The Winfield Star Marriage & Anniversary Index

Prepared and Contributed by Kathy Huxtable

This extraction of marriage notices is from a collection of newspapers printed in West Winfield and was done in 1995 by two students. The period covered ranges from 1860 to 1940. However, issues from the early years were very sparse and overall many years are not even represented. Since West Winfield is located in the southwest corner of Herkimer County, its newspaper's readership is drawn, not only from the community, but also from the neighboring counties of Madison, Oneida and Otsego, as well as other townships in Herkimer County. Many of the names found here include residents of these areas. The original newspapers are in fragile condition and not available for further research at this time. Our thanks to the individual who has allowed us to share this information with the public. The index was prepared by Kathy Huxtable, Town of Columbia Page Coordinator.

BrideGroomWedding DatePlaceIssue Date
Ames, MaudeSanders, M.E.8/24/1904Mohawk9/8/1904
Armstrong, Alice EstelleShaffer, Harold H.10/27/1910 10/28/1910
Atkinson, Ina BellArnold, Henry A.6/24/1903North Winfield6/25/1903
Atkinson, Jennie A.Rising, David2/22/1893West Winfield2/23/1893
Ball, Florence AlmaJameson, Oren M. Litchfield6/28/1912
Barrett, AudreyLohnas, Glen J.11/25/1937West Edmeston12/3/1937
Barstow, Flora A.Gates, Charles H.6/24/1903West Winfield6/25/1903
Bass, Orpha M.Welch, Walter6/10/1903Leonardsville6/18/1903
Bassford, AlicePenney, Rev. Roscoe C.4/16/1918Unadilla Forks4/19/1918
Bauernfeind, EloiseMumbulo, Harry10/15/1937Scranton, PA10/22/1937
Berrie, MargaretO'Brien, Joseph8/30/1899Leonardsville9/7/1899
Bigelow, Carrie LaviniaCallman, John6/30/1921Oriskany Falls7/15/1921
Birmingham, Anna F.King, Peter S.12/29/1897West Winfield12/30/1897
Boucher, Freda JeanMiller, Kenneth5/6/1939 5/12/1939
Bowen, MarionNewell, Harold9/21/1938Chadwicks9/30/1938
Bowen, MildredPerry, Thomas C. Willowvale12/31/1938
Brailey, Ruth E.Schnars, Frank C. Cassville12/5/1924
Brown, Beulah M.Brown, Wendell P.5/18/1937Albany5/21/1937
Brown, FloraAmes, George12/19/1888West Exeter12/27/1888
Burbick, CharlotteWheeler, Fredrick S.6/28/1911Leonardsville7/7/1911
Burch, DorothyHughes, Morris12/4/1919Sidney Center11/19/1919
Burdick, RuthSmith, Periam10/4/1938Unadilla Forks10/7/1938
Butler, Florence Z.Pangmon, Willard Thompson11/22/1905Syracuse11/16/1905
Bynes, MarcellaMurphy, Benjamin10/11/1917West Winfield10/19/1917
Clapsaddle, Mary C.Cox, Wm. S. Mohawk2/19/1868
Clark, Hazel B.Thompson, Chauncy S. New Hartford8/21/1936
Clark, Mary E.Loomis, Lee J. Union11/14/1919
Cole, Nellie M.Hiteman, W.E.4/30/1895Pavillion4/25/1895
Cole, Nina AliceBailey, Andrew6/21/1935Columbia6/28/1935
Cole, RuthCalman, Charles1/8/1939West Winfield1/20/1939
Cook, Helen E.Cunniff, Carl F.8/20/1939Bridgewater8/25/1939
Crandall, EllenFuller, Henry6/28/1932Ilion7/8/1932
Crandall, Mary C.Wheelock, Robert S.6/30/1923 7/6/1923
Crandle, Elva E.Champlin, E. Frank12/5/1893Leonardsville12/7/1893
Crewell, Elizabeth M.Doxtater, John T.10/26/1910Plainfield10/28/1910
Crimm, EvaFuller, Fred9/26/1894Herkimer10/4/1894
Curtis, HelenDavis, Donald4/10/1939Plainfield4/21/1939
Cutts, Annie J.Dumka, Fred W.6/25/1921Utica7/15/1921
Davies, Ellen A.Griffiths, Sylvnus G.11/2/1870Plainfield Center11/9/1870
Davies, Sarah L.Griffiths, Francis P.11/2/1870Plainfield Center11/9/1870
Davies, Sarah MaeWilcox, E. Walter6/30/1914West Winfield7/3/1914
Davis, EmmerDavis, William12/27/1899Plainfield Center1/4/1900
Davis, Flora LoresChapman, Oscar Byron1/1/1900West Winfield1/4/1900
Davis, LibbyWilliams, J.S.3/26/1896Plainfield4/2/1896
Davis, MinniesScott, Charles Thatcher West Winfield9/8/1904
Delano, MaryJones, Wallace2/8/1888East Winfield2/17/1888
Divendorf, Minnie B.McLaughlin, D. Lynn9/16/1889West Winfield9/19/1889
Doyle, Anna M.Gaffney, Francis J.10/26/1910West Winfield10/28/1910
Duesler, Julia E.Chisamore, George5/20/1903Syracuse6/4/1903
Dye, Leona F.Miller, Ernest Utica7/8/1932
Earl, EmroySmith, J Myers4/14/1860Herkimer5/3/1860
Eaton, MaryCady, William12/27/1899Burlington1/4/1900
Edick, Blanche E.Finckle, James N.10/24/1910Rochester10/28/1910
Edict, FlorenceBrown, Earl D.6/3/1903East Winfield6/4/1903
Ellsworth, DoraRowes, James8/18/1892Leonardsville8/18/1892
Elphick, DelphinePalmiteer, George C.5/26/1870West Winfield6/1/1870
Evans, PearlWashburn, Richard12/11/1937West Winfield12/17/1937
Fairbank, MiriamHowells, R. Elmer10/11/1917New York City10/19/1917
Fenton, Marion OrdeliaArmstrong, Kenneth Greene  2/11/1938
Fiske, Helen MarieSteckley, Edwin Gardner6/12/1912Lincoln, NE6/28/1912
Fitch, HazelBlowers, John L. Jr.4/7/1939Ilion4/14/1939
Flint, RenaCarey, Walter10/11/1919Beaver Creek10/17/1919
Force, Mary E.Kuhn, Clarence9/2/1939Chadwicks9/8/1939
Garlick, MildredPugh, Irving G.10/19/1910Garrattsville10/28/1910
Gibbons, Katherine A.Youngs, J. Harold6/14/1921West Winfield6/17/1921
Giles, MaryCrandall, Harris7/6/1911West Winfield7/7/1911
Gorton, Estella R.True, Wallace F. Plainfield1/6/1875
Graham, Mary J.Fireman, Albert P.6/4/1890Utica6/19/1890
Griffin, ThemaRoberts, Edward Kenneth9/16/1939Mohawk9/22/1939
Griffith, GladysPritchard, Edward2/26/1938Utica3/4/1938
Hagerdorn, DoraGray, Clyde Millers Mills9/19/1919
Harvey, Margaret E.Sternburg, Harold10/9/1919Utica10/17/1919
Heidel, Helen AnnBaker, Wesley West Winfield7/6/1923
Hiteman, Isa M.Wood, Leyland A.6/15/1918West Winfield6/21/1918
Hlavenka, HelenDavis, James5/5/1938 5/13/1938
Holmes, Henrietta B.Coombs, John M.10/29/1938Boston, MA11/4/1938
Horan, IsabelleRose, Don9/16/1919Cooperstown9/19/1919
Horrigan, Helen E.Kuhn, Kenneth T.10/3/1938Chadwicks10/7/1938
Hotchkin, Mary M.Gage, Henry M.6/15/1898Cassville6/23/1898
Howells, Ruth MagdalenaZurbuchen, Charles  2/6/1925
Hughes, MaryMetcalf, Edward3/8/1928West Winfield3/16/1928
Hull, HattieDonahoe, Irving6/1/1927Crane's Corners6/24/1927
Johnson, RebaHitchcock, Reginald6/15/1921West Exeter6/17/1921
Jones, Eva C.Night, George S. Herkimer11/25/1863
Jones, MargueriteCarey, Harold10/15/1919Richfield Springs10/17/1919
Jones, RuthLarsen, Julius9/29/1925Utica10/9/1925
Jones, Vivian ElizabethKnowles, Phillip Stanley9/2/1939Cedarville9/8/1939
Kaufman, IdaMachlowitcz, Nat1/15/1938Bronx1/21/1938
Kehou, AnnaLynch, Morris6/25/1918West Winfield6/21/1918
Kerry, AgnesSmith, Frank E.9/29/1925Cassville10/9/1925
Kilbourne, AliceStephenson, William R.6/23/1923Buffalo7/6/1923
Knowles, Emma C.Toole, James E.9/1/1908West Winfield9/3/1908
Lucy, JanetWitthoff, Henry9/10/1918Richfield Springs9/13/1918
Lucy, Mary J.Welters, William Lester5/29/1903Cedarville6/4/1903
Lyoyd, MarionRobinson, Robert8/18/1935Sauquoit8/21/1936
Maine, RubyHibbard, Earl J.9/4/1918West Winfield9/13/1918
Mark, LauraHaswell, Mr.6/1/1912Herkimer6/7/1912
Marshall, Mary JosephineMold, Fred Leighton9/6/1899West Winfield9/7/1899
Mason, BessieAdams, Sherill M.12/24/1919Brookfield1/2/1920
Mathey, DoraBright, John Elbert1/29/1938West Winfield2/11/1938
McCabe, Alice A.Breiner, Frank J.3/28/1921Livingston Manor4/15/1921
McCauley, HelenEddy, Horace E.4/13/1935Milford4/26/1935
McMillan, Myrtle J.Keeler, Harlow C.4/1/1939Worchester4/14/1939
Meeker, Marjorie IoneWilliams, Henry R.6/4/1938Utica5/20/1938
Metzgar, MarryLumms, Chauncy11/12/1893Ilion12/7/1893
Miller, DorisWilliams, William O.4/13/1938Plainfield Center4/15/1938
Moors, MaudeWilliams, Lewis C.6/10/1890Hudson6/19/1890
Murphy, MaryMcNamara, Raymond East Winfield4/15/1921
Murray, MaggieDodge, Dr. A.W.9/29/1863Baltimore, MD10/21/1863
Murtale, MarthaWidrig, Luman4/22/1860Herkimer5/3/1860
Neff, Aurietta BelleDries, Henry4/7/1939Kilawog4/12/1935
Obenauer, Harriet E.Blowers, Albert O.  7/7/1911
Oliver, MiriamHughes, Elmer6/23/1938Utica10/7/1938
O'Rourke, Beatrice EllenConner, Edward9/24/1938 9/30/1938
Owens, Mary T.Wood, Arthur D.6/28/1899West Winfield6/29/1899
Peaner, HelenBailey, Lee12/25/1919Leonardsville1/2/1920
Perkins, Lucile A.Porter, Roger H.11/26/1937Sauquoit12/3/1937
Pleecy, HattyOlcott, Ely6/10/1903Frankfort6/18/1903
Polinski, MaryKurkowski, August11/19/1938Richfield Springs12/2/1938
Prince, MargaretClose, Paul11/22/1937Leonardsville11/26/1937
Pritchard, MargaretBaldwin, Dean5/7/1938Syracuse5/13/1938
Putnam, KateWheeler, Henry H.5/7/1905Ilion5/11/1905
Reynolds, MillicentSternburg, Fred7/13/1898Forrestport8/4/1898
Rich, Irene MildredHayes, Perry S.6/10/1935West Winfield6/7/1935
Ritcher, DorothyMatteson, Lyle12/10/1938Oneida12/16/1938
Rix, MandeWheeler, Charles R.4/25/1895Ilion4/25/1895
Roberts, Ellen M.Goodier, Herbert T.10/30/1895West Winfield10/31/1895
Roberts, Lillian May EllisRoland, Elmer Warren11/9/1910Bridgewater10/28/1910
Roberts, MarionBurnett, Willis E.11/25/1937West Winfield12/3/1937
Roberts, VivianMiller, Donald4/9/1938Mercer, OH4/15/1938
Robinson, EthelRoberts, Edward B. Sauquoit11/11/1938
Rodgers, Nellie E.Huntington, Shirley E.11/29/1888West Winfield12/6/1888
Rossell, HazelWaite, Roy J. Heightstown, NJ1/2/1920
Ryan, MaeCushing, William7/5/1911Clayville7/7/1911
Saxon, Ethel W.Bennett, Floyd W.7/7/1921Millers Mills7/15/1921
Sephans, VioletHartley, Gilbert12/16/1937West Winfield12/24/1937
Sessions, FannieColgrove, Herman Leonardsville3/3/1909
Sheridan, Mary F.Tripp, Lemuel J.11/29/1893North Bridgewater12/7/1893
Sitts, MargueriteJones, Harry9/17/1914Richfield Springs9/25/1914
Slade, Alice CarolineWinslow, William Arthur4/17/1938 4/22/1938
Slosek, WandaJones, Walter12/31/1937West Winfield1/7/1938
Smith, Eva A.Snyder, Charles E.11/30/1888West Winfield12/6/1888
Smith, Lucille MaeHoen, Albert Clayville10/8/1937
Smith, Margaret AddieDavis, Sydney6/11/1903Cedar Lake6/18/1903
Smith, MarieChase, Walter C.12/27/1899Richfield Springs1/4/1900
Spicer, CarrieWatson, Frank F. Glenn Cove9/13/1894
Stephens, DeliaLeFevre, Andries2/1/1919New Paltz2/7/1919
Stephens, Edna J.Hyde, Walter A.12/23/1912Clayville12/27/1912
Sternburg, EloiseFord, Harry9/22/1914Richfield Springs9/25/1914
Stuart, FannieFerguson, Willis4/11/1905Millers Mills5/4/1905
Stueber, LelaBuell, Lynn J.3/2/1909New Berlin3/3/1909
Sullivan, Grace L.Fehr, George L.11/24/1937Clayville12/3/1937
Sweeney, MargaretWalsh, Francis P.11/21/1893Clayville11/23/1893
Sweet, MissFiske, Mr. Utica6/18/1920
Talbot, EvaBrowne, Albert Elwood11/26/1924West Winfield12/5/1924
Teeple, Abbie WoodHicks, Seward Bliss Syracuse6/21/1918
Thomas, HattieWaghorn, Fred C.8/10/1892West Winfield8/18/1892
Thomas, Mildred MayCharles, Stewart3/16/1928Madison10/26/1928
Thurston, Carrie EstellaWilliams, Ernest Hughes12/25/1918Bridgewater1/3/1919
Truman, Gladys A.Davis, C. Ray6/29/1921Schuyler Lake7/15/1921
UnknownPrice, Vern6/2/1918 6/21/1918
unknownCharles, George6/18/1927Spooner's Corners6/24/1927
unknownDavis, Milburn6/18/1927Spooner's Corners6/24/1927
Unknown, Ella KatherineDougherty, Thomas E.5/17/1905Utica5/11/1905
Unknown, Elsie EusebiaEells, Burr G.8/19/1900West Winfield8/21/1902
Unknown, Eugenia BessieRanch, Edward Carl Richfield Springs9/19/1919
Unknown, Mary BernadineYourno, Michael11/4/1933 11/10/1933
Unknown, Mildred LouiseSherman, George Henry6/1/1935Unadilla Forks6/7/1935
Unknown, Millie EvelynHolmes, Dr. Harold B.12/25/1912West Winfield12/27/1912
Unknown, Myrtle MayShort, Marion Blake2/19/1939West Edmeston2/24/1939
Van Houten, Isabelle C.Nelson, N.12/19/1912CA12/27/1912
Waldron. JessieLewis, Frank12/18/1895Millers Mills12/26/1895
Waldruff, DorothyPearson, Robert4/30/1938Ilion5/6/1938
Walsh, Genevieve LouiseBirmingham, Paul Leo10/27/1928Clayville11/2/1928
Warren, E. LizzieHowland, Myron10/3/1894Richfield Springs10/4/1894
Warren, Mary ElizabethPerkins, Edward Roscoe8/5/1914Leonardsville8/21/1914
Watkins, IreneHolden, Alvin10/29/1938West Exeter11/11/1938
Weigel, Ida MaeHoffman, John10/30/1895Clayville11/7/1895
Westfall, Ora M.Odell, Henry A.6/30/1932West Winfield7/8/1932
Wheeler, Julia PennyWillis, Emerson M.6/28/1899West Winfield6/29/1899
Wheeler, Louise RebekahPollard, Harry Glenn West Winfield11/15/1912
Wheeler, Ruth HardinDavis, Paul Joseph11/24/1937West Winfield11/26/1937
Wickwire, Lydia LouiseHollister, Kenneth John12/31/1938West Winfield1/6/1939
Wilcox, Bertha B.Salisbury, Robert4/23/1919West Winfield4/25/1919
Williams, EuniceArmstrong, Earl4/19/1895West Winfield4/25/1895
Williams, Margaret M.Jones, Hugh J.3/11/1938Unadilla Forks3/18/1938
Wilson, CarolineDally, Orrin4/23/1860Herkimer5/3/1860
Wood, Minnie H.Fuller, Bradley7/12/1899West Winfield6/29/1899
Wright, Julia A.E69Tooley, Charles4/11/1892West Exeter4/15/1892

Wedding Anniversaries

This small extraction of milestone wedding anniversaries, from a collection of newspapers printed in West Winfield, was done in 1995 by two students. The period covered ranges from 1900 to 1952, but only a few issues are actually represented. No place of residence was given. Some of the people listed here were not residents of the West Winfield area. The original newspapers are not on microfilm and are in fragile condition and thus not available for further research at this time. Our thanks to the individual who has allowed us to share this information with the public. The index was prepared by Kathy Huxtable, Town of Columbia Page Coordinator.

CelebrantsYears MarriedIssue Date
Bardin, Mr. & Mrs. P. M.5010/17/1919
Burnett, Mr. & Mrs. Edward508/25/1950
Crim, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard501/4/1900
Croak, Mr. & Mrs. John501/30/1920
Cruikshank, Mr. & Mrs. Bert608/18/1950
Dodge, Mr. & Mrs. Willard506/16/1950
Evans, Mr. & Mrs. R. Price501/27/1939
Hammond, Mr. & Mrs. E.J.5012/9/1938
Hoke, Mr. & Mrs. John506/2/1950
House, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer5012/21/1951
Hughes, Mr. & Mrs. Isaac505/19/1950
Hull, Mr. & Mrs. Fred659/21/1951
Jones, Judge & Mrs. John A.5010/2/1925
Knowles, Mr. & Mrs. William6012/7/1934
Lecky, Mr. & Mrs. Carl517/14/1950
Loomis, Rev. & Mrs. H.B.5010/5/1951
Main, Mr. & Mrs. Chas.6011/6/1914
Pease, Dr. & Mrs. H.L.5011/3/1950
Perry, Mr. & Mrs. John D.503/23/1951
Pike, Mr. & Mrs. George N.4011/25/1938
Ray, Judge & Mrs. George507/15/1921
Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. John. F.506/16/1950
Scott, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert5012/31/1938
Sherwood, Mr & Mrs. Claude501/11/1952
Wendell, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard504/7/1950

All names are as spelled in the original newspapers. Due to fragile condition, the original issues aren't available for lookups or further handling. For further information about anyone listed, please contact the appropriate local historical societies and libraries.

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