Morgan / Rider Family Bible

West Winfield

Herkimer County, New York

Contributed by Allen L. White

Spine on bible is labeled as N. M. Morgan. Bible was printed in Utica in 1855. If you have an interest in this bible, contact Al White as he's looking for a good home for it!


Nathaniel M. Morgan and Azubah TownsendFebruary 27, 1833
Theresa D. Morgan and Boughton L. RiderFebruary 22, 1854
Milton T. Morgan and Jennie A. GrovesSeptember 29, 1862
Mary A. Wilcox and George S. SladeFebruary 26, 1868
Clayton N. Morgan(no date entry)
Jennie (is this the wife of Clayton?)(no date entry)
Nellie Squires Morgan and Frederick J. Medley?June 30, 1921


Nathaniel M. MorganAugust 4, 1897
Azubah Townsend MorganMay 15, 1901
Milton Towsend Morgan Died Friday morning 8 O'ClockFebruary 22, 1907
Boughton Lewis RiderApril 7, 1911
Theresa DeEtte Morgan RiderMay 15, 1911?
Jennie Groves MorganJanuary 1, 1920
Earl Morgan RiderSeptember 9, 1904
Eliza Rider MacFarland(no date entry)
J. Boughton Rider(no date entry)
Richard E. RiderSeptember 29, 1923


Boughton L. RiderNovember 15, 1829
Theresa DeEtte RiderJune 5, 1834
Earl Morgan RiderSeptember 30, 1861
Grace Rising RiderJune 25, 1859
George W. MacFarlandDecember 15, 1866
Eliza Azubah Rider MacFarlandMarch 28, 1867
Jay Boughton RiderFebruary 22, 1879
Laura Babcock RiderOctober 1, [1873]
Richard Elton RiderAugust 25, 1886
Rose Elizabeth RiderDecember 16, 1890 overwritten by 1891
Ruth Eliza RiderDecember 27, 1892 overwritten by 1893
George Burt RiderJanuary 9, [1899]
Sara E. RiderJan 3, ____
Valentine FreesJune 9, 1892
Grace Caroline Cockcroft RiderDecember 20, ____
George MacFarland FreesFebruary 14, 1919
Richard Edwin RiderOctober 8, 1926
Nathaniel M. MorganJanuary 3, 1810
Azubah T. MorganMay 26, 1812
Theresa D. MorganJune 5, 1834
Milton T. MorganMarch 29, 1840
Mary A. WilcoxJanuary 21, 1847
Jennie A. MorganMarch 28, 1843
Nellie P. (or H.?) MorganMarch 30, 1873
Clayton N. MorganNovember 9, 1877

Dates in [ ] are from 1900 census.

The following pamphlet was tucked into the bible along with a few other items. Notice that it appears to contain a note about the death of Theresa DeEtta Morgan Rider.

Methodist Episcopal Church

West Winfield, N. Y.
Arthur Moody, Pastor
Parsonage, Cor. North & Academy Streets
Telephone, Bell 50


for the week beginning
Sunday, May 17, 1914

"The soul can split the sky in two
And let the face of God shine through
But east and west will pinch the heart
That cannot keep them pushed apart
And he whose soul is flat, the sky
Will cave in on him bye and bye"

Services To-Day.

"The Lord is in His holy temple".

We welcome the Rev. W. Dempster Chase, D. D. of Utica. He will preach and administer the Sacrament this morning. Let us give him our prayers, our earnest attention, and a hearty greeting at the close.

You can stay to Sunday School. Say so. Do so. Ladies are invited to meet with the Earnest Workers or the Bible Class at 12:05.

Silver Jubilee Anniversary service in the Epworth League tonight. Mrs. S. W. Gallinger leads. A large attendance will help start the year right.

Doctor Chase will address the Union meeting tonight at the Baptist Church, on "Sabbath Observance". The speaker is the General Secretary of the New York State Sabbath Association. Don't miss hearing him.

Week-day Services.

Tues. & Wed., May 19-20 the W. H. & F. M. S. of Mohawk District will hold their Annual Convention in the Methodist Episcopal Church at Herkimer.

Thursday evening, the prayermeeting. One hour of bright, cheerful, helpful, prayer and praise. Tonics are good; especially spring tonics. Get one for your weary spirit at this service.

News and Notes.

Tuesday, 9:00 A. M. the First Quarterly Conference will be held in the League room

A beautiful life came to a close last Friday when Sister DeEtta Rider rested from her earthly labors. Her steadfast hope and firm faith made her going seem more like one embarking on a long-contemplated journey. We deeply sympathize with the bereaved family.

Did you take copies of the Calendar last week for friends and others who do not attend church? Do so again. Extra copies on the table in the vestibule.

"The wisest and most interesting men talk little, think much, complain never, but travel on. How far have you come today, Brother?"

"It's good to have money, and the things money can buy; but it's good to check up once in a while, and make sure you hav'nt lost some things money can't buy."

Do you know? That your neglect of public worship helps delay the World's Redemption. That your presence gives life ot the preacher. That your face helps him more than you can know. That your faithfulness strengthens the grip of Christ upon your community, and hastens that for which you pray, "Thy Kingdom Come."

Note: The original owner of the bible was likely Nathaniel Morgan of Winfield in the 1850 census. His daughter Theresa married Boughton Rider and they lived first in Litchfield (1870) and later in West Winfield (1900).

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