Doty's Gulf Lot
Ilion, NY
Town of German Flatts
Herkimer County, New York

The Barringer Cemetery list was donated and prepared by Joan Jones. The original list from the Herkimer County Historical Society stated no date of reading nor reader. We're always seeking info about families in our cemetery lists. Joan kindly provided us with a brief genealogy of the Furman family and additional notes on the recent condition of the cemetery.

WHITNEY, Phineas G. 7-2-1867 48yr-2mo-8 da. Wf. Angeline
WHITNEY, Angeline 12-22-1875 53 yr-5mo-5da Hus. Phineas G. (w/o Lewis Kitts, 1st husband)
Little Clara May

by the Whitney stone; no data
VINCENT, Alonzo 1-24-1859 22yr-7mo-11da
VINCENT, Dennis 9-14-1856 12yr-2mo-18da
LEWIS, Sarah Lisette 2-26-1853 1 day
BARTLETT, James W. 2-5-1853 2yr-4mo-1da
BARTLETT, Jacob 2-1-1859 33yr-6mo-24da
BARTLETT, Charlie D. 2-23-1861 4yr-7mo-24da
CASLER, Nancy 8-4-1839 37yr-3mo-14da Hus. Barney
MATTESON, Martha 6-7-1837 74yr Hus. John
FOLTS, Daniel 8-29-1854 61yr-3mo-26da Wf. Mary
FOLTS, Ellen M. 5-26-1861 22yr-8mo-19da Hus. John M., dau. of Andrew & Polly GETMAN
FOLTS, Mary 8-15-1836 37 yr
FOLTS, Abraham 2nd 9-27-18??

FOLTS, Abraham L. 3-16-1837 7mo-13da
BATES, Ann Eliza 6-21-1819 19yr-17da Hus. Charles & dau. of A. B. & P. M. HECOX
CRAWFORD, Sarah 4-9-1873 71 yrs
????, Harvey 9-10-1840 123 yrs old ????
On the left side of the cemetery was a stone wall enclosure about four feet high. Two and a half parts of the stone walls remain and the inscription "1863". It was the burial section for some members of the James and Olive FURMAN family of German Flatts. Their home was across the street where the Moose Lodge is now. Names and dates on the J. FURMAN spire and tombstones are:
FURMAN, James 1-13-1794 - 1-29-1874
Wf. Olive
Olive 12-22-1795 - 12-28-1885
Hus. James
Children of James and Olive
FURMAN, James, Jr. 6-9-1826 - 6-5-1831

FURMAN, Margaret 4-20-1840 - 9-14-1853

FURMAN, S. Maria 12-23-1821 - 5-18-1888

FURMAN, Elizabeth 12/22/1823 - 6/4/1895

FURMAN, Sophrona died 7-22-1845 19yr-8mow/o Harvey FURMAN
FURMAN, Adelineb. July 06, 1830; d. 1910.
The "Pliny EARLE Genealogy" book has birth date of 1830 but tombstone at Barringer Rd. has 1831-1910.

IMPORTANT! For further information about persons interred, direct ALL questions to the appropriate local historical societies and libraries, not to the site coordinators or the transcriber!

"With the exception of the full dates for the FURMANs, this list was copied from the Herkimer County Historical Society notebook containing Cemetery Listings in Herkimer County. A 1998 visit to the cemetery confirmed most of the dates. The cemetery is well kept and most stones are readable. There are several small stones with no readable inscriptions." Joan Jones

Descendants of Russell Walker Furman

Generation No. 1

1. RUSSELL WALKER 1 FURMAN was born in England, and died Deceased in Morris, Otsego, NY. He married SARAH NICKLEN.


2. i. JAMES 2 FURMAN, b. January 17, 1794, Schuyler Lake, Otsego, NY; d. January 29, 1874, Ilion, Herkimer, NY.

**At least six other sons in this family.

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES 2 FURMAN was born January 17, 1794 in Schuyler Lake, Otsego, NY, and died January 29, 1874 in Ilion, Herkimer, NY. He married OLIVE EARLE January 25, 1815, daughter of SAMUEL EARLE and BETSEY MCKEE.

Children of JAMES FURMAN and OLIVE EARLE are:

  • i. RENSSELAER 3 FURMAN, b. February 17, 1816; d. Deceased; m. EVELINE REED, February 15, 1853.
  • ii. HARVEY FURMAN, b. February 25, 1818; d. Deceased; m. (1) SOPHRONA; m. (2) ELIZA TIMMERMAN, April 01, 1853.
  • iii. ROBERT FURMAN, b. November 12, 1819; d. Deceased; m. KATE VANGUYSLING, October 1858.
  • iv. S. MARIA FURMAN, b. December 23, 1821; d. May 18, 1888.
  • v. ELIZABETH FURMAN, b. December 22, 1823; d. June 04, 1895.
  • vi. JAMES FURMAN, JR., b. June 09, 1826; d. June 05, 1831.
  • vii. MATTHEW M. FURMAN, b. April 19, 1828; d. March 01, 1895; m. EUNICE EARLE, March 22, 1864, daughter of HARRISON EARLE AND ESTHER POOLE.
  • viii. ADELINE FURMAN, b. July 06, 1830; d. 1910.
  • ix. MARY L. FURMAN, b. November 21, 1832; d. Deceased; m. JOHN F. DIEVENDORF, January 14, 1858.
  • x. HENRY A. FURMAN, b. February 20, 1835; d. Aft. May 15, 1913; m. KATE MYERS.
  • 3. xi. EMILY FURMAN, b. November 01, 1838, Ilion, Herkimer, NY; d. May 15, 1913, Clinton, Oneida, NY. married HENRY CUTTING EARLE January 16, 1861 in German Flatts, NY, son of HARRISON EARLE and ESTHER POOLE.
  • xii. MARGARET FURMAN, b. April 20, 1840; d. September 14, 1853.

IMPORTANT! For further information about persons interred, direct ALL questions to the appropriate local historical societies and libraries, not to the site coordinators or the transcriber!

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