Part 1

Town of German Flatts

Herkimer County, NY

Richardson Memorial Ilion N.Y.

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The list of the large Village of Ilion Cemetery on Benedict Avenue, in the Town of German Flatts, was donated to us by Susan Perkins of the Herkimer County Historical Society. At the time the reading was taken, the readers were able to discern 3,251 unique stones or named vaults! Names were not written down in any alphabetical order but in the order in which they started reading the stones.

Since early Mohawk Valley surnames, as well as those of later 19th century immigrants, are well-represented in this cemetery, we expect many visitors to this site to find a family member. If you do, or know the relationships of people who rest here, we'd appreciate it if you'd give something back to this site by sending the site coordinators info about who you find on this list. Your information will also be posted on line in a footnotes section. If you find someone and don't have further information, a search can be ordered from the Herkimer County Historical Society.

(page 1 - 6; prepared by Allyn Hess Perry)

CLAPSADDLE, Daniel, 1834-1897
CLAPSADDLE, Charles Revuere, 1872- ??
CLAPSADDLE, Peter, 1799-1888, Wf. Mary Steele
CLAPSADDLE, Mary Steele, 1811-1887, Hus. Peter
CLAPSADDLE, William, 1830- ??, Wf. Caroline B.
CLAPSADDLE, Caroline Buchanan, 1845-1871, Hus. William
BACH, Benedict, 1842-1874, 32yr 6mo 29da
BREWER, C.F., 1818-1891, Wf. Johanna F.
BREWER, Johanna F., 1820-1901, Hus. C.F.
PICKINS, Minnie, 1850-1922
CASWELL, Frank S., 1855-1865
CASWELL, Edwin, 1815-1887
CASWELL, Marcia, 1824-1891
DARBY, Charles R., d. 11-?-1884, 41yr
CRISTMAN, Daniel, 1797-1876
CRISTMAN, William A., 1848-1853
CRISTMAN, T.H., 1820-1900, Wf. Nancy D.
CRISTMAN, Nancy Dutcher, 1822-1898, Hus. T.H.
ROSS, Addie, d. 12-11-1849, 6yr
ROSS, Bertia, ??-1892, 9mo
ROSS, Floyd D., ??-1878, 10mo
ROSS, Frank P., ??-1878, 10mo
ROSS, Delevan G.,??-1904, 59yr, Wf. Susan J.
ROSS, Susan J., ??-1904, 57yr, Hus. Delevan G.
ROSS, Ansel, ??-1877, 68yr, Wf. Mary M.
ROSS, Mary M., ??-1876, 58yr, Hus. Ansel
INGERSOLL, Almira, ??-1875, 68yr
INGERSOLL, John, ??-1884, 87yr
CARPENTER, Charles W., 1819-1896
OWEN, Egbert, 1812-1878
OWEN, Abigail, 1819-1888
OWEN, Charles E., 1843-1843
MERRY, Ralph, ??-1871, 86yr 4mo 79da, Wf. Mary U.
MERRY, Mary U., d.10-12-1861, 74yr, Hus. Ralph
MERRY, Lawrence, ??-1893, 81yr, Wf. Mary
MERRY, Mary, ??-1878, 54yr, Hus. Lawrence
INGERSOLL, John, 1881-1885
BRICE, John, d. 7-21-1867, 23yr, VETERAN
BRYCE, James A., d. 7-10-1871, 21yr 3mo 27da
DELANO, Edson, 1820-1873, 52yr 9mo 16da
DELANO, Emma R., 1864-1894, Hus. Emmet L.
COMSTOCK, Frederick (Doctor), 1849-1904
BRAND, Nathan, d. 9-26-1894, 85yr, Wf. Clarinda
BRAND, Clarinda, d. 10-4-1876, 64yr, Hus. Nathan
TEFT, Jennie E., ??-1868, 19yr 9mo
TEFT, Charles A., ??-1868, 13yr 2mo
TEFT, Maud I., ??-1872, 6 weeks
TEFT, Charles F., ??-1882, 8yr 5mo 17da
TEFT, Elizabeth J., 1845-1882, Wf. #1 of J. Freemont
TEFT, Frances B., 1850-1892, Wf. #2 of J. Freemont
WHITFIELD, Alfred, d. 8-3-1863, 54yr, Wf. Sarah
WHITFIELD, Sarah, d. 1-26-1891, 82yr, Hus. Alfred
WHITEFIELD, Arthur, 1867-1870
WHITEFIELD, Robert, 1866-1866
WHITEFIELD, Anna, 1866-1866
WHITEFIELD, Fred, 1876-1903
WHITEFIELD, Anna Downs, 1837-1903, Hus. Robert
HARRINGTON, Horace H., 1871-1878
HARRINGTON, Cora B., 1854-1890, Hus. C.
WHITFIELD, George, 1816-1900, Wf. Sarah
WHITFIELD, Sarah, 1816-1882, Hus. George
ATHERTON, Charles William, 1787-1876, 2 wives
ATHERTON, Betsey Stephenson, 1837-1873, Wife #1 of Chas. Wm.
ATHERTON, Esther E. Hinchey, 1850-1900, Wife #2 of Chas. Wm.
TRUEMAN, Thomas, d. 11-16-1871, 68yr 6mo.
HEILAND, William, 1883-1904
HEILAND, Thressia, ??-1867, 53yr 8mo 4da
HEILAND, Segward, 1806-1896
MUNSON, Charles C., 1831-1891
MUNSON, Permelia, d. 11-30-1874, 37yr 5mo 13da
BREMER, Charles, 1855-1865
HUNT, Abby J., 1848-1848
HUNT, Robert T., 1849-1849
HUNT, Harvey, d. 6-8-1870, 51yr 5mo
CLAPSATTLE, C. Dennis, d. 5-20-1871, 83yr 3mo, Wf. Elizabeth
CLAPSATTLE, Elizabeth, d. 8-28-1869, 77yr 5mo, Hus. C. Dennis
BROOKS, Abby, 1838-1901
KENDALL, James S., ??-1871
KENDALL, Alfred, d. 12-22-1866
KENDALL, Samy, 1884-1889
REMINGTON, Philo, 1869-1937
REMINGTON, Lola, 1869-1940
REMINGTON, Flora, 1878-1971
REMINGTON, Ida, 1842-1919
REMINGTON, Flora, 1831-1888
REMINGTON, Samuel, 1819-1882
REMINGTON, Caroline, 1825-1906
REMINGTON, Philo, 1816-1889
REMINGTON, Catharine, 1835-1902
REMINGTON, Eliphalet, 1828-1924
REMINGTON, Eliphalet, 1768-1828
REMINGTON, Elizabeth, 1770-1843
REMINGTON, Susan, 1796-1817
REMINGTON, Eliphalet, 1793-1861
REMINGTON, Abigail, 1792-1841
(Note: this is the family of the Remington Arms Co.)
WEBER, mother, 1800-1879
WEBER, Christopher, 1816-1900
DYGERT, Denis,1819-1902, Wf. Eva Casler
DYGERT, Eva Casler, 1823-1894, Hus. Denis
INGERSOLL, Gertrude, ??-1828, 27 yr, Hus. John
INGERSOLL, John III, ??-1828, 8 mo
INGERSOLL, Margaret, ??-1840, 17yr
INGERSOLL, A., ??-1852, 45yr
DOCKSTADER, Sarah Helmes, 1836-1874
HELMES, Sophia Jennings, 1809-1865, Hus. Lawrence
HELMES, Lawrence, 1802-1867, W. Sophia J.
CASLER, Elizabeth Helmes, 1825-1895
PHILIPS, Horace H., 1838-1891, Wf. Eleanor
PHILIPS, Eleanor, 1837-1901, Hus. Horace H.
MAYNARD, Armanella, d. 12-9-1861, 79yr or 29?
MAYNARD, Dolphus, d. 5-28-1901, 74yr
HUTCHINSON, Thomas, 1805-1892, Wf. Jane
HUTCHINSON, Jane, 1819-1898, Hus. Thomas
HUTCHINSON, Ellen, 1838-1919
JONES, John, d. 5-17-1889, 62yr 3mo
CREWELL, David, d. 8-7-1869, 26yr, VETERAN
THURSTON, P.J., d. 1-31-1902, 89yr, Wf. Cornelia
THURSTON, Cornelia, d. 1-10-1891, Hus. P.J.
THURSTON, Thirza, d. 5/10/1863, 82yr 2mo 10da
STEELE, ?, d.?-15-1853, 1yr 3mo 26da
MILLER, Arthur, 1870-1871
CHAPPELL, James,1832-1903, Wf. Lucy A.R.
CHAPPELL, Lucy A. Ross, 1836-1902, Hus. James
NEBHUT, Ernestine, 1834-1894, Hus. George Sr.
VALENTINE, Dr. S.B., ??-1865, 33 yr, VETERAN
VALENTINE, Sidney, 1834-1904
JONES, Jessie, 1872-1875
MYERS, Sarah, d. 9-24-1843, 38yr 24da, Hus. Jacob
MYERS, James, d. 7-6-1834, 13yr 21da
MYERS, Mary Catharine, d. 7-33-1829, 7yr 8mo
OUTWATER, Byron H., 1851-1882, Wf. Loesa M.
OUTWATER, Loesa M., 1850-1874, Hus. Byron H.
OUTWATER, John G., 1873-1903
OUTWATER, John B.,1816-1887, Wf. Lucinda C.
OUTWATER, Lucinda C., 1827-1893, Hus. John B.
OUTWATER, Gettie H., 1860-1870
BAKER, Cora, d. 1-28-1887, 13yr 6mo
DOYLE, Sarah, 1859-1863
DOYLE, Mary A., 1857-1863
DOYLE, Charles, d. 1853-1863
DOYLE, Susan Cross, 1828-1883, Hus. John D.
DOYLE, John, d. 1814-1887, Wf. Susan Cross
MOORE, Ella J., d. 5-12-1863, 11yr
MCCUMBER, Fanny V., 1795-1873, Hus. James
MCCUMBER, James, 1801-1888, Wf. Fanny V.
WOOD, Annah, 1819-1866
WOOD, Mary A., 1829-1904
FAIRCHILD, Robert T., 1809-1874, Wf. Nancy
FAIRCHILD, Nancy, 1811-1869, Hus. Robert T.
TIFFT, Betsy, d. 8-?-1860, 25yr, Hus. Philo
TIFFT, Charlotte, NO DATA ?, Hus. Philo
STEELE, William, 1829-1865
OSGOOD, Lawrence, d.1854, 3yr 8mo
HULIN, Elizabeth, 1797-1879, Hus. Peter
MORGAN, Selden E., d. 5-25-1843, 33yr 1mo 17da
BAKER, Albert, 1818-1896
BAKER, Frank A., 1845-1887
CHISMORE, Jacob, NO DATA, 69yr, Wf. A. R. Merry
CHISMORE, A. R. Merry, 1815-1900, Hus. Jacob
CHISMORE, James, d. 11-4-1864, 18yr 11mo
CHISMORE, Albert, 1852-1853
CHISMORE, W. K., 1858-1860
CHISMORE, Susan, 1856-1865
BROWN, daughter, ??-1876, 9yr 6mo
SHEPARD, Floyd Cushman, 1824-1894
SHEPARD, Harry N., 1855-1874
SHEPARD, Kittie, 1862-1875
SHEPARD, Mattie, 1864-1864
SHEPARD, Robert, 1859-1924
WILLIAMS, Richard R., 1844-1896
PELTON, Mary J., 1850-1872
LEWIS, William H., 1848-1860
LEWIS, Traphena, 1857-1860
LEWIS, William, 1820-1891, Wf. Sarah Morris
LEWIS, Sarah Morris, 1819-1897, Hus. William
OLIVER, Alvira, d. 4-3-1862, 21yr 5mo, Hus. E.J.
BUDLONG, Joseph, d. 6-30-1874, 75yr, Wf. Pamelia
BUDLONG, Pamelia, d. 6-26-1870, 60yr, Hus. Joseph
BUDLONG, William I. S.,1839-1888, Wf. Caroline
BUDLONG, Caroline, 1840-1880, Hus. William I. S.
BLISS, Edwin, d. 12-12-1885, 88yr
FISH, Lucy H. Eldred, 1823-1883, Hus. T. Phelch
ELDRED, Emma, 1834-1917
ELDRED, Charles, d. 10-8-1871, 14yr 5mo 4da
WARD, Samuel N., ??-1894, 67yr, VETERAN
WARD, William, 1863-1879
HERBERT, George, 1842-1880
MENTZ, Christopher Rhodes, 1817-1890, Wf. Elizabeth W.
MENTZ, Elizabeth Walker, 1821-1870, Hus. Christopher
HOFFMAN, Louie, 1867-1877
HASSLER, Capt. Jacob, d. 9-22-1883, 44yr 2mo 11da, VETERAN
HILTON, Edward, 1830-1883, Born England, Wf. Sarah
HILTON, Sarah, 1826-1875, Born Wales, Hus. Edward
KING, Flora True, 1851-1895
TRUE, J. Viola, 1853-1878
TRUE, Albert R., ??-1873
TRUE, Thetis, 1820-1894
TRUE, Lorin, d.7-3-1883, 64yr, VETERAN
TRUE, Lucy W., 1860-1889, Hus. William
BROWN, Lucy, d. 7-8-1818, 71yr
SPENCER, Issac, 1813-1886, Wf. Annie
SPENCER, Annie, 1808-1883, Hus. Issac
BAKER, Walter S., 1866-1902
BAKER, Walter, 1887-1895
BAKER, Sarah Spencer, 1832-1886
BALL, Lois T., 1821-1871, Hus. Joseph
BALL, Joseph ,1812-1877, Wf. Lois T.
TAFT, David, d. 5-28-1873, 72yr, Wf. Lois
TAFT, Lois, d. 4-16-1877, 74yr, Hus. David
TAFT, Delevan, 1825-1899, Wf. Lucena L.
TAFT, Lucena Lidell, 1829-1892, hus. Delevan
BEHAN, Ada Taft, 1851-1902
MILLER, Caroline, NO DATA, 5yr
MILLER, Katharine, 1832-1898, Hus. William
MILLER, Henry A., ??-1880, Wf. Jennie P.
MILLER, Jennie Petterson, 1863-1885, Hus. Henry
MILLER, Beatrice, 1900-1904
TUFTS, Owen Benton, 1848-1903, VETERAN, Wf. Lovina A.
TUFTS, Lovina A., 1845-1881, Hus. Owen B.
TUFTS, Emma S., 1847-1921
STEELE, Nichols, 1810-1880, W. Sarah P.
STEELE, Sarah Paddock, 1819-1901, Hus. Nichols
WORTHINGTON, Rosetta, d. 4-10-183?, 24yr
WORTHINGTON, Lena R., d.,1-9-1873, 9mo
HOUGHTON, Frances J., d. 5-15-1861, 1yr 6mo 22da
HOUGHTON, John M., d. 5-20-1881, 4yr 3mo 11da
HOUGHTON, Milton A., d.11-19-1872, 4yr 1mo 27da
HOUGHTON, Elizabeth McKinney, 1833-1901, Hus. Richard
LAWTON, Lewis, d. 12-16-1876, 33yr
JOHNSON, Floyd, 1817-1881
FRANSEN, James Willie, d. 9-10-1865
HERRICK, Adelia R., 1826-1892, Hus. Thomas
BROWN, Alice, 1850-1880
WILLIAMS, Stanten, 1897-1904
PETTINGILL, Nathaniel, 1810-1876, Wf. Miriam
PETTINGILL, Miriam, 1812-1898, Hus. Nathaniel
PETTINGILL, Freddie E., 1870-1871
NELSON, Charles S., 1848-1877
TRUEMAN, Georgie, 1872-1872
TRUEMAN, Ada, 1870-1870
HAGUE, Frankie, 1874-1874
HAGUE, Nellie, 1870-1870
HAGUE, Berdella, 1863-1879
HAGUE, Arthur, 1875-1879
LUTZ, Bartholomew, 1821-1892, Wf. Henrietta S.
LUTZ, Henrietta S., 1843-1892, Hus. Bartholomew
POWELL, K.M., d. 12-19-1875, 45yr, VETERAN
TRUMAN, Fregus, d. 2-5-1879, 37yr
EARL, William W., 1835-??
CLACKNER, Luther F., 1825-1897
TETZNER, mother, 1827-1872
KRUG, Henry J., 1859-1884, Wf. Emma F.
KRUG, Emma Field, 1860-1884, Hus. Henry J.
HUBBARD, Lelia E., 1854-1871
HUBBARD, Emma A., 1858-1889, Hus. James M.
HUBBARD, Joseph H., ??-1889, 63yr 6mo 9da, Wf. Mary E.C.
HUBBARD, Mary E.Cowles, d. 8-6-1910, 81yr 7mo 22da, Hus. Joseph H.
PURRER, George, ??-1879
ALLENO, Frederick, d. 12-26-1861, Wf. Rose
ALLENO, Rose, d.11-7-1860, Hus. Frederick
PALMER, Arnold, 1837-1904, Wf. Amanda Read
CARP, Teresa E., 1902-1903
ONYANS, Addie, 1844-1902
WINTERS, Mary, d. 1838-1903
WINTERS, George S., 1903-1903
BATES, John, 1839-1903, Wf. Margaret Thorpe
CLAUSEN, Frederick, 1901-1903
WOODARD, Jane, 1864-1903
BATES, Joseph, 1904-1904
SMITH, Lucy Rogers, 1850-1957, 107yrs old
TENEYCK, Caroline, 1896-1902
FERGUSON, Louis, d. 8-19-1902
FERGUSON, Irene Marie, d. 1-16-1903
PERRY, Joanna, d. 12-24-1900, 58yr, Hus. Adelbert
LUCEY, John M., 1878-1901
TEACHOUT, Rose Elizabeth, 1897-1902
SYKES, Paul, 1903-1903
PELTON, Flossie, 1891-1892
STARKS, Robert A., 1892-1901
COLE, Florence R., 1882-1892
COLE, Howard, 1899-1900
MCCORN, Jay DeForest, 1888-1899
BUIES, Rose, 1851-1893, Wf. #1 of Paul
BUIES, Jessie, 1861-1895, Wf. #2 of Paul
GRIDLEY, John, d. 2-16-1892, 62yr
PARK, George M., 1830-1890
TAYLOR, Arthur, 1834-1896, Wf. Jane M.
HAMMOND, F. D., 1858-??
HAMMOND, Esther M., 1893-1895
JOY, Mary E., 1835-1892, Hus. Henry L.
STEERE, Jan E., 1838-1896
STEERE, Silas, 1872-1896
STEERE, Edna, 1900-1900
STEERE, Floyd, 1901-1901
LEONARD, Martha, 1830-??, Hus. James B.
ANDREWS, Samuel J. T., 1841-??, Wf. Viletta
ANDREWS, Viletta, 1844-??, Hus. Samuel J. T.
ANDREWS, Harry A., 1869-1897
HARTER, Semantha, 1850-1897, Hus. Theodore
PARKER, John, 1845-1902
LUCE, Louisa Faxton, 1900-1901
ATHERTON, Ida J., 1861-1862
ATHERTON, Alice Stephenson, 1835-1903, Hus. Joseph
PICKERT, Charles W., 1855-1901, Wf. Margaret
MINER, Lula M., 1882-1901
SMITH, Clinton, 1868-1874, 5yr 10mo 25da
DISS, Ora, 1878-1878
DISS, Edna, 1882-1882
SPAULDING, Nellie J., 1842-1902, Hus. Edward J.
SPAULDING, Edward J., 1834-1888, Wf. Nellie J.
NEWTH, Ophelia Smith, 1843-1904, Hus. Norton John
STODDARD, George M., 1845-1897, Wf. Jennie H.
STODDARD, Jennie H.,1846-1897, Hus. George M.

The first 6 pages of the Village of Ilion Cemetery were prepared by Allyn Hess Perry, whose roots are in the village of Ilion. Allyn tells us that: "I would love to find info on my great-grandfather William Stewart Hess and his wife Sarah Lassell. I cannot connect him to his parentage. Also would like to know more about Martin Keck, my great-great-greatgrandfather. His son was Andrew Keck. " All info appreciated.

(page 7 - 12; also prepared by Allyn Hess Perry)

DAVIES, Charles E., 1859-1869
DAVIES, Angeline, 1824-1897, Hus. James
DAVIES, James, 1819-1898, Wf. Angeline
DAVIES, William F., 1854-1901
HANGER, William, 1829-1897, Wf. Mary
NORTON, William C., 1812-1886, Wf. Martha C.
NORTON, Martha Caylorn, 1815-1883, Hus. William C.
LOOMIS, Chester, 1831-1904, Wf. Lydia Esther
JEPSON, Carrie L., 1843-1867
JEPSON, Willoughby, 1860-1876
BURKHART, Florence, 1859-1898, Hus. C.J.
HOLLISTER, S. Maria, 1834-1897, Hus. William H.
HOLLISTER, Leslie, 1860- ??, Wf. Mary J.
HOLLISTER, Mary J., 1869 - ??, Hus. Leslie
WILKINSON, Crowther Jr., d . 8-26-1836
HUMPHREY, Esther, 1898-1899
WILKINSON, Crowther Sr. ,1834-1901, Wf. Margaret Berry
WILKINSON, Margaret Berry, 1847-1924, Hus. Crowther Sr.
REESE, Sarah, 1847-1898, Hus. William
REESE, William, 1838-1927, Wf. Sarah
OSTRANDER, Dorothy, 1844-1898, Hus. Marlin
REESE, Walter, 1883-1884
ZELIE, M. Elizabeth, d. 8-30-1898, ae 34yr 11mo 9da
WELLER, Floyd, 1884-1903
HOYT, Elizabeth W., 1828-1893
VINCENT, Phebe, 1827- ??
KEMBLE, Clara Vincent, 1857- ??
LIMPERT, John V., d. 1-26-1872, ae 52yr 1mo 26da
RIX, John Hoefler, d. ?-?-1899, infant
DOWNS, Alice C., 1849-1903
RUFF, Theodore, 1856- ??
FOLTS, Henry,1878-1923
WHITER, Charles T., 1888-1888
WALKER, Lizzie G. H., 1862-1898
WALKER, Delevan E. Jr., 1893-1894
BERRY, George M., 1845-1879, Wf. Sarah
BERRY, Sarah G., 1808-1886, Hus. George M.?
JOERISSEN, Louise H., 1833-1888
AVERY, Glenn E., 1889-1896
JENNE, Elizabeth, 1823-1900
BARGER, Squire, 1861- ??, Wf. Elizabeth E.?
BARGER, Elizabeth Edick, 1856- ??, Hus. Squire?
JESS, Alexander, 1849-1889
JESS, Elizabeth, 1872-1891
JESS, Mabel C., 1881-1886
FOSTER, Charles H., 1841-1888, VETERAN, Wf. Helen A.
FOSTER, Helen A., 1845-1890, Hus. Charles H.
BELL, Katherine, 1823-1888, Hus. Robert
BELL, Robert, 1828-1889, Wf. Katherine
KLING, John, 1835-1901, Wf. Ellen
HILLEGAS, Lovina J., 1831-1902
BUSCHOR, Rosa, d. 10-1-1891, ae 15yr.
MORGAN, Amos A., 1823-1891, Wf. Mary Hitchcock
RIBOLIN, Maria F., 1839-1889, Hus. William
DOTY, Abner, 1821-1890, Wf. Caroline
TANNER, Curtis, 1838-1893, Wf. Sadie Rider
TANNER, Sadie Rider, 1839-1889, Hus. Curtis
WHITNEY, Deborah, d. 3-24-1858, ae 71yr 11mo 24da, Hus. Phineas
WHITNER, Phineas, d. 9-2-1847, ae 60yr Wf. Deborah
WHITNEY, Phela, 1838-1897
RICHARDSON, George D., 1857-1888
NEWHOUSE, J.W., 1808-1891, Wf. Lovina
NEWHOUSE, Lovina, 1816-1899, Hus. J.W.
VANAELSTYNE, Julia M., 1846-1901, Hus. Thomas W.
MORGAN, Mary, 1896-1896
BRAND, Marion Herkimer, 1878-1892
BENNETT, Robert R., 1824-1890
BENNETT, Rosa R., d.11-29-1909, ae 34yr
BROOKS, William E., 1845-1893, VETERAN
HUTCHINS, James H., 1850-1892, Wf. Maria Clines
HUTCHINS, Maria Clines, 1835-1915, Hus. James H.
ACKLER, Ella Jacobson, 1845-1901, Hus. Joseph
ACKLER, Harry, 1871-1891
BALDEE, Floydie J., d. 1892, ae 13yr 8mo
PETRIE, Etta D., 1868-1898
RASBACK, Paul, 1889-1900
HEWES, A. J., 1828-1900
LEVER, Minnie B., 1873-1901, Hus. Sanford W.
LEVER, Sanford W., 1861-1904, Wf. Minnie B.
PULVER, Jay Addison, 1831-1900
PATTERSON, Verna, 1894-1903
POST, Capt. Nathaniel, 1829-1901, ae 72yr, Wf. Nancy A.
POST, Nancy A., 1836-1901, Hus. Capt. Nathaniel
WENTZ, Elmer, 1853-1902
RUSSELL, George M., 1839-1904
CANARY, William M., 1866- ??, Wf. Maggie G.
CANARY, Maggie Gilbert, 1869-1900, Hus. William M.
WALKER, Catherine, 1837-1899
CARVER, Eliza D., 1824-1903
CARVER, George H., 1816-1895
ROSS, Duane, 1847-1904
VAN NAMEE, Seth, 1837- ??, VETERAN, Wf. Jane L.
VAN NAMEE, Jane L., 1843-1898, Hus. Seth
WILCOX, Henry, 1841-1902
WILCOX, Mae, 1869-1913
PENNY, John W., 1839-1890, Wf. Lydia M.
PENNY, Lydia M., 1848- ??, Hus. John W.
BENNETT, Robert R., 1824-1890
BENNETT, Rosa R., ?? -1909, 34yr
PELTON, Lydia, 1799-1890
TROWBRIDGE, George A., 1849-1904
HELD, Joanna, 1831-1899
DAVIS, George I., d. 2-20-1899, ae 22yr, Wf. Sophia
DAVIS, Sophia, ?? - , ae 68yr, Hus. George I.
SLOCUM, Elizabeth Sarah, NO DATA
LOEFLER, Katherine, 1874-1897
ENGLERT, John B., 1826-1898
HUMPHREY, Robert, 1849-1891
HOEFLER, Catherine, 1827-1892
DAVIS, Joseph B., 1858-1893
KIDD, Isaac, 1829-1893
FLOOD, Jane Stitt, 1840-1894, Hus. Barnard
FLOOD, James H., 1873-1893
FLOOD, Barnard, 1840-1896 Wf. Jane Stitt
LESTER, Thomas, 1824-1891, Wf. Jerusha E.
LESTER, Jerusha Elliott, 1824-1903, Hus. Thomas
TROWBRIDGE, Dean B., 1874-1890
MORGAN, Capt. Seldon, d. 1-30-1837, ae 53yr 5mo, Wf. Lucena
MORGAN, Lucena, ?? -1827, ae 37 yr, Hus. Capt. Seldon
AUSTIN, Helen M., 1845-1928
SCHMIDT, Maril, 1891-1891
SCHMIDT, Ann K., 1809-1883
SCHMIDT, John F., 1861-1863
SCHMIDT, Charles, 1863-1886
SCHMIDT, Edward, 1866-1894
SMITH, Alonzo, 1815-1903, Wf. Samatha C.
SMITH, Samatha Cutler, 1823-1902, Hus. Alonzo
CAMPBELL, Holden E., d. 4-27-1885, ae 64yr 7mo 12da
ROWLAND, Margaret Clark, 1845-1898, Hus. William
ROWLAND, William, 1874-1898
ROWLAND, Fredie, 1882-1884
ROWLAND, Harry, 1887-1887
LEWIS, Esther Cook, 1860-1888
JONES, daughter, 1890-1890
RUDD, Clark Reynolds, 1874-1891
RUDD, Burley Smith, 1896-1899
ALLSTON, James, 1836-1904, Wf. Nancy M.
ALLSTON, Nancy Mathews, 1838-1897, Hus. James
ALLSTON, Thomas, 1872-1898
WOODS, David, 1855-1891
EDKINS, William, 1821-1892, Wf. Jane
EDKINS, Jane, 1823-1896, Hus. William
PENNEY, John W., d. 6-15-1890, ae 50yr, VETERAN
STILLMAN, Charles, 1855-1904
STILLMAN, Cora, 1860-1861
STILLMAN, George, 1858-1906
BISHOP, Esther A., d. 2-6-1901, ae 79yr
STACY, Clark, d. 6-28-1807
STEVENS, Louis, 1800-1890, Wf. Mary Howard
STEVENS, Mary Howard, 1794-1862, Hus. Louis
VINCENT, Maryett Brown, 1856-1883, Hus. William
SPENCER, Isaac Jr., 1843-1884
WILLOUGHBY, Westal, 1827-1882
SCHMIDT, Henry A., 1875-1889
HALLER, George, 1870-1882
TURNER, Arthur, 1882-1885
TURNER, Alonzo R., 1871-1890
BROWN, Mary A., Turner, 1872-1898
WILCOX, Lucy C. Wilber, 1813-1882, Hus. D.
WILBER, Alzina, 1840-1852
BENTON, William W. Jr., 1871-1888
SMITH, Charles, 1820-1888, Wf. Martha W.
SMITH, Martha Washburn, 1822-1900, Hus. Charles
SHERMAN, Henry, 1851-1882
SCHRIBER, G. H., 1837-1893, Wf. Mary E. Smith
SCHRIBER, Mary E. Smith, 1843-1881, Hus. G. H.
AUSTIN, Rev. C. H., d. 9-27-1887, ae 77yr, Wf. Margaret R.
AUSTIN, Margaret Remington, d. 9-16-1820, ae 35yr, Hus. Rev. C. H.
(One or the other of the Austin dates is wrong)
AUSTIN, George D., 1880-1895
VANALSTYNE, Lucins, 1846-1890, Wf. Wealthy
GREENOUGHT, Elizabeth, 1830-1880,Hus. George
GREENOUGHT, George, 1832-1884, Wf. Elizabeth
GREENOUGHT, Mary, 1856-1903
GROFF, Robbie J., 1876-1886
COOPER, Gracie G., 1889-1893
NEWHOUSE, Margaret B., 1838-1902, Hus. George L.
WATSON, James, 1840-1893, Wf. Rachel
WATSON, Margaret, d. 2-2-1882, ae 72yr
SPORE, John, 1826-1901
SMALTZ, Carrie, 1891-1893
WHITE, Clarence, 1856-1893, Wf. Minnie S. Madison
WHITE, Maude, 1877-1904
COLEMAN, Mary Chapman, 1847-1893, wf. #1 of William
COLEMAN, Emma J. Stone, 1855- ??, wf. #2 of William
BROWN, Ira B., 1874-1892
BROWN, Benjamin, 1836-1900, Wf. Sarah C.
BROWN, Sarah C., 1844-1865, Hus. Benjamin
SCHESCH, Agnes, d. 1-27-1893, ae 2yr
SCHESCH, Clara, d. 8-13-1900, ae 23yr
WARMER, Robert E., 1886-1891
SALON, Mary, 1835-1896, Hus. John
SALON, John, 1827-1894, Wf. Mary
WILCOX, Mabel E., d. 9-21-1885, ae 3yr 9mo 24da
WILCOX, Catherine A., d. 5-9-1880, ae 31yr 6mo, Hus. E. L.
WILCOX, Louis Edwin, 1839-1893, VETERAN
WAKEFIELD, Florina A., 1881-1882
WAKEFIELD, William H., 1882-1883
WAKEFIELD, Anna G., 1892-1892
CLINE, Stephen A., 1868-1891
CLINE, Harvey U., 1865-1872
CLINE, Gilbert, 1872-1890
NUTTING, Maggie, d. 4-3-1879, ae 8yr 1mo 5da
NUTTING, Maria E., 1838-1891, Hus. Alfred
TENEYCK, Salathiel, d. 4-6-1836, ae 50yr
MARSLAND, Maud Skinner, 1861-1898, Hus. William [Oct. 12, 1869 - Sep. 13, 1898]
DAY, Helen Frances, d. 2-1-1887, ae 47yr 9mo, Hus. John
BRONNER, Manley, d. 8-17-1903, ae 60yr, VETERAN
COLEMAN, Louisa, 1808-1900
COLEMAN, Anne 1845-1891
BEDWORTH, Jennie Patten, 1861-1903, Wf. #2 of Hus. Frederick
BEDWORTH, Ann Taylor, 1822-1899, Wf. #1 of Hus. Frederick
BEDWORTH, Frederick W., 1881-1882
BEDWORTH, Raymond E., 1889-1893
BEDWORTH, Ralph & Roy twins, 1895-1895
MILLER, Eliza B., 1834-1893
UNDERWOOD, Esther Miller, 1836-1904
HUBBARD, Nancy M., 1816-1892, Hus. Merrick
BAKER, William Ira, 1882-1892
BAKER, Charles, 1809-1891, Wf. Thersa Brooks
BAKER, Thersa Brooks, 1811-1893, Hus. Charles
CHISMORE, Albert, 1885-1885
LEWIS, David, 1835-1901, Wf. Charlotte C.
LEWIS, Charlotte Cook, 1840-1886, Hus. David
TROW, James, d. 8-19-1883, ae 41yr 6mo
RUDDY, Fannie Wadsworth, 1854-1894
FARMER, William, 1871-1902
FARMER, Agnes, 1835-1907, Hus. William
FARMER, William C., 1833-1895, Wf. Agnes
HOPPE, Emma, 1865-1900
GILLETT, Seymour, 1816-1893, Wf. Clarissa
GILLETT, Clarissa, 1818-1883, Hus. Seymour
GILLETT, Charles, 1811-1888, Wf. Olive
GILLETT, Olive, 1817-1886, Hus. Charles
MAUSER, Francis, 1827-1893, Wf. Agnes Haller
ROSS, Albert M., 1835-1898, Wf. Mary Buell
ROWLAND, Joseph, 1815-1891, Wf. Mary Anderson
ROWLAND, Mary Anderson, d. 9-5-1885, ae 77yr, Hus. Joseph
KNANDEL, Ida L. Kling, 1857-1897
KNANDEL, Ethel, ?? -1884
KNANDEL, Ray, ?? - 1886
KNANDEL, Carl, ?? -1897
KNANDEL, Walter, ?? -1903
RAND, Almond, 1841-1884, Wf. Mary Stone
RAND, Mary Stone, 1820-1892, Hus. Almond
RAND, Alanson, 1811-1899
IRLAM, Carrie B., 1890-1891
IRLAM, Jane 1894-1894
BRUNDRIDGE, Hattie, 1873-1894, Hus. George
BARLOW, Frank, 1874-1894
BARLOW, Mary C., 1848-1904, Hus. George H.
MORRISON, Elizabeth, d. 6-24-1864, ae 25yr, Hus. Daniel
FITCH, Jacob, ?? -1904, ae 75yr, Wf. Margaret
FITCH, Margaret, d.12-8-1880, ae 42y Hus. Jacob
FITCH, Lucinda, 1862-1880
SLOCUM, daughter, 1902-1903
WILLIAMS, Alex, 1865-1878
NEALE, Eleanor, 1827-1899
NEALE, William H., 1854-1875
SPENCER, Isaac Jr., 1843-1884
HERRICK, William A., 1845-1901, Wf. Eliza Aldridge
HERRICK, Eliza Aldridge, 1845- ??
ALDRIDGE, Zenas, 1815-1895, Wf. Mary A. Steele
ALDRIDGE, Mary A. Steele, 1815-1888, Hus. Zenas
ALDRIDGE, Alonzo L., 1847-1871, Wf. Clara Hess
ALDRIDGE, Clara Hess, 1854-1870, Hus. Alonzo L.
SUNDERLIN, N. B., 1828-1897, Wf. Amanda E.
SUNDERLIN, Amanda E., 1827-1889, Hus. N. B.
TRUE, Charles A., 1857-1888
DEVOE, Carrie M., 1835-1904
DEVOE, Carrie M., 1878-1882
MARSH, Etta May, d. 3-14-1884, ae 5mo 10da
MARSH, John W., 1856-1901
STARING, Jeremiah, d. 3-14-1887, ae 74yr, Wf. Betsey
STARING, Betsey, d. 3-26-1897, ae 78yr, Hus. Jeremiah
BENNETT, Mary D., 1875-1902
BENNETT, Francis F., 1902-1902
CUSHMAN, Frances, 1851-1901
MANGGANG, Anna, 1874-1903
HOKE, Romayne, 1848-1895
HOKE, Cora, 1872-1873
HOKE, Flossie, 1890-1890
HOKE, David, 1869-1893
HOKE, Lena, 1884-1904
MULLENEX, Mary, 1875- ??
HEAPS, Harry E., 1882-1892
HEAPS, Janes, d. 9-?-1899
HEAPS, baby, d. 4-?-1897
KING, William J., 1856-1902
HALL, Kenneth, ?? - 1898
COLBURN, Laura, 1804-1897
GATES, Sarah, 1818-1896
GATES, Phineas, 1818-1884
SCHARPE, Henry, 1903-1904
HILLIARD, Edith, 1890-1898
HILLIARD, Ethel, 1886-1891
VANGUMSTER, Catharine M., 1855-1877, Hus. Henry
SNYDER, Alvin, 1842- ??, Wf. Rosa Miller
SNYDER, Rosa A. Miller, 1852- ??, Hus. Alvin
JOSLYN, John, d. 3-15-1896, ae 71yr
DYGERT, Charles H., d. 1-27-1890, ae 50yr
COOK, Lillie L., 1868-1896
LODAWICK, Alonzo J., 1839-1906, Wf. Julia A.
LODAWICK, Julia A., 1836-1898, Hus. Alonzo J.
DUCKWORTH, John G., 1838-1902, Wf. Melina Houghton
DUCKWORTH, Melina Houghton, 1845-1926, Hus. John G.
POWERS, Georgie, 1867-1870
POWERS, Evanell, 1871-1895
ATWELL, William J., 1862-1926, Wf. Jennie H.
ATWELL, Jennie H., 1866-1895, Hus. William J.
KAPFER, Adrenne, 1861-1894
HOHNER, Jacob, 1830-1895, Wf. Mary Weller
HOHNER, Mary Weller, 1839- ??, Hus. Jacob
TWISS, William, 1880-1899
TWISS, Freeman, 1844-1895

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Notes about the postcard: "It is dandy sleighing here and I am going on a sleighride to-night. It is one of the S. school classes from Frankfort. I am living in hopes to pass my examinations this year but probably will not. If I pass algebra I will feel as though I had done something big. I wish you were here to enjoy some of the fun we have. Thank you for the cards. Nimoris

Dated Frankfort Jan. 11, 1908, 8PM
Written to Miss Jennie Brainard, 1618 Arlington Ave., Des Moines, Iowa

Card is No. B 12993 published by The American New Company, New York. Leipzig, Verlin, Dresden printed in Germany, Litho-Chrome Trade-Mark

Contributed by Allyn Hess Perry, Town of St. Johnsville Coordinator

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