Probate File of David L. Bly
Town of Norway

Generously Donated by Paula Pitts

Born 1821 - Died 7 Mar 1887

David L. Bly was the son of Joseph Bly, Jr. 1796-1861 and Mary (Polly) Legg 1785-1857 .He married Sarah Cylvinia Western born about 1824 and died 3 Mar 1885, daughter of Joseph Western 1797-1873 and Hannah Hall 1800-1865. David and Cylvinia are buried in the Hurricane Cemetery, Norway, Herkimer Co., New York.

The probate file of David L. Bly is file 00842 in the Herkimer County Courthouse, Herkimer, New York and is transcribed as follows:

To the Surrogate's Court of the County of Herkimer: The petition of William S. Burt of the town of Norway in the County of Herkimer, State of New York, respectfully shows: That on or about the 7th day of March 1887, David L. Bly late of the town of Norway, in the said County of Herkimer, departed this life at the residence of Samuel Western in the town of Norway in said county of Herkimer, leaving a certain instrument in writing, purporting to be his last will and testament, dated the 21st day of December, 1886. That said deceased was at the time of his death a resident of the said County of Herkimer. That said will relates to Real and personal property and in said instrument your petitioner is named as sole executor. That as your petitioner is informed and believes the said David L. Bly died, leaving the following persons heirs surviving to wit: Nathan Bly (an uncle) Stillman Walley, Ogle Co., Ill., Alfred Bly & Sabra Lawton, Caroline Bennett, each of Ohio, NY, Almira Place of Greene, Kent Co. RI, Clorinda Lawrence of Havanna, Huron Co., Ohio, A. F. Bly of Bluffton, Wells County, Indiana, Henry J. Bly of 1293 Broadway, NY City, Geo W. Bly of Blyville, Knox Co., Nebraska, Nelson Bly of McGregor, Iowa, Hepsy Hillyer of Waupan, Wisconsin, Joseph Bennett & Adeline Parsons of New York Mills Oneida Co., NY, severally cousins of said deceased who are all and the only heirs at law and next of kin of said deceased, all of whom are of full age and of sound mind.

[The following is written as a chart]

Children of
Lewis Bly a second cousin -  Lewis Bly of Waurgan, Conn.
Susan Craig of Waurgan, Conn.
Mary Scoville of Waurgan, Conn.
Eliza Eddy -  Willard Eddy of Greene, RI
Charles B. Eddy of Grafton, Mass.
Julia Barton of Oneco, Conn.
Samianttia Insley -  Rouse Insley, Lake Station, Ind.
Lysander Bly -  Dolly Drullinger of Keelersville, Mich.
Della Taylor of Keelersville, Mich.
Mina Jackson [Jackson crossed out] Johnson, of Keelersville, Mich.
Alvin G. Bly -  Ralph Bly of Keelersville, Mich.
Hattie Munsil of Prospect Park, Mich.
Lois Sawford of Grand Rapids, Mich.
Sibyl Comstock -  Edmund Comstock of Gray, NY.
Henry Comstock of Gray, NY.
Orrin Comstock of Gray, NY.
Stephen Comstock of Gray, NY.
Lewis Comstock of Gray, NY.
Samuel Comstock of Gray, NY.
Byron Comstock of Gray, NY.
Jennie Comstock of Gray, NY.
Henrietta Harding of Gray, NY.
Ann Western of Gray, NY.
Rachel Service of Middleville, NY.
Hellen Vedder -  Lucy Fuller of Grant, NY
Rouse Bennett -  Virgilla Hall of Gray, NY.
Horace R. Bly -  David Bly of Gray, NY.
Baily Bly of Gray, NY.
Mary Lawton of Gray, NY.
Jennie Wallace of Wilmurt, NY.
[Luther Bly] -  Henry Bly of Gray, NY.
Jennie Comstock of Gray, NY.
Fedelia Bly of Herkimer, NY.
Severally children of deceased cousins of said deceased.

Wherefore your petitioner prays that the said last will and testament may be proved, and recorded as a will relating to real and personal property according to the laws of the State of New York, and that the above named heirs and next of kin of said deceased may be cited to attend the probate thereof; and that upon the presentation of this petition the Surrogate's Court of the County of Herkimer may make such further or other order in relation to the proof of said will or the service of said citation as may be just and proper.
Dated the 11th day of June, 1887. Wm S. Burt

End of Transcription

The following information is from other forms in the probate file:

It was ordered that service of the above mentioned citation upon the said above named parties be made by publication thereof in two newspapers, to wit: in the Herkimer County News published at Little Falls, NY, and the Herkimer Democrat published at Herkimer NY. [copies attached to the probate papers]

Samuel J. Western and his wife, Ann Western named in will to receive all real and personal estate. Also named Jason L. Western. E. E. Kelley appraiser. Bill submitted by Dr. Dean B. Tyler [son of Almira E. Bly Tyler Place] of Greene, RI Aug 1, 1888 for 22 weeks board at $5 per week and services rendered to said Bly in his sicness from Oct 28, 1885 - Apr 1, 1886.

Transcribed by Paula Pitts. Brackets indicate information added by Paula Pitts. For information or questions on this probate file please contact Paula Pitts. These families are on the WorldConnect Family Tree database <pitts488>.

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