The title for this section was coined by Rex Stevenson, originator of this site and contributor of the first profile of his own ancestor, "Captain Henry Eckler: Hero of the Mohawk Valley." The majority of articles below were contributed by site visitors and are a source of pride for their own family members to view on line. With a few exceptions, items listed are cross-indexed elsewhere on the site under their respective town or other major category.

Short Books and Memoirs

Historical Events of the Early Settlers of Fairfield, White Creek and Vicinity
Sketches of Some of the Old Families of the Mohawk Valley
Autobiography of Almon Mason of Warren

Town and County Mixed Family Sketches

Herkimer County NY Biographies - listings lead to another site
Short Sketches of Eminent Herkimer County Men
Columbia Family Sketches
A Sketch of Some of the Prominent Families of the Town of Danube
Danube Family Sketches
Frankfort Family Sketches
Newport Family Sketches
Norway Family Sketches
Ohio Family Sketches
Russia Family Sketches
Schuyler Family Sketches
Stark Family Sketches
Warren Family Sketches
Wilmurt Family Sketches
Winfield Family Sketches
Chenango County Residents, Herkimer County Connections
Oneida County Residents, Herkimer County Connections, Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3
Ontario County NY Residents From Herkimer and Montgomery
Ancestral Sightings of Herkimer County Pt 1
Ancestral Sightings of Herkimer County Pt 2
Ancestral Sightings of Herkimer County Pt 3
Ancestral Sightings of Herkimer County Pt 4
Ancestral Sightings of Herkimer County Pt 5
It's Party Time! Events From Old Newspapers
Profiles of Herkimer Co. Migrants to Nebraska
Former Mohawk Valley People Residing in Michigan in 1919
Early Russia Families: from the book "Russia Union Church, 110th Anniversary, 1820-1930"
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8

Journals, Diaries, Letters and Ledgers

Civil War Letter of George H. Bloodough
The Civil War Letters of George W. Collins
Account Book of William Foster of Norway
Persons and Enterprises in Alonzo W. Harter's Day Book
The Diary of Miss Alvina Helmer, 1915: "My Recollections of Eatonville as it Was in 1850"  Part 1    Part 2
Zoller - Klock Letters Photobase Web Album - a link off-site to a wonderful set of letters about Montgomery County, New York in the mid to late 1880's written to Iantha Klock Zoller by her cousin, Hattie. There are also three letters to Charles Zoller from his school acquaintances.
Receipts from Alonzo W. Harter's Day Book
1842 Letter from Dea. Nathan Johnson to Martin W. Johnson
Autograph Book of Lois Moseley
Memoranda Book of Abram I. Quackenbush, 1863 - 1864: Pt. 1   Pt. 2
1849 Gold Rush Travel Diary of Thomas Rankins
"Memerys" of Emeline Tyler Roper
Love Letters of C.D. Ross
The Wallace/Netherway Family Papers
Autobiography of Imilda Leona Wendell

Obituary Collections

Obits Bulletin Board: Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6
Part 7   Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12
Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18
Part 19 updated 1/15/16

Obits of the Coffin & Related Familes
Obits of the Edick & Miller Families
Obits of the Elwood Family
Obits of the Gyer/Guyer Family
Obituaries of the Lynch and McLaughlin Families
Obits and Genealogy of the Mowers Family Obituaries of the Richard(s) Family: Part 1   Part 2

Personal Web Sites

Genealogy Sites of Herkimer/Montgomery Counties GenWeb Visitors

Extensive Family Studies

Some Inter-Related Families of 18-19th Century Frankfort- many surnames
Faville Family Genealogy
The Kinyon/Kenyon Family of Fairfield
John Christian Schell and John Schell
The Spains and the Mahardys: A Newport Irish Family
Vanderburgh and Cook Families of Norway, NY

The "A Line of..." Series of Family Studies

A Line of the Baum Family
A Line of the Brockett Family
The Combs Family of Grant
Ancestry of the Farmer Family of Fairfield & Herkimer
A Line of the Hilts Family
Descendants of Simeon Klock
The Jeremiah and Orpha Decker Landt Family of Danube
The Minott Genealogy
The Huntington Minott Family
The Sanderson / Loomis Family of Salisbury NY
Vital Records of the Schaufler, Fenner and Related Families
Lineage of George Gray and Lucinde Schultz
The Shaffer Family of Little Falls, NY
A Line of the Thurston Family

Individual and Family Tributes

Josiah and Mercy Bennett of Norway, NY
Asahel Bennett: The Man for Whom Bennettville, Minn. was Named
The Samuel and Mary Bucklin Norton Family of Little Falls
Anniversary of John and Christina Shofer Markle
The Conradt Mower Family of Schuyler, NY
Biography of Dr. Peter Patrick Murphy, M.D.
A Tribute to Dr. James S. Power
A Small Collection of Schells
Three Old Men: William Smith, Alexis L. Johnson, Aner Sperry of Schuyler

Individual Profiles, Some With Lineage

Andrew A. Bartow of Fairfield
Bio of Henry Bennett Jr.
Bio of Henry Bennett 2d
Biography of Henry Bradbury of Newport
Ichabod Brown of Herkimer
George Buell, Church Builder
Estella Folts Callan
Rev. David Chassell of Fairfield
Profile of George H. Clapsaddle of Frankfort
Byron Cole of Columbia
Biography of Hon. Constant Cook of Warren
Biography of Walter A. Cook of Frankfort
Profile of James E. Darrow
Profile of Porter Defendorf of Litchfield
Profile of William De Wolf of German Flatts
Biography of Roland S. Doty of Norway
Captain Henry Eckler: Hero of the Mohawk Valley
Notes on the Eliab & Prudence Ellison Family
Senator James Feeter of Little Falls
Biography of Rev. Jesse Fonda
Descendants of Thomas Fox
Biography of Marcus L. Frazier
Profile of William J. Gardinier of Danube
Ancestry of Dr. William D. Garlock of Manheim
Benjamin Goldthwaite of West Winfield
Biography of Thomas M. Grogan of Herkimer
Profile of James Haggart of Mohawk
Charles W. Hamlin of Fairfield
Biography of Aaron Harter of Herkimer
Biography of Isaac Harter of Herkimer
Profile of Edward C. Hawks of Columbia
Profile of Thurber Hoard Heath
Profile of Chas. R. Heidel of Ohio
Adam Helmer's Run
Gen. Nicholas Herkimer
Biography of Gardner Hinckley of Webb/Wilmurt
John W. Stanton of Norway and Russia
Caleb Hull of Russia
Biography of Hon. Isaac L. Hunt of Salisbury
Profile of Irving W. Ingersoll of Ilion
Profile of Dr. Ralph N. Isham
Biography of Abbott L. Johnson of Ohio
Alonzo Jones, of the 10th Black River Heavy Artillery
Assemblyman Erwin E. Kelley of Gray
Abijah Mann II of Fairfield
The Mather Family of Fairfield
Dean Miller and Slavery in Herkimer County
Biography of Charles Millington of Russia
Biography of Wilbur V. Minott of Schuyler
Profile of Aaron Mowers of Stark
Bio of John Henry Myers of Herkimer
Biography of Judge Francis L. Nichols of Norway
Colonel Timothy O'Brien of the 152nd Infantry
Profile of M. D. Patten
Urban Delos Payne of Edmeston
Biography of Francis Kingsley Pierce of Herkimer
Isaac Pray of Winfield
Biography of Charles M. Rich of Herkimer
Profile of William Schram of Schuyler
Biography of Daniel Segur
The Bravery of Capt. William Scott
Biography of Wooster Sherman of Newport
Joseph P. Shoemaker of Mohawk, NY
Profile of Mary E. Smith of Columbia
Biography of Hon. John W. Stebbins of Herkimer
Biography of Col. James A. Suiter of Herkimer
Profile of Julius A. Titus of Litchfield
Biography of John VanEtten
Biography of Hiram S. Vedder of Norway
Profile of Rugene Walrath
Biography of D.S. Watson of Newport
new 4/15/16   Biography of Charles D. Wendell
new 4/24/16   Biography of Dr. James Homer Wendell
new 4/28/16   Biography of John Irving Wendell
Biography of Sally Louisa Wendell
new 1/30/16   Biography of Washington W. Wendell
new 1/29/16   Biography of William Hershell Wendell
new 4/24/16   Biography of Lucina (Wendell) Hatch
Profile of Daniel Williams of Russia, NY
Biography of Gary H. Wood, M. D. of Ohio

Short Profiles and Accounts of Notable Women of the Mohawk Valley

Women of the Mohawk Valley
Ella Edsall - The Lady Who Liked to Read
Biography of Annie M. Sykes of Ilion

The County Connections Project

Introduction to the County Connections Project
The Montgomery County/Jefferson County Connection
Jacob Peter Wagoner
Ebenezer Calhoun
Philip and Mary Cole

Unique Family Items and Resources, and Reunions

The Photo Gallery
Found Family Fotos #1
Found Family Fotos #2
Found Family Fotos #3
Found Family Fotos #4
Frankfort Ancestors From Oriolo, Italy
What Cheer Hall and the Bowen Family
Mrs. Delina Filkins: Stark's 113-Year-Old Woman
Early 1800s Jacob C. Folts Church Documents
Horace Ford's Dedication Speech
John Holdridge's Eulogy for Samuel Budlong
Hildreths of the Town of Herkimer
Photos of George G. Hilts and Family
Gerard C. Jones Sr. Family Photos
Jordan Family Reunion
The Jury/Paddock Farm
The Historic Home of Colonel Matthew Keith
1924 Lynch Family Reunion
Montgomery County Connections!
Index to Family Sketches in "Norway Tidings"
Remington Rand Band - 1937
1905 Nathaniel Salisbury Family Reunion of Norway
Little Falls Beer Bottler Gets Hit By Train! and Other Van Allen Tidbits
Childhood with President Recalled by Octogenarian
Webster Wagner, Inventor of the Sleeping Car
The Camden Advance Journal: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Short Profiles Elsewhere on the Site

Check out our Military Roll of Honor: Part 1   Part 2   Part 3, and our 1997 Memorial Day Roll of Honor

Profiles and Lists on Other Sites

New Englanders who migrated to towns in Herkimer County, N.Y. - long listing by a professional genealogist. This is a long list (over 200k).

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