The Winfield Star Death Index
Part 1, Surnames A - F

Prepared and Contributed by Kathy Huxtable

This extraction of death notices is from a collection of newspapers printed in West Winfield and was done in 1995 by two students. A few issues of the Madison Leader from Morrisville are also included. The period covered ranges from 1860 to 1952. However, issues from the early years were very sparse, and overall many years are not even represented.

Since West Winfield is located in the southwest corner of Herkimer County, its newspaper's readership is drawn not only from the community, but also from the neighboring counties of Madison, Oneida and Otsego, as well as other towns in Herkimer County. Many of the names found here include residents of these areas. The original newspapers are in fragile condition and not available for further research at this time. Our thanks to the individual who has allowed us to share this information with the public. The index was prepared by Kathy Huxtable, Town of Columbia Page Coordinator.

NameBirthDeathFuneralLocationIssue DateNotes
Abbey, John J.18751936 Solsville2/21/1936shot
Abrams, Mrs. Catherine Morrows18421920 Brookfield1/2/1920 
Adams, Franklin18131893 West Winfield9/28/1893 
Adams, Mary C.18231891 Utica6/18/1891 
Adams, Mrs. Anna M.18691939 Utica4/21/1939 
Ames, Carrie18751924 Richfield Springs12/5/1924 
Angell, Mrs. Ellen Rose18401920 Angell Hill6/18/1920 
Angell, Walter 4/11/1951 North Beverly, MA4/20/1951 
Anthony, Mary18341888 Leonardsville12/27/1888 
Armling, Mary A.18261910 West Winfield8/9/1910 
Armstrong, Dr. G. A.18591941 Utica8/15/1941 
Armstrong, Jane  1/16/1913 1/10/1913 
Armstrong, Mrs. Margaret18161893 West Winfield2/23/1893 
Armstrong, Warren D.18951950 Utica5/26/1950 
Ashley, Leonard S.18861895 East Winfield11/14/1895 
Atkins, Mrs. Terrence  6/21/1912 6/28/1912 
Austin, Jay  12/12/1937Poolville12/16/1937 
Austin, Jessie P. 5/24/1903 West Burlington6/4/1903 
Austin, Raymond19471950 Unadilla Forks4/7/1950 
Avery, Able  6/11/1918Brookfield6/21/1918 
Babcock, Mrs. Elizabeth1863 2/5/1939West Winfield2/10/1939 
Babcock, Mrs. Moulton S. 4/19/1927 Madison, WI4/22/1927 
Backus, Mrs. Bertha  11/21/1938Gloversville11/25/1938 
Backus, Heman18941921 West Edmeston7/15/1921 
Bailey, Mrs. Mary18601950 West Winfield4/21/1950 
Bain, Mrs. Charles18791951 Sauquoit3/30/1951 
Bankus, Walter19211939 Herkimer1/27/1939 
Barber, Jerusha18131891 Plainfield6/18/1891 
Bardin, Park Morgan1848192411/24/1924West Winfield11/7/1924 
Bardin, Ward N.18751942 Compton, CA3/6/1942 
Barnes, Arthur E.18641937 Clyde10/15/1937 
Barrett, Mrs. Calphurnia18301918 Edmeston6/21/1918 
Barrett, Mrs. Charissa18331920 Edmeston2/27/1920 
Barrett, Rev. Charles18871938 New Bremen10/7/1938uremic poisoning
Barstow, Elias179512/24/1875 Richfield Springs1/6/1875 
Barstow, Jerry F.18671951 West Winfield5/25/1951 
Barstow, Mrs. Mary Ann18711950 West Winfield5/5/1950 
Bates, Josephus 12/26/1897 Cassville12/30/1897 
Beals, Marcia Beckwith 1/28/1947 Utica1/31/1947 
Beasmon, George J.18941938 Sauquoit3/18/1938 
Beckwith, Mrs. Sophronia18121892 Little Falls9/8/1892 
Bell, James 12/31/1937 Cedarville1/14/1938 
Bell, John J.18871937 Cooperstown10/29/1937 
Bell, Martin18581919 Garratsville1/2/1920 
Bell, Mrs. Susan18301919 Cedarville2/7/1919 
Bell, Mrs. Thomas 6/21/1950 Brooklyn6/30/1950 
Bennett, Albert18611894 Frankfort7/5/1894 
Bentley, Albert18411917 West Winfield10/19/1917 
Bentley, Elizabeth Allen 1/6/1913 West Winfield1/10/1913 
Berry, Gilbert L. Jr.19141921 Salt Lake City, UT6/17/1921 
Berry, H.W.18471934 West Winfield5/18/1934 
Berry, Mina Louise188919381/13/1938West Winfield1/14/1938 
Berry, Mrs. Emma Knight 12/21/1895 West Winfield12/26/1895 
Bevin, Juhus 6/1892 Unadilla Forks6/3/1892 
Birdseye, Deelmo 1939 Chicago, IL2/24/1939 
Birge, Delos L.18281921 Cooperstown7/15/1921 
Blair, Harold19101923 Vernon7/6/1923 
Blancher, Gilbert18481903 West Winfield6/4/1903 
Blauvalt, Miss Susan19071950 West Winfield5/5/1950 
Bliss, George 4/15/10 Chicago, IL4/22/1910 
Blowers, Mrs. Sarah18001896 ME4/2/1896 
Blumenstock, Mrs. 10/18/1938 Cherry Valley10/21/1938 
Bohannon, William E.18691937 Ilion12/17/1937 
Bond, Miss Hulda 8/28/1908 Richfield Springs9/3/1908 
Bonesteel, Berton18661925 West Winfield10/9/1925 
Bonfoy, George A.18521938 West Winfield3/18/1938 
Bonfoy, Mrs. Lizzie S.18251900 Rome1/4/1900 
Bork, Clarence19101939 Buffalo9/8/1939 
Bork, Mrs. Clarence19191939 Buffalo9/8/1939 
Boucher, Mrs. George18901950 Cedarville9/29/1950 
Bowdan, Henry   Litchfield6/5/1931 
Bowles, Leonard C.18951951 Utica6/22/1951 
Brace, Charles Talcott18631938 Richmond Hill4/8/1938 
Brace, Eleazer18711947 West Winfield1/17/1947 
Brace, Mrs. Lucious18241894 West Winfield7/12/1894 
Bradbury, John H.18761952 West Winfield2/1/1952 
Brainard, Mrs. Oscar 9/16/1919 Edmeston9/19/1919 
Brainard, Philena A.18101888 Chicago, IL12/27/1888 
Branch, Charles18591937 Edmeston12/24/1937 
Brand, Eli Sheffield18491921 Leonardsville7/15/1921 
Brennan, Michael 10/28/1895 West Winfield10/31/1895 
Briggs, John M.18271912 Delmar3/29/1912 
Bronner, Clark18731931 Van Hornesville1/2/1931 
Bronson, Rev. Ira 4/22/1951 Orange City, FL5/4/1951 
Brown, Daniel  9/6/1918Clayville9/13/1918 
Brown, Dr. Harry P.18871951 Syracuse6/1/1951 
Brown, Hiram18291918 Potsdam6/21/1918 
Brown, J. Wesley18641936 Unadilla Forks8/21/1936 
Brown, Mark G.18761937 Eaton12/16/1937 
Brown, May E.18681951 Bridgewater2/23/1951 
Brown, Milo18411920 Frankfort2/27/1920 
Brown, Mrs. Kate M.18401918 Cedarville1/3/1919 
Brown, P. Anna18521919 Brookfield1/2/1920 
Brown, Wilber   Utica4/28/1950 
Brownrigg, Olin  6/4/1951Paines Hollow6/8/1951 
Brownwell, Henry 1938 Sauquoit1/14/1938 
Bryant, Frederick E.18731919 Little Falls1/2/1920 
Bryden, Mildred19321938 Delhi4/1/1938 
Brynes, Mrs. Florence18641937 West Winfield12/24/1937 
Bubencik, Walter19181939 Cooperstown8/25/1939 
Bucek, Felix  1/29/1952West Winfield2/1/1952 
Buckley, James Monroe18361920 Morristown, NJ2/13/1920 
Buckley, Jeremiah J.18761951 Bridgewater7/27/1951 
Buckley, Mrs. Jerry18741951 Bridgewater1/12/1951 
Buell, Lyman 2/14/1936 Pierstown2/21/1936crushed by a horse
Burch, Mrs. Rachel Smith 12/25/1899 Big Rapids, MI1/4/1900 
Burd, Sarah Collier 1911 Pottstown, PA7/7/1911 
Burdick, Charles H.18821951 Utica12/7/1951 
Burdick, Laura18521912 Edmeston7/12/1912 
Burgess, George E.18781951 Eaton1/5/1951 
Burgess, Miss Evangeline 7/26/1898 Utica8/4/1898 
Burgess, Mrs. Frank  1/20/1938Oswego1/21/1938 
Burgess, Norman Willis18231899 Bridgewater6/8/1899 
Burke, Eliabeth18821951 West Winfield4/9/1951 
Burke, James18621920 Cedarville6/18/1920 
Burlison, James  7/3/1950West Exeter7/7/1950 
Burnes, James A. 11/11/1912 Litchfield11/15/1912 
Burns, Mrs. Charles18621917 West Exeter9/28/1917 
Burns, Mrs. Mary P. 9/1/1908 Cedar Lake9/3/1908 
Bush, Arlene Edith19331938 Oneonta4/29/1938 
Button, Mrs. Lydia Huntley18471919 Bridgewater1/3/1919 
Cagwin, Miss Grace   Verona2/10/1950 
Carpenter, Clyde18891920 South Edmeston2/27/1920 
Carpenter, John Jr.19241935 Yonkers6/7/1935 
Carrier, Hanna B.18231894 West Winfield10/4/1894 
Carroll, James18771939 Carthage3/24/1939 
Case, Martha M.19451951 Richmondsville7/27/1951 
Casey, John18571895 Mohawk10/31/1895 
Casler, Fred J.18811939 Miller Mills4/28/1939 
Casler, Mrs. Eliza18321912 Deck12/27/1912 
Casler, Mrs. Mary A. 3/24/1896 Ilion4/2/1896 
Casler, Nettie  4/21/1950West Winfield4/28/1950 
Casler, Thomas18561920 Middleville2/27/1920 
Caswell, Floyd18751937 Sauquoit12/10/1937 
Cataline, Thomas18841937 Frankfort11/5/1937 
Caulkins, Mary  1/10/1921Edmeston1/14/1921 
Chamberlain, Mrs. Charlotte18341919 Richfield Springs5/23/1919 
Chapin, Lucy S.18701937 Bridgewater12/10/1937 
Chapman, Mrs. Benjamin 9/3/1894 Clayville9/13/1894 
Charles, George R. 8/24/1939 West Winfield8/25/1939 
Charles, John T.18681927 Unadilla Forks4/22/1927 
Chase, Walter A.18451921 Richfield Springs6/17/1921 
Chesebro, Adele  1/14/1939Utica1/20/1939 
Christian, Elmer J.18841951 West Winfield5/4/1951 
Clapsaddle, Julia18651930 Herkimer12/5/1930 
Clark, Bert J.18871939 Bridgewater8/25/1939 
Clark, George18721938 Bainbridge3/18/1938 
Clarke, Evereta 3/27/1912 West Winfield3/29/1912 
Clarke, Mrs. Derbe  6/20/1944Leonardsville6/23/1944 
Clarke, Ray G. 11/4/1912 Brookfield11/15/1912 
Clarke, Romain L.184610/18/1870 Unadilla Forks11/9/1870 
Clements, Jane A.18611930 West Winfield12/5/1930 
Colburn, Mr. E.18091892 Unadilla Forks6/3/1892 
Cole, Byron18301905 Richfield11/16/1905 
Cole, Charles18671924 New Berlin12/5/1924 
Cole, Edward Hamilton19231950 Albany8/4/1950 
Cole, Lida Gage   ""Down South""4/1/1938 
Cole, Nellie18841951 West Winfield3/23/1951 
Colitoun, Miss Martha18631937 Sauquoit11/19/1937 
Combs, Mrs. James 12/29/1899 South Columbia1/4/1900 
Comstock, Eliabeth   Oneida4/1/1938 
Cone, Roy T.18741950 Ilion11/3/1950 
Conerman, Phillip (?) 9/26/1925  10/2/1925 
Connor, Dennis J,18791950 West Winfield4/28/1950 
Connor, Leo A. 2/14/1938 Utica3/11/1938 
Cook, Mrs. Charles  10/1/1950West Winfield10/6/1950 
Cook, Theodore A.   Hortonville7/6/1923 
Coombs, Morton B. 12/20/1912 Syracuse12/27/1912 
Corbin, Lucius Brace18431925 Cadenville, IL10/9/1925 
Corbin, Millie Evans18621938 Cooperstown4/15/1938 
Cornell, Jervis 5/1/1938 Laurens5/6/1938 
Cosentino, Angela18771937 West Winfield12/3/1937 
Countryman, Florence Eaton18661925 Fort Plain10/9/1925 
Cramer, James18411928 Salt Springville11/30/1928 
Crandall, Ella18601939 Unadilla Forks1/27/1939 
Crandall, M. Estelle 12/23/1937 West Winfield12/24/1937 
Crandall, Mary Caroline18491928 Leonardsville11/30/1928 
Crandall, Mary E.18611938 Leonardsville12/9/1938 
Crandall, Mrs. Myron M.18731950 Cedarville9/8/1950 
Crandall, Ralph F. 1/29/1952 Alhambra, CA2/1/1952 
Crawford, Earl F.18951951 Clinton9/21/1951concussion
Crawford, Mr. Eugene 8/20/1949 Peekskill8/26/1949 
Cristian, Richard   Fulton6/8/1951 
Crouse, John18731939 West Winfield3/10/1939 
Cruikshank, Adelbert  1/25/1947Camden1/31/1947 
Crumb, Fred B.18701938 Leonardsville12/2/1938 
Crumb, Hinckley18631939 Oak Park, IL9/8/1939 
Crusuis, Ray Traver18981918 Madison Barraks6/21/1918 
Cummings, Samuel M.18211905 West Winfield5/4/1905 
Curley, Thomas B.1883  Utica10/7/1938 
Curtis, Dr. Lester18421930 Chicago, IL12/5/1930 
Curtis, Mrs. Lyle  3/1/1939Clayville3/3/1939 
Dager, Mrs. Warren 1/5/1913 West Winfield1/10/1913 
Dakin, Edward M.185612/25/1930 Syracuse1/2/1931 
Dank, George 10/14/1937 Sauquoit10/29/1937 
Davidson, Mrs. Marian18951938 Oneonta2/25/1938 
Davies, Dr. M. J.18651927 Utica4/22/1927 
Davies, John E.18451910 West Winfield4/22/1910 
Davies, Mrs. Joseph18651950 West Exeter4/14/1950 
Davies, Mrs. Rose Roberts Pugh  2/22/1938Plainfield Center2/25/1938 
Davies, Thomas C. 9/29/1938 Ithaca, NY10/7/1938 
Davies, Wilbur T.18691951 Norwich Corners6/22/1951 
Davis, H. Lattimer 4/13/1892 West Winfield4/15/1892 
Davis, Hugh 2/15/1888 West Winfield2/17/1888pneumonia
Davis, John R.18711939 Unadilla Forks3/31/1939 
Davis, Lora E.18751934 Litchfield12/7/1934 
Davis, Mary Landers 6/28/1911 West Winfield7/7/1911 
Davis, Miss Flora 3/16/1938 Crane's Corners3/25/1938 
Davis, Morris18531917 Burlington Flats9/28/1917 
Davis, Mr. Henry W. 1950 Newport9/1/1950 
Davis, Mrs. Evan J.18361930 Deansboro12/5/1930 
Davis, Mrs. Jane1820 5/6/1905West Winfield5/4/1905 
Davis, Mrs. John D.18541921 West Winfield7/15/1921 
Davis, Mrs. Julia Brown18851919 Unadilla Forks1/10/1919 
Davis, Mrs. Lucy B. 11/16/1893 West Winfield11/23/1893 
Davis, Mrs. Maria18421939 Ilion3/24/1939 
Davis, Mrs. W.C.18571903 East Winfield6/4/1903 
Davis, Sarah Jones18651932 Plainfield Center12/9/1932 
Davis, Thomas  11/20/1950West Winfield11/24/1950 
Davis, William Lewis18731950 Utica4/7/1950 
Dawley, Dr. M.M.18611938 Richfield Springs3/25/1938 
Day, Emma C.18501919 Simcoe, Ontario11/14/1919 
Day, Erasmus W.18051894 Schuyler7/5/1894 
Day, Lawrence Claude19221932 Burlington Flats7/8/1932 
Day, Mrs. Almond18341912 West Winfield6/7/1912 
Day, Thomas Walter19391942 Rome3/6/1942 
Deck, Dr. O.H.  6/16/1920Herkimer6/18/1920 
Decker, Clayton18491894 Grant7/12/1894suicide
Decker, Earnest19201933 Edmeston11/10/1933 
DeEtte, Francis18574/20/1860 Litchfield5/3/1860putrid sore throat
DeEtte, Helen18514/13/1860 Litchfield5/3/1860putrid sore throat
DeEtte, Mary Jane18534/22/1860 Litchfield5/3/1860putrid sore throat
Delancey, Mrs. Mary Hoxie18341899 Unadilla Forks6/29/1899 
Deming, Clifford18891937 Clayville10/8/1937 
Deming, Dr. David F.18851950 Massena8/4/1950 
DeMott, George Colby18651938 Portland, ME12/16/1938 
Derey, Ervive ??18391928 Sergeant Bluff, IA10/26/1928 
Dewey, Don A. 5/31/1931 Pomona, CA6/5/1931 
Dodge, Dewitt Clinton18241903 West Winfield7/2/1903 
Dolan, Lee 5/31/1951 AR6/15/1951auto accident
Dolson, Tony 9/16/1951 Syracuse9/21/1951 
Donahoe, James18601951 Litchfield6/22/1951 
Donovan, Miss Nettie 5/20/1919 West Winfield5/23/1919 
Doremus, Mrs. Irving18901950 Cedarville5/12/1950 
Dorr, Mrs. Emma18667/21/1935 West Winfield7/26/1935 
Doty, Grace  5/16/1951Ilion5/18/1951 
Dowling, Michael T. 7/19/1935 Utica7/26/1935 
Dowse, Roswell P.18141893 Unadilla Forks2/23/1893 
Doxtader, Roy18981923 Mohawk7/6/1923 
Doyle, Ellen18411938 Chadwicks12/2/1938 
Doyle, Mrs. Katherine 5/5/1938 Ilion5/13/1938 
DuBois, Luke T.   Norway12/5/1924 
Dugan, Lawrence18301905 Ireland5/4/1905 
DuNoyer, Charles R. 1/4/1921 Utica1/14/1921 
Dunteman, Henry18481918 Little Falls4/19/1918 
Dutton, Henry H.18691938 Utica4/15/1938 
Dye, Emma Doxtader18711925 North Winfield10/9/1925 
Dye, Spencer18371921 Plainfield6/17/1921 
Dyer, Addie18631939 New Berlin8/25/1939 
Dzichclowski, Joseph19121937 Utica11/19/1937 
Eckler, Claude B.18941951 Cooperstown6/15/1951 
Edick, Ella D.18701950 Etna10/6/1950 
Edick, Harvey18621939 West Winfield2/10/1939 
Edmonds, Morris D.18811951 Richfield10/5/1951 
Edwards, Mrs. Ida M.18851952 Litchfield2/8/1952 
Eldred, Gertrude18681939 New Hartford1/20/1939 
Eldridge, Mrs. Harry 2/25/1920 West Winfield2/27/1920 
Eldridge, Nathan  1/11/1921Utica1/14/1921 
Ellsworth, Edith Owens18751938 Leonardsville3/11/1938 
Ellsworth, Mary Frances18891909 Naravisa, NM3/3/1909**error in death or issue date
Evan, Dr. R.D.L.18351910 Bainbridge4/22/1910 
Evans, Evan18391921 Plainfield Center6/17/1921 
Evans, Mrs. A.H.18821937 Guilford12/17/1937 
Evans, Mrs. Elizabeth18671951 Utica1116/1951 
Evans, Robert19161937 Guilford12/16/1937 
Evans, Robert L.19161937 Guilford12/17/1937 
Fargo, Bessie19031938 Utica1/21/1938 
Fenton, Miles18451919 Burlington Flats1/3/1919 
Fenton, Mrs. George W.18431905 Richfield11/16/1905 
Fenton, Mrs. Henry  2/9/1938Hartwick2/11/1938 
Ferguson, Henry18661939 Ilion1/27/1939 
Ferguson, Mrs. Clara Brace18261919 Carrollton, IL12/19/1919 
Fieldman, Samuel 12/3/1937 Nelson1/7/1938 
Filkins, Mrs. Caroline1851193710/16/1937East Winfield10/15/1937 
Finster, Mrs. Luella E. 6/22/1898  6/23/1898 
Fish, Irving R.18461937 West Winfield11/12/1937 
Fish, Roswell O. 1/5/1952 New York City1/11/1952 
Fitch, Arlina Coats18471923 West Winfield7/6/1923 
Fitch, Henry Harold18881950 Bridgewater10/6/1950 
Fitch, Mrs. Jerome18381917 Burlington Flats9/28/1917 
Fitzpatrick, Joseph 11/24/1937 Hamilton11/26/1937 
Fleming, Edward 11/6/1912 Sherburne11/15/1912 
Flint, Abram18061898 West Winfield8/4/1898 
Folds, James R. 5/24/1950 West Winfield5/26/1950 
Folts, Charles 12/21/1895 Herkimer12/26/1895shot
Foot, Abram F.18184/26/1860 Stark5/3/1860 
Ford, Mr. Ezra 7/5/1932 Camden7/8/1932 
Forman, William B.18551930 Canajoharie12/5/1930 
Fort, Emma J. Berry18251931 Richfield Springs3/20/1931 
Fox, Arthur   West Exeter10/8/1937 
Fox, Mrs. John S. 9/19/1914 Canadarago Lake9/25/1914 
Freel, Mrs. James18341913 Bridgewater1/10/1913 
Freel, Mrs. John 6/14/1891 Brookfield6/18/1891 
Freiberger, John18581918 Unadilla Forks1/10/1919 
Frieno, Mrs. David 1914 Verona11/6/1914 
Fuller, Glenn F.19081951 Edmeston4/27/1951 

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Surnames P - Z

All names are as spelled in the original newspapers. Due to fragile condition, the original issues aren't available for lookups or further handling. For further information about anyone listed, please contact the appropriate local historical societies and libraries.

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