judgment and clear intellect, and retained his faculties, both mental and physical, to the last. He accumulated a large property, which he left to his numerous descendants. [ref #2, pg 112 - some further information about John Marshall and his assests is also provided on this page]

MASON, Joseph W., Warren, was born in German Flats, September 5, 1837 a son of Alanson and Mary A. Thomas Mason. His grandfather, Isaac, was born at Adams, Mass., February 21, 1777 and came to Warren and bought 144 acres on Staley's patent. He returned to Massachusetts and in 1804 came with his family to Herkimer county. He was twice married, first to Hannah Martin, born in Warren, R. I. She bore him ten children: Ama, Thomas, Alanson, Samuel, John, Rhoda, Almira and Harriet twins, Isaac, Apama, Sarah and James. His wife died July 25, 1826. He married second Mary Chapman. Alanson was born in Berkshire county, Mass., August 17, 1803, died April 17, 1865. He was twice married having by his first wife eight children; Isaac, Mary, Amot T., Electa J., Walker, Joseph W., Helen E. Morts, Hannah A. Coakley and Maria A. His wife died September 26, 1842 and he married second Adelia Slater, who bore him three children: Norman J., Almira V., Elshaw and Almena V. Bradt. Subject's mother was born in German Flats, a daughter of Amos and Jane Thomas, pioneers of German Flats. At twenty he began for himself at farming on shares. In 1865 he bought his first farm of sixty-five acres in Germna Flats. Three years later he moved to where he now resides on 214 acres. He also owns another farm of 128 acres. He is a Democrat in politics. He married, April 13, 1858, Harriet R., daughter of Elijah and Helen Shove Tisdale. Harriet was born January 3, 1842. Her father was born in Connecticut, September 7, 1792 and died where his daughter now lives, April 6, 1869. He married first Ruth Palmer, born July 31, 1892 in German Flats who bore him four children: Thomas H., George W., Henry S. and Quedett. He married a second time and raised three children: Harriet R., Lydia A. and Dorothy M. His second wife was born at Johnstown, February 3, 1822 died October 12, 1880. Subject's wife's grandfather, Ephraim Tadale, was born in Norwich, Conn. His wife was Welthy Babcock. He died in 1854 aged 85 and his wife died aged 91. Subject and wife had three children: Cory, died aged seven, Amos T. and Cary. Amos T. was born May 27, 1870. Married to Florence Hardy May 21, 1889. They have three children. Cary W. was born March 16, 1872. Married to Lulu Hardy, November 22, 1892. [ref # 1, *]

MASON, Samson, was a dragoon in Oliver Cromwell's army, and was supposed to belong to his troop at the battle of Marston Moor in 1644. He died September 1676, at an advanced age. A descendant of this family, Isaac MASON, settled in the town of Warren in 1804. He was the father of James MASON, of Richfield Springs, N.Y. [ref #2, pg 111]

McCREADY, Hanford, was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1832. His wife was Helen SEAGER, who was born in the same town in 1846. Mr. McCREADY is of Scotch descent. His mother's maiden name was Hannah BLATCHLEY. Both his parents are dead. [ref #2, pg 284]

MILLER, Dr. Adam, was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1819. He was superintendent of common schools in 1850, and enlisted as a surgeon in the late war. In 1846 he was married to Mary Ann MACK, who was born in Herkimer, N.Y., in 1820. She died in 1875, and he was married to Mary A. VINING, who was born in Randolph, N.Y., in 1855. William J. MILLER, father of the doctor, was a native of Columbia, born in 1796. His grandfather, Andrew, was an early settler, and built the first grist-mill in Columbia. [ref #2, pg 285]

MIXTER, David Edwin, was born in the town of Warren, N.Y., September 30th, 1816, three miles from where he died. He was one of twelve children. His father, David MIXTER, came from Colerain, Franklin county, Mass. His mother, Hannah BRONSON, came from Connecticut. They endured the hardships of the first settlers. David E. losing his father when he was but a lad sixteen years of age, was left to manage the affairs of the family with the aid of his noble mother. He was married January 25th, 1842, to Elvira Jeanette TREADWAY. He was a farmer and dealer in stock and produce. During the late war he was appointed assistant assessor of internal revenue for this revenue district, in which capacity he served faithfully. On retiring from this field of labor his health failed, and he died of dropsy on Sabbath morning, November 18th, 1877. [ref #2, pg 111]

MIXTER, David Wolcott, only child of David E. and Elvira J. MIXTER, was born in Warren, N.Y., August 25th, 1844. He was also a farmer and stock dealer, and a large and successful dealer in hides. He was married January 12th, 1869, to Julia E. CHAMPION, of Richfield, N.Y. He died of dropsy November 16th, 1870, leaving a little son, named David Edwin Wolcott MIXTER. He was buried on the farm represented in the accompanying sketch. [ref #2, pg 111]

MIXTER, David E., Warren, was born December 25, 1855 in Warren a son of Kiran A. and Martha Kane Mixter. The grandfather, David came from Massachusetts and was an old settler of Warren, where he died aged fifty-four. They had eleven children; Daniel, Eliza, Mary, Laura, Hannah, David E., Ira, Orland, Alvaro, Kiran and Hulda. Kiran Mixter was born in Warren, received a good education and taught at Clinton College. He moved in 1857 to Lock, Ingham county, Mich. He had ten children, of whom he raised nine: Orland, Guy, David E., Judson, died at fifteen, Emma, Charles, Elmina, Lewis and Matilda. Subject's mother was a daughter of Samuel Kane and Matilda Randall of Mohawk. David E., received a district school education and went with his father to Ingham county, Michigan. He returned to New York at the age of eleven years and lived with his aunt, Laura Druce for twenty-two years. At twenty-one he began working for himself by the month and continued eleven years. In the spring of 1889 he located on 100 acres where he now resides. He is a Republican in politics and married October 11, 1887, Emma Hoke, born in Danube a daughter of Solomon and Catharine Walter Hoke. They have two children: Kiran and Ralph M. [ref #1, *]

MIXTER, Jeanette Elvira (TREADWAY), was born May 14th, 1823, in the town of Warren, N.Y. She was one of six children. Her ancestors came from Colchester, Conn., and her father, Bela R. TREADWAY, was drafted in the war of 1812. Her maternal grandfather, John MARSHALL, was in the Revolutionary war, and served as a teamster and errand boy. One hundred years after, she met, at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, a number of his descendants. [ref #2, pg 111]

MUMFORD, Owen, was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1849. His father, John D., was born in Connecticut, in 1805, and died in 1868. In 1836 he married Mary GRANT, who was born in Otsego county, N.Y., in 1818. [ref #2, pg 285]

MYERS, Newbern K., was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1838. He was married in 1856 to Jennie SECKNER, who was born in German Flats, N.Y., in 1848. They have one son, Welton, who was born in 1859. Jeremiah, the father of Newbern, was born in Columbia, N.Y., in 1818. [ref #2, pg 284]

PALMER, Nathan, Warren, was born April 22, 1838, in Richfield, Otsego county, a son of Nathan and Mary (AMES) PALMER. The grandfather, Benjamin E., came from Connecticut in colonial days and settled in Richfield. His wife was a MissLAYTON, by whom he had nine children: Nathan, Esquire, Layton, Alonzo, Harriet, Mary, Esther, Lucy and Emily. Nathan was born in Richfield in 1798, and married Mary, daughter of Abner AMES. He was in the war of 1812 as a sutler. He served as supervisor for many years, was a Whig and died in 1854. His wife died in 1878, aged eighty-one. They had eleven sons, and raised seven: Benjamin, George, Otis, Alonzo, Menzo, Nathan and Delos. [ref #1, pg 209 - more on page 210, but not yet transcribed].

PETT, Robert, was born in Warren, in 1842. He was married to Mary HAKINSON. His father, Joseph, was born in Norfolk, Ireland, in 1816, came to this country in 1837, and died in 1877. [ref 32, pg 285]

ROBINSON, Douglas, Warren, was born in Lancashire, Scotland, March 24, 1824, a son of William Rose and Mary (DOUGLAS) ROBINSON. The subject of our sketch was educated in Edinboro University, and in 1841 he came to this country and engaged in business in New York City. He married on November 14, 1850, Fanny MONROE, who was born in New York City, a daughter of James and Elizabeth Mary (DOUGLAS) MONROE. Her grandfather, Andrew MONROE, was a brother of President MONROE, and served in the Revolutionary war. He was captured by the enemy, but managed to escape, and finally died on his estate in Westmoreland, Va. His ancestor was Andrew MONROE, a cavalier, who came from Scotland in 1642 and settled on a grant of land from Charles II. Andrew MONROE married FannyGARNETT, and they had two children, James and Augustin. James MONROE was born in Virginia, September 7, 1779, and graduated from West Point in 1816. He served in various wars, and was a member of Congress two terms and of the New York Assembly. He married in 1822 a daughter of George and Margaret DOUGLAS, born in New York City in 1779, and settled in New York City. Of his six children three survived, William, Elizabeth M. and Fanny. The Henderson House. ---The patentee was James HENDERSON of Scotland, who married Letitia BENSON, and had six daughters, one of whom, Letitia, married Captain CORNE, and her daughter, Margaret married George DOUGLAS of Scotland, and had six children: Elizabeth, Margaret, Harriet, George, William and Mary. Harriet inherited from her mother the Henderson property, and married Henry CRUGER, a lawyer, and died childless, and her niece, Mrs. Douglas ROBINSON, inherited the property. She was a daughter of James MONROE, of Virginia, who was a nephew of President MONROE. [ref #1, pg 88]

ROBINSON, Joseph, Warren, was born at Northamptonshire, England, and came to the United States in 1836 and settled in Richfield. He married Maria, daughter of Asa and Lucy BROWN, and had four children: George W., Albert D., John G. and lucy M. John G. Robinson was born in Richfield November 26, 1846. At the age of fourteen he began for himself buying cattle; at twenty-one he bought the first farm and now owns 502 acres and handles 500 to 600 head of cattle every year. He is a Republican and a member of the Baptist church. He married, September 20, 1871, Alice, daughter of Richard and Martha (PRESTON) SCHOOLEY, who has borne him nine children: Anna B., Carrie A., Josie M., Mabel M., George G., Irwin D., William S., Alice A. and Baby. [ref #1, pg 217]

SHOEMAKER, James H., was born in German Flats, N.Y., in 1823. His wife was Clarissa HANMER, born in Stark, N.Y., in 1824. He was during three years assessor in Warren. His father, Thomas C., was born in German Flats, in 1798. He was supervisor of Warren during four years. He died in 1859. His wife was Eve EDICK, born in German Flats in 1793. [ref #2, pg 285]

STARKWEATHER, Rufus G., Warren, a substantial farmer and stock breeder, was born August 15, 1846, and is a son of Rufus G. and LucindaLOOMIS) STARKWEATHER. The subject traces his parental ancestry back to A. M. STARKWEATHER, who immigrated from England in 1690 and settled in New England. The subject's father was born on the old homestead in Warren, September 23, 1815. He died october 15, 1848. He followed merchandising all his life and held several town offices. Rufus G., the subject of this sketch, was educated at Clinton Academy and Warren's Military school in Poughkeepsie. In 1873 he went to Beloit, Wis., and carried on a private bank three years. Returning he located at Little Falls and ran a bank until in 1878 he settled on his grandfather's homestead and engaged in breeding fine stock. He has been supervisor and is active in politics. He married Jennie RANKINS, daughter of John and Matilda LOOMIS. No children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. STARKWEATHER, but his wife has a daughter by her first husband. Mr. STARKWEATHER is a Mason. [ref #1, pg 103]

TREADWAY, John M., was born in the town of Warren, N.Y., in 1826. He is now a farmer and breeder of blooded stock in Iowa. He was elected supervisor of Warren in 1855, and served two years. He was again elected in 1863, and served three years. His wife, Elizabeth HANMER, to whom he was married in 1849, was born in Stark, N.Y., in 1826. [ref #2, pg 285]

TUNNICLIFT, George E., Warren, was born on the farm adjoining the one on which he now lives, July 11, 1858, and is a son of Horatio N. and Augusta L. (RATHBUN) TUNNICLIFT. His grandfather, George, was born in 1790 and came to Warren when he was three years old, and there lived until he died at the age of seventy-three. His wife was Marinda TILDEN, whose father was a cousin of Samuel J. TILDEN. They had four children: Horatio N., Oran N., Mary E. and Damon G. Horatio N. TUNNICLIFT was born October 11, 1820, and died November 5, 1855; his wife is still living. They had four children: Mary M. (deceased), August L., George E., and Nelson H. George E. was educated at Richfield Springs Seminary and taught school one term. He operates his mother's farm of fifty-two acres and is a breeder of Hambletonian horses. He is a Republican. [ref #1, pg 229]

Van BENSCHOTEN, Elias, was born where he now resides in Warren, December 20, 1848, a son of Mathew and Julia Ann (WYKOFF) Van BENSCHOTEN. The grandfather, Elias, was a pioneer of Otsego county. Their children were: Melvina, Colman, Mrs. General HOLT, Catharine HICKS, Mrs. Helen GOULD, Cordela, Mathew and Elias. Mathew was born in Otsego county, where he had a farm of two hundred acres, and ran a hotel on the west side of Otsego Lake. About 1830 he located where his son now resides, where he died in 1859, aged fifty-nine. His wife died January 17, 1890, aged eighty-five. She was born January 8, 1805, in Cherry Valley, a daughter of Grant WYKOFF of New Jersey. They had twelve children, and raised two: Chester, of Michigan, and Elias. The latter had a district school education, and at fourteen began for himself on the home farm which he now owns. He is a Republican. In 1870 he married Martha J. STORING, born in Otsego county, N.Y., a daughter of Jacob and Elisabeth (WELDON) STORING, and they have three children: Don E., Bruce P., and Lula. Subject's mother's parents raised nine children: John, William, Eliza PAINE, Sally FISH, Julia A., Emily SPRINGER, Elenor ECKLER. [ref #1, pg 232]

Van DEWALKER, Nicholas, Warren, was born in Sharon September 14, 1857, and is a son of Jacob and Lavinia Van DEWALKER. His grandfather, Peter, was a pioneer of Schoharie county, and owned about 1,000 acres of land. Jacob Van DEWALKER was born in Schoharie county, and died about 1880, aged sixty years. His wife, who was the mother of three children and a member of the Methodist church, died earlier. Nicholas Van DEWALKER was educated in the common schools, and at eighteen began business for himself by working on a farm. In the spring of 1890 he bought and settled on 300 acres east of Little Lakes. He is a Democrat. He married in May, 1883 Fannie, daughter of Albert and Fatima (FLINT) CLYDE of Montgomery county. They have one child, Ina E. [ref #1, pg 231]

WALL, William R., Warren, was born in Utica, March 16, 1838, and is a son of Edward and Caroline (DUELL) WALL. His grandfather WALL came from England and settled in New Bedford, Mass. When a young man he came to Utica. He married Caroline DUELL and had one child, William R., the subject. After his death his wife married William ACERS and had one son, Frank B. Her third husband was Levi GRAY. She died at the age of sixty-eight. William R. WALL began business life by working on a farm by the month. In 1867 he settled on the farm, where he now lives, of twelve acres on which was a saw-mill. He now owns sixty acres, and is engaged in cattle dealing and butchering and hires several large farms. During the civil war he served as captain of Company D, One Hundred and Fifty-second New York Volunteers. He married, in January 1866, Cornelia, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (BLOOMFIELD) LOOMIS, and they have two children, Edwin H. and S. Louise. [ref #1, pg 239]

WARREN, R. L., was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1834. He was assessor in his town during four years. His wife was Helen J. ELY, born in Warren in 1836. His father was born in Massachusetts in 1806, and died in 1853. His wife was Ruth DEUEL, a native of Warren. [ref #2, pg 285]

WEATHERBEE, Elias B., Warren, is a son of Brayton A. and Philena H. Bell Weatherbee. His grandfather was Alvin, who was a son of Lucius, who came from Bellow's Falls, Vt., about 1805 and built a tannery. He died in 1834, leaving one son, Alvin born in 1798. He died in 1884 and his wife at an earlier date. They had four children: Brayton A., Alvin E., Emmagene and Leona. Brayton A. Weatherbee was born July 16, 1820 at Page's Corners. At the age of eighteen he engaged in the grocery business which he conducted till 1849 when he engaged in milling and tanning. He owns 250 acres, grist mill tannery, with one of the best water powers in the country, coming from springs on the farm. The pond is well stocked with trout. He has a fine residence. He has also invented, made and patented a stone gathering machine which works well. He is a director of the First National Bank of Richfield Springs, a stockholder in and director of the National Mohawk Valley Bank and was active in securing the railroad to Richfield Springs. He married in 1851, Philena, daughter of Joseph and Harriet Patterson Bell who bore him four children: Rose P., wife of Walton D. Gregory of Newark, N.J.; Elias B., Willard R., and Hattie E. (deceased). Mrs. Weatherbee died in 1880. She was a member of the Universalist church. [ref #1, *]

WEEKS, James N., Warren was born in Greene county, August 22, 1819, a son of Townsend and Hannah Nelson Weeks. His grandfather, Solomon came from Rhode Island to Greene County where he died. He raised a large family. Townsend was born in Greene county in 1796 and moved to Canada on Lake Ontario where he resided until his death. He had four children: James N., Rob, George and Rachael A. Subject's mother was born in Greene county, a daughter of James and Berzilla LaValley Nelson. He served in the War of 1812 and earlier in the British army. He left a widow and two children: Hannah and Betsey. Subject's mother married for second husband John Lawton, by whom she had one child, Robert. Our subject went with his parents to Canada where he remained two and a half years, then came to Albany county. Since the age of twelve he has supported himself. He had a district school education and at the age of eighteen began the blacksmith's trade in Greene county and worked at Albany and other places until 1840 when he came to Warren and followed his trade at Little Lakes. In 1861 he bought and located on 212 acres where he resides and carried on farming. He now owns 196 acres, has served as justice nine years and assessor many terms as a Democrat. He married July 28, 1841, Martha, daughter of Joseph and Julia Tunnicliff McChesney by whom he has seven children: Hannah, Conkline, John of Michigan, Nelson who enlisted in the Ninety-second New York Regiment and was killed at Petersburg, Ira of Iowa, James, George, Ida wife of W. Vibber, and Charles. Subject's wife died September 28, 1891 aged seventy-three years. [ref. #1, *]

WEEKS, James N., was born in Albany county, N.Y., in 1819. He is a blacksmith and farmer. He was a magistrate in Warren during seven years. He was married in 1841. His wife was born in 1822. They had seven children. One son was in the 24th cavalry. He was killed by a shell at Petersburg, Va., June 18th, 1864. [ref #2, pg 285]

WHITE, Franklin, Warren, was born in Braintree, Mass. and is a son of Calvin and Margery White, who were the parents of four sons and four daughter. Our subject moved to Albany when young and engaged in the hotel business at the stock yards. In 1871 he located on a farm of 100 acres west of Little Lakes and now owns 200 acres. His wife was Ann E. Gallup, a daughter of Nathaniel Gallup, born at Stonington, Conn., October 16, 1799 and died at the residence of our subject in April 1878. He was twice married. Mrs. Franklin white received an excellent education in Albany Female Academy and graduated from a private academy in 1850. She is the mother of five children: Martha G., Frank H., Anna E., Alice and Helen. Mr. and Mrs. White are members of the Episcopal church. Their son, Frank H., who was born in Albany, May 26, 1863 has charge of the farm and is a breeder of Hambletonian horses. [ref. #1, *]

WIGHTMAN, Abel G., (deceased), was born in Warren July 21, 1832 a son of Timothy and Phila Bronson Wightman. The grandfather was Allen, whose ancestors came from the Isle of Wight. Allen was born in Connecticut and came here about 1800 and settled east of Jordanville, where he resided until his death. His wife was a Miss Randall, and they raised four sons and two daughters. Timothy A., was born in Warren in 1800. He was a justice and was a Republican. He was twice married; his first wife bore him two children: Mary Mix and our subject. His second wife was Catharine Sanford, who died in July 1882. Subject received a district and academic education and was an active Republican. In early life he went to Illinois and Utah and speculated in stocks. He was also a surveyor. He returned to Warren and engaged in farming; and in later days he followed the saddler's business. He died September 23, 1883. He married, January 5, 1865, Jane L. Sanford, born September 11, 1837, a daughter of Rodney and Catherine O. Mix Sanford, a descendant of the Sanfords who landed at Plymouth Rock. He was born at New London, and was a soldier in the Revolution. He was at New York at the evacuation and followed the sea for many years. In November 1800, he came with his family to Warren, and located on ninety acres, one mile west of Jordanville. His wife was Lavinia Egerton, who bore him nine children; Joseph, Kingsbury, Asa, Giles, Ralph, Ezra, Rodney, Lavinia, and Laura. Rodney was born in Connecticut February 17, 1794 and died in 1852 aged fifty-eight. He was a colonel of Militia. He owned 160 acres at his death and his wife survives. She was born in Columbia March 28, 1816, daughter of John and Margaret Orendorff Mix of German Flats. [ref #1, *]

WIGHTMAN, T. A., was born in Warren in 1800, and was a farmer from 1823 till 1870, when he retired. Mrs. WIGHTMAN was the widow of Colonel RodneySANFORD who came with his parents to this country in 1800, and died in 1852. [ref #2, pg 285]

WILLIAMSON, Cyrus, was born in Warren, N.Y., in 1815. His wife was E. DEWEY. She was born in St. Lawrence county, N.Y., in 1825. His father, Gerrit, was born in Richfield, N.Y., in 1788. He married a Miss GANO. [ref #2, pg 285]

WILLIAMSON, Norman J., was born on the farm adjoining the one which he now lives in Warren April 5, 1856, a son of Cyrus and Eliza C. (DEWEY) WILLIAMSON. His grandfather was Garrett and his father Samuel WILLIAMSON. Cyrus WILLIAMSON was born where the subject now resides September 27, 1815. He died October 1, 1881. His widow survives. She is a daughter of Hubbard and Clarissa (TANNER) DEWEY, of St. Lawrence county. N. J. WILLIAMSON received a seminary education, is a Republican and has been assessor. He owns the homestead of eighty-five acres. He married January 16, 1879, Louisa E., daughter of Stephen and Mary (LOMBARD) EDGETT. They have two children, Mabel E. and Bessie H. [ref #1, pg 239]

WILKERSON, William, a retired farmer, was born in the town of Warren, N.Y., in 1810. In 1836 he married Jane BLATCHLEY, who was born in the same town in 1810. His father was born in Warren and died in 1864. His mother died in 1815. Mr. and Mrs. WILKERSON have been members of the Methodist church during forty years. [ref #2, pg 285]

WOOD, Palmer M., was born in 1839, at German Flats, N.Y. He was married in 1866 to Jennie M. WARD, of Warren, N.Y. He has resided in Warren twenty-one years; has been a farmer, dairyman and school teacher. He has served three years as commissioner of highways, and he is now serving his fifth consecutive term as supervisor of Warren. [ref #2, pg 285]

ZOLLER, William, was a native of German Flats, N.Y. He married Nancy SHOEMAKER in 1859. They had one daughter, born in 1875. His father, Benjamin, was a native of German Flats. His mother's maiden name was Mary EDICK.

"Among other well known residents of Warren we may mention Adam J. CRIM, George W. FORT, James HOYER, C. W. BLOOMFIELD, David McCREEDY, Adam CRIM, Byron >PAINE and B. A.WETHERBEE." [ref #2, pg 285]

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