Source: "1879 History of Herkimer County," published by Beers, page 239 and "History of Herkimer County, New York," George A. Hardin, Frank H. Willard, D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1893, page 452

Town Supervisors 1836 - 1892
Baker, William1836-1838
Becker, William1848
Billsboro, Robert1862, 1863
Clancy, Peter1888
Conklin, Henry1890
Crippen, Charles1858
Dawson, George W.1859-1861, 1867
Evans, Griffith1874, 1881, 1885
Fisk, Richard1841
Flansburgh, J. Francis1878, 1882, 1891
Flansburgh, Jerry1875
Fonda, Andrew J.1868, 1869
Hinckley, Gardner1844-47, 1849-51, 1853
Lane, John M.1854-57
Richards, John C.1873, 1879, 1880
Richards, John M.1883, 1884, 1886, 1887, 1892
Thorp, David1839
Walkins, Caleb1840, 1842, 1843
Watkins, George S.1889
Wilkenson, Francis1852
Wilkenson, J. E. S.1864-66, 1870-72, 1877

new 1/14/06 Elected Town Officials - 1882

Source: The Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 15 Feb 1882

[election results]

    John C. Richards, dem.,
town clerk
    Charles Wagner, dem.,
    Jerry Flansburg, dem.,
    William Dart, dem.;
    (full term) George Wright, dem.
    (vacancy) Henry Conklin, rep.;
overseer of poor
    Albert Farr, rep.;
com. highways
    Peter Clancy, dem.;
    George Potter, dem.
    George Withers
    George Potter, dem.
    H. B. Pruyn, rep.;
inspectors dist 1
    Wm. Garlock, rep.
    Lemuel Conkling, dem.
    Wm. Richards, dem.
inspectors dist 2
    James Withers, dem.
    Joshua Farr, rep.
    Archy Taylor, rep.;
constables, all democrats;
Town House
    Peter Clancy.

Wilmurt Elected Officers, 1891

Source: The Herkimer Democrat, Wed. Feb. 11, 1891

A nomination in the town of Wilmurt is equivalent to an election, in as much as a union ticket is each year put into the field without opposition.  The ticket named is as follows:

    Francis Flansburg (Rep.)
Town Clerk: 
   Amos Odit (Dem.)
Justices of the Peace: 
    Peter Wallace [full term] (Rep.), 
    E. L. Shephard [vacancy] (Dem.)
    Henry Conklin (Rep.)
Commissioner of Highways: 
    George Richards (Dem.)
Overseer of the Poor: 
    Charles Wagner (Rep.)
    Wm. Wright (Rep.)
Inspectors of Election, Dist. #1: 
    Will Fisher
    Fred Hubbard
    George Conkling
    H. Watkins
    Peter Shepherd
Inspectors of Election, Dist. #2: 
    Peter Clancy
    Jesse Wither
    Seth Lyons
    Edwin Farr
    Gid Farr
Inspectors of Election, Dist. #3: 
    D. F. Sperry
    David Charburan
    L. Wood
    Rob Perry
    Ned Ball
    William Wright
    J. J. Farr
    George Conkling
    David Schavenaugh
Town House:
    Peter Clancy
Excise Commissioner: 
    E. Worden [license]

Town Account

Source: The Herkimer Democrat, Wed. Jan 14, 1891

S. J. Shurfelt, overseer of highway, $6.00
Emmit Marks, inspector, $16.00
E. L. Shepard, inspector, $16.00
C. S. Holiday, inspector and town house, $26.00
Jessie Withers, inspector and excise com, $25.09
E. Jurer, inspector, $16.00
Geo. D. Richards, ex-Town clerk, clerk of election and poor account, $18.00
Peter Wallace, overseer of highways, $6.00
Gideon Farr, inspector and labor acct, $18.00
Edwin Farr, clerk of election, $6.00
Geo. Wright, overseer of highways, $6.00
D. Charbaneau, inspector and taking returns to Herkimer, $34.96
D. Charbaneau, going after ballots, $5.50
Canton Mfg. Co., voting booths, $15.00
Egbert Flansburg, excise com., $12.00
Wm. Withers, inspector, $16.00
Henry Conkling, justice and poor acct., claimed 16.97, $12.97
Jerry Flansburg, assessor, claimed $69.36, $65.36
Geo. W. Conklin, assessor, $36.20
Geo. W. Conklin, watcher and town house, claimed $15.00, $11.00
Geo. S. Watkins, ex-supervisor and clerk of election, $16.11
Peter Clancey, inspector and town house, $30.00
Frank Flansburg, excise com. and watcher claimed $25.00, $18.00
Roscoe Conklin, deliv'ng booths, claimed $15.20, $13.20
E. W. Evans, com. of highways, claimed $129.00, $114.00
F. F. Farr, assessor, $70.00
F. F. Farr, inspector, town house and taking returns, $38.00
Dr. G. C. Mory, truss for pauper, $5.00
Wm. H. Conklin, injuries by broken bridge, claimed $40.00, $25.00
Wm. H. Richards, ex-com. and justice, $22.00
Joshua Farr, justice, clerk and overseer of highway, $32.00
Peter Wallace, justice, $18.00
N. W. Shepard, town clerk, $49.45
Henry Conkling, supervisor, $138.07
Wm. H. Conkling, poor master salary, $12.00
F. O. Carpetner, poor acct., $100.00
Dr. G. C. Mory, doctoring town poor, $25.00
Peter Wallace, sheep killed by dogs, claimed $7.50, $7.00
Jerry Flansburg, sheep killed by dogs, $3.00
Richard Bros., damage to team and wagon, claimed $40.00, $38.00
Henry Watkins, inspector and taking returns, $26.00
Geo. Wright, inspector and registering, $16.00
Wm. C. Fisher, inspector and taking returns to Herkimer, $25.00
Amos Odit, inspector, $16.00
Wm. V. Garlock, inspector, $16.00
F. H. Harvey, overseer of highway 1889-90, $12.00
County treas., poor house acct., 21.03
C. C. Witherstine & Co., printing, $2.50
Devendorf & Smith, attorneys fees, $26.20
Geo. S. Watkins, ex-supervisor assigned to H. Conklin, $106.25
Supervisor, distributing school moneys, $4.50 

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