The Winfield Star Birth Index

Prepared and Contributed by Kathy Huxtable

This extraction of birth notices is from a collection of newspapers printed in West Winfield and was done in 1995 by two students. The period covered ranges from 1888 to 1920. However issues from the early years were very sparse and overall many years are not even represented.

Since West Winfield is located in the southwest corner of Herkimer County, its newspaper's readership is drawn, not only from the community, but also from the neighboring counties of Madison, Oneida and Otsego, as well as other townships in Herkimer County. Some of the names found here include residents of these areas. Unfortunately this extraction listed the parents only as Mr. & Mrs. with no other name for the mother. The original newspapers are in fragile condition and not available for further research at this time. Our thanks to the individual who has allowed us to share this information with the public. The index was prepared by Kathy Huxtable, Town of Columbia Page Coordinator.

FatherChildDatePlaceIssue Date
Adams, HaydenBarbara Arlene  10/19/1917
Allen, EarlWillam Earle10/7/1919Leonardsville10/17/1919
Angher, Henryson  12/27/1888
Bardeen, Jamesson Bridgewater2/24/1888
Bigelow, OrrinOrrin Jr. Edmeston1/2/1920
Blowers, Duanedaughter11/30/1898 12/1/1898
Brainard, E.D.son9/25/1893 9/28/1893
Brainard, O.P.son4/21/1895 4/25/1895
Braton, Thomasson8/30/1908 9/3/1908
Brown, -daughter1/16/1916Rochester1/21/1916
Brown, Geo.son4/17/1895 4/25/1895
Brown, WalterElla Elizabeth2/1/1913 2/7/1913
Burns, Johnson10/20/1914West Exeter11/6/1914
Chapman, Hubertdaughter  3/18/1892
Corbin, Charlesdaughter10/31/1895 11/7/1895
Corgill, F.S.William Eugene4/18/1919 4/25/1919
Crumb, DaymonLloyd Park6/11/1918Utica6/21/1918
Davies, Richarddaughter  12/26/1895
Davis, WilliamDonald Arthur9/14/1917West Exeter9/28/1917
Dodge, Rev. W.C.son10/20/1914West Exeter11/6/1914
Doremus, IrvingBernice Lorinda  9/25/1914
Dugan, Johndaughter  12/7/1893
Eddy, Andrewdaughter  6/30/1911
Ely, JesseRobert Jesse1/30/1919Syracuse2/7/1919
Emhof, Jacobdaughter10/12/1917 10/19/1917
Erts, Josephson10/16/1910 10/28/1910
Evans, Pricedaughter10/17/1895 11/7/1895
Fitch, RayLloyd Chase3/15/1918 3/22/1918
Ford, -daughter1/15/1916Oneonta1/21/1916
Fox, Fredson4/16/1918Richfield Springs4/19/1918
Frost, Rev. C.C.son5/31/1903Sauquoit6/4/1903
Galinsky, Mosesson West Winfield7/2/1903
Gay, Monroeson8/8/1894 9/13/1894
Geer, George Jr.Harold Raymond10/22/1910 10/28/1910
Girvan, -son  6/4/1891
Harvey, Dennis J.daughter3/17/1918 3/22/1918
Hoyle, Johnson  4/22/1888
Huntley, Fredson3/1/1909 3/3/1909
Hutchins, HarryDwight Bassett9/8/1919 9/19/1919
Joslyn, Rexdaughter Richfield Springs2/13/1920
Kirby, Johndaughter10/22/1910Cooperstown10/28/1910
Knowles, Haroldson11/3/1919Unadilla Forks11/14/1919
Lloyd, Glendaughter6/26/1914North Sauquoit7/3/1914
McIntyre, H.B.William Raymond West Edmeston9/13/1918
McLaughlin, Lynnson3/15/1892 3/18/1892
Moyer, Walterdaughter6/19/1914North Sauquoit7/3/1914
Nolan, Jamesson  12/26/1895
O'Brien, Johnson6/22/1911 7/7/1911
Palmer, Charlesson Cedarville2/24/1888
Palmer, Willdaughter11/8/1895 11/14/1895
Perkins, AdelbertLysle Edwin11/9/1919West Winfield11/14/1919
Seckneo, Milodaughter8/21/1908 9/3/1908
Senif, Charlesson7/9/1912 7/12/1912
Sherwood, Will K.Raymond Tyler10/12/1919West Winfield10/17/1919
Smith, Frankson8/4/1914West Exeter8/21/1914
Southworth, -John Marcus2/3/1920Bridgewater2/13/1920
Stanton, Jasperdaughter3/19/1918 3/22/1918
Tomkinson, Willson Plainfield Center8/4/1898
Tucker, George V.Dorothy Spencer1/17/1920South Orange, NJ1/30/1920
Waldruff, Charlesdaughter  11/23/1893
White, F.H.Frederick Clifton6/12/1918Leonardsville6/21/1918
Williams, Glenndaughter3/15/1918Ilion3/22/1918
Winne, Abeson9/8/1894 9/13/1894
Wright, Johnson10/12/1917 10/19/1917
Wright, LeeWilliam Isaac9/22/1914 9/25/1914

All names are as spelled in the original newspapers. Due to fragile condition, the original issues aren't available for lookups or further handling. For further information about anyone listed, please contact the appropriate local historical societies and libraries.

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