Town of German Flatts
Herkimer County, New York

This reading of the Dennison Corners Cemetery was contributed to us by the Herkimer County Historical Society. Our thank you for typing this long list, and making comments, goes to Nadine Hansen and her daughter Laura. We don't know who did this reading or when it was done. Dennison Corners Cemetery was said to be located on Route 46.

GIFFORD, Mary Ann d. 3/ 8/1894 77yr 5mo 16da husband John
GIFFORD, John d. 1/31/1877 70yr Wife Mary Ann
GIFFORD, Stella d. 11/20/1873
daughter of John and Amanda
DENISON, Amy d. 10/3/1844

DENISON, Georged. 2/5/187187yr
DENISON, Nami d. ??

PALMER, Steteley d. 7/23/1832 71yr 6mo
WIGHTMAN, Charles(?) 1788-1858

BORDEN, Emily Whitmand.1860

SWIFT, Jerusha d. 12/12/1838
husband Clark
MANNING, Abraham d. 1/13/1866
wife Nancy
MANNING, Nancy d. ??
husband Abraham
DIEHL, John 1812-1869 57yr 1mo 12da
DIEHL, Catharine d. 12/3/1884 68yr 9mo 24da
DIEHL, Charles 1857-1923

GETMAN, Mary E Cristman d. 7/27/1891 74yr husband Harvey
GETMAN, Harvey d. 2/20/1895 80yr 3mo 22da
CREWELL, Philip 1840-1917 VETERAN wife Mariah
CREWELL, Mariah Getman 1845-1879
husband Philip
GETMAN, Warrie? d. 6/22/1860

GETMAN, Charlotte G. 1832-1874

WARD, Oliver d. 12/5/1852 51yr 8mo 3da wife Sarah
WARD, Asa D. d. 3/11/1833 4yr 8mo 20da
GOODRICH, Elizabeth d. 1/7/1887 63yr
GOODRICH, John d. 8/9/1888 79yr
GOODRICH, George 1854-1928

FOX, Nancy 1832-1917

FOX, Jacob d. 2/9/1875 81yr 5mo wife Dorothy
FOX, Dorothy d. 10/12/1835 46yr husband Jacob
FOX, Henry d. 1/27/1900 80yr 7mo wife Nancy E.
FOX, Nancy E. d. 7/27/1881 58yr 5mo husband Henry
FOX, Dorothy d. 7/3/1816 2da
FOX, Dorothy d. 10/12/1835 46yr husband Jacob
FOX, Jacob d. 2/9/1875 81yr 5mo wife Dorothy
FOX, Lany d. 1872 79yr 1mo 1da
CRISTMAN, Charles d. 4/1/1881 29yr
CRISTMAN, M. Catharine d. 1/11/1871 14yr 1mo 11da
CRISTMAN, William J. d. 10/29/1868 48yr 7mo 23da
ORENDORF, Conrad d. 12/13/1871 82yr 5mo 24da wife Zeruah
ORENDORF, Zeruahd. 1/29/1880 83yr 1mo 19da husband Conrad
BROWN, Stanton 1802-1885
wife Elizabeth
BROWN, Elizabeth 1806-1885
husband Stanton
BROWN, Calvin1843 - ??

BROWN, Inez d. 8/17/18926mo 20da
BROWN, Mariette d. 1/2/1854 21yr
BROWN, Mariette d. 1/2/1831 20yr 2mo 10da
BROWN, Hezeniah d. 5/18/1860 50yr 5mo 20da
WOOD, Elizabeth d. 6/17/1856
husband Marlin
WOOD, Perry A. d. 3/12/1863 21yr 8mo 28da
GIFFORD, Absalom d. 2/10/1819 84yr
GIFFORD, Absalom 1766-1849
Rev. Veteran
GETMAN, Martha d. 5/14/1877 77yr husband Ritchard
WILSON, Stephen W. d. 4/26/1857 17yr 5mo 21da
GIFFORD, Mary E. d. 1850 5 weeks 3da
DENISON, Margaret d. 2/13/1868 62yr husband George
DENISON, Stanton d. 9/4/1846 73yr
BROWN, John d. 4/9/1862 37yr 6mo
ROWLAND, Rhoda d. 6/16/1898 82yr 7mo 20da husband Jefferson
ROWLAND, Jefferson 1810-1866
wife Rhoda
ROWLAND, T. Jay 1841-1903
wife Marian E.
ROWLAND, Marian E. 1842-1904
husband T. Jay
CRISTMAN, Flora d. 8/22/1881 11yr
BROWN, Amos S. 1896-1896

MORTS, William 1832-1912
wife Helen
MORTS, Helen 1840-1910
husband William
MORTS, Ernest 1868-1881

SHOEMAKER, Lydiad. 1878
husband Nicholas
MASON, Cory Everett d. 11/9/1865 6yr 9mo 19da
MYERS, Jacob P. 1842-1915 VETERAN wife Dorothy T.
MYERS, Dorothy Tisdale 1847-1925
husband Jacob P.
FOX, William d. 1845

DENISON, John d. 6/9/1809 14yr
DENISON, Lois d. 4/25/1796 19yr
WILSON, Daniel d. 6 23/1854

WILSON, Clarah d. 1/25/1837

BALDWIN, Mary d. 3/29/1847

FRANCHER, Enos d. 5/27/1840
wife #1 Sarah; wife #2 Sally Jane
FRANCHER, Sarah d. 10/2/1849
wife #1 of Enos
FRANCHER, Sally Jane d. 6/21/1866
wife #2 of Enos
TISDALE, Amanda d. 8/9/1853 29yr husband T. H.
TISDALE, Albert Deward d. 9/4/18545yr 3mo 2da
TISDALE, Elijah d. 4/6/1869 76yr 7mo wife Hellen
TISDALE, Hellen d. 10/12/1880 58yr 8mo 3da husband Elijah
TISDALE, Albert S. d. 9/4/1864 5yr 3mo 3da
TISDALE, Ruth d. 3/6/1833 30yr 8mo 6da
ISDALE, Warren G. d. 3/10/1831 42yr 4da
TISDALE, Henry d. 8/14/1833 4yr 1mo 26da
TISDALE, George W. d. 7/4/1838 13yr 1mo 23da
NOELES, Joseph d. 2/24/1845
Note: This is probably a typo in the original
(should be NOBLES)
NOBLES, Joseph d. 9/9/1826 26yr 12da
HISERT, Lucinda d. 10/16/1897 85yr
GARDNER, Amasa d. 2/22/1848
wife Elizabeth
GARDNER, Elizabeth d. 1/6/1862 84yr 8mo 25da husband Amasa
MASON, Mary d. 6/24/1846 16yr 9mo 9da
MASON, Isaac d. 7/10/1848 20yr 5da
MASON, Mary d. 9/26/1848 40yr 4mo 22da husband Alanson (Wf.#1)
MASON, Adelia d. 3/24/1896 77yr 5mo 4da husband Alanson(Wf. #2)
MASON, Alanson d. 4/17/1865 61yr 8mo wife #1 Mary, Wf. #2 Adelia
MASON, Amos T. 1832-1901
wife Maria
MASON, Maria 1845-1924
wife Amos T.
HISERT, George 1850-1887
wife Josephine
HISERT, Josephine 1852-1910
husband George
VANHERSETT, Sarah 1824-1900

MOYER, Dora J. 1872-1929

FULLINGTON, Albert M. 1845 1907
wife Mary Robinson
FULLINGTON, Mary Robinson 1847-1925
husband Albert M.
GOODMAN, Kenneth 1906-1907

BROWN, Marion Lambert 1900-1926
husband Ewart
GIFFORD, Charles W. 1833-1917
wife Hannah Grewell (Crewell?)
GIFFORD, Hannah E Crewell 1838-1906
husband Charles W.
MILLER, Joseph 1827-1907
wife Emily Lyman
MILLER, Emily Lyman 1841-1915
husband Joseph
BROWN, Earl C. 1902-1902

COAKLEY, John 1833-1897
wife Hannah
COAKLEY, Hannah 1842-1911
husband John
CAULKINS, B. Frank 1825-1901
wife Elizabeth Ashley
CAULKINS, Elizabeth Ashley 1839-1908
husband B. Frank
CAULKINS, Ezra 1822-1908

BROWN, George 1822-1894
wife Hannah Manning
BROWN, Hannah L Manning 1839-1923
husband George
SHAVER, Zennie Brown1880-1926
husband Floyd
BARGER, John P. 1829-1915
wife Elizabeth Crewell
BARGER, Elizabeth Crewell 1828-1914
husband John P.
FREEMAN, David W. 1874-1904

BARGER, David 1820 - ??
wife Marline
BARGER, Marline 1821 - ??
husband David
BARGER, David 1854 - ??
wife Francanna
BARGER, Francanna 1853-1901
husband David
MANNING, Kilborn 1831-1900
wife Rachel
MANNING, Rachel 1836-1925
husband Kilborn
SCHROEPPEL, John M. 1831-1918
wife Margaret
SCHROEPPEL, Margaret 1844-1915
husband John M.
MORIS, Malvina d. 8/2/1812 18da
WOOD, Peleg d.10/23/1848 39yr 2da
WOOD, Lemuel d. 6/29/1853 52yr
WOOD, Peleg d. 4/1/1851

BANNAN, Lucy L. d. 6/11/1851 23yr 1mo 2da husband Thomas
GARDNER, Ephraim d. 1869 60 yr 3mo 3da wife Catharine
GARDNER, Catharine d. 2/23/1867 61yr-2mo-7da husband Ephraim
CHAPPELL, Amanda d. 5/16/1831

WIGHTMAN, Caroline L. d. 3/31/1836 20yr
WIGHTMAN, Calvin d.12/18/1832 23yr
WIGHTMAN, James d.10/29/1821 73yr
CALKINS, Ezra d. 2/28/1878 81yr 11mo wife Nancy
CALKINS, Nancy d. 6/16/1855 57yr 1mo husband Ezra
RANNAN (probably BANNON), Catharine J. d. 8/28/1856 27yr 3mo husband Thomas
BRAUNER, Barbayd. 9/27/1867 8yr 5mo 19da
BRAUNER, Orland d. 9/22/1857 6yr 7mo 2da
GIFFORD, William d. 7/27/1870 73yr wife Ruth W.
GIFFORD, Ruth W. d. 12/27/1887 77yr husband William
GIFFORD, Henry d. 1/14/1836 72yr
GETMAN, Samantia d. 11/23/1868 22yr 5mo 24da
GIFFORD, Rose A. d. 5/ ?/1832 11mo
KAPLE, Byancy 1815-1892

KAPLE, John d. 1857

GARDNER, Leneder 1829-1904

LOPMAN, Henry d. 7/3/1881 65yr VETERAN
GARDNER, Eve d. 11/14/1872 42yr husband Benedict
KAPLE, Anson d. 5/2/1847 64yr 7mo 7da Margaret
KAPLE, Margaret d. 7/?/1852 68yr husband Anson
KAPLE, James R. d. 2/ 20/1852 1yr 4mo 18da
MOYER, John A. 1841-1916
wife Elizabeth
MATHEWS, Eva Moyer1877-1910

MOYER, Roy H. 1889-1901

MOYER, Laura A. 1870-1885

MOYER, Delia 1811-1895

ECKLER, Alonzo 1820-1885 65yr 1mo 18da wife Angeline
ECKLER, Angline 1826-1895 89yr 4mo 12da husband Alonzo
ECKLER, Leroy d. 7/30/1865 43yr-1mo-26da
ECKLER, Peter d. 7/26/1865 28yr 3mo 18da wife Hannah
ECKLER, Hannah d. 3/19/1876 22yrhusband Peter; death date or age unlikely (would have been married at 11) - N.Hansen
ECKLER, Noah 1816-1902

ECKLER, Anna Matellda Wilson 1815-1856

VANCLYKE, Garrett d. 8/28/1868 85yrTypo? should spelling be Vanslyke?- M.S.M.
VANCLYKE, Alexander d. 2/11/1874 51yr wife Desire
MILLER, Anson d. 7/25-/1880 83yr wife Prudence
MILLER, Prudence d. 8/29/1870 67yr 11mo 12da husband Anson
HANER, Catharine Manning d. 11/ 29/1891 92yr 7mo 24da

Source: The Herkimer County Historical Society
Typed by: Nadine Hansen and daughter. Nadine is researching the surnames McCombs, Hoffman, Foltz, Bellenger, Klock, Wightman (Margaret Wightman died in German Flatts) in Herkimer County.

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