These 18th century wills of Mohawk Valley residents were filed in the Surrogate's Office in New York City, and the transcriptions below were made in the late 19th and early 20th century by the New York (City) Historical Society . As is the case with our online Letters of Administration, many of these men, their children and their witnesses have been mentioned on our queries board or in articles on our site.

Almost 100 years has passed since these wills were transcribed by members of the New York Historical Society (New York City). I do not personally know where the originals are stored, if the general public can get access to them, or anything at all about them, so unfortunately can't answer questions. Their listing on our site is provided as a clue for your own independent investigation. What we in hindsight interpret as incorrect and unusual spellings and punctuation of names and places are as interpreted by the original transcribers, who are not here to answer for their "errors". Important: page numbers refer to the issues of the New York Historical Society Abstracts of Wills.

Please refer to the original journal for more information about the wills or contact a specialist in New York City genealogical research. The wills were contributed to Herkimer/ Montgomery Counties NYGenWeb by an anonymous donor "In Memory of E. E."



Will of Christophel Fox, Burnett's Field, Albany County
transcribed by Laura Perkins.

NY Hist Soc Abstracts of Wills, Vol 7 p.334

In the name of God, Amen, August 28, 1766. I, Christophel Fox, of Burnett's Field, being sick. All debts in Law or Conscience to be paid. "I leave to my eldest son Frederick as a fore right £5," "my wife is to have her choice of living with either of my sons and have her maintenance as becometh, with meat, drink, washing, and boarding without any molestation." I leave to my sons Frederick and Johannes, all my woodlands, house and place and orchards except 3 lots of wood land lying in the New Patent, being Lots 27,39, 79, containing 600 acres. I leave to my daughters, Elizabeth and Mary, each an equal share of the said 600 acres. I leave to my two sons all my movable estate except all cattle which I leave to my 4 children. I make Teunis Hess and Rudolph Shoemaker, executors.

Peter Ten Broeck Peter Billinger
Johan Thomas Schumaker, Jr

Proved 13 Feb 1767, Albany
Confirmed 17 Apr 1770

Will of Johanes Hess, Canajoharie, Albany County
transcribed by Laura Perkins.

NY Hist Soc Abstracts of Wills, Vol 8 p.203

In the name of God, Amen. I, Johanes Hess of Canajoharie, in Albany county, farmer, being very sick. "I give and bequeath to my dearly beloved wife Margaretta that she shall be master so long till of the children's age, or as long she have my name, if she can live by them, if she remains my widow and cannot live with them, they must give her that she can live among another ten pounds per year." I leave to my oldest son, Johanes Hess, that lot of land with the house and barn where I now dwell, with everything belonging to it. "I leave to my son, Frederick Hess, the lot of land near to Helmer, where Daniel Miller now dwells upon." "Sixty acres he must have more when the land is divided." I leave to my son Dewald the lot next to Philip Fun "and 40 acres in the soft Bush." I leave to my son Daniel the lot in New Patent, in company with George Klock and others, about 500 acres; if there is any land good for a farm, "and if not, my 3 sons must divide their land, and give equal share to him, that he can live as well as the rest of my sons, they must share equally that every one can live." My four sons must give to my three daughters each £50, but my son Daniel is to give for his part £10. 28 October 1760

Philip Helmer
Johanes Belling
Andries Reber

Proved 30 Apr 1771 before John DePeyster, Esq.
Let of Admin to eldest son Johanes Hess
Confirmed 30 Mar 1772

Will of Johan Conrad Frank, Burnetsfield, Albany County

NY Hist Soc Abstracts of Wills, Vol. 8 p.236

In the name of God, Amen. I, Johan Conrad Frank, of Burnetsfield, in Albany County, August 14, 1771. I leave to my eldest son, Frederick £5 for his birthright. I leave to my wife Elizabeth the full use and improvement of all my farm where I live, with the house, barn, and orchard, during her life. I leave to my eldest son, Frederick, 100 acres of woodland, where he now lives, and 1/2 of the saw mill, according to a conveyance lately made to him. I leave to my son Timothy, 200 acres of woodland, in Lot No. 80, for which I have given him a deed; Also 125 acres on the south side of Lot 15. I leave to my son Conrad 250 acres of woodland in Lot 68, and 75 acres out of Lot 15. I leave to my youngest son, Johanes, all the farm where I live, being 186 acres, and a lot of woodland, being 100 acres, "lying right opposite to the rear of said Lot." I leave to my son James, all my wagons and horses, and my clock and my bed; "and he to maintain his mother both in victuals and drink." All the remainder of my estate I leave as follows: To each of my five daughters, Margaretta, Elizabetha, Anna, Maria Anna, and Eva, each an equal share of Lot 36, being 250 acres, and Lot 21, being 250 acres. "Also 400 acres, bought of Isdeman." To my wife and my son Johanes all my undivided right in Lot 14, being 340 acres. "It being supposed that there is a mine on said Lot, all my children are to have an equal share in it." All debts to be honestly and willingly paid, out of my personal estate. After my wife's death I leave all personal estate to my nine children. I make Augustinus Hess and Frederick Arendorff, executors.

Augustinus Hess
Johan Peter Bellinger
Frederick Orhrendorff

Proved 12 Sep 1774, Tryon County before Bryan Lefferts, Esq.

Will of Augustines Hess, Burnetsfield, Tryon County
transcribed by George Woliver.

"I am researching the WOHLEBEN family in what is present-day Madison County (Sullivan / Lenox towns). The family was there before Madison County was formed. I have recently become the Editor for the WOHLEBEN / WELLIVER Cousins International Research Group newsletter (12 years running). The previous Editor was my Uncle who had contacted and worked with Rex Stevenson on family information. I am collecting information, for a WOHLEBEN and descendants family page, to be put on the internet. I am an amateur genealogist who now spends 1 week / summer digging through old records in various NY locations (court houses, town halls, historic societies, etc). I am becoming increasingly familiar with the area and live in Connecticut.

Our stone wall exists with the parent of Henry WOOLIVER (b.1825 - d. May 6, 1884). His mother was a Sabre A. W(?) (1802 - Dec 24, 1897). Her second husband was Joseph Olcott, Jr (1792-Nov 13, 1868) [of the Olcott family from Hartford, CT ca 1800] and they married May 6, 1836. Sabre and Joseph were both widowed at the time. Their spouses were reported to be brother and sister. Joseph's first wife was Margaret Wohleben (d. 1837, AE 41). Published texts that include the Wohleben surnames (and variants) typically stop at 1800 and records don't seem to exist in this time frame (remember this was Indian county during revolution and many fires were set in fighting). Anyone with any information about any branch of this family is welcome to contact me by checking out my homepage at http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/w/o/l/George-H-Woliver-iii/index.html for my latest home page location, email and snail mail addresses.

NY HIST SOC Vol. 12 p. 71

In the name of god, Amen. I Augustines Hess, yeoman, of Burnetsfield, Tryon County, being in perfect health of body. I leave to my oldest son, John, for his birthright, all my blacksmith's tools. Unto my dearly beloved wife Anna, for life or widowhood, the possession of my lot of lowland No. 31 for her support, if my sons, Fridrich and Conrath, should refuse to maintain her with every necessary thing. I appoint my said two sons to maintain my son Nicholas during his life, and my daughter Eva, while unable to maintain themselves in food, clothes, and lodging. If they refuse so to do, my executors are to provide the same and charge the same against my two sons; they also, are to pay my daughter Eva, £60, at her marriage. Unto my said two sons, my lot of land No. 31, where I now live; likewise my whole share of my grandfather lillos land of lot No. 29; Also, the whole lot of woodland No. 31 which joins to my lowland; my lot No. 20 in the fire busch, all to be divided into equal shares. Unto my other six sons, namely: John, George, Augustines, Christian, Jost, and Daniel, the lot of woodland Nos. 12, 54, 67, and 100, all in southermost tract, No. 7 in middle tract; to be divided equally. Unto my sons Conrath, Jost and Daniel, each a horse and a cow. Unto my daughter Anna, a cow and a feather bed, and £60 to be provided by my two sons, Frederick and Conrath. The remainder of my moveable estate to be equally divided between all my children, John, Frederick, George, Augustines, Nicholas, Christian, Conrath, and Daniel. I make my sons, John, Augustines, Christian, and Frederick, executors.
29 May 1779
Christian Schell
Frederick Fox
Nickel Staring         Proved 25 Feb. 1783

NOTE -- Ca 1723, Burnetsfield Patent:
Lot 29 - Rudolph Korsing -- aka Ludolf/Lilof
Lot 30 - Nicholas Wohleben
Lot 31 - Johannes Hess
Johannes Hess m. 19 Aug 1711 Catherine Korsing

Will of Nicholas Wohleber, Burnet's field
transcribed by George Woliver.

NYHS Vol 12 p. 253

In the name of God, Amen. I Nicholas Wohleber, of Burnet's field, yeoman, being weak in body, this 23rd day of February, 1773. I leave to my oldest son, Henry, £5, and to my right upon the stony hill at German Flatts. Unto my two sons, Dieterick and Johannis, the west side of a lot called No. 30, whereupon I dwell, the whole containing 200 acres. The other side of the said lot unto my other two sons, Abraham and Jacob. The four brothers to keep up the fences without any dispute; Abraham and Jacob to have the plow, Hark, waggon, iron sledge, mare and horse, they to maintain their mother for life or as long as she bears my name. Also, to maintain the other children to their age. Unto my beloved wife Maria Elizabeth, three cows, four sheep and four hogs, which are to be kept in pasture, and over the winter with sufficient feed. Further, unto her, my Bible, the book of sermons, the Prayer Book and the Song book. The Lot No. 21 in the southernmost part of the first tract to go equally to my four sons, Dieterick, Johannes, Abraham and Jacob; they to work together upon the land four years, and pay of the yielding of the land, the interest and debts; at the expiration of said term, they may divide. After this time Dieterick and Johannes shall pay the rest of my debts; the two others are held and bound for their mother's and sister's maintenance, until their sisters are of age. My daughter Anna Maria, if maintained by them is to keep two sheep have pasture and winter feed for them. Unto my daughter Sophia, 100 acres of Lot No. 3, the first tract of the southermost part; the other 100 acres of same lot to my sons, Dieterick and Johannes. Lot No 8 in the second tract equally unto my five daughters, Catharine, Elizabeth, Magdalena, Anna, and Anna Maria. My personal estate to be divided at expiration of said four years. The stuff and furniture in the house to remain undivided till after the death of my wife. My last named two sons to pay my beloved wife at end of four years an annuity of £2 each for life or widowhood. My daughter Anna Maria to have liberty to live with one of my four sons. I make my daughter Anna Maria, Jacob Boshorn and Dieterick Stahl; they, my loving friends, to be my executors.

Loruntz Herter
Johan Nicklas Herder
William Petrj

Proved 11 Nov 1783

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