The Will of Thomas Rankins

The will of Thomas Rankins, soldier of the Revolution, was abridged and contributed by researcher Willis Rankins. Attached is the estate inventory taken by the executors and appraisers, including notes of money loaned to or owed to friends and relatives.


Thomas Rankins' Will 9/26/1832

Found in Book E page 393 of Herkimer County Wills

Arphaxed Loomis Surrogate

Christopher P. Bellinger appointed special guardian to:

Marks Rankins and Sandy Rankins, sons of deceased

David Alonzo Rankins, John Petrie, Adeline Petrie, Hannah Petrie, Thomas Petrie, and Julius Petrie, grandchildren - minor kins of Thomas

To wife Catharine:
Dwelling house and ground garden and outhouses comprising about two acres of land where I now live. After her death, to go to daughter Phebe. After Catharine's death, household furniture to go 1/3 to daughter Peggy, 1/3 to daughter Phebe, and 1/3 to children of deceased daughter Catharine, late wife of Marks Petrie. All residue of Personal property after death of wife in nine equal shares to children; Richard, Peter, Edward, Marks, Sandy, Phebe, Peggy, wife of Conrad Petrie each one share and to the child of my deceased son David one share. I give, bequeath and devise all my land and real estate in equal shares to my five sons, Richard Peter, Marks, Edward, and Sandy. I give and bequeath to my grandson David Alonzo Rankins, son of my deceased son David, the sum of 250 dollars to be paid to him upon his attaining the age of 21 out of my real estate. I give and bequeath to my daughter Peggy, wife of Conrad Petrie, the sum of 75 dollars out of my real estate to be paid in 3 years after my decease. I give and bequeath to children of Catharine, 75 dollars out of my real estate. To my sons, Melchert and James T., I have heretofore given their share of my property and I intend the 500 dollars. Bonds I hold from each of them to go as part of the personal property disposed in this will. I hereby appoint my two sons, Richard Rankins and Peter Rankins, executors of this my last will and testament.
v From the file of Thomas Rankins

Be it remembered that we, Richard Rankins and Peter Rankins, did on the 31st day of July and the 1st day of August, one thousand eight hundred and thirty three did take an inventory of the personal property of Thomas Rankins, deceased , as follows;

Two swine $7.50
One dung fork .75
One harrow & teeth 3.50
One lot of old iron 1.25
One Patent fork .37 1/2
One hemp reel .25
One iron shovel .25
Two hogsheads .50
One coulter .31
One five pail kettle 3.50
One single whippletree .25
One hoe .25
Two cider barrels 1.50
One brace chain .25
One two horse sleigh 12.00
One lot of milk kellers and pans 1.88
One grindstone & crank 1.00
One cider barrel 2.00
One ax 1.00
Two churns 1.25
One two horse plow 5.00
One oak cask .50
One log chain 1.50
One barrel and pork 7.00
One single whippletree .25
Six stone jars 1.87
One lot of corn in crib 7.50
One pail .25
One lot of oats 3.12
1/2 Four casks 1.50
One tar bucket .25
One lantern .18
One cake of tallow 1.40
One cartridge box, bayonet & belt .50
Two stone pots of lard 2.25
Two trace chains .57
One tin pail .25
One auger, steel trap, two wedges .12 1/2
One butter bowl & two keelers .50
One rasp, two clevisis .62 1/2
One lot oats in bags 3.47
One hammer, chisle bridle .50
One barrel vinegar 1.50
One lot iron .50
One buffalo robe 4.00
One 3 pail kettle 2.50
One set chairs 3.75
One tea kettle .75
One musket 5.00
Four kettles 2.50
One great wheel 1.50
Ten chairs 3.75
One saddle 4.00
Two andirons 1.50
One lot wheat 8.00
One shovel & tongs .75
One lot oats 6.25
Four pewter plates, one platter .75
One loom 6.00
One pail .31
One buck saw 1.25
One dining table 3.00
One spinning wheel 2.50
One frying pan & spider 1.69
One coffee mill .50
One pot 1.00
Two sieves .75
Dishes in cupboard 4.69
Twelve bags 3.75
One lot books 2.50
One half bushel .25
One clock & case 15.00
Four grits .37 1/2
One stove & trimmings 28.00
Stove pipe & tube 4.50
One chest & drawers 4.00
One barrel and ham 4.00
One looking glass 1.00
Two bags flour 4.00
One note Conrad Petrie 10.00
One chest & bread trough 1.00
One note Calvin Lotridge 64.90
One chest & draw 1.50
One note S. Seiber 4.50
Two beds & bedsteads 15.00
One note Henry Eysaman 20.45
One chest 3.00
One note Richard Rankins 20.57
One note Peter Rankins 45.66
One hand saw 1.00
One note Peter Sharp 121.40
One musket & cartridge box 3.00
One silver watch 8.00
One book 2.00
One note Charles DeLong 32.00
One log chain 1.69
One bedstead, bed & bedding 18.00
One shovel plow share & bolt .90
One bedstead, bed & bedding 14.00
One 2 inch & 1 inch auger .75
One bedstead, bed & bedding 14.00
One dung fork .75
Bedding 30.00
One chisle coulter & wedges .75
One crane 1.25
One 700 reel .87
Two cows & one steer 45.00
Two sythe sneth & draw knife .37
One paning mill 10.00
One set of harnys 3.50
One hogshead .25
One cider barrel .75
One lot rye 40.00
One warping bars & spool bench 1.00
One trace chain .18
By cash rec. of Henry Eysaman 1.61
One set harness chains 16.00
By due bill of David Vincent 1.77
One two horse waggon 30.00
One due bill of John M. Casler 2.37
One log chain 1.50
One due bill of F. Helmer 1.00
One short chain .50
One due bill of A. Palmer 14.19
One field wheat 12.00
One due bill of M. Rankins 2.13
One hatchet .75
Cash of Daniel Rankins .50
One five gallon keg .50
Due the estate by Edward Rankins 16.25
One iron wedge .50
Due the estate by Marks Rankins 6.00
One auger, pinchers & gauge .37
Due the estate by Peter Rankins 3.00
One beette chain & hoop .37
Due the estate by Richard Rankins 2.50
One whippletree & rod .12
One stove 10.00
One grill well & swifts .37
One two horse sleigh 8.00
One x cut saw 4.00
One crow bar 1.50

Amount settled & taken in by Peter Rankins and Richard Rankins, $41.38 and $840.80
Amount in Inventory $882.18
Appraised by Charles DeLong and Joseph Eysaman Little Falls - October 28, 1833

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