Winfield News from Old Newspapers
Town of Winfield
Herkimer County, NY

new2/14/09   From the Richfield Springs Mercury, May 12, 1883

West Winfield.

O.H. Wilcox is appointed Postmaster in place of B. E. Davis, deceased. Mr. Davis held the office for eighteen years, and only resigned ten days before his death. Always pleasant and obliging, conscientious and faithful, he made a very large circle of friends, and was universally liked by the public at large. He leaves all his property to his wife including a life insurance of $5,000. Mr. Wilcox has served as deputy for three or four years, and has always given good satisfaction.

new2/14/09   From the Richfield Springs Mercury, September 20, 1888


The sick ones are now improving and no new cases. (note: there was a diphtheria epidemic)

The will of the late Fred J. Morgan was proven Monday.

Mr. Kinmouth resumed service in the Congregational church, Sunday.

The funeral of Mrs. Julia Wheeler Burgee, who died Saturday evening of paralysis, occured from the home of her brother, O. J. Wheeler, Tuesday, the 18th, at 11 A. M. She had been an invalid for four years.

A committee of three have gone to Meriden, Conn., to see about establishing a silver plating plant in our town. Mr. Williams, the proprietor, will take half the stock needed to establish it, if our enterprising citizens will secure the rest.

Back on January 2, 2007, we started off this historical news tidbits page with articles from the August 20, 1886 issue of The Winfield News (Vol. III, No. 21), a West Winfield, NY newspaper published by C. D. Wheeler. In addition to coverage of the Town of Winfield, this issue of the paper had special columns for Cedarville (Town of Litchfield), Leonardsville (Madison County), Unadilla Forks (Otsego County), Burlington Flats (Otsego County), and Bridgewater (Oneida County). Only social news related to Herkimer County was transcribed. All names and places are spelled exactly as in the original newspaper.

The West Winfield News, Friday Morning, Aug. 20, 1886


- P. Wesley Corbett, has returned to Boston.

- W. T. Trenham, was at Richfield Springs, last week.

- Miss May Elwood, is visiting friends in Theresa, N.Y.

- The ruling price for cheese in the Utica market Monday, was 8 3/8 cents.

- Mrs. Cora Reiter and son, of Chicago, Ill., visited friends in town last week.

- Mrs. V. W. Palmer, has returned from a visit to her daughter, in Hudson, N. Y.

- Miss Flora Goodier, of Richfield Springs, is visiting Mrs. F. J. House and other friends in town.

- L. Phillips, is making decided improvements in the appearance of his dooryard on Main street.

- A. M. Tyler and H. H. Wheeler returned from Exeter, one day last week, with 29 speckled trout.

- Work is progressing on Beecher Kilbourn's new machine shop, in the rear of his residence on Main street.

- Dr. and Mrs. E. S. B. Spencner, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker, spent a delightful day this week at Cooperstown.

- Geo. S. A. Young, special agent for the old reliable Hartford Fire Insurance Company, called upon Haggerty & Wheeler, last Thursday.

- J. M. Bellinger and wife, A. R. Warren and wife, of Mohawk, and Damon Clapsaddle and wife, of Columbia, visited at the hotel Sunday.

- D. A. Dewey and wife, started Tuesday morning for the seashore. Asbury Park, on the Jersey coast, will probably be their stopping place for two or three weeks.

- After next Sunday for a period of three weeks, there will be no services at the Baptist Church, as the pastor will be absent upon his summer vacation at Asbury Park, N. J.

- Should a game of ball between the Maple Leaves and the Herkimers, be played in this village, a large crowd would be assured. As many are anxious to witness a meeting between the two clubs.

- Last Monday, Alexander McConnell, an employee in Beardsley's hop-press manufactory, at Waterville, was instantly killed, by being caught and whirled around a shaft. His neck and back were broken and body terribly mangled.

- A week ago last Sunday, before services at St. Joseph's church, while several of the congregation were standing conversing, upon the raised platform before the door, it suddenly gave way, and its occupants were precipitated to the ground. One of the number, Miss Ella Donovan, was injured quite severely. She was taken to Dr. Sweet, at Amsterdam, last week, who found two of the ankle bones dislocated. She is now greatly improved. Several of the others received bruises.

- We are sorry to learn of the serious accident which happened [to] Rob Davies, of Cassville, one day last week. Rob, engaged in a game of ball, at the time of the accident, was standing on home plate, waiting to receive the ball from the catcher, when a player sliding in from third base came violently in contact with Rob's legs, knocking them from under him, breaking the bone just above and dislocating the ankle join of his right leg. It is said that the break is a bad one, and that the poor fellow's sufferings are intense.

- The Union School building is being shingled.

- F. D. Weaver's people are entertaining friends from Chicago.

- Several of our townsmen attended the races at Utica, Wednesday.

- Mr. A. E. Barstow, has returned from a week spent in Cincinnati, O.

- F. T. Talbert and family, visited friends at Edmeston, this week.

- Wm. Weaver, of Leonardsville, made us a pleasant visit this week.

- Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Coon, of Aurora, Ill., are guests of A. B. Crumb's.

- Mrs. Eugene Stilson, of Elmira, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Albert McLaughlin.

- Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Curry, of Ilion, are guests this week at A. Armstrong's.

- Mrs. Loucks, of Watertown, is visiting her son, Rev. A. C. Loucks, our popular M. E. pastor.

- Miss Maggie Smith, and Miss Katie Haley, of Utica, visited Miss Smith's parents over Sunday.

- Messrs. Kilbourn, Jones, Lackey and Kellogg, have returned from camping at Canadarago Lake.

- Mr. and Mrs. Bouck, of Utica, are spending the week with their daughter, Mrs. T. E. Jepson.

- Charles J. Wheeler and daughter, Julia, have been visiting friends in the western part of the state.

- Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Eames, of Lee Center, have been visiting at W. T. Trenham's, the past week.

- The Misses Susie, Leona and Gertrude Burdick, of Alfred Center, are guests at Mrs. S. B. Spencer's.

- S. C. Young, has gone to Utica, where he will occupy the position of night clerk at the Grand Central hotel.

- Prof. Stevens', genial countenance beamed upon us last week. He is meeting with good success, in Utica.

- T. S. Arnold and wife attended the concert given by the Weber quartette, at Richfield Spa, last Thursday evening.

- The enterprise of several citizens residing on Curtis Avenue, is manifested in the improved appearance of that street, caused by filling in and grading.

- Tommy Smith, has been suffering for about a week from a felon on his right hand, but is now improving under the skillful treatment of Dr. D. P. Van Court, of Mohawk.

- Al. Tyler was the fortunate possessor of the ticket that drew the china tea set at the Catholic festival week before last. Al. being a batchelor, will doubtless be at a loss what to do with it.

- The Ladies Aid Society, of the Congregational church, will meet at the residence of Mrs. Seward Brace, next Wednesday afternoon, August 25th, at 2 o'clock. A cordial invitation is extended to all.

- A copy of the West Winfield Musical Herald lies before us. It is a sixteen page quarto sheet edition, published monthly, and contains not only interesting and instructive reading, related to the great art, but vocal and instrumental selections, which alone are worth far more than the yearly subscription price, 50 cents. For subscription apply to T. S. Arnold.


The figures given below represent reports from Bradstreet's correspondents in the 19 hop growing counties. These have been supplemented by telegraph advices from each section. In cases where a county has been covered by two or more returns the highest totals as to production are given:


Otsego33,000 5,000
Oneida37,000 4,000
Madison10,000 600
Schoharie27,000 1,300
Franklin16,000 5,000
Ontario7,000 650
Lewis3,500 700
Montgomery3,700 400
Chenango4,600 400
Onondaga1,200 200
Delaware1,600 200
Albany800 300
Jefferson800 150
Genesee450 100
Herkimer3,300 400
Livingston2,400} ...
Oswego800} ...
St. Lawrence1,750} 800
Wayne400} ...
24 other counties2,800} ...


Mrs. Susan Stillman and daughter Clara, of Ilion, visited old neighbors and relatives here last week.


Mrs. H. E. Holcomb is visiting at Richfield Springs.

D. W. Morris will open his school in Sauquoit, Sept. 14th.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davis, Aug. 14th, a son.

Seward Hosford thinks he shall have a few hops to pick.

Master Philo Town, of Utica, is the guest of Lee Caswell.

Freddie Williams, of Utica, is a guest of Seward Hosford.

Prof. Stephens, of Utica, spent a few days in town last week.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wheelock, Aug. 12th, a son.

Mrs. Stewart, of Mohawk, is the guest of Mrs. D. L. W. Kibby.

Horatio Ball and wife, of Jordanville, visited relatives here last week.

Mrs. Davis, of Lowell, Oneida Co., is visiting friends and relatives here.

Mrs. Polly Getman, is with her sister, Mrs. John Getman, who is ill.

Wayland Beals and wife, of New York city, were at church last Sunday.

The pleasant face of Frank Hosford, shone on his friends here last week.

G. N. Caswell's party proved to be a very pleasant one. Fifty-seven numbers were sold.

Dr. Brown was called to Canajoharie, last week, on account of the severe illness of Chas. Wheelock's infant child.

A crowded house listened to an excellent discourse by the Rev. Dr. Huxtable, last Sunday. He will preach again on Sunday, Aug. 29th.

Morgan Nichols is making a large quantity of horse collars from orders. Now is the time to speak for one, no one else makes them in Herkimer county.

Mrs. Dr. Morris, two children, and Miss Cressy Hamilton, of Utica, were guests of Mrs. M. D. Easton, last week. Also Harry Devendorf, wife and two children.

The mite society at Mrs. Dr. Brown's was a very pleasant affair, thirty-two ladies being present. The next one will be held at Mrs. Jacob Miller's on Friday afternoon, Aug. 27th.

H. Howard, with his six horse power steam thresher, was threshing at Eugene Huntley's one day last week, and John Atkins was threshing at John Conkling's with his new two horse tread machine. The steamer threshed 200 bushels, while Mr. Atkins threshed 320 bushels, 120 more than the steamer, the grain was in the lot at both places and equally dry and in good condition. Litchfield is bound to be ahead, no matter what the content.


Peter Price, of West Winfield, was in town last week visiting his children.


Peter Kelley's little boy has been quite sick but is better.

Miss Bessie McKee, spent a day or two last week, at her grandfather McKee's.

Capt. E. C. Houghton and wife, of North Bennington, Vt., received a telegram Thursday, stating that Mr. Houghton's store had been destroyed by fire. Mr. and Mrs. Houghton left for home on the afternoon train.


The Chas. Weeks Homestead containing five acres of land. Apply to G. S. WEEKS, Executor.

For Sale.

Desirable House and about an acre and a quarter of land in West Winfield, - about thirty rods from the D.L. & W. Railroad depot - the residence of the late Henry Smith.

Large house in first-class repair, furnished with hard and soft water.

Barns, Fences and Buildings All in Good Order.

Young fruit trees just beginning to bear.

Terms easy - one half down. For particulars enquire of Sylvester F. Smith of West Winfield, or C.W. Smith, Executor, Ilion.

The Saratoga monument association, while it may not enjoy so long and honorable a lease of life as the Washington monument association, is yet becoming venerable in years, and at each annual meeting discuss the progress made in getting the materials ready for the completion of its monument. The chief work now remaining is the embellishment of the great pile with appropriate statues and bas-reliefs, illustrating scenes in that important and decisive battle of the revolution. Sixteen of the bronze bas-reliefs are cast and ready to be placed in the interior of the monument. on the exterior are four niches for statues of the generals engaged in the battle. Three of these will be filled by statues of Morgan, Schuyler and Gates, the fourth, devoted to Benedict Arnold, being left vacant as a silent comment on the treason which forever blasted the memory of his gallant conduct on this field. The wounding of Arnold is, however, commemorated on a bas-relief tablet in the interior. At the meting of the association, of which John S. Starin is president, it was requested that the United States government invite European nations to send representatives to the dedication, which is set down for September 19th, 1887. The gathering of representatives of France and England at such a celebration would be a somewhat peculiar spectacle, tho' time has long ago worn the edge from the old controversy. The prospect is good that the historic field of Saratoga will have a monument worthy of its fame. - Utica Herald.


B. S. Davis, Beal's Block, West Winfield Bakery, Groceries, Fine Confectionery.

LADIES' BAZAR, Nettie Spencer, Fancy Work, Stamping and Embroidering Neatly Executed, Materials for Marking, Orders by Mail.

KILBOURN & JONES (successors to L. B. Kilbourn), L. B. Kilbourn and H. E. Jones, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, News Depot West Main Street, West Winfield.

M.C. BARKER, "Old Reliable Meat Market", chickens may be had by leaving orders one day in advance, pressed beef a specialty.

O. TULLY & SONS, One Price Boot and Shoe Store, Leonardsville, N.Y.

T. S. ARNOLD, dealer in pianos, organs, musical instruments, new and old, to rent, to buy, West Winfield.

H. H. WILCOX, Drugs, School Supplies, Toilet Articles, Sporting & Fishing Goods, Base Ball Goods. "Prescriptions Carefully Compounded."

IRVING A. CRANDALL, Shoes, Dress Goods, Flour, Coffees, Leonardsville, N.Y.

GEORGE WELTER & SONS, Steam, Carriage and Machine Shop. Wagons built to order, Cutters and Sleighs, Ornamental Painting,

JAMES PATTERSON, Hard and Tinware, Stoves, Ranges, in the Joslyn Block.

SCOTT, The Artistic Tailor, 38 Genesee St., Utica, also at American Hotel Waterville on Wednesdays.

O. H. WILCOX, General Store, Clothing, Canned Goods, Roasted Coffees, Dry Goods & Notions, Wall Paper, Paints.

JOHN M. JENNINGS, Grist Mill Re-Opened, Leonardsville, N.Y.


E.S.B. Spencer, M.D.
West Winfield, N.Y.

West Winfield Union School and Academy, West Winfield, N.Y.
Fall term commences September 7 and continues twelve weeks.
Winter term commences December 7 and continues fifteen weeks.
Spring term commences March 29 and continues twelve weeks.
F. J. HOUSE, Principal.

Attorney and Counselor at Law.
Office in Beals' Block,
West Winfield, N.Y.
Collections receive prompt attention.

E. W. WILCOX, F. D.,
A Full Line of
Undertaking Supplies,
Telephone connection.
Wall Papers, Picture Frames, Window Shades, Cornice Poles, &c.

John J. Wholahan's
Shaving Parlors & Bathing Rooms
First Floor Weeks' Block,
Cor. Main & South Sts., West Winfield, N. Y.
A Choice Line of Cigars.
Gents' Furnishing Goods.

H. S. Crandall, M.D.,
Leonardsville, N.Y.
Treats Chronic Diseases generally.
Office Days: Central Hotel, opposite Opera House, Utica, every Wednesday and Thursday; Haggerty's Hotel, West Winfield, every Saturday, from 2 to 7 p.m.; Darrow House, Richfield springs, Friday evening, February 12, and Saturday to 12 o'clock noon, 1886, and once in two weeks. American Hotel, Waterville, Tuesday and Tuesday evening, February 23, 1886, and once in two weeks. Home Office Sunday and Sunday evening.

Insure your property against all loss or damage by
Fire or Lightning
Call at Our Office in
News Building
And Take Out Policy of
Accident Insurance.
We represent the best Companies in the world.
Truly yours,
Haggerty & Wheeler.

The First National Bank
West Winfield, N.Y.
Paid up Capital..... $100,000
Surplus and Undivided Profits..... 40,000
ALONZO WOOD...........President
CHAS. D. WHEELER......Vice-President
JOHN O. WHEELER.......Cashier
HENRY H. WHEELER.....Ass't Cashier

Drafts on England, and all principal points
in Europe, obtained at the lowest rates.
New York Correspondents:
American Exchange National Bank, NInth National Bank,
New York City.

We are prepared to execute work in this line upon the shortest possible notice and in a
neat, tasty manner. Satisfaction guaranteed. Give us a call.

Manufactured by
Moshier, Glatt & Filkins.
Utica, N.Y.
On Sale At
John J. Wholahan's
West Winfield, N.Y.

Made to order in all the latest styles. Prices
moderate and satisfaction guaranteed. Repairing
promptly done. Call and see me.

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