Town Clerk - Nathaniel Shepard, Wilmurt
Supervisor - J. A. Harvey, Old Forge

Justices of the Peace
E. L. Marks, Old Forge
George S. Watkins, Wilmurt
Joshua Farr, Forestport
William Richard, Wilmurt

Abbott, E. F. store and tel. office Old Forge
Abbott, H. clerk Old Forge
Alexander, Andrew guide Old Forge
Arnold, Edward guide Old Forge
Bald Mountain House (C. M. Barrett prop.) Old Forge
Ball, John E. guide Old Forge
Barber, Prosper hotel Wilmurt
Barrett, C. M.  prop. Bald Mountain House Old Forge
Barrett, Eugene laborer Wilmurt
Bentley, John lumberman Forestport
Briggs, Comrade prop. Old Forge Hotel Old Forge
Briggs, Ebenezer farmer Enos (Oneida Co)
Briggs, John farmer Enos (Oneida Co)
Briggs, Richard farmer Enos (Oneida Co)
Brockway, D. guide Old Forge
Bronson, Edward farmer Enos (Oneida Co)
Bronson, George W. farmer Enos (Oneida Co)
Bronson, Gilbert farmer Enos (Oneida Co)
Bronson, Louis lumberman Enos (Oneida Co)
Bronson, Nelson farmer Enos (Oneida Co)
Brown, W. I.  guide Old Forge
Bull, Milo E. prop. Forest House 
(formerly called Arnold Camp)
Old Forge
Burgess, Fred laborer Wilmurt
Burke, W. H. guide Old Forge
Cameron, George laborer Wilmurt
Camp, Richard lumberman Forestport
Carman, Andrew farmer Wilmurt
Carnahan, Solomon farmer also store Wilmurt
Charbonnean, D. stage line Old Forge
Clancey, Peter lumberman Forestport
Clare, James lumberman Forestport
Codling, D. W. meat market Old Forge
Cole, J. H. P. laborer Wilmurt
Conklin, Henry farmer Wilmurt
Conklin, John laborer Wilmurt
Conklin, Roscoe farmer Wilmurt
Cool, Byron hotel Forestport
Covey, Henry H. prop. Camp Crag, also post master Big Moose
Christie, Philip guide Old Forge
Dalton, Robert guide Old Forge
Dart, W. guide Beaver River
Deis, Charles carpenter Old Forge
Deis, George carpenter and saw mill Old Forge
Deis, Levi architect and carpenter Old Forge
Down, Henry F. post master Beaver
Dugal, Frank laborer Wilmurt
Dugal, Fred laborer Wilmurt
Dunbar, J. guide Beaver River
Dunikan, S.  guide Old Forge
Dunning, Edward, Mrs. hotel Wilmurt
Elliott, C., Capt. steamboat Beaver River
Emery, Charles laborer Wilmurt
Emery, David farmer Wilmurt
Evans, Evan W. laborer Wilmurt
Farr, Gideon lumberman Forestport
Farr, J. J. hotel Forestport
Farr, Joshua lumberman also justice of the peace Forestport
Fayzette, George guide Beaver River
Fisher, William C. farmer Wilmurt
Flanagan, M. laborer Wilmurt
Flansburg, Albert laborer Wilmurt
Flansburg, Frank famer Wilmurt
Flansburg, George teacher Wilmurt
Flansburg, Jerry farmer also hotel Wilmurt
Flansburg, Philip laborer Wilmurt
Flyke, Zenis laborer Wilmurt
Forest Home
formerly Arnold Camp
(Milo E. Bull prop.) Old Forge
Fraula Denna guide Old Forge
Fulton Chain Hotel Mr. Wakeley prop. Old Forge
Galucia, Walter laborer Wilmurt
Garlock, Hiram retired Wilmurt
Garlock, William farmer and grocer Wilmurt
Ginther, Nicholas freight and express Old Forge
Goodsell, Christian guide Old Forge
Goodsell, George guide Old Forge
Harvey, J. A. gen'l merchant and post master,
also supervisor
Old Forge
Haskell, Elmer laborer Wilmurt
Haskell, Roselle laborer Wilmurt
Hawkes, Charles laborer Old Forge
Hennessy, C. J. section boss Big Moose
Hess, Adam laborer Wilmurt
Higby, J. H. prop. Higby Camp Big Moose
Hull, Addison farmer Remsen (Oneida Co)
Ingersoll, L. bottling works Old Forge
Jones, Robert laborer Wilmurt
Kennedy, A. boatman Old Forge
Lawson, Erasmus saloon Wilmurt
Lawson, James laborer Wilmurt
Livingsworth, Bert jobber Wilmurt
Lynn, Daniel laborer Wilmurt
Lyons, Seth lumberman Forestport
Marks, E. L. manager Fulton Chain Fish Hatchery,
also justice of the peace
Old Forge
Marks, Floyd asst. mgr. Fulton Chain Fish Hatchery Old Forge
Mack Cornelius F. postmaster Fulton Chain
Needham, L. R. blacksmith Wilmurt
Odit, Amos laborer Wilmurt
Odit, Augustus postmaster Northwood
Old Forge Hotel Comrade Briggs prop. Old Forge
Palmer, Charles farmer Wilmurt
Parsons, Benjamin guide Old Forge
Parsons, Ira guide Old Forge
Parsons, Riley boot shop Old Forge
Paul, Henry farmer Wilmurt
Paul, Melvin laborer Wilmurt
Perkins, J. J. stage line Old Forge
Post Office A. Harvey, postmaster Old Forge
Potter, George farmer Wilmurt
Priest, Frank laborer Wilmurt
Pullman, J. C. carpenter and contractor Old Forge
Reid, Henry  lumberman Remsen (Oneida Co.)
Remanda, Fred farmer Wilmurt
Remanda, Robert farmer Wilmurt
Richards, John M. farmer and lumberman Wilmurt
Richards, William farmer and lumberman,
also justice of the peace
Riggs, G. Garrie guide Old Forge
Rising, Conradt farmer Wlimurt
Rivett, Fred furniture dealer Old Forge
Rivett, Peter guide Old Forge
Schreyer, Frank laborer Wilmurt
Scrafford, Eugene guide Old Forge
Scrafford, john guide Old Forge
Seeber, Theodore boat shop Old Forge
Shepard, Charles laborer Wilmurt
Shepard, Nathaniel laborer, also town clerk Wilmurt
Shufelt, James farmer Wilmurt
Shufelt, Selvin J. farmer Wilmurt
Smith, Herbert laborer Wilmurt
Sperry, Frank guide Old Forge
Sperry, W. D.  guide Old Forge
Sprague, John capt. steamboat Old Forge
Stebans, James farmer Wilmurt
Sylas, John laborer Old Forge
Taylor, Archibald farmer Forestport
Unger, George laborer Wilmurt
Van Cort, Joseph farmer Wilmurt
Van Dyke, George carpenter Old Forge
Wardell, Arthur postmaster Wilmurt
Watkins, George S. sportsman, also justice of the peace Wilmurt
Watkins, Henry retired Wilmurt
Wells, Charles laborer Wilmurt
Wells, Lawrence farmer Wilmurt
Wheeler, Jefferson hunter and trapper Enos (Oneida Co.)
Weidmark, W. guide Old Forge
Wilkinson, J. E. S.  farmer also hotel Wilmurt
Windover, George hunter and trapper Enos (Oneida Co.)
Withers, Charles lumberman Forestport
Withers, George farmer Forestport
Withers, James farmer Forestport
Withers, Jesse lumberman Forestport
Withers, Peter lumberman Forestport
Withers, William laborer Forestport
Wood, Alonzo prop. Wood Camp Old Forge
Wood, Josiah guide Old Forge
Worden, Eugene lumberman Enos (Oneida Co.)
Wright, George farmer Wilmurt
Wright, Irwin laborer Wilmurt
Wright, William farmer, also hotel Wilmurt
Youngs, William laborer Wilmurt
Yules, Frank guide Port Leydon (Lewis Co.)
Zimmer, Peter laborer Old Forge

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