The Mystery of Aurilla Toms


This is a tale of two researchers getting together, researching a woman who appears to have married twice and had two separate sets of children who settled in different parts of the U.S. Each researcher separately had information about a different surname line of descent from the same woman. The same Aurilla Toms appears to have been first the wife of Alvin Burrows, and later that of Eli Day. Information contributed by Catherine Granger Glover!

Your page asked readers to drop a line to you if they recognized a listing on the page. I was looking for further information about Aurilla and found her on your page. The page states:

Mar. 24 (1848)   Aurilla Day    M.N.    Winfield   59    Housewife   Dropsey of the Heart

That 'fits' with Aurilla Toms, born 4/8/1788, who married Eli Day (12/2/1791-11/30/1876). The information I have came from George A. Hardin's "History of Herkimer County, New York" (Syracuse, N.Y.: D Mason and Co. 1893. Page 169-70).

Eli Day is a distant cousin of mine (4th, 5x removed), so I have gathered further information about his ancestors if anyone is interested in it, but I don't have much more on Aurilla. The Day's are a rather distant relation to me (by marriage into the Loomis family). I appear to be one of those people who are related to anyone who ever stepped foot in New England!

In a quick search I can say that I found further information about the family of Aurilla and Eli Day on your pages. I thought you might like to know the others I found, that are in direct relation to this family.

On the page:

DAY, Emily Wadsworth, 1836-1917, Wf.#2 of Alvin
DAY, Ludentia Beckwith, 1820-1872, 52yr-8mo, Wf.#1 of Alvin (I would bet that she is Lucinda, but have not yet found another source to verify this)
DAY, Alvin G., 1818-1877, 59yr, Wf.#1 Ludentia Beckwith, Wf.#2 Emily Wadsworth
    Alvin G. Day is the son of Eli and Aurilla (Toms) Day (as stated in Hardin's county history, p. 169-70).
DAY, Almond, 1819-1901, Wf. Sarah A. Park
DAY, Sarah A. Park, 1834-1912, Hus. Almond

Almond is another son of Eli and Aurilla. (The listing in the above mentioned book is really about him, but lists the children of Eli and Aurilla). Interestingly, his first wife is listed as Clarissa Hosford, who died in 9/12/1854 at age 24 (one daughter, Ella F. Day, produced of this marriage).

There are more listings of this family, and extended family, on your pages, for Noah Day was the father of Eli (and Noah had six children).

I am not a researcher, more of a gatherer of information that I stumble across. I came upon your site thru a search at for "Aurilla Day", having found nothing new for me using "Aurilla Toms", in response to an e-mail request for further information.

Unfortunately, I was not able to assist the writer of the e-mail I received in her quest, despite the wonderful information available on your site, and my other sources. I will quote her request, not because I believe you have the answer at hand, or have the time to search for it, but someday something might 'click' and this bit of information will be an asset to you.

"I have an Aurilla Toms, daughter of Stephen and Anna Botsford Toms who lived in Winfield Herkimer County in 1820. Aurilla Toms married Alvin Burrows sometime prior to 1800 when one child was born and had a number of children. After Alvin Burrows died evidence exists that she may have married again. The children documented by me include: Anne Burrows who married William Montgomery and moved to Autauga County, AL where they had several children. (My line); An A. Burrows who was in Autauga and Montgomery Co, AL.; Alanson Burrows born 1804 and married to Mary Devendorff; and a Stephen Burrows. Others were mentioned in the pension file but not by name. Alvin Burrows died 28 March 1813.

Aurilla Toms was the daughter of Stephen and Anna Botsford Toms. Stephen born 4 Aug 1759 was the son of Robert Toms, Sr. and Anna Botsford. Stephen was a Rev. soldier and has a long and informative pension file. Their children included: Aurilla, Alexander, Collins S., Ann who married a Pelton; Susan who married a Sweet and David B. who was lost at sea.

I am trying to find out if my Aurilla married again and where they lived. Her daughter supposedly married in SC where William lived. But, that might not be so."

It might be of use to you, although the person writing to me does not cite the source of their information, other than the pension file. I can see where it might fit, with a son named Alvin.

Anyway, you are free to use my comments as you see fit. I am very grateful that you have posted the information that you have gathered on a publicly available website. It is always nice to see such information freely shared!

Catherine Granger Glover

[Coordinator's note: according to Hardin's history and the Winfield death records, Aurilla Day was born in 1788, a few years too young by local standards to have married and had a child before 1800. She would have been approximately 30 years old when son Alvin G. Day was born in 1818, and approximately 16 years old when Alanson Burrows was born in 1804.

Following separate lines is not an uncommon research situation, as so many rural women, especially with a young family to raise, remarried after a spouse's early death. In some cases, you may think an ancestress passed away, but she may have re-married, had a new family with a new surname, and the descendants are out there searching on line as you are. Dots can be connected by examining location, first name, and age in all types of records.

Aurilla's story is very much open to further information, discussion, and updating as new information is discovered. If you have info or comments to post here about Aurilla Toms and her children, please contact the site coordinators.]

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