Town of German Flatts
Herkimer County, New York

Fort Herkimer Church Cemetery is one of the best known and most visited cemeteries in the Mohawk Valley. This transcription, provided to us by the Herkimer County Historical Society, was dated November 4, 1977. As the stones were read in the order in which the rows were walked, in some cases proximity of graves may indicate relationship. The typescript was digitally transcribed by April Kline.

12/1/98   A partial reading of this cemetery by Mrs. M. M. Hatch of the D.A.R. in 1926 included several burials that were not included in the 1977 reading. On 11-4-77 it was noted that some stones were turned over and some couldn't be read. Additions and other comments are noted by a *.

STAURING, Eve, 1780-1862, Hus. Jacob
STAURING, Daniel, 1810-1897, Wf. Hannah
STAURING, Hannah, 1823-??, Hus. Daniel
STAURING, Philander, 1845-1898
STAURING, Adline, 1847-1862

SHOEMAKER, George H., 1840-1913, Wf. Lucy Ann
SHOEMAKER, Lucy Ann, 1844-1886, Hus. George

STARING, Levi, 1851-1927

STAURING, Patrick, d. 10-1-1885, 96yr-18da, Wf. Mahala
STAURING, Mahala, d. 4-7-1904, 84 yr-10da, Hus. Patrick

HARTER, Phillip, d. 3-15-1847, 25yr-9mo-16da

BRONNER, Amelia Stauring, d. 1-16-1855, 18yr-8mo

WHITMORE, Raymond, no data
WHITMORE, Johney, no data

OVERACRE, Jacob, d. 7-10-1862, 56yr-1mo-14da

SNELL, Sarah, d. 9-25-1862, 30yr, Hus. David

GOULD, Mary Catharine Palmer, 1829-1851, Hus. George

PALMER, John Albert, d. 6-29-1844, 49yr-10mo-12da
PALMER, Mary, d. 6-2-1835, 63yr
PALMER, Bethel, d. 2-13-1865, 81yr

GRAVES, Henry, d. 8-10-18??, 83yr-2mo

BELLINGER, Elizabeth, d. 2-9-1861, 76yr-10mo-23da, Hus. Peter
BELLINGER, Peter F., d. 12-26-1863, 80yr-5mo-26da, Wf. Elizabeth

ISLEY, Mary, d. 10-8-1866, 45yr, Wf #1 of Enos
ISLEY, Enos, d. 3-26-1901, 82yr-2mo-12da, Hus. of Mary & Theresia
ISLEY, Theresia, d. 1886, W #2 of Enos

PALMER, Samuel, d. 3-1-1962, 61yr-2mo-19da
PALMER, Maria G., d. 5-19-1861, 45yr

SPOHN, Barbara Hess, no data

HESS, Margaret, d. 2-22-1871, 81yr, Hus. Daniel
HESS, Daniel, d. 2-6-1875, 85yr-3mo-11da, Wf. Margaret
HESS, Conrad, d. 5-19-1839, 75yr-2mo, Wf. Margaret
HESS, Margaret, d. 12-26-1831, 84yr-10mo

CROCKER, Hugh P., 1845-??, Wf. Clarinda Rankins
CROCKER, Clarinda Rankins, 1842-??, Hus. Hugh P.

RANKINS, Edward, 1810-1873, Wf. #1 Katherine Fikes
RANKINS, Katherine Fikes, 1817-1853, #1 Wf. of Edward
RANKINS, Abbe Acker, 1814-1890, #2 Wf. of Edward

PACKARD, Frank, 1867-1888
PACKARD, Alvah, 1881-1888
PACKARD, Mary, 1879-1888

ORENDORF, Benjamin, 1824-1898, Wf. Margaret Casler
ORENDORF, Margaret Casler, 1838-1903, Hus. Benjamin

CASLER, Abigal, d. 2-19-1878, 69yr, Hus. Joseph R.
CASLER, Joseph R., d. 9-23-1861, 51yr-5mo-24da, Wf. Abigal
CASLER, Norman, d. 7-17-1860, 20yr-11mo

STEELE, William, d. 10-18-1866, 69yr-1mo-8da
STEELE, Jimmie, d. 9-14-1872, 9yr
STEELE, Laura Esther, d. 4-9-1887, 44yr, Hus. William
STEELE, William, 1823-1890, Wf. Laura Esther

FOX, Norman, 1847-1921

EDICK, Catharine, d. 3-18-1851

ITTICK, Dorothy, d. 8-7-1853, 80yr, Hus. Michael
ITTICK, Michael, d. 3-7-1846, 74yr-2mo-13da, Wf. Dorothy
* (On Mrs. M. M. Hatch's 1926 reading Dorothy EDICK is said to have died August 9, 1853. Michael EDICK is said to have passed away March 27.)

EDICK, James, 1809-1901, Wf. #1 Catharine, Wf #2 Caroline
EDICK, Catharine, 1819-1844, #1 Hus. James
EDICK, Caroline, 1819-1901, #2 Hus. James
EDICK, Reuben, 1837-1861
EDICK, Kittie, 1857-1858
* (additional stones in Mrs. M. M. Hatch's 1926 partial reading of the cemetery include:
EDICK, Michael, d. Mar. 9, 1806, ae 71 yr 8 mo 25 da
EDICK, Katherine, d. June 2, 812, ae 70 yr 8 mo)

WIDRICK, Willard, 1839-1888, Wf. Amanda
WIDRICK, Amanda, 1834-1906, Hus. Willard

RANKINS, Alfred, d. 3-12-1846, 27yr-8mo

CASLER, Richard I.N., d. 10-7-1833, 55yr-10da

RASBACH, John, d. 9-?-1838, Wf. Nancy
RASBACH, Nancy, d. 7-?-1841 (?44), Hus. John

LEWIS, Mary Miller, 1807-1854

EYSAMAN, Minnie, 1868-1870
EYSAMAN, Stephen, 1879-1886
EYSAMAN, Joseph H., ??-1922, Wf. Smatha
EYSAMAN, Smatha, ??-1919, Hus. Joseph H.

SHOEMAKER, Frederick L., d. 9-26-1873
SHOEMAKER, Polly Bellinger, 61yr-15da

BELLINGER, John, d. 2-26-1820, 76yr-1 mo, Wf. Catharine
BELLINGER, Catharine, d. 8-19-1812, 92yr-11da, Hus. John
BELLINGER, Adam, d. 4-20-1906, 63yr-10mo-28da

WITSEL, John, d. 1-24-1899, 73yr-7mo, Wf. Rosa Taresina
WITSEL, Rosa Taresina, d. 2-23-1899, 65yr-4mo-8da, Hus. John
WITSEL, George, d. 11-23-1853, 68yr, Wf. Anna C.
WITSEL, Anna C., d. 1-12-1888, 97 yr, Hus. George
WITSEL, Helen C., d. 6-28-1885, 24yr-6mo-26da
WITSEL, Dolly, d. 12-4-1886, 28yr-11mo-12da

GARLOCK, Flora VanSlyke, 1859-1913

VANSLYKE, Mary Stauring, d. 7-8-1866, Hus. Jacob
VANSLYKE, Melissa, 1858-1875
VANSLYKE, Mary M., 1860-1875
VANSLYKE, Jacob, 1828-1897
VANSLYKE, Elizabeth, 1841-1901

REESE, Elizabeth, d. 4-29-1849 (?19), 35yr-3mo-9da

MYERS, Mary, d.12-9-1835, 24yr-4mo-25da

REESE, infant son, d. 1-11-1845

MYERS, Daniel F., d. 8-7-1832, 42yr-5mo-20da, Wf. Mary
MYERS, Mary, no data, Hus. Daniel F.

LYKE, Amelia Stauring, d. 4-17-1897, 42yr-3mo-11da, Hus. Wesley

HOGEL, Edward, 1834-1920, Wf. #1 Anna, Wf. #2 Fannie (Stauring)
HOGEL, Anna Stauring, 1834-1886, " #1 Hus. Edward
HOGEL, Fannie Stauring, 1846-1918, " #2 Hus. Edward
HOGEL, John, d. 1-1-1895, 92yr, Wf. Rovinia
HOGEL, Rovinia, d. 11-17-1898, 86 yr, Hus. John
HOGEL, Alonzo, d. 7-13-1886, 47yr

SHOEMAKER, Christopher, d. 3-19-1831, 71yr-10mo, Wf. Elizabeth
SHOEMAKER, Elizabeth, d. 2-18-1846, 86yr-4m0-11da, Hus.Christopher
SHOEMAKER, Rudolph, d. 7-26-1851, 81yr

CASLER, Lany, d. 5-22-1846, 66yr-4mo-26da, Hus. John
CASLER, John, d. 6-25-1849, 72yr-5mo-8da, Wf. Lany

STAURING, Peter H., d. 8-10-1848, 47yr, Wf. Catharine
STAURING, Catharine, d. 8-11-1858, 57yr, Hus. Peter H.

STARING, Andrew, d. 9-14-1887, 51yr, VETERAN

FLIPSA, Louis A., d. 7-29-184?, 8yr-10mo-9da

SPOHN, Mary, 1820-1902

BELLINGER, Jacob, 1844-1853

EYSAMAN, Luther, 1835-1914, Wf. Malinda
EYSAMAN, Malinda, 1840-1920, Hus. Luther

DORITY, Lany M., 1825-1897
DORITY, Emma, 1855-1860
DORITY, William G., 1865-1871

FILPSA, Jacob, d. 4-20-1860, 59yr-10mo-5da, Wf. Lany
FILPSA, Lany, d. 11-15-1873, 75yr-4mo, Hus. Jacob

FOLTS, John, d. 10-28-1867, 87yr-3mo-6da, Wf. Catherine
FOLTS, Catherine, d. 8-7-1856, 74yr-3mo-18da, Hus. John

FOX, Albert, 1875-1909
FOX, George, 1805-1867, Wf. Mary Isdale
FOX, Mary Isdale, 1812-1889, Hus. George
FOX, George W., 1835-1837
FOX, Augusta A., 1839-1842
FOX, Sanford W., 1843-1844
FOX, Marcellis M., 1844-1860
FOX, Arietta N., 1847-1860
FOX, Frances E., 1849-1860
FOX, Gurden M., 1851-1855
FOX, George Washington, d. 5-11-1837, 6yr-5mo-10da

CAMPBELL, Lucinda, d. 5-25-1879, 50yr-7da, Hus. Daniel

SHOEMAKER, Ervin, d. 2-27-1831
SHOEMAKER, Mary, d. 6-21-1825
SHOEMAKER, Christian, 1799-1887, Wf. Gertrude Snell
SHOEMAKER, Gertrude Snell, 1809-1890, Hus. Christian
SHOEMAKER, Ursula, 1850-1898

KINSELA, Henry, no data

KING, John, d. 9-20-1755, 30yr

ORENDORF, Rollin, d. 10-22-1863, 2yr-8mo

SPOON, Abraham, no data

FOLTS, Marks, d. 10-2-1850, 59yr-11mo-28da, Wf. Elizabeth S.
FOLTS, Elizabeth Sparker, d. 12-14-1847, 48yr-5mo-15da, Hus. Marks
FOLTS, Margaret, d. 11-19-1828, 3yr-1,mo-24da
FOLTS, Peter, d. 3-13-1830, 7da
FOLTS, Jacob, d. 12-11-1832, 4yr-3mo-6da
FOLTS, Peter, d. 3-12-1835, 3mo-6da
FOLTS, Saloma Almeda, d. 9-29-1867, 25yr-2mo-14da

SHOEMAKER, ??, d. 4-7-1864, 33yr-1mo-1da
SHOEMAKER, Josiah, 1827-1910
SHOEMAKER, Richard, d. 1-10-1800, 97yr

BROWRIGG, Thomas, d. 8-8-1912, 77yr, VETERAN

EDICK, Samuel, d. 9-19-1894, 90yr-10mo-6da
EDICK, Anna, d. 4-19-1872, 69yr-8mo-12da

MERRILL, Angeline, d. 3-24-1858, 34yr-6mo, Hus. Morris
MERRILL, Morris, d. 11-22-1855, 36yr, Wf. Angeline
MERRILL, William, d. 9-19-1862, 78yr-7mo, Wf. Barbary
MERRILL, George, d. 12-19-1915, 83yr, Veteran, Wf. Margaret G.

GLINES, Marcellus, 1860-1914

GOULD, George W., d. 3-21-1892, 73yr, Veteran Mexican War

UNTZ, Anthony, d. 5-17-1890, 71yr-5mo

SMITH, Warren, 1863-1912, Wf. Manora Hurst
SMITH, Manora Hurst, 1857-1914, Hus. Warren

HURST, Susan, d. 5-31-1855, 41yr, Hus. Henry

MCLAUGHLIN, John, d. 1-15-1848, 4yr-1mo-3da
MCLAUGHLIN, Mary, d. 1-15-1848, 4yr-1mo-8da

HEADCOCK, James W., 1854-1913

HOKE, Nancy, d. 1-17-1868, 6yr-2mo-3da

BELLINGER, Viola, 1836-1912

HAKES, John, d. 12-23-1867, 33yr-21da
HAKES, James, d. 10-16-1867, 59yr-4da, Wf. Elizabeth
HAKES, Elizabeth, d. 1-13-1894, 83yr-9mo-13da, Hus. James

RANKINS, Ella, d. 3-2-1869, 5mo-11da
RANKINS, Sarah Jane, d. 2-18-1862, 9mo-10da
RANKINS, Mary Elizabeth, d. 2-23-1862, 11mo-6da

HAKES, Jacob, d. 10-301859, 22yr-5mo-24da

PACKARD, Willard, d. 11-30-1865, 1yr-19da
PACKARD, Warren, d. 1862, 1yr-27da
PACKARD, John, d. 11-27-1863, 32yr-3mo-9da
PACKARD, James, d. 9-7-1863, 26yr-3mo-6da, Wf. Nancy
PACKARD, Nancy, no data, Hus. James
PACKARD, William, 1838-?, Wf. Nancy G. Helmes
PACKARD, Nancy G. Helmes, 1840-1907, Hus. William
PACKARD, Leonard, 1861-1862
PACKARD, Etta, 1865-1868

HELMER, Mary K., d. 3-22-1872, 7mo-7da
HELMER, Nancy, d. 4-10-1847, 70yr, Hus. Peter
HELMER, Elizabeth, d. 4-3-1879, 75yr

MILLER, Eva, d. 5-3-1856, 78yr, Hus. Nicholas
MILLER, George, d. 7-26-1859, 70yr-4mo-9da

KELLER, Michael, d. 2-22-1869, 51yr, Wf. Catherine E.
KELLER, Catherine, d. 1-18-1893, 69yr, Hus. Michael

FRANK, Ann Elizabeth, d. 3-?-1776, 62yr, Hus. Conrad
* (Mrs. M. M. Hatch's 1926 partial reading also included:
FRANK, Conrad, d. July 17, 1772, ae 65 yr
FRANK, John, d. Apr. 18, 1840, ae 84 yr
FRANK, Abigail, wife of John Frank, Esq., d. Mar. 18, 1817, ae 64yr 1mo 4da)

ORENDORF, Catherine M., 1831-1904, Hus. Albert
ORENDORF, Frederick, d. 6-?-1851, 69yr, Wf. Catherine
ORENDORF, Catherine, d. 12-5-1877, 82yr, Hus. Frederick

ISDULA, Nancy, d. 11-15-1835, 44yr-4mo, Hus. James

EYSAMAN, Alonzo, d.1904, Wf. Anna
EYSAMAN, Anna, d. 1926, Hus. Alonzo

SHOEMAKER, Dorathy Bellinger, 1835-1907, Hus. Jonas
SHOEMAKER, David, 1873-1890

STAURING, Joseph, no data
STAURING, Mark, d. 2-11-1900, 73yr, Wf. Mary M.
STAURING, Mary M., d. 5-12-1882, 64yr-3mo, Hus. Mark

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